How to Obtain the PVM Software

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How to Obtain the PVM Software

The latest version of the PVM source code and documentation is always available through netlib. Netlib is a software distribution service set up on the Internet that contains a wide range of computer software. Software can be retrieved from netlib by ftp, WWW, xnetlib, or email.

PVM files can be obtained by anonymous ftp to Look in directory pvm3. The file index describes the files in this directory and its subdirectories.

Using a world wide web tool like Xmosaic the PVM files are accessed by using the address

Xnetlib is a X-Window interface that allows a user to browse or query netlib for available software and to automatically transfer the selected software to the user's computer. To get xnetlib send email to with the message send xnetlib.shar from xnetlib or anonymous ftp from xnetlib/xnetlib.shar.

The PVM software can be requested by email. To receive this software send email to with the message: send index from pvm3. An automatic mail handler will return a list of available files and further instructions by email. The advantage of this method is that anyone with email access to Internet can obtain the software.

The PVM software is distributed as a uuencoded, compressed, tar file. To unpack the distribution the file must be uudecoded, uncompressed, and tar xvf filename. This will create a directory called pvm3 wherever it is untarred. The PVM documentation is distributed as postscript files and includes a User's Guide, reference manual, and quick reference card.