SPEC Benchmark CINT92 Summary

SPECint92 (Volume 6, Issue 4, December 1994)


HP9000 Model E35

                      SPEC-     SPEC-     SPEC-     SPEC- 
                      Int92      base     Int92      base 
   Benchmark name Time(Sec) Time(Sec) SPECratio SPECratio 
   -------------- --------- --------- --------- --------- 
   008.espresso        38.6      38.6      58.8      58.8 
   022.li              84.9     107.0      73.1      58.0 
   023.eqntott         11.6      11.9      94.8      92.4 
   026.compress        55.8      62.4      49.6      44.4 
   072.sc              33.3      36.1     136.0     125.5 
   085.gcc             98.3     114.8      55.5      47.6 

Geometric Mean:
SPECint92: 73.1
SPECbase_int92: 66.1

Model Number: E35
FPU: Integrated
Number of CPUs: 1
Primary Cache: 256KB(I+D) off chip
Secondary Cache: None
Other Cache: None
Memory: 64MB
Disk Subsystem: 1 GB SCSI HP-C2247M1
Other Hardware: None
O/S & Version: HP-UX A.09.04
Compilers & Version: HP C A.09.61
Other Software: None
File System Type: HP-UX
System State: Multi-user

Hardware Availability: Sep-94
Software Availability: Jul-94

License #: 3
Tested : Oct-94
By: Hewlett-Packard
Of: Cupertino, CA

SPECbase_Int92 Tuning Parameters/Notes/Summary Of Changes:
All Benchmarks: OPT= +O4 +Onolimit +Oaggressive +Oparmsoverlap EXTRA_CFLAGS= +ESfic
EXTRA_LDFLAGS= -Wl,-aarchive EXTRA_LIBS = /usr/old/malloc3c.o
SPEC common curses package used

SPECInt92 Tuning Parameters/Notes/Summary Of Changes:
008:OPT= +O4 +Onolimit +Oaggressive +Oparmsoverlap EXTRA_CFLAGS= +ESfic
022:OPT= +O4 +Onolimit +Olibcalls EXTRA_CFLAGS= +ESfic -Dlongjmp=_longjmp -Dsetjmp=_setjmp
023:OPT= +O3 +Onolimit +Olibcalls +Onoinline +Oregionsched +Ofastaccess EXTRA_CFLAGS= +ESfic
026:OPT= +O4 +Onolimit +Olibcalls EXTRA_CFLAGS= +ESfic +ESlit -Aa -D_HPUX_SOURCE
085:OPT= +O3 +Onolimit +Olibcalls +Ofastaccess EXTRA_CFLAGS= +ESfic +ESlit
All: EXTRA_LDFLAGS= -Wl,-aarchive EXTRA_LIBS= /usr/old/malloc3c.o
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