SPEC Benchmark CINT92 Summary

SPECint92 (Volume 7, Issue 3, September 1995)

Digital Equipment Corporation

AlphaStation 600 5/300

                      SPEC-     SPEC-     SPEC-     SPEC- 
                      Int92      base     Int92      base 
   Benchmark name Time(Sec) Time(Sec) SPECratio SPECratio 
   -------------- --------- --------- --------- --------- 
   008.espresso         8.4       9.2     270.2     246.7 
   022.li              17.6      24.7     352.8     251.4 
   023.eqntott          2.6       2.6     423.1     423.1 
   026.compress        14.8      21.2     187.2     130.7 
   072.sc               6.1       6.8     742.6     666.2 
   085.gcc             20.6      26.0     265.0     210.0 

Geometric Mean:
SPECint92: 337.8
SPECbase_int92: 279.8

Model Number: AlphaStation 600 5/300
CPU: 300MHz 21164
FPU: Integrated
Number of CPUs: 1
Primary Cache: 8KBI+8KBD on chip
Secondary Cache: 96KB(I+D) on chip
Other Cache: 4MB(I+D) off chip
Memory: 512MB
Disk Subsystem: 2GB(SCSI)
Other Hardware: None
O/S & Version: Digital Unix T3.2C-3 Rev 106.1
Compilers & Version: DEC C V5.0-106
Other Software: KAPC V2.1
File System Type: UFS
System State: Multi-user

Hardware Availability: Jul-95
Software Availability: Jul-95

License #: 2
Tested : Jul-95
By: Digital
Of: Nashua, NH

SPECbase_Int92 Tuning Parameters/Notes/Summary Of Changes:
C: cc -migrate -O5 -plus_list_optimize -D_INTRINSICS -D_INLINE_INTRINSICS -non_shared -om -lsys5
Portability Flags: 072: -DSIMPLE -DBSD42 -D_BSD -ltermcap -lm
085: -I/usr/opt/alt/usr/include -L/usr/opt/alt/usr/lib -tr -h/usr/opt/alt/usr/lib -B -32addr
SPEC common curses package used

SPECInt92 Tuning Parameters/Notes/Summary Of Changes:
all: -Dlongjmp=_longjmp -Dsetjmp=_setjmp replaces -lsys5 -migrate -O5 -tune ev5 -non_shared 008: -unsigned -ansi_alias -ifo
-lexc -assume aligned_objects -D_INTRINSICS -D_INLINE_INTRINSICS -Wf, -switch, speculate 022: -inline speed -om_ev5_sched
-WF, -feedback, xlispfb1.fb -Wf, -switch, speculate -gen_feedback -om_ireorg_feedback xlispfb2.fb -ifo -lsys5 -D_INTRINSICS
-D_INLINE_INTRINSICS -unsigned -ansi_alias -assume aligned_objects -lexc 023: -unsigned -ansi_alias -assume aligned_objects
026: -ifo -D_INTRINSICS -D_INLINE_INTRINSICS -unsigned -Dstrcpy=__builtin_strcpy -32data -om 072: -ifo -gen_feedback
-Wf, -feedback, scfb1.fb -om_compress_lita -om_Gcommon 1000 -om_ev5_sched -om_ireorg_feedback scfb2 -unsigned
-lcurses 085: -ifo -ansi_alias -D_INTRINSICS -D_INLINE_INTRINSICS -unsigned -Dalloca=__builtin_alloca -Wf -gen_feedback
-DGCC_INCLUDE_DIR='\/usr/local/lib/gcc-include\' -DGPLUSPLUS_INCLUDE_DIR='/usr/local/lib/g++-include\'
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