To submit an application to the PARKBENCH compact applications suite you should first make sure your code satisfies the definition of a compact application, and the criteria for inclusion in the suite. If you believe your application would make a good addition to the suite then submit it as follows.

Complete a submission form and email it to The data on this form will be reviewed by the PARKBENCH Compact Applications Subcommittee, and the submitter will be notified if the application is to be considered further for inclusion in the PARKBENCH suite. To get an idea of the level of detail required in this form take a look at the example.

If the PARKBENCH Compact Applications Subcommittee decides to consider the application further the submitter will be asked to submit the source code and input and output files, together with any documentation and papers about the application. The preferred method for submitting these materials is for the submitter to make them accessible via ftp. If this is not possible contact David Walker to make alternative arrangements.

If the application is approved for inclusion in the PARKBENCH suite an authorized person from the submitting organization will be asked to complete and sign a form giving PARKBENCH authority to distribute, and modify (if necessary), the application package.

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Last Modified May 14, 1996