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Jack Dongarra
University of Tennessee / Oak Ridge National Labs
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From: Vasilios Alexiades <>
Date: Sun, 7 Aug 94 17:45:02 -0400
Subject: Southeastern - Atlantic Regional Conference on Differential Equations


The Fourteenth Annual
Southeastern - Atlantic Regional Conference
Differential Equations
Friday, Oct. 21, 1994, 1:00 PM - Saturday, Oct. 22, 1994, 5:30 PM

Principal Lecturers and Titles:
L. Pamela Cook, Univ. of Delaware
Transonics and Mixed-Type Equations
Frank W.J. Olver, Univ. of Maryland; title to be announced
James B. Serrin, Univ. of Minnesota
Wave Operators with Nonlinear Damping

This conference is partially supported by the National Science
Foundation and the Tennessee Science Alliance.

Registration: $20.00. Checks are to be made payable to: University of
Tennessee and sent to the Dept of Mathematics, ATT: SEARCDE.
No registration fee for graduate students.
Preregistration is advised and appreciated.

Contributed Talks
If you want to present a 20 minute talk, please submit a title and
(brief) abstract by the deadline SEPTEMBER 15, 1994.
By post or By e-mail
Professor Don Hinton
Department of Mathematics
University of Tennessee
Knoxville, TN 37996-1300

We have arranged special rates at the three downtown hotels as
indicated below. These rates are good through Sept. 20, 1994 and
thereafter on an as-available basis. The Hilton and Holiday Inn
(approx. 10 minutes walk to campus) are not available for Saturday
night, Oct. 22nd, due to a convention beginning Sunday. The Hilton and
Radisson have complementary limousine service to the airport. Inform
the hotel at time of registration - your airline, flight number, and
arrival time - if you need this service. The university will provide
shuttle bus service to these hotels one hour before and for one hour
after conference talks. The room tax in Knoxville is 13.25%.

Hilton (615) 523-2300: $62.00 single or double
Reservation Code: DEC
Holiday Inn (615) 522-2800: $47.70 single, $57.70 double, $67.70 Triple
Reservation Code: UTM
Radisson (615) 522-2600: $65.00 single or double
Reservation Code: 5969
In addition, we have reserved some rooms at the CAMPUS INN, 1706
Cumberland Ave., (615) 521-5000 for $35.00 a night, single or double,
plus tax. The Campus Inn was recently purchased by Days Inn and has no
dining or lounge facilities. It may still be undergoing some renovations
at the time of the conference. There are numerous other motels (all
chains) in the greater Knoxville area much farther from campus.

Knoxville is at the intersection of I-75 and I-40 and the university is
located near the south-west corner of the downtown area. Knoxville is
served by most of the major airlines - Delta, US Air, United, American,
Financial Support
We have received a grant from the National Science Foundation to provide
partial support for graduate students and recent PhDs(since summer 1991)
who need assistance to attend the conference. Preference will be given
to individuals giving contributed talks. To apply for support, send the
following information by post mail to :
Professor P.W. Schaefer
Department of Mathematics
University of Tennessee
Knoxville, TN 37996-1300
by the deadline SEPTEMBER 29, 1994. Your letter should include:
1. name, 2. address, 3. telephone and e-mail, 4. social security number,
5. institution, 6. status (recent PhD - where and when degree awarded;
PhD candidate - name of dissertation director and date degree is
expected), 7. expenses (lodging - which hotel, number of nights, whether
sharing room (if so, with whom); travel - air fare (Saturday night
layover) or round trip surface miles (if not traveling with reimbursed
participant); food), 8. talk (title only).
In order to maximize the number of individuals supported, we encourage
"economy travel". We also encourage women and minorities to attend and
apply for support.

Third Announcement.
A final announcement with conference schedule will be mailed to
pre-registrants and speakers.

List of Respondees to the first announcement of the conference.
J. Avrin, UNC-Charlotte L. Lefton, U. New Orleans
J. Banoczi, NC State X. Lin, NC State
J. Baxley, Wake Forest J. Liu, James Madison
B. Bradley, Louisville A. Meir, Auburn
S. Cantrell, Miami Y. Melnikov, Middle TN State
R. Carlson, Colorado J. Morgan, Texas A & M
H. Chen, Christopher Newport U. K. Nagle, U. So. Florida
S. Chen, Missouri - Columbia M. Nashed, Delaware
C. Cosner, Miami S. Oppenheimer, Miss. State
R. Davidson, W. Rivera, West Georgia
X. Dong, Missouri - Columbia D. Rowe, Middle TN State
P. Drabek, Memphis State S. Sathanamtham, Tenn. State
C. Eghenter, Rutgers J. Selgrade, NC State
P. Eloe, Dayton W. Shen, Auburn
J. Epperson, Alabama - Huntsville R. Shivaji, Miss State
M. Friedman, Alabama - Huntsville R. Showalter, Texas
J. Garga, North Texas B. Singh, Wisconsin - Manitowoc
J. Graef, Miss State L. Sung, South Carolina
G. Hagedorn, VPI B. Thompson, Wake Forest
K. Hannsgen, VPI M. Tocci, NC State
E. Harrell, GA. Tech. P. Waltman, Emory
J. Henderson, Auburn H. Warchall, North Texas
G. Hetzer, Auburn T. Wang, Oakton CC
M. Horn, Minnesota J. Ward, Alabama - Tuscaloosa
R. Kauffman, Alabama - Birmingham J. Wei, Minnesota
T. Kelly, NC State Z. Xue, NC State
M. Klaus, VPI T. Young, GA Tech


From: Adriaan Joubert <>
Date: Mon, 8 Aug 1994 11:22:28 +0100
Subject: WWW Computational Mathematics Article Archive

WWW Computational Mathematics Article Archive

As part of an awareness project on high performance computing, the
``London and South East Centre for High Performance Computing'' has
created a WWW computational mathematics archive (there are also high
performance computing, functional programming, vision, and neural
networks archives). ***You*** can add your own (or anyone elses :-)
articles to the archive using a series of forms. The archive is
available at URL(s):

monochrome users:

Kitsch colour page:

The computational mathematics archive currently contains 122 articles in
the following subject areas:

Linear Algebra; [ 19 articles ]
Optimisation; [ 20 articles ]
Partial Differential Equations; [ 67 articles ]
Ordinary Differential Equations; [ 2 articles ]
Stochastic Differential Equations; [ empty :-( ]
Nonlinear Algebraic Equations; [ 3 articles ]
Statistics; [ 2 articles ]
Miscellaneous. [ 9 articles ]

To make the archive a useful tool please add links to your papers and

The archive provides:

o The opportunity to add your papers to the archive using a series of
forms. The forms provide an interface to underlying BibTeX

o The archive is structured into a series of browsable subject areas
which are automatically updated twice a day;

o Cross referenced indexes are available by:

o The underlying BibTeX databases are available for down-loading;

o The archive can be searched using Perl regular expressions.

o Authors can add links to their home page. Any references to their
name in the archive will include a link to their page.

o A list of new articles added to the archive, updated every hour.

Hope you find it useful......

Adriaan Joubert & Jon Hill


From: Venkataramanan Balakrishnan <>
Date: Mon, 8 Aug 1994 08:34:07 -0400
Subject: Change of Address for V. Ragu Balakrishnan

I have moved from the Institute for Systems Research at the
University of Maryland to the School of Electrical Engineering
at Purdue University, West Lafayette. My new address and
phone numbers, effective from August 15, 1994, are:

EE334A, Electrical Eng Bldg Phone: (317) 494-0728
School of Electrical Eng Fax: (317) 494-6440
Purdue University Internet:
West Lafayette, IN 47907


From: John Butcher <>
Date: Tue, 9 Aug 94 09:30:22 NZS
Subject: Nodes@Huia Summer (December) Workshop

Huia is an idyllic spot about 20km from Auckland. There are
opportunities for ocean sports, hill-tramping and Mathematics.
It will be the venue from December 10-20, 1994 for an
activity known as Knots@Huia, involving Vaughan Jones, Robion
Kirby and others. The organizers of this workshop have invited
Applied and Computational Mathematicians to join them in the
nature reserve they will be using. I have proposed that we
use the occassion for an a Nodes@Huia workshop. It will be an
opportunity for people interested in numerical ordinary differential
equations (as well as other aspects of differential equations) to
get together and discuss their work in a pleasant informal setting.
For people in the Northern Hemisphere the summer weather that
is expected in Auckland at that time may also be an attraction.
I expect that NA people from Auckland will take part in the
workshop, as will Roger Alexander, who is visiting. Please let
me know if you have any interest in coming here for this event.

John Butcher


From: Sven Hammarling <>
Date: Thu, 11 Aug 94 08:46:55 +0100
Subject: Parallel Computing Colloquium, Oxford, UK


30th September 1994

Wolfson Building (OUCL), Parks Road
Oxford, UK

Sponsored by NAG Ltd and Oxford Parallel

The colloquium will take place from 10.00 - 13.00 followed by a buffet
lunch and a talk by Professor Tony Hey of the University of
Southampton who will deliver the NAG AGM invited lecture, to be
followed by the NAG AGM official business. The colloquium and AGM
talk are open to all and registration is free.


10.00 - 10.30 Parallel Library work at NAG, Sven Hammarling, NAG Ltd.

10.30 - 11.00 A BSP Approach to Developing Large Scale Applications,
Joy Reed and Kevin Parrott, Oxford Parallel,
University of Oxford.

11.00 - 11.30 Coffee

11.30 - 12.00 Nonlinear Library Tools for Financial Modelling,
Heather Liddell, London Parallel Application Centre, QMW.

12.00 - 12.30 Speaker from University of Surrey, to be announced.

12.30 - 13.00 High Performance Fortran, John Merlin, High Performance
Computing Centre, University of Southampton.

13.00 - 14.00 Lunch.

14.00 - 15.00 The Future of High Performance Computing, Tony Hey,
University of Southampton.

15.00 - 16.30 NAG Annual General Meeting (Members of NAG).

Registration and lunch are free, but space is limited so please
register your intention to attend as soon as possible by email, fax or
letter to the following address:

Fax: +44 865 311755
NAG Response Centre
The Numerical Algorithms Group Ltd
Wilkinson House, Jordan Hill Road
Oxford OX2 8DR, UK


From: Marilyn Radcliff <>
Date: Wed, 10 Aug 1994 13:16:06 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: JAT Vol. 78, No. 1, July 1994

Journal of Approximation Theory, Volume 78, Number 1, July 1994

Table of Contents

Marco Baronti and Grzegorz Lewicki. Strongly Unique Minimal Projections on
Hyperplanes, 1-18.

Wenshan Yang and Chong Li. Strong Unicity for Monotone Approximation by
Reciprocals of Polynomials, 19-29.

Rainer Br\"uck and J\"urgen M\"uller. Summability of Hadamard Products of
Taylor Sections with Polynomial Interpolants, 30-40.

Gilbert Helmberg. The Gibbs Phenomenon for Fourier Interpolation, 41-63.

Bernard Beauzamy. On the Leading Coefficients of Real Many-Variable
Polynomials, 64-76.

Charles K. Chui, Dong Hong, and Shun-Tang Wu. On the Degree of Multivariate
Bernstein Polynomial Operators, 77-86.

Alf Jonsson. Markov's Inequality and Zeros of Orthogonal Polynomials on
Fractal Sets, 87-97.

Philip Rabinowitz and P\'eter V\'ertesi. Hermite-Fej\'er-Related Interpo-
lation and Product Integration, 98-111.

Hans Triebel. Relations between Approximation Numbers and Entropy Numbers,

Leonid B. Golinskii. Reflection Coefficients for the Generalized Jacobi
Weight Functions, 117-126.

Alicia Cachafeiro and Francisco Marcell\'an. Orthogonal Polynomials of
Sobolev Type on the Unit Circle, 127-146.


Ding-Xuan Zhou. A note on Derivatives of Bernstein Polynomials, 147-150.

Alf Jonsson. On Markov's and Bernstein's Inequalities in the Unit Ball in
$\BBJ R^k$, 151-154.

Robert Huotari and Salem Sahab. Metric Projection onto a Lattice $L_1$,


From: L. Ridgway Scott <Scott@UH.EDU>
Date: Wed, 10 Aug 1994 15:57:41 -0500
Subject: Book on Mathematical Theory Of Finite Element Methods

Our book

by Susanne C. Brenner and L. Ridgway Scott
Springer-Verlag, 1994

is available for fall classes. A list of errata will be made
available via anonymous ftp at a later date. Any errors found
would be gratefully received via e-mail to

Inadvertently, a description of the cover was left out of the
final copy. It depicts flow of a Newtonian fluid at Reynolds
number (the ratio of the flux to the viscosity) equal to 58
computed with the techniques developed in Chapters 10 and 11.
(The inlet and outlet flows are parabolic.) Anyone wishing to
use this triangulation can make a request to the above address.


From: Stein W. Wallace <<>
Date: Thu, 11 Aug 94 11:46:16 +0200
Subject: Post.Doc. Position In Mathematical Programming


The Norwegian Institute of Technology
University of Trondheim

The Department of Managerial Economics and Operations Research, Faculty
of Economics and Industrial Management, The Norwegian Institute of
Technology hereby announces an available Post.Doc position in
Mathematical Programming from January 1995 to December 1997. The
position will be financed by Norwegian Telecom.

The purpose of this position is to investigate how Stochastic
Programming can be used to analyze operational and investment related
problems that arise in satelite based tele communications.

We are looking for a candidate with a doctorate in Mathematical
Programming, Operations Research or a related discipline where
Mathematical Optimization is an essential part of the candidate's
program. In addition it is useful if the candidate knows or has
research experience from one or more of the areas: Stochastic
Programming, Parallel Processing and Telecommunications. Candidates
with degrees in any of the two latter areas can apply if they in
addition have research experience in Mathematical Programming.
Candidates who will defend their theses in 1994 can apply.

The Post.Doc is expected to perform research in areas of interest to
both the candidate and to Norwegian Telecom. Norwegian Telecom is
currently supporting a doctoral in this area, and the Post.Doc. is
expected to take part in the supervision of this student. Also, the
Post.Doc. is expected to give one PhD course in his/her area of
specialization during the three year program.

Application deadline will probably be September 20, 1994.

Gross salary is as for a Senior Lecturer (the level below full
professor), presently NOK 263.000 (as of August 9, 1994, USD 38.000)
per year.

If you want more information, or plan to apply, please contact
Professor Stein W. Wallace, telephone + 47 73593609, e-mail:


From: Jean Claude Berges <>
Date: 11 Aug 94 16:31:49+0200
Subject: Large non-hermitian linear systems Ax = b

Dear NA-Netters,

I am looking for methods / single or double precision complex codes to the
solution of large ( rank of A : 10 000 to 40 000) non-hermitian linear
systems (QMR-like methods, GMRES-like methods,....) .

Source codes in Fortran or C are mostly convenient , but any other pointer or reference
is also appreciated.

Jean-Claude BERGES


From: Luc Giraud <>
Date: Fri, 12 Aug 1994 10:37:31 +0200
Subject: Sparse Days in Saint-Girons , July 10-16, 1994

In 1995, CERFACS will host the World Linear Algebra Year.
In order to prepare for this important event, CERFACS, and particularly
the Parallel Algorithms Project led by I. S. Duff, organized
a preliminary workshop in Saint-Girons (France) from July 10th to 15th, 1994.
The idea was to gather international specialists in the field of Sparse
Linear Algebra in order to identify some of
the most important themes that will be included in the World Linear Algebra Year
and to prepare for future CERFACS workshops.
Gene. H. Golub and Iain. S. Duff, the initiators of this exciting
meeting, took care of its scientific coordination.

"Sparse Days in Saint-Girons" was the title of this meeting.
Its organization was supervised by Pierre-Henri Cros, Deputy Director
of CERFACS and native of Saint-Girons.
He was helped in this task by Daniel Laurent, Provisory Administrator of
the University of Marne La Vall\'ee.
This meeting was funded in part by Air France, the Chambre de Commerce
et d'Industrie d'Ari\`ege, Conseil G\'en\'eral de l'Ari\`ege,
Conseil R\'egional Midi-Pyr\'en\'ees, CRAY, IBM, Intitut National
Polytechnique de Toulouse, Mairie (Town Hall) de Saint-Girons,
Minist\`ere de l'Enseignement Sup\'erieur et de la Recherche,
Universit\'e de Marne la Vall\'ee.
Christel Porte (CERFACS), Dominique Rault (CERFACS), Marie Eg\'ea (UMV),
Martine Martin (Mairie St Girons), Murielle Warin (PGP)
and Jean-Paul Caze (PGP) helped organize much of the
logistics of the meeting.

Six main themes had been chosen for discussion during the meeting.
The conferences were held during mornings and evenings and
concluded by a discussion session. Afternoons were free for informal
discussions and/or recreational activities.
We list below the speakers and the titles of their talk.
The slides of the talks will be made available on anonymous ftp from ( (/pub/algo/StGirons).
The quiet and charming atmosphere of the small city of Saint-Girons
was really conducive to promoting informal interaction.
According to the feed-back received, the participants (about 70 persons)
really enjoyed the meeting. And this great success is a very encouraging
step for CERFACS on the way to the World Linear Algebra Year.

Iterative methods for solving sparse equations:

Anne Greenbaum (Courant Institute) : Accuracy and convergence of
iterative methods.
Gene Golub (Stanford) : Inner-outer iterations.
Roland Freund (AT&T Bell Labs) : Block quasi-minimal residual iterations
for non-Hermitian linear systems.
Gerard Meurant (CEA, Paris) : Heavy computations with iterative methods.
Moderator : Gene Golub.
Panel : Daniel Ruiz (ENSEEIHT), Martin Gutknecht (ETH Zurich),
Mario Arioli (CNR Pavia).

Direct methods for sparse matrices:

Iain Duff (CERFACS and RAL), Patrick Amestoy (ENSEEIHT) and Chiara Puglisi
(CERFACS) : Multifrontal methods in Toulouse.
Rob Schreiber (RIACS) : Improved load distribution in parallel sparse
Cholesky factorization.
Bob Lucas (SRC Washington) : Data parallel sparse LU factorization.
Esmond Ng (ORNL) : Examination of existing sparse codes.
Moderator : Alan George (Waterloo).
Panel : Alex Pothen (Old Dominion), John Gilbert (Xerox),
Patrick Amestoy, Rob Bisseling (Utrecht), Tim Davis (Florida),
Zahari Zlatev (Riso).

Basic tools for sparse matrix calculations:

Jack Dongarra (ORNL and Tennessee) : TEMPLATES .
John Reid (RAL) : The use of Fortran 90 in sparse codes.
Fernando Alvarado (Wisconsin) : The Sparse Matrix Manipulations System.

Nonlinear sparse systems:

Mike Saunders (Stanford) : Sparse linear algebra techniques in optimization.
\AA ke Bj\"orck (Link\"oping) : Large scale sparse least squares calculations.
Philippe Toint (Namur) : An assessment of existing and new non-monotone
globalization techniques for unconstrained nonlinear optimization.
Mohammed Masmoudi (UPS and CERFACS) : Application of automatic differentiation
to solve a family of linear systems.
Moderator : Nick Gould (RAL).
Panel : \AA ke Bj\"orck, Michel Dayd\'e (ENSEIHT), Mike Saunders,
Philippe Toint.

Eigenvalue calculation:

Dan Sorensen (rice) : Sparse Arnoldi computations.
John Lewis (BCS Seattle) : Solution of large dynamic structures problems.
Axel Ruhe (Goteborg) : Recent work on Arnoldu schemes.
Moderator : Fran\c{c}oise Chaitin-Chatelin (Paris IX Dauphine and CERFACS).
Panel : Val\'erie Frayss\'e (CERFACS), Bo K\aa gstr\"om (Ume\aa).

Solution of PDE's:

Petter Bjorstad (Bergen) : Domain decomposition.
Tony Chan (UCLA) : Preconditioning techniques.
Moderator : Craig Douglas (IBM and Yale).

P.H. Cros - V. Frayss\'e - L. Giraud
CERFACS - 42 Av. Coriolis
31057 Toulouse France


From: Joseph F Grcar <>
Date: Fri, 12 Aug 94 12:04:19 -0700
Subject: Mitch Smooke honored

Congratulations to Mitch Smooke, and to Y. Xu, R. Zurn, P.
Lin, J. Frank and M. Long, who have won the Silver Medal of
the Combustion Institute.

The international prize goes biannually to the authors of a
paper that makes a significant contribution to combustion
research. The award is evidence of Mitch's continuing,
outstanding work in this field; some of his joint authors
are his students. Mitch has a PhD in Mathematics from
Harvard and worked at Sandia Laboratories in California
before joining Yale's Mechanical Engineering Department.
His research shows the benefits that formal training in
mathematics and computation can bring to the sciences.


From: David Keyes <>
Date: Fri, 12 Aug 1994 17:43:20 -0400
Subject: ICASE/LaRC Industrial Roundtable, Oct. 3-4

Williamsburg Hospitality House, Williamsburg, Virginia
October 3-4, 1994

The Institute for Computer Applications in Science and Engineering
(ICASE) and NASA Langley Research Center (LaRC) will conduct an Industry
Roundtable at the Williamsburg Hospitality House, Williamsburg, Virginia
on October 3-4, 1994.

The objective of the Roundtable is to expose ICASE/LaRC scientists to
industrial research agendas and to acquaint industry with the
capabilities and technology available at ICASE/LaRC. Industry
participants will discuss their future research needs in semi-formal
presentations and informal around-the-table discussions. At the end of
the Roundtable, the Technical Committee will prepare a report on future
industrial research needs and suggest workshops and specific projects
that may be performed at ICASE/LaRC in collaboration with industry.

Over 50 talks in three parallel tracks are scheduled. Each presentation
will be approximately 30 minutes in duration including a 5-10 minute
question period. The technical sessions and session chairs are:

Track A:
* Laminar Flow Control I - Ajay Kumar, NASA LaRC
* Laminar Flow Control II - Mujeeb Malik, High Technology Corporation
* Acoustics in Industry - Jay Hardin, NASA LaRC
* High Speed and Turbulent Combustion - Philip Drummond, NASA LaRC
& Sharath Girimaji, ICASE
* Modeling of Newtonian and Non-Newtonian Turbulent (Industrial) Flows -
Thomas Gatski, NASA LaRC
* Manufacturing Processes in Industry - Manuel Salas, NASA LaRC

Track B:
* Computing on Clusters of Workstations - David Keyes, ICASE and ODU
* Computational Fluid Dynamics - James Thomas, NASA LaRC
* Multidisciplinary Optimization in Industry I - Natalia Alexandrov, ICASE
* Multidisciplinary Optimization in Industry II - Jaroslaw Sobieski, NASA LaRC
* Algorithm and Architecture Aspects of Large-Scale Scientific Computing -
Chester Grosch, ICASE and ODU
& Mohammad Zubair, IBM Watson Res. Ctr.
Track C:
* Parallel Programming Environments - Piyush Mehrotra, ICASE
* System Engineering - David Nicol, ICASE and The College of William & Mary
* Safe Systems - Wayne Bryant, NASA LaRC
* Formal Methods and Software Engineering - Rick Butler, NASA LaRC
* Reliable Systems Tools and Analysis - Kishor Trivedi, Duke University

Due to space considerations, attendance will be limited. There is no
registration fee. A pre-registration social will be held from 7:00 -
9:00 p.m. on Sunday, October 2, 1994 at the hotel. A banquet dinner
will be held on Monday evening, October 3, 1994. A block of rooms will
be held until September 6, 1994 at the Hospitality House at the special
rate of $70. You may contact the hotel directly at (804) 229-4020 and
mention that you will be attending the ICASE/LaRC Roundtable meeting in
order to obtain the meeting rate. For questions, please contact: Emily
Todd, Conference Manager, ICASE, Mail Stop 132C, NASA Langley Research
Center, Hampton, VA 23681-0001. Telephone: (804) 864-2175; FAX: (804)
864-6134, e-mail:

To register, please e-mail name, title, address, telephone and fax by
September 9, 1994 to Emily Todd at the address above.


From: Floyd Hanson <>
Date: Sun, 14 Aug 94 01:04:33 -0600
Subject: International Conference on Control and Information 1995

ICCI95 Call for Papers
International Conference on Control and Information, 1995

The Institute of Mathematical Sciences
Chinese University of Hong Kong
June 5-9, 1995

ICCI95 Conference:

The Conference will include contributed sessions and invited minisymposia, in
broad areas of automatic control, system theory, information theory and
applications. Control and information are important for progress in advancing
technology, maintaining industrial edge, and essential for understanding
scientific progress in the Pacific Rim. Recent developments in control and
information have exhibited an expansion of classical methods to more modern and
innovative methods, along with adaptation and integration of the classical
methods to new methods. The emergence of new control and information
methodologies has led to more powerful procedures for solving challenging

Keynote Invited Speakers:

Brian D. O. Anderson (Australia) Yu-Chi Larry Ho (USA)
Suguru Arimoto (Japan) Sanjoy K. Mitter (USA)
Jagdish Chandra (USA) Jian Song (China)
Charles K. Chui (USA) Jan C. Willems (Netherlands)
Bruce A. Francis (Canada) Eugene Wong (Hong Kong and USA)

Conference Sponsors:

The IEEE Control Society and the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society are
technical co-sponsors of the conference. The conference is sponsored by
the US Army Research Office, the Army Research Office - Far East,
the Institute of Mathematical Sciences of the Chinese University of Hong Kong,
the K. C. Wong Education Foundation, the American GNC Corporation,
the International Press Company, Varitronix Limited,
Hong Kong Baptist University, as well as other foundations.

Conference Steering Committees:

The ICCI95 General Co-Chairmen are Professor Stephen S. T. Yau of University
of Illinois at Chicago and Professor Shing-Tung Yau of Harvard University and
Institute of Mathematical Sciences. The General Associate Chair and Publicity
Chair is Floyd B. Hanson of University of Illinois at Chicago. Dr. Ching-Fang
Lin of American GNC Corporation is Honorary Chair. The Local Arrangements
Committee is chaired by Dr. Kung Fu Ng and co-chaired by Dr. Chung Ping Kwong,
both of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. The Financial and Registration
Chair is Dr. Hing Sun Luk and the Publication Chair is Dr. Raymond H. F. Chan,
both are from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. The Organizing Committee
includes John Baillieul, Toshio Fukuda, Floyd B. Hanson, Kung-Fu Ng,
C. P. Kwong, Allen R. Tannenbaum, Stephen S. T. Yau, Shing-Tung Yau and
Wing-Shing Wong.

Call for Contributed Papers and Minisymposia:

Authors should submit four copies of full papers for review no later than
November 15, 1994 to the Program Coordinator Dr. Wing-Shing Wong, at the
address given below. The same date holds for submission of minisymposia
session proposals and associated papers. The first page of all papers must
contain the paper title, three key words, and the name, affiliation, and
complete mailing address of each author. If available, include telephone and
Fax numbers, as well as E-mail address. Notification of acceptance and
authors' kits will be distributed by January 20, 1995 with final mats due soon
after. All papers accepted for presentation will be included in the conference

Full papers should be submitted to: For general information, send an
E-mail message to
Dr. Wing-Shing Wong or contact:
ICCI95 Program Coordinator
Department of Information Engineering Dr. Kung Fu Ng
Chinese University of Hong Kong ICCI95 Local Arrangements Committee Chair
Shatin NT, Hong Kong Department of Mathematics
Phone: +(852) 609-8378, Chinese University of Hong Kong
Fax: +(852) 603-5032 Shatin NT, Hong Kong
E-mail: E-mail:


End of NA Digest