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From: NA Digest <>
Date: Sun Jul 3 14:13:35 EDT 1994
Subject: Calendar

Calendar of Forthcoming Events
Date Topic Place NA Digest #

July 4- 6 South African Numerical Mathematics Umhlanga Rocks, Natal 18
July 5- 7 Simulation of Devices and Technologies Obninsk, Russia 7
July 8- 9 Gigabyte Image Processing Argonne, IL 23
July 11-15 IMACS World Congress Atlanta, GA
July 11-15 Course on MODULEF Finite Elt. Library University Park, PA 12
July 18-29 SERC Numerical Analysis Summer School Leicester, UK 16
July 18-30 Summer Short Courses in CFD Istanbul, Turkey 15
July 18-19 OpenMath Oxford, UK 25
July 19 A# Programming Language Workshop Oxford, UK 22
July 22-23 Control Problems in Industry San Diego, CA 3
July 23 SIAM Forum San Diego, CA 20
July 24 AWM Workshop for Pre- and Post-docs San Diego, CA 3
July 25-29 SIAM Annual Meeting San Diego, CA 3

Aug. 1- 4 Computation Physics Lyngby, Denmark 11
Aug. 1- 5 Computational Science Workshop Los Alamos, NM 16
Aug. 15-19 Math Programming Ann Arbor, MI
Aug. 21-26 Numerical Methods Sofia, Bulgaria 21
Aug. 22-25 Continuum Mechanics Prague, Czech Rep. 6
Aug. 22-25 SVD and Signal Processing Leuven, Belgium 23
Aug. 22-25 Simulation Zurich, Switzerland 9
Aug. 29-31 Algorithms and Parallel VLSI Leuven, Belgium 23
Aug. 29... Mathematical Modelling Prague, Czech Rep. 1
Aug. 29... ICASE Multigrid Short Course Hampton, VA 22

Sep. 6-10 Mathematics in Industry Kaiserslatern, Germany 7
Sep. 12 Scottish Computational Mathematics Strathclyde, Scotland 23
Sep. 22-24 Hellenic Mathematical Society Athens, Greece 8
Sep. 26-27 Acoustics and Electromagnetics Washington, DC 19
Sep. 26-28 Multilevel Methods Meisdorf, Germany 16
Sep. 26-28 Large-Scale CFD Problems Montreal, Canada 24
Sep. 26-30 Total Positivity Jaca, Spain 5
Sep. 26 Dynamics of Discontinuous Systems Bristol, UK 20

Oct. 2- 6 Applications of Operator Theory Winnipeg, Manitoba 17
Oct. 6- 7 Combustion, Environment, and Heating Columbus, Ohio 21
Oct. 6- 7 Large Systems of Equations Wuppertal, Germany 23
Oct. 12-14 Scalable Parallel Libraries Mississippi State, MS 24
Oct. 13-14 60th birthday of Jean Descloux Lausanne, Switzerland 19
Oct. 18-21 High Performance Fortran Manno, Switzerland 24
Oct. 20-22 Systems, Control, Information Wuhan, China 8
Oct. 24-26 Computational Molecular Dynamics Minneapolis, MN 19
Oct. 26-28 Singularities in PDEs Bristol, UK 26

Nov. 7- 9 Adaptive-grid Methods Hampton, VA 26
Nov. 12 Matrix Theory Salt Lake City, UT 21
Nov. 18 Parallell Computing Applications Utrecht, Nethelands 24
Nov. 14-18 SuperComputing '94 Washington, DC 6
Nov. 30... Computational Methods in Engineering Belo Horizonte, Brazil 11

Dec. 16-19 Methods and Applications of Analysis Hong Kong 25


Jan 3- 6 Computational Computer Design Maui, Hawaii 17
Jan. 9-10 Conference Honoring Ake Bjorck Linkoping, Sweden 26
Jan. 15-18 Bond Graph Modeling and Simulation Las Vegas, NV 4
Jan. 16-18 Markov Chains Raleigh, NC 7

Feb. 6- 9 Massively Parallel Computation McLean, VA 26
Feb. 8-10 Computational Issues in the Geosciences San Antonio, TX 27
Feb. 15-17 SIAM Conference on Parallel Processing San Francisco, CA
Feb. 19-25 Applications of Interval Computations El Paso, TX 16

Mar. 20-21 Nonconvex Energy Functions Rutgers, NJ 20
Mar. 28... Multigrid Methods Copper Mountain, CO 24
Mar. 28... Sci. Computation & Diff. Eqns. Stanford, CA 27

Apr. 3- 6 Numerical Methods for Fluid Dynamics Oxford, UK 25
Apr. 24-28 3rd INRIA-SIAM Wave Propagation Conf. Juan-les-Pins, France 19
Apr. 26-30 Numerical Analysis & Applied Math. Constanza,Romania 26

June 6-10 Inertial Manifolds Xi'an, China 21
June 11-14 Iterative Methods in Linear Albebra Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria 22

July 3- 7 ICIAM, Int'l Cong. Indust. Appl. Math. Hamburg, Germany 23
July 10-12 Linear Algebra and Applications Manchester, UK 19
July 16... Mathematics of Numerical Analysis Park City, UT 5
July 17-21 Distributed Parameter Systems Warsaw, Poland 25

Aug. 27-31 Circuit Theory and Design Istanbul, Turkey 25
Sep. 17-21 Acoustics of Submerged Structures Boston, MA 22


From: John R. Gilbert <>
Date: Wed, 29 Jun 1994 17:00:44 PDT
Subject: The Lake Arrowhead Matrix and Its Graph

The Lake Arrowhead Matrix and Its Graph

At the 1993 Householder Symposium on Numerical Algebra in Lake Arrowhead,
Nick Trefethen posted a flip chart and invited everyone present to write
their name on it, and to draw lines connecting their name with the names
of all their coauthors. The diagram grew denser throughout the week; at
the end it was a graph with 104 vertices (or people) and 211 edges. Just
for fun, we typed the graph into Matlab and looked at it in a few different
ways. The graph and a Matlab script to view it are available by anonymous
ftp as .

The original flip chart is now framed on the wall of Nick's office at Cornell.
He promises to bring it along to Householder 2023.


From: Alessandro Russo <ALEX17%IPVIAN.bitnet@ICINECA.CINECA.IT>
Date: Mon, 27 Jun 94 10:49:56 ITA
Subject: Singular PDE Systems

Sometimes it happens that the solution of a p.d.e.
(and also its numerical approximation) is determined
up to a constant, or even up to a finite dimensional
kernel of big dimension (for instance in magnetostatic
problems, using the vector potential which is determined
up to a gradient).
For this reason, in general one has to solve a linear
system whose matrix is singular, but at least semidefinite,
with a ``compatible'' right hand side.

I noticed that it seems to be a common practice among engineers
to solve this singular system with an iterative method, for
instance conjugate gradient or GMRES, without doing
anything to de-singularize the matrix (for instance,
in the case of Stokes problem, one could fix the value
of pressure at a certain point of the domain).

Is there any theory on this topic?
Any reference will be welcome.

Thank you in advance.

Alessandro Russo
Istituto di Analisi Numerica del CNR
via Abbiategrasso 209
27100 Pavia ITALY

tel. +39-382-529 600
fax +39-382-529 566


From: William E. Schiesser <wes1@Lehigh.EDU>
Date: Fri, 01 Jul 1994 16:12:51 EDT
Subject: Code Available from Differential Equations Book

The programs (Fortran 77 source code) in the book:

Computational Mathematics in Engineering
and Applied Science: ODEs, DAEs and PDEs

CRC Press, Inc.
2000 Corporate Blvd., N.W.
Boca Raton, FL 33431

ISBN: 0-8493-7373-5

are available on a DOS-formatted diskette. At present, we cannot provide
the programs via e-mail or ftp because some printed information is also
included. However, the package with the diskette will be sent by first
class mail (US), or by international air mail (outside the US), so receipt
should be within 10 days.

Requests can be sent to:

W. E. Schiesser
Iacocca Hall, D307
Lehigh University
111 Research Drive
Bethlehem, PA 18015 USA
(610) 758-4264 (office)
(610) 758-5057 (fax) (Internet)


From: Robert Skeel <>
Date: Mon, 27 Jun 1994 19:50:54 -0500
Subject: Scientific Computation and Differential Equations

Second Announcement
SciCADE 95
International Conference on
Scientific Computation and Differential Equations
Stanford, California, March 28--April 1, 1995

This meeting will feature current research in scientific computing with
an emphasis on the numerical solution of differential equations in science
and engineering, particularly ordinary differential equations.
The meeting will close with a celebration of the sixtieth birthday of
C. William Gear. Watch for the third announcement in the NA Digest.
Alternatively, send a message to with
enquiries and for future mailings.

Plenary speakers include
W. Beyn S. Campbell P. Deuflhard L. Dieci
C.W. Gear C. Grebogi E. Hairer W. Kahan
C. Lubich T. Mitsui E. Platen A. Sameh
J.M. Sanz-Serna T. Schlick L.F. Shampine P. Shirkov
J. Simo J. White S. Wright

Minisymposia (and their organizers) include
Boundary Value Problems (U. Ascher)
ODEs in Chemical and Atmospheric Sciences (Z. Zlatev)
Computing Invariant Sets (I. Kevrekidis)
Delay Differential Equations (A. Iserles)
Differential-Algebraic Equations I (S. Campbell)
Differential-Algebraic Equations II (R. Maerz)
Educational Issues (K. Stewart)
Hamiltonian Systems (J. Sanz-Serna)
Linear Algebra Issues (P. Saylor)
Long-time Integration (D. Stoffer)
Multibody Dynamics (K. Clark)
Numerical Methods for Stochastic Differential Equations (E. Platen)
ODE methods in PDEs (R. Russell)
ODE Software (A. Hindmarsh)
Parameter Estimation and Design Optimization (S. Wright)
Practical Parallel Methods (K. Burrage)
Shadowing (H. Kocak)
Trajectory Control (K. Brenan)
Validated Computation of ODE Solutions (H. Stetter)
Waveform Relaxation (J. White)

Call for papers. There is limited room in the program for contributed talks of
15 or possibly 30 minutes duration, for poster presentations, and for software
demonstrations. If you are interested in contributing to the program, please
send an abstract by November 15, 1994 by email (LaTex preferred but plain text
ok) to
if possible; otherwise, send hard copies in triplicate to
Ms. Liz Freppert
Computer Science Department
University of Minnesota
200 Union Street S.E., Room 4-192
Minneapolis, MN 55455
FAX 612 625 0572
by November 15, 1994. In the case of a regular oral presentation, send an
extended abstract one page in length; otherwise send a half-page abstract.
Contributors can expect to be notified by December 30.
In your submission indicate which of the alternatives are acceptable:
*poster *software demo *15-minute talk *30-minute talk
For a software demo specify equipment needed or desired.
Space for commercial demos is also possible.
Contributions on scientific computing topics other than ODEs are encouraged.

There may be space in the program for an additional
mini-symposium. If you are interested in organizing one, please contact
L. Petzold (petzold@cs.umn.ed) by August 15.

There will be a special issue of SISC covering the conference
(refereed in the usual way) to honor Bill Gear's many contributions
to SIAM and to scientific computing.

Organizing committee: Gene Golub (Stanford), Linda Petzold (Minnesota),
Robert Skeel (Illinois), Andrew Stuart (Stanford)


From: Trini Flores <>
Date: Tue, 28 Jun 94 09:46:38 EST
Subject: Mathematical and Computational Issues in the Geosciences

Third SIAM Conference on Mathematical and
Computational Issues in the Geosciences
February 8-10, 1995
St. Anthony Hotel, San Antonio, Texas

Deadline for submission of minisymposium proposals:
JULY 11, 1994.

Deadline for submission of contributed abstracts:
AUGUST 8, 1994.

SIAM encourages electronic submissions of minisymposium
proposals and abstracts. To help in formatting your
submissions, plain TeX or LaTeX macros are available by
contacting SIAM at

To obtain a copy of the call for papers for the conference,
e-mail your requests to and the
information will be sent to you electronically. You may
also refer to

The conference organizing committee looks forward to your
participation in this conference.


From: Bartholomew-Biggs <>
Date: Mon, 27 Jun 1994 14:54:45 +0100 (BST)
Subject: MSc at University of Hertfordshire

M Sc Studies at the University of Hertfordshire

The Mathematics Division of the University of Hertfordshire offers
conversion M Sc's in Numerical Computation, Mathematical Modelling and
Mathematical Studies. These courses are aimed at graduates in
disciplines such as Science or Engineering who have some mathematical
background which they would now like to develop further.
Full details can be obtained by contacting:
Mike Bartholomew-Biggs
Mathematics Division
University of Hertfordshire

Please quote your full surface mail address.


From: M. Eiermann <>
Date: Wed, 29 Jun 1994 11:27:11 -0600
Subject: Position at TU Bergakademie Freiberg

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

The department invites applications for a

C3-professorship in Mathematical Optimization.

The appointment would commence in April 1995 and would fill the
position currently held by Prof. Dr. M. Schoch.

Candidates should have a substantial background in each of the
following areas: Linear optimization, discrete optimization,
parametric and vector optimization, and mathematical modelling.
In addition, applicants should have established an international
reputation in two of these areas.

Teaching obligations will be in mathematics for students of mathe-
matics and computer science as well as as for students of economics.

The university is committed to increase the number of women in
scientific positions. Qualified women are particularly encouraged
to apply.

Aplications, including a vita, a list of papers, and a confirmed
copy of the document of the highest academic degree, should be
sent to:

TU Bergakademie Freiberg
D-09596 Freiberg (Germany).

The deadline for applications is September 30, 1994.


From: Heloisa Helena Marino Silva <>
Date: Fri, 1 Jul 1994 11:45:29 GMT-03
Subject: Position at State University of Sao Paulo


located in S. J. Rio Preto, in the state of Sao Paulo, is looking for
PhD graduates (or soon to be) working on Numerical Analysis that would
like to work for a short period or maybe permanently.
Those interested should send a Curriculum Vitae including a publication
list (if aplicable) to:


or by post to:
C. P. 136
CEP: 15054-000-S. J. RIO PRETO-S. P.-BRAZIL


From: Omar Hamed <F40M001%SAKSU00.BITNET@VTBIT.CC.VT.EDU>
Date: Sat, 02 Jul 94 14:18:03 SLT
Subject: Re: Positions at King Saud University

Announcement From
The Department of Mathematics
College Of Sciences
King Saud University
Saudi Arabia
E-mail: F40M043@SAKSU00.BITNET

Further to our previous announcement of vacancies in the department
we request that applicants use the e-mail for short communications only
Lenghty resumes and publication lists should be sent by air mail.
Recommendation letters are not required at this stage. A photograph is
also not required.


From: ETNA <>
Date: Fri, 1 Jul 1994 16:19:50 -0500 (EDT)
Subject: Electronic Transactions on Numerical Analysis


Electronic Transactions on Numerical Analysis (ETNA) is an electronic journal
for the publication of significant new and important developments in numerical
analysis and scientific computing. In addition to the rapid publication of
scholarly work, ETNA permits the publication of manuscripts containing
COLOR figures, diagrams, or photographs.

An individual who wishes to obtain a copy of a current or back manuscript can
get a copy through World Wide Web (URL browser such
as Mosaic or Lynx. ETNA is also available through Gopher (,
anonymous ftp (, or through e-mail (send e-mail to containing the phrase: send index).

To register to receive ETNA's quarterly list of titles and abstracts, please
send an e-mail message to The subject of the message
should be: ETNA registration. Titles and abstracts of papers published in
ETNA will be e-mailed quarterly to the return addresses of all such requests.
Inquiries for further information should be e-mailed to

The contents of the June issue of ETNA is

Electronic Transactions on Numerical Analysis
Volume 2, 1994

Minimization properties and short recurrences for Krylov subspace
methods. Rudiger Weiss.
File: vol.2.1994/

Efficient iterative solution of linear systems from discretizing
singular integral equations. Ke Chen.
File: vol.2.1994/

Modified Specht's plate bending element and its convergence analysis.
T.M. Shih and Junbin Gao.
File: vol.2.1994/

Arden Ruttan, Managing Editor, ETNA
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Kent State University, Kent Ohio
tel 216-672-4004x270
fax 216-672-7824


From: Grant Guevremont <grantg@CERCA.UMontreal.CA>
Date: Wed, 29 Jun 1994 14:26:05 -0400
Subject: Contents, Journal of Computational Fluid Dynamics.

Vol. 2, No. 1, 1994

Finite Element Method for Boussinesq Wave Analysis
M. Kawahara and J. Y. Cheng

A Finite-Volume Method for Fluid Flow Simulations with Moving Boundaries
Y. G. Lai and A. J. Przekwas

Modelling and Computation of Arc-Flow Interaction in Circuit-Breakers
X. D. Zhang, J.-Y. Trepanier and R. Camarero

Numerical Prediction of Laminar Flow in Plane Bifurcating Channels
M. Hortmann and M. Schafer


From: Ake Bjorck <>
Date: Mon, 27 Jun 94 08:43:07 +0200
Subject: Contents, BIT

BIT Volume 34, No. 2 (1994)

A numerical study of optimized sparse preconditioners
A.~M. Bruaset and A. Tveito, pp. 177--204

On a fast and accurate method for computing Fourier transforms
P.~C. Chakravarti and M. Barrientos, pp. 205--214

Parallel frontal methods for ODEs
M.~R. Crisci, pp. 215--227

Stability estimates based on numerical ranges with an application
to a spectral method.
J.~L.~ M van Dorsselear and W. Hundsdorfer, pp. 228--238

Iterative refinement for constrained and weighted linear least squares
M. Gulliksson, pp. 239--253

Asymptotic error expansion for the Nystr\"om method of nonlinear
Fredholm integral equations of the second kind
G. Q. Han, pp. 254--261

A stability property of $A$-stable natural Runge-Kutta methods
for systems of delay differential equations
T. Koto, pp. 262--267

Relationship between tetrahedron shape measures
A. Liu and B. Joe, pp. 268--287

Optimal stochastic quadrature formulas for convex functions
E. Novak and K. Petras, pp. 288--294

A characterization of compactly supported orthonormal wavelets
J. Schneid, pp. 295--303

A summability method for the arithmetic Fourier transform
W. J. Walker, pp. 304--309

Symplectic Runge-Kutta methods with real eigenvalues
E. Hairer and G. Wanner, pp. 310--312

A note on best conditioned preconditioners
X.-Q. Jin, pp. 313--317

Some remarks on Dvorcuk's root-finding method
N. Kjurkchiev and K. Mahdi, pp 318--322


End of NA Digest