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From: Chris Bischof <>
Date: Fri, 10 Apr 92 11:56:52 CDT
Subject: Phone Prefix Change for Argonne National Labs

The phone prefix for Argonne National Labs has changed from
972 to 252. So for example, my number is now (708) 252-8875
instead of the old (708) 972-8875. Some 972 numbers may still
work for a while, but may go away any day.

-- Chris Bischof


From: Arieh Iserles <>
Date: Wed, 8 Apr 92 10:38:51 BST
Subject: Proceedings of Bristol Conference on Dynamics

I wish to bring to the attention of the NA-net community the
publication of the proceedings of the Bristol Conference on "The
Dynamics of Numerics and the Numerics of Dynamics".

The publicity material says:

"The original conference was unique in bringing together specialists in
nonlinear dynamical systems and numerical mathematics. The papers
present a broad range of topics of interest to both research
communities -- applications of dynamical systems in numerical analysis
and of numerical problems and techniques in dynamical systems.

Although numerical analysis and nonlinear dynamical systems appear to
be incompatible, in fact both approaches to increasing our
mathematical understanding are mutually dependent. Numerical analysts
benefit from seeing the numerical algorithm itself as a dynamical
system, while numerical expertise is useful in elucidating the
behaviour of nonlinear systems."

The volume includes eleven invited talks and surveys by a range of
leading specialists from both communities:

R. Temam: General methods for approximating inertial manifolds.
Applications to computing.
J. Carr: Slowly varying solutions of a nonlinear partial differential
I.N. Stewart: Bifurcation theory old and new.
D.S. Broomhead: The geometry of dynamics.
J.M. Sanz-Serna: Numerical ordinary differential equations vs.
dynamical systems.
D.R. Moore & N.O. Weiss: Sensitivity of bifurcations to discretization.
H.B. Keller: A numerical approach to Hilbert's sixteenth problem.
R.S. Mackay: Some aspects of the dynamics and numerics of Hamiltonian
J.P. Keener: Uses and abuses of numerical methods in cardiology.
D.F. Griffiths & A.R. Mitchell: Spurious behaviour and nonlinear
instability in discretised partial differential equations.
J.K. Hale: Dynamics and numerics.

The book has been edited by Dave Broomhead and myself, and published
by Oxford University Press (ISBN 0-19-853642-9).

A. Iserles
Department of Applied Mathematics
and Theoretical Physics
University of Cambridge


From: Thoger Busk <>
Date: Wed, 08 Apr 92 16:02:41 DNT
Subject: Old Volumes of NA-Journals for Sale

The following list of past volumes of Numerical Analysis journals is for sale.
price in US dollars
1: Journ of the Inst.of Math and its Appl. vol 1-26 435
2: IMA journ. of Numerical Analysis vol 1-7 125
3: Numerische Mathematik vol 1-49 3500
4: BIT vol 1-27 875
5: USSR Comp.Math.&Math.Phys. vol 1-13 2250
6: Computer Journal vol 19-24 85
7: Linear Algebra & its Applications vol 1-8, 10-18 435
8: ICC Bulletin vol 1-6 50
9: Math. Tables and other aids to Computation,
Math Comp. no's 19-28, 30-32, 35,38,40-64, 67-176 2600
10: Annals of Math. Statistics vol I-XXV (less 5 issues) 1250
11: Proc of Amer. Math: Soc. vol 1-4 25
12: Bull. Amer. Math.Soc vol 54-59 (less vol 56 no.3) 25
13: Skandinavisk Aktuartidsskrift 1943-1973
and Scandinavian Actuarial Journal 1974-1990 775

Postage to be paid by the byer.
In case you have an interest in these past volumes please respond to
Thoger Busk, E-mail :


From: Volker Mehrmann <>
Date: Mon, 6 Apr 92 17:01:52 MET DST
Subject: Workshop in Matrix Theory, Universiyt of Bielefeld

Workshop on Matrix Theory, University Bielefeld, July 24.-25. 1992

A two day workshop on Matrix Theory will be held at the University of
Bielefeld from July 24. - July 25. 1992.

The following speakers have agreed to talk so far:

Richard Brualdi
Shmuel Friedland
Chunjang He
Gerd Krause
Volker Mehrmann
Reinhard Nabben
Alex Pothen
Hans Schneider (tentatively)

The workshop will be organized in the context of the
''SFB Diskrete Strukturen in der Mathematik'' at the
University of Bielefeld.

For information please contact:

Volker Mehrmann
Fakultaet fuer Mathematik
Universitaet Bielefeld
Postfach 8640
D-4800 Bielefeld 1
tel. 0521-106-4798


From: Stanly Steinberg <>
Date: Mon, 6 Apr 92 11:18:43 MDT
Subject: Panamerican Workshop in Applied and Computational Mathematics

First Panamerican Workshop in Applied and Computational Mathematics

Universidad Simon Bolivar
(Simon Bolivar University)
Caracas, Venezuela
January 10-15 1993

Organizing Committee (USA and CANADA)
Paul Boggs, Vice Chairman, National Institute of Standards and Technology
Jose Castillo, Chairman, San Diego State University
John Dennis, Rice University
Robert O'Malley, University of Washington
Robert Russel, Simon Fraser University
Stanly Steinberg, University of New Mexico
Richard Tapia, Rice University

Organizing Committee (Venezuela)
Saul Buitrago, INTEVEP, S.A.
Ubaldo Garcia-Palomares, Universidad Simon Bolivar
Marianela Lentini, Universidad Simon Bolivar
Raul Manzanilla, INTEVEP, S.A.
Consuelo Maulino, Universidad Central de Venezuela,
Vianey Villamizar, Universidad Central de Venezuela

This workshop is organized in cooperation with
Asociacion Matematica Venezolana (AMV)
Sociedad Brasileira de Matematica Aplicada e Computacional (SAMAC)
Society of Indusstrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM)


To submit a talk, send a one page extended abstract to the appropriate workshop
organizer listed below. Contributions must be original. Deadline June 30, 1992.
Acceptance/rejection notification July 15, 1992.


Registration fee = $100 (U.S), that includes registration material and
5 lunches which will be served outdoors in the Workshop area.


1. Matrix Analysis and Computation:
David Carlson
Consuelo Maulino emsca!intevep!
2. Optimization:
John Dennis
Ubaldo Garcia-Palomares emsca!usb!
3. Mathematical Oil Recovery:
Mary Wheeler
S. Buitriago emsca!intevep!
4. Network Modelling:
Julian Araoz sun!emsca!usb!
Robert Meyer
5. Mathematics in Industry:
Alfonzo Reinoza.
6. Applied Probability & Statistics:
Luc Devroye
Jose L. Palacios
7. Scientific Computing:
Julio C. Diaz
Carlos de Moura. (until February 92 )
8. Numerical Methods:
Robert Russell
Susana Gomez susanag@unamvm1.bitnet
9. Numerical Differential Equations:
Uri Ascher
10. Solving Partial Differential Equations in Irregular Regions:
Numerical Grid Generation and Finite Differences
Stan Steinberg
Raul Manzanilla emsca!intevep!
11. Applied Sciences and Engineering:
Roland Glowinski fax 1-713-749-4626
Vianey Villamizar
12. Mathematical Ecology:
J.A. Leon fax: 58-2-628763


1. Gustavo Ponce
2. Jorge Nocedal
3. Bob O'Malley Differential-Algebraic Equations)
4. Victor Pereyra Industrial Applications of Wave Propagation)
5. Celso Grebogi
6. Bernardo Cockburn Metodos de Approximacion para Leyes de Conservacion
7. Jair Koiller
8. Herb Keller
9. Dick Tapia
10. H. Simon Experience with Massive Parallelism for CFD
Applications at NASA Ames Research Center
(on Sunday)

1. Paul Boggs
2. Horst Simon


From: Tina Flores <>
Date: Tue, 07 Apr 92 16:43:39 EST
Subject: ACM-SIAM Symposium on Discrete Algorithms

Fourth ACM-SIAM Annual Symposium on Discrete Algorithms (SODA)
Sponsored by ACM Special Interest Group on Automata and
Computability Theory, and SIAM Activity Group on Discrete Mathematics

January 25-27, 1993, Radisson Plaza Hotel, Austin, Texas

This symposium is for those interested in the use, design,
and analysis of algorithms, with special emphasis on
questions of efficiency. Papers about algorithms
(sequential, parallel, distributed, randomized, etc.) in all
areas of application are invited. Papers on the application
of advanced algorithmic techniques to real world problems
are especially solicited. Such papers will be judged on the
interest and novelty of application, and on the significance
of the practical lessons learned.

The call for papers and information on how to submit
extended abstracts will be available May 15, 1992. To
receive your copy, contact SIAM ... n o w !!
Telephone: 215-382-9800 FAX: 215-386-7999


From: Samir Sayegh <sayegh@ipfwcvax.bitnet>
Date: Tue, 7 Apr 1992 21:25:58 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Neural Networks and Parallel Distributed Processing

Fifth NN & PDP CONFERENCE PROGRAM - April 9, 10 and 11,1992

The Fifth Conference on Neural Networks and Parallel Distributed Processing
at Indiana University-Purdue University at Fort Wayne will be held April 9,
10, and 11, 1992. Conference registration is $20 (on site). Students and
members or employees of supporting organizations attend free.

Inquiries should be addressed to:

US mail:
Prof. Samir Sayegh
Physics Department
Indiana University-Purdue University
Fort Wayne, IN 46805-1499

email: sayegh@ipfwcvax.bitnet
FAX: (219)481-6880
Voice: (219) 481-6306 OR 481-6157

All talks will be held in Kettler Hall, Room G46:
Thursday, April 9, 6pm-9pm; Friday Morning & Afternoon (Tutorial Sessions),
8:30am-12pm & 1pm-4:30pm and Friday Evening 6pm-9pm; Saturday, 9am-12noon.

Special hotel rates (IPFW corporate rates) are available at Canterbury Green,
which is a 5 minute drive from the campus. The number is (219) 485-9619.
The Marriott Hotel also has corporate rates for IPFW and is about a 10 minute
drive. Their number is (219) 484-0411.
Another hotel with corporate rates for IPFW is Don Hall's Guesthouse (about 10
minutes away). Their number is (219) 489-2524.


From: Claude Brezinski <>
Date: Me, 8 Avr 92 09:48:13 +0200
Subject: Symposium on Orthogonal Polynomials and their Applications



October 19-23, 1992

Organized by Association Francaise d'Approximation

After the congresses of Bar-Le-Duc (1984), Segovia (1986)
and Erice (1990), the 4th International Congress on Orthogonal
Polynomials and their Applications will be held in Evian (France)
from October 19 to 23, 1992.
Accomodation and conferences will take place at the Village-
Vacances-Familles (VVF) of Evian, beautifully located on the bank
of the Lake Leman in the French Alpes. Evian can be reached by
train or by plane (international airport of Geneva in Switzerland
and then train to Evian. A Swiss visa will be needed for some
The aim of this congress is to gather mathematicians,
scientists and engineers working on or using orthogonal
polynomials. All the aspects of the subject are intended to be
covered. The proceedings will be published.
Participants are invited to arrive on Sunday 18 October and
to leave on Saturday 24 October. Accomodation is only by apartments
with two bedrooms (each with a bathroom) and a common living room. The
price for full board is 305 FF per day and per person. The
registration fees (including the social events and a copy of the
proceedings) are 1100 FF (500 FF for accompagnying persons). They
must be sent (in French Francs and free of charge for us)
together with an advance of 900 FF per person for accomodation, to

account #: 3606 / 00071 / 30708125000 / 41
beneficiary : Assoc. d'Approx. - Mr Le Mehaute
bank : Credit Agricole
61 rue Nationale
35135 - Chantepie, FRANCE

Deadline for registration, sending the abstract (1 page) and a
proof of payment is
May 3, 1992

An additional fee of 100 FF will be charged for late registration.

The complete papers should be brought at the congress.

If you intend to participate and give a talk, please contact as
soon as possible

59655 - Villeneuve d'Ascq cedex
fax : (33) 20 43 68 69

The Organizing Committee:
S. Belmehdi, C. Brezinski, M. -Neuve), P. Maroni
(Paris VI), M. Redivo Zaglia (Padua), A. Ronveaux (Namur)


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