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From: SIAM <>
Date: Wed, 27 Nov 91 15:01:00 EST
Subject: SIAM Announces Internet Connection

SIAM Announces Internet Connection!

As of Monday, December 2, 1991, SIAM's new electronic mail address is:

Several other electronic mail addresses will also be available for specialized

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From: Ole Holm Nielsen <>
Date: Tue, 26 Nov 91 15:51:01 +0100
Subject: Need Faster Exponential Function Approximation

I have a big application code running on an 8k Connection Machine CM-200,
at it turns out that up to 50-75% of the time is being spent in calculating
exponentials. Since the current implementation requires 395 clock cycles to
deliver 4 results, I am looking for faster ways to evaluate exponentials.
What I really need is the (32-bit precision) values of exp(-x) for x=[0,14)
(x is always positive, and exp(-x) < 10^(-6) is considered negligible).

Is there any known approximating function that can be evaluated faster than
the built-in, general exponential function ? Polynomial or rational
function, or whatever. Your help would be much appreciated.

Please reply to:

Ole Holm Nielsen
Laboratory of Applied Physics, Building 307
Technical University of Denmark, DK-2800 Lyngby, Denmark
Telephone: (+45) 42 88 24 88 ext. 3187
Telefax: (+45) 45 93 23 99
Permanent address:
UNI-C, Building 305
Technical University of Denmark, DK-2800 Lyngby, Denmark
Telephone: (+45) 42 88 39 99 (dial-tone) 2404 or 2244


From: J.J.H. Miller <>
Date: Tue, 26 Nov 1991 11:02 GMT
Subject: New Book: Boundary and Interior Layers

We'd like to tell you about the first volume in a new BOOLE PRESS series on
advanced computational methods for boundary and interior layers. This gives
an overview of the latest techniques for solution of problems involving layers
in more than one dimension. You'll find in it not just new ways of handling
specific problems of interest, but also a host of open state-of-the-art research

The book's edited by Professor J.J.H. Miller of Trinity College, Dublin and
Tritech/Numerical Consultants Ltd. Here are the chapters and their contributors:

1 The integral-difference method for quasilinear singular perturbation problems,
by I.P. Boglaev and V.V. Sirotkin

2 The approximation of hyperbolic and convection-diffusion continuity equations,
by R.S. Falk and G.R. Richter

3 The Scharfetter-Gummel discretization for drift-diffusion continuity
equations, by P.A. Farrell and E.C. Gartland Jr

4 Spectral bounds and iterative methods in convection-dominated flow, by
R.B. Kellogg

5 The construction of uniformly convergent finite difference schemes for
singularly perturbed problems for a quasilinear elliptic equation, by
J.J.H. Miller and G.I. Shishkin

6 An exponentially fitted finite element method for a stationary
convection-diffusion problem, by J.J.H. Miller and S. Wang

7 An analysis of some exponentially fitted finite element methods for singularly
perturbed elliptic problems, by E. O'Riordan and M. Stynes

8 A posteriori error estimates for elliptic boundary value problems, by
L. Angermann and H.-G. Roos

9 Application of exponential fitting techniques to semiconductor device
simulation, by W.H.A. Schilders

10 Non-equidistant finite difference methods for elliptic singular perturbation
problems, by R. Vulanovic

Please contact me for information on prices and procedures for ordering.

Boole Press Ltd.,
P.O. Box 5,
Dun Laoghaire,
Co. Dublin, Ireland

In case you need it, our telephone number is +1-280-8025. Our fax number is
+1-280-2523. If you want to use our ISBN numbers, they are (hardback) ISBN
0-906783-92-5 and (paperback) ISBN 0-906783-93-3. Thanks.


From: Dave A. Voss <>
Date: Mon, 25 Nov 91 16:52:32 CST
Subject: Position at Western Illinois University

Western Illinois University
Department of Mathematics

Applications are invited for a tenure-track position at the assistant
professor level in the areas of Applied and Computational Mathematics
beginning Fall 1992, subject to funding. A Ph.D, or equivalent, is
required. Commitment to superior teaching and potential for research
is expected. Teaching at both the bachelor's and master's degree levels.

Send curriculum vita, photocopies of graduate transcripts and at least three
letters of reference to:

Meckinley Scott, Chairperson
Department of Mathematics
Western Illinois University
Macomb, IL 61455
Tel: (309) 298-1054

The selection process will begin February 17, 1992. WIU is an equal
opportunity/affirmative action employer. Applications are especially
invited from minorities, women and handicapped persons.

Note: For further information contact by email,
Dave Voss ( or A.Q.M. Khaliq (


From: Stephen Roberts <>
Date: Tue, 26 Nov 91 18:56:56 EST
Subject: Position at the Australian National University

Research Associate
Computational Mathematics
Department of Mathematics, The Faculty of Science

Applications are invited for a research associate position
funded by the Australian Research Council in the
Department of Mathematics at the ANU, to work with
Professor Michael Barber and Dr Stephen Roberts.
The position will support a project
investigating the development of efficient and accurate
algorithms to solve partial differential equations on
parallel architectures.

Two advanced parallel computers --a Connection Machine
CM-2 and a Fujitsu AP1000 are available
at the ANU and the successful applicant will be responsible for the
implementation and analysis of appropriate algorithms on
these machines.

Preference will be given to applicants who have experience
of parallel computing or computational
methods for partial differential equations. A PhD or
equivalent qualification is necessary. The position is
available for one year in the first instance.
The salary range for a research associate is $A34,953-$A37,618.

For further information contact: Dr S. Roberts,
Tel 61-(0)6-249-4445, Fax 61-(0)6-249-5549,


From: Dr. Gregory Nielson <>
Date: Mon, 25 Nov 91 15:32:36 -0700
Subject: Visualization '92


October 19-23, 1992
Boston, Massachusetts

Scientific visualization is an important research frontier shared
by a variety of computational science & engineering fields.
Visualization work is both interdisciplinary and a field in its own
right. This conference focuses on interdisciplinary methods and
supports collaboration among the developers and users of visualizations
method across all of science, engineering, and commerce. The
interdisciplinary nature of the conference is reflected in the diverse
nature of the presentation formats that comprise the conference.

PAPER Submissions
Papers are solicited that present research results related to all
areas of visualization, including visualization tools and methods,
and discipline-specific applications.
Gregory Nielson Arizona State University
Arie Kaufman SUNY Stony Brook

PANEL Proposals
Panel should address a topic of current interest with particular
emphasis on presenting contrasting methods, results, or opinions.
Nahum Gershon The MITRE Corporation
Larry Rosenblum Naval Research Laboratory

A case study involves a detailed presentation of a use of visualization.
Lloyd Treinish IBM T. J. Watson Research Center
Deborah Silver Rutgers University

Research groups from academia or industry, as well as vendors,
are invited to demonstrate their work interactively.
Matt Ward Computer Science Dept.
Paul Hazan Applied Physics Laboratory

TUTORIAL Proposals
Half-day and full-day course proposals are welcome for systems,
methods, and application areas.
Hikmet Senay George Washington University 202-994-5910
Roni Yagel Ohio State University

WORKSHOP Proposals
One or two day workshops on specific visualization methods or
application areas will run simultaneously with the conference.
Mike Rhodes Toshiba America
Jerome Cox Washington University

Georges Grinstein Univ of Massachusetts at Lowell
Bruce Brown Oracle Corporation

R. Daniel Bergeron University of New Hampshire
Carol Hunter Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

David Salzman Harvard University

Visualization '92 is sponsored by the IEEE Computer Society's
Technical Committee on Computer Graphics.


From: Paul Van Dooren <>
Date: Wed, 27 Nov 91 09:15:23 CST
Subject: Announcing Allerton Conference 1992


The Thirtieth Annual Allerton Conference will be held September 30 -
October 2, 1992 at Allerton House, the conference center of the
University of Illinois. Allerton House is located twenty-six miles
southwest of the Urbana-Champaign campus of the University in a wooded
area on the Sangamon River. It is part of the fifteen hundred acre
Robert Allerton Park, near Monticello, Illinois.

Papers presenting original research are solicited in the areas of
communication systems, information theory and coding, detection and
estimation, communication networks, mobile radio, control systems,
adaptive control, optimization, dynamic games, large scale systems,
robotics and automation, manufacturing systems, adaptive signal
processing, spectral estimation and sensor arrays, signal and image
reconstruction, image processing, neural networks, combinatorial and
geometric algorithms, computational complexity, parallel and
distributed computation and VLSI algorithms, numerical methods for
signals and systems.

Professor Jean-Claude Latombe of Stanford University will present the
plenary lecture.

Evening lectures will be delivered by David J. Kuck and Thomas S.
Huang, both of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Information for authors: Two kinds of papers are solicited. The
first are regular papers for presentation in twenty minutes;
these papers will be published in the conference Proceedings.
The second are short papers suitable for presentation in ten
minutes; only summaries of these papers will be published in the
Proceedings. The purpose of the short paper category is to
encourage authors to present preliminary results of their work.

For regular papers, a title and a five to ten page extended abstract,
including references and sufficient detail to permit careful reviewing
are required. For short papers, a title and a thousand word summary
are required. Two copies of the manuscript must be received by
July 13, 1992. Manuscripts that are submitted as regular papers
but cannot be accommodated in that category will be considered in the
short paper category, unless the authors indicate otherwise.

Authors will be notified of acceptance by August 24, 1992, at
which time they will also receive special sheets for the preparation
of papers for the Proceedings. The length of regular papers is
limited to the equivalent of ten single-spaced 8 1/2-by-11 inch pages.
The length of short papers is limited to two such pages.

All manuscripts should be mailed to Allerton Conference, University of
Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Coordinated Science Laboratory, 1101
West Springfield Avenue, Urbana, Illinois 61801. Please indicate
clearly the name and address of the author who should receive all
subsequent correspondence.

Conference Co-Chairs: Paul Van Dooren and Mark Spong



From: J. C. Mason <>
Date: Wed, 27 NOV 91 13:01:53 GMT
Subject: Algorithms for Approximation, 1992



3rd International Conference run by Cranfield Institute of Technology
at Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford. July 27 - 31, 1992

This will be the third in the series of conferences on Algorithms for
Approximation. As in the first two conferences at Shrivenham, the aim will be
to provide both good research and a friendly motivating atmosphere. The venue,
Lady Margaret Hall, is an Oxford college with ample parking nearby, set in an
attractive location adjacent to the University Parks and River Cherwell.

The conference will provide an opportunity for the exchange of ideas about
current research on the approximation of functions and data, including the
design and analysis of algorithms and the application of approximation theory
and methods to practical problem areas.

Keynote speakers who have already accepted invitations include:

I. Barrodale (Victoria, Canada) E. Grosse (AT & T Bell Labs, USA)
C. de Boor (Wisconsin, USA) W. Light (Leicester, England)
C. Brezinski (Lille, France) J.C. Mason (Cranfield, England)
M.G. Cox (NPL, England) C.A. Micchelli (IBM , USA)
W. Dahmen (Berlin, Germany) M.J.D. Powell (Cambridge, England)
J. Gregory (Brunel, England) S. Seatzu (Cagliari, Italy)

About 40 contributed papers will be presented. Please submit an abstract
to the address below by February 15 for consideration.

The Programme Committee is led by J.C. Mason (Cranfield) and M.G. Cox (NPL),
with I. Barrodale (Victoria) and T. Lyche (Oslo). The proceedings will be
published as a special issue of Numerical Algorithms , available in hardback,
and all contributed papers will be considered for inclusion. The normal
booking will start with Monday lunch and end with Friday lunch, and the full
board charge (including conference dinner) will be #190 plus a conference
fee of #100. We hope to offer a reduced conference fee to bona fide students.

A booking form will be sent to you with the 2nd Announcement, if you
indicate your interest in attending and/or submitting a paper by writing to

Mrs. Elizabeth Smith
Applied & Computational Mathematics Group,
RMCS (Cranfield),
Swindon, Wilts. SN6 8LA


From: Jonathan Marshall <>
Date: Sat, 30 Nov 91 15:43:08 -0500
Subject: Neural and Stochastic Methods in Image and Signal Processing

Announcement and Call for Papers


Part of SPIE's 1992 International Symposium on Optical Applied Science
and Engineering <> 19-24 July 1992 <> San Diego Marriott Hotel and
Marina and San Diego Convention Center <> San Diego, California, USA

Conference Chair: Su-Shing Chen, National Science Foundation

Program Committee: Griff Bilbro, North Carolina State Univ.
Peter C. Doerschuk, Purdue Univ.
Ibrahim M. Elfadel, Massachusetts Inst. of Tech.
B.R. Frieden, Univ. of Arizona
Seth Hutchinson, Univ. of Illinois
Jonathan A. Marshall, Univ. of North Carolina/CH
Arturo A. Rodriguez, IBM Corp.
Guna Seetharaman, Univ. Southwestern Louisiana
Silvia S. Shen, Lockheed Palo Alto Res. Lab
Xinhua Zhauang, Univ. of Missouri/Columbia

In a real-world environment, images and signals are usually subject to
noise, and uncertainty prevails in mathematical models. A variety of
methodologies have been developed for the processing and understanding
of such images and signals. Some are stochastic, some are biological-
ly motivated, and others are of a different nature. This conference
will bring together researchers of various backgrounds, including
neural networks, markov random fields, simulated annealing, genetic
algorithms, probabilistic reasoning, stochastic processes, fuzzy rea-
soning, and other reasoning schemes with uncertainty.

Abstract Due Date: 23 December 1991
Manuscript Due Date: 22 June 1992


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