NA Digest Sunday, March 17, 1991 Volume 91 : Issue 11

Today's Editor: Cleve Moler

Today's Topics:


From: Henry Wolkowicz <>
Date: Mon, 11 Mar 91 08:18:46 EST
Subject: Information on Network Resource Allocation Software

I am looking for (commercial or public domain) software that will solve
a resource allocation problem on a directed activity network which depicts
the precedence relationships between various jobs in a project. At the
moment there are only two resources, manpower and $$$, i.e. one
integer valued and one continuous variable.
Thank you for your help.

Henry Wolkowicz; Department of Combinatorics and Optimization;
Faculty of Mathematics; University of Waterloo;
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada N2L 3G1 (519-888-4597 office; 746-6530 FAX)


From: Henri Cohen <>
Date: Wed, 13 Mar 91 12:44:28 EST
Subject: Pari-1.35 for Computational Number Theory

Version 1.35 of the Pari package for number theory is now
available for anonymous ftp from (,
[ in /pub/pari/pari-1.35a.tar.Z ]
thanks to the help of David Cantor. This version contains
214 modifications with respect to version 1.34, including
numerous bug fixes, many new programs, a very nice user interface
under Gnu emacs written by David Carlisle of Manchester, and
other goodies, hence this can be considered a major revision.

This version runs on Sun 3, Sparcs, Sony News, NeXT, MacII, and many
other platforms. The Mac specific sources will be installed
some time later.

As usual, we appreciate user response, criticisms, suggestions for
improvements, bug reports, etc... The e-mail address is in the


Henri Cohen


From: Tim Oren <>
Date: Sun, 10 Mar 91 11:14:26 PST
Subject: Position at Apple

Software Engineer, Apple Computer

Work with senior designers to prototype applications of mathematical techniques
such as singular value decomposition and factors analysis to information
retrieval and database problems. Will create specially instrumented versions
of desktop software, propose and implement mathematical techniques for
analyzing databases, and create robust versions of authoring and analysis
software for integration into systems.

Graduate degree in mathematics or equivalent with concentration and
demonstrable competence in relevant linear algebra techniques. Two or more
years of programming experience in a product setting. C language required.
Experience with Macintosh programming, Common Lisp, or HyperCard a plus.

Tim Oren
Manager, Information Access Group
Apple Computer Advanced Technology
Fax: (408) 974-9793


From: Tim Oren <>
Date: Sun, 10 Mar 91 11:14:26 PST
Subject: Summer internships at Apple

Summer intern positions with Apple Computer's Advanced Technology Group.

This year, we will have two summer intern positions within the Information
Access research group at Apple. While we are soliciting applications through
our normal college relations channels, you are receiving this message due to
your program's known interest in some of the relevant areas. Please pass this
information on to qualified students and to your colleagues. Resumes and
inquiries should be directed to me at the electronic or U.S. mail addresses
given below.

Position # 1:

Work with senior researcher to apply numerical analysis techniques to problems
in retrieval, analysis, and display of information from textual databases.
Will design, execute, and interpret results of experiments with techniques such
as singular value decomposition and other factors analysis methods.

Graduate standing in math, statistics,or computer science. Competence in
practical application of numerical analysis and linear algebra techniques for
principal components, correlation, and factors analysis. Experience with C or
C++ coding. Experience or knowledge of text retrieval and/or hypermedia
applications a plus.

Position #2:

Work with senior researcher to survey the academic and commercial state of the
art in computer indexing and retrieval of texts in a multilingual setting, with
particularly emphasis on languages represented with non-Roman character sets or
ideograms. Prototype and validate generalized retrieval approaches as part of
an on-going research program.

Graduate or advanced undergraduate student. Familiarity with textual
information retrieval literature and technology. C programming experience.
Preference will be given to candidates with reading skills in major non-Roman
languages, e. g., Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Hindi, Japanese, Russian Q the more
the better.

Thank you,
Tim Oren
Mgr., Information Access Research
Apple Computer Advanced Technology Group
20525 Mariani Ave. MS 76-2C
Cupertino, CA 95014

Applelink: OREN1
Fax: 408-974-9793


From: Pat Worley <worley@haven.EPM.ORNL.GOV>
Date: Fri, 15 Mar 91 19:11:23 EST
Subject: Position at Oak Ridge National Laboratory

The Mathematical Sciences Section of Oak Ridge National Laboratory
invites applications for a regular staff research position in the area
of advanced scientific computing, with emphasis on numerical linear
algebra and its applications.

Applicants with a Ph.D. in applied mathematics or computer science
will be given preference; however outstanding candidates with degrees
from other disciplines will be considered. The position requires
extensive knowledge of numerical methods for solving problems in linear
algebra, research experience in at least one applications area, and a
strong interest in advanced (parallel) architectures. Preference will
be given to candidates with interests in solving linear systems arising
from the numerical approximation of partial differential equations or
in the performance visualization and modeling of parallel programs.
Several years of research experience beyond the doctorate is desirable,
as is familiarity with advanced architectures. Applicants must have an
established record of research accomplishments, as evidenced by
publications in refereed journals and conference proceedings. The
successful applicant is expected to be a leader at ORNL in research and
development activities in the area of scientific computing on advanced

The Mathematical Sciences Section offers a stimulating environment for
basic research. Current research programs cover areas of applied
mathematics, computer science, and statistics, all emphasizing advanced
scientific computing. Researchers in the Section are also actively
involved in interdisciplinary research in the basic computational sciences,
working on projects in global climate modeling, high temperature
superconductivity, contaminant transport, atomic and high energy physics,
and plasma dynamics for controlled fusion, among others. In conjunction
with the University of Tennessee, the Section operates the Advanced
Computing Laboratory, which comprises a network of advanced-architecture