NA Digest Sunday, February 3, 1991 Volume 91 : Issue 5

Today's Editor: Cleve Moler

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From: Jack Dongarra <>
Date: Mon, 28 Jan 91 11:19:56 -0500
Subject: New Book on Solving Linear Systems

We would like to announce the publication of ``Solving Linear
Systems on Vector and Shared Memory Computers'', written by
Jack Dongarra, Iain Duff, Danny Sorensen, and Henk van der Vorst.
It has 256 pages and is intended to provide a rapid introduction to the
world of vector and parallel processing for solving systems of linear
equations. The book is under $20 for SIAM members and the royalties go
into a fund to support student attendance to SIAM meetings.
Please contact SIAM, 3600 University City Science Center,
Philadelphia, PA 19104-2688, 215-382-9800, FAX 215-386-7999.

Jack, Iain, Danny, and Henk


From: Steven Ashby <>
Date: Mon, 28 Jan 91 21:12:22 PST
Subject: Cyclic Reduction Software

Wanted: Cyclic Reduction Software

A colleague of mine wishes to obtain a FORTRAN implementation
of cyclic reduction for a complex tridiagonal matrix. Ideally,
the code should vectorize. Please send your suggestions to Thanks in advance!

-Steve Ashby


From: Chris Johnson <CRAYJOHN@CC.UTAH.EDU>
Date: Wed, 30 Jan 1991 15:12 MST
Subject: Node Renumbering Schemes

I am in the process of hunting down node renumbering algorithms
for use with a three dimensional finite element program. The matrix I must
solve is banded and symmetric and ranges in size from n = 25,000 to
n = 100,000. Due to the computational time and cost I would like to reduce
the bandwith to its optimal size. Does anyone know of any better algorithms
(or faster) than the 1969 Cuthill and McKee paper?

Chris Johnson

P.S. Optimized FORTRAN or C code
would certainly be an
added bonus!


From: Steve Sommars <>
Date: Fri, 1 Feb 91 12:00:22 EST
Subject: Financial Calculations

Financial calculations can give results which vary between
implementations (e.g., internal computations in decimal
versus floating point, rounding versus truncating). This can lead
the situation where the corporate mainframe's results
differs by a few pennies from the PC's spreadsheet.
Some institutions may be sensitive to this. How
do people in ``the real world'' handle this?

I asked David Hough about the topic & he responded:
>For instance, in mortgage and bond calculations, each financial
>institution adopts its own rules about rounding, so they're not
>consistent. Beyond that I don't know much. An inquiry
>to numeric-interest [and to NA Net] might net you more info.

Here are some specific questions for numeric-interest folks:

1) Are there standards for financial calculations which
are as explicit about computations as IEEE-754 is for floating point?

2) What are the elementary operations in financial calculations?
Add, Subtract, Multiply to be sure. Divide? Net Present Value?

3) Is David right? Does this mean 9.75interest on a loan may be
computed differently by two banks (all other details being equal)?

4) Do users expect ``off by a few cents'' differences? When is
a ``few cents'' too large?

5) Do any PC-based applications implement decimal arithmetic
for financial computations?

Steve Sommars


Date: Thu, 31 Jan 91 09:11 EDT
Subject: SIAM Student Paper Competition

SIAM Student Paper Competition

We are pleased to announce that the annual SIAM Student Paper Competition
will be held during the second International Conference on Industrial and
Applied Mathematics (ICIAM 91). ICIAM 91 is jointly sponsored by five
international societies of applied and computational mathematicians -- GAMM
of the German-speaking countries, IMA of the United Kingdom, SIMAI of Italy,
SMAI of France, and SIAM. SIAM is the conference host.

Over 2,000 attendees are expected for this significant international event.
The ICIAM Standing Committee is enthusiastic about having the SIAM Student
Paper Competition as part of ICIAM 91.

If you have a student or know of a student who should be included in the
competition, here are the details:

The student authors of the three best papers in applied and computational
mathematics submitted to SIAM will be invited to attend ICIAM 91 in
Washington, DC, July 8-12. Each winner must present his/her paper at the
conference and will receive up to $750 to offset expenses. The winners will
be awarded a calligraphed certificate at a special prize ceremony at the
conference. Papers must be singly authored to be eligible for consideration.
To qualify, authors must be students in good standing who have not received
their PhDs at the time of submission.

In submitting their work for publication, authors are asked to consider the
SIAM journals.

Submissions must be postmarked by no later than March 15, 1991.

Submissions can be sent by regular mail or fax. Each submission must include
(1) an extended abstract (3-4 pages), double-spaced, in English; (2) the
signature of the author on the submission; (3) a statement by the student's
faculty advisor that the paper has been prepared by the author indicated and
that the author is a student in good standing; and (4) a short biography of
the student.

Each submission must also include a letter of recommendation from the
student's advisor or department chair. Submissions will be judged on the
basis of originality, applicability, and clarity of exposition.

The winners will be notified by May 24, 1991.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Allison Bogardo
3600 University City Science Center
Philadelphia, PA 19104-2688
Telephone: (215) 382-9800
E-mail to
Fax to (215) 386-7999


From: Omer Egecioglu <>
Date: Wed, 30 Jan 91 12:12:16 PST
Subject: Ninth Parallel Circus

of the
Ninth Parallel Circus

Location: Santa Barbara, California
Dates: March 22-23, 1991

Continuing the tradition that began at Yale in 1986, the
Department of Computer Science and the College of Engineering at the
University of California, Santa Barbara will be hosting the Ninth
Parallel Circus in Santa Barbara on Friday and Saturday, March 22-23,

The Parallel Circus is an informal meeting of the numerical
analysis community with particular emphasis on parallel algorithms
for scientific computing.

This is the second time that the Circus will be held on the West
coast. As with the previous Circuses, we hope to have many atten-
dees from the USA, Canada, and other countries.

The circus is unique in that it is VERY informal, and thus allows
us to talk about the very latest results as well as interesting work
in progress. In our previous meetings there has been lots of informal
discussion and a very healthy mix of industrial and academic par-


Organizers: Gene Golub, Omer Egecioglu, Mary Olson.

For further information please contact:

Omer Egecioglu


From: Murli Gupta <>
Date: Wed, 30 Jan 91 09:36:57 EDT
Subject: Multigrid Conference at George Washington University

Multigrid Conference at George Washington University
Revised Announcement
Deadline Extended to March 15

The Conference

The George Washington University (Washington, DC) will
host an NSF/CBMS Regional Research Conference on Multigrid
and Multilevel Adaptive Methods for Partial Differential
Equations from June 24 to June 28, 1991.

The principal lecturer will be Stephen F. McCormick of the
University of Colorado at Denver who will deliver a sequence
10 one-hour lectures. Demonstrations and workshop sessions
will also be organized. Additional lectures may be given by
the invited participants.

Participation is open to research scientists and graduate
students involved in activities that would profit from the
lectures and the interaction this conference would provide.



A limited amount of single room accommodations has been
reserved in Adams Hall, which is on the University campus
and is close to all campus buildings.


A limited amount of support for travel and subsistence is
available. Applications for participation and possible
support should be made by March 15, 1991. To participate,
with or without support, please send a short vita and a list
of recent publications.

For further information, including an electronic conference
application form, contact the Conference Director:

Professor Murli M. Gupta
Department of Mathematics
The George Washington University
Washington, D.C. 20052
Phone: 202-994-4857
FAX: 202-994-0458
Bitnet address: MMG@GWUVM
Internet address: MMG@GWUVM.GWU.EDU or


From: Paul Saylor <>
Date: Thu, 31 Jan 91 14:05:16 -0600
Subject: Second Annual Midwest NA Day

for the
2nd Annual Midwest NA Day

Location: Urbana, IL
Date: Saturday, May 11 1991

The 2nd Annual Midwest NA Day is scheduled for Saturday, May 11 1991
on the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign campus. The first NA
Day was held in April of last year to take special note of the
retirement of Bill Gear from the University of Illinois. This year,
the conference coincides with the May graduation ceremonies in which
Gene Golub is to receive an Honorary Doctorate from the University.

The first conference was well-attended (60-80 people) and invited
speakers included Gene Golub, Germund Dahlquist and Linda Petzold.
The informal atmosphere of the conference and the interesting variety
of talks made it a memorable event. We seek to continue this tradition
and, as before, participation from graduate students is especially

More detailed conference information (call for speakers, schedule of
presentations, accommodations) will appear in a future NA News Digest.

Organizers: Michael Holst, Steven Lee, Faisal Saied, Paul Saylor, Ahmed
Sameh and Bob Skeel.

For inquiries, send e-mail to:
or call the organizers at (217) 333-6172.


Date: Thu, 31 JAN 91 19:22 N
Subject: Conference in Italy on Parallel Methods for ODEs

Dipartimento di Scienze Matematiche

(Grado) Italy September 10-13, 1991

Organized by:
ALFREDO BELLEN Department of Mathematical Sciences
University of Trieste
MARINO ZENNARO Department of Pure and Applied Mathematics
University of L'Aquila

Invited Speakers:
K.BURRAGE (Auckland NZ)
I.GALLIGANI (Univ.Bologna I)
C.W.GEAR (NEC Princeton NJ, USA)
Z.JACKIEWICZ (Arizona State University USA)
P.J.van der HOUWEN (CWI Amsterdam NL)
O.NEVANLINNA (Univ.Helsinki SF)
S.P.NORSETT (NTH Trondheim N)
D.TRIGIANTE (Univ. Bari I)
M.ZENNARO (Univ. L'Aquila I)

The confernce is arranged as a Seminar-Workshop and will be devoted
to provide an exhaustive and updated overview of parallel numerical
methods for the solution of Ordinary Differential Equations.
There will be both invited lecturers and contributed talks.
According to the number of applications, the conference proceedings
will appear in some high level book series including invited and
contributed papers which will undergo the usual refereeing process.
During the conference some social activities are planned such as
excursions to the Grado Lagoon, visits to Roman ruins etc.

The registratrion fee for the meeting is $ 90 to be paid on arrival.
For further information contact:

Dipartimento di Scienze Matematiche

e-mail address


Date: Tue, 29 Jan 91 15:15 EDT
Subject: SIAM Journal on Mathematical Analysis

SIAM Journal on Mathematical Analysis

May, 1991 Volume 22, Number 3


A Hyperbolic Theory for the Evolution of Plane Curves
Morton E. Gurtin and Paolo Podio-Guidugli

Blow-up Asymptotics for the Reactive-Euler Gas Model
Alberto Bressan

An Interior Discontinuity of a Nonlinear Elliptic-Hyperbolic System
Senhuei E. Chen and R. Bruce Kellogg

On the Obstacle Problem for Quasilinear Elliptic Equations
of P Laplacian Type
Hi Jun Choe and John L. Lewis

Homogenization with Small Perforations of Increasingly Complicated Shapes
Alain Damlamian and Patrizia Donato

The Bifurcations of Countable Connections from a Twistred Heteroclinic Loop
Bo Deng

Layered Velocity Inversion: A Model Problem from Reflection Seismology
William Symes

Solutoion of the Inverse Scattewring Problem for the 3-D
Schrodinger Equation Using a Fredholm Integral Equation
Tuncay Aktosun and Cornelis van der Mee

The Inverse Eigenvalue Problem with Finite Data
David C. Barnes

Half-Bound States and Levinson's Theorem for Discrete Systems
D. B. Hinton, M. Klaus, and J. K. Shaw

Conditions for Oscillation of Difference Equations with
Applications to Equations with Piecewise Constant Arguments
I. Gyori, G. Ladas, and L. Pakula

Atkinson's Superlinear Oscillation Theorem for Matrix Difference Equations
Allan C. Peterson and Jerry Ridenhour

An Hm0 Interpolation Result
S. Jensen

An Extremal Problem Concerning a Markov-Type Inequality
P. Dorfler

Minimal Extrapolations of Filters
Benjamin B. Wells

Asymptotic Expansion of a Class of Fermoi-Dirac Integrals
J. Boersma and M. L. Glasser

Contiguity Relations of Aomoto-Gel'fand Hypergeometric Functions
and Applications to Appell's System F3 and Goursat's System 3F2
Takeshi Sasaki

Mean Convergence of Expansions in Freud-Type Orthogonal Polynomials
H. N. Mhaskar and Y. Xu

Reproducing Formulas and Double Orthogonality in Bargmann
and Bergman Spaces
Kristian Seip

Errata: Sur une classe de fonctionelles non convexes et applications
Rabah Tahraoui

For additonal information regarding the SIAM Journal on
Mathematical Analysis, please contact Vickie Kearn, Publisher,
Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, 3600 University
City Science Center, Philadelphia, PA 19104-2688; telephone:
(215) 382-9800; fax: (215) 386-7999; e-mail:


From: J. C. Diaz <>
Date: Wed, 30 Jan 91 09:59:34 CST
Subject: Position at University of Tulsa

College of Engineering and Applied Sciences

The University of Tulsa is accepting applications and
encouraging nominations for the position of Dean of the Col-
lege of Engineering and Applied Sciences. The University is
an independent comprehensive, doctoral-degree-granting
research institution with approximately 3,200 undergraduate,
and 1,400 graduate and professional students. The City of
Tulsa, located in the rolling Osage Hills of northeastern
Oklahoma's Green Country, is a pleasant urban center with
two major art museums, professional resident opera, ballet,
symphony and theater companies. It offers exceptional medi-
cal, recreational, and business facilities, and serves a
population of more than 500,000.

The College of Engineering and Applied Sciences con-
sists of eight departments: Chemical Engineering, Chemistry,
Electrical Engineering, Geosciences, Mathematical and Com-
puter Sciences, Mechanical Engineering, Petroleum Engineer-
ing and Physics. Its faculty of 72 members instructs a
diversified student body of 630. College computing facili-
ties are linked to a campus-wide network that includes dor-
mitories and libraries. The College has strong ties with
regional and international industry, sharing common
interests in energy, information, materials, manufacturing,
the environment, and computing technology, and is well known
for its industrial consortia.

The Dean of the College of Engineering and Applied Sci-
ences reports to the Provost of the University. He/she will
assume a leadership role in the academic and research
development of the college, should be a recognized scholar
with an earned doctorate in engineering, the applied sci-
ences, or physical sciences, and should be familiar with
current research trends in these areas. The successful can-
didate must have appropriate credentials to qualify at the
rank of full professor with continuing appointment (tenure)
in a department of the College. This individual must be
able to represent the diverse constituencies of the College
and to strengthen its academic and research programs. The
candidate should possess leadership qualities that will
foster constructive relationships with other colleges, the
community, and industry. Academic and significant adminis-
trative experience is required. Salary is competitive.
Additional information on job responsibilities and qualifi-
cations will be sent on request.

The position will be available June 1, 1991. The
Search Committee will give full consideration to
applications received by March 15, 1991; however, applica-
tions will be accepted until the position is filled. Appli-
cations, nominations, and correspondence should be addressed

Dale Teeters, Chair
EAS Dean Search Committee
Office of the Provost
The University of Tulsa
600 South College Avenue
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74104-3189

The University of Tulsa is a Equal Opportunity/Affirmative
Action Institution.


From: Biswa Datta <>
Date: Wed, 30 Jan 91 18:05:53 CST
Subject: Position at Northern Illinois University

Computational Mathematics Position
Northern Illinois University
Department of Mathematical Sciences

Anticipated assistant professorship with a specialization in numerical partial
differential equations or optimization theory. Ph.D. or equivalent and strong
potential in research and teaching required. Application (vita) plus three
letters of reference and a description of research program should be sent to:

Computational Math Position
c/o Professor William D. Blair
Chair,Department of Mathematical Sciences
Northern Illinois University
DeKalb, IL 60115

by February 15, 1991. EO/AAE.


From: Rich Sincovec <>
Date: Sat, 02 Feb 91 14:37:43 -0800
Subject: Visiting Research Positions at RIACS

NASA Ames Research Center

The Research Institute for Advanced Computer Science (RIACS) at the
NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, California, is inviting
applications for visiting research appointments for the summer and for
periods up to two years at all levels from postdoctoral research
scientist to senior scientist. Faculty on sabbatical and graduate
students seeking summer positions are also encouraged to apply.

Areas of interest are algorithms and software for parallel scientific
computation with applications to computational fluid dynamics,
parallel algorithms for sparse matrix problems, adaptive and
unstructured mesh methods for solving partial differential equations
the design and implementation of compilers and tools for parallel
computers, and pattern recognition and neural computing.

The computing environment at the NASA Ames Research Center in which
this research is conducted includes a 32,768 processor Connection
Machine (CM-2), an Intel iPSC/860 with 128 processors, a Cray Y-MP
with 8 processors and a Cray-2 with 4 processors. The computing
environment also includes advanced graphics workstations.

Visitors to RIACS will be expected to be receptive to collaboration
with NASA scientists. Additional opportunities for collaboration
abound, both within RIACS and at other institutions in the San
Francisco Bay area.

Applicants should send resumes and descriptions of proposed research
Dr. Richard Sincovec, Director
Mail Stop Ellis
NASA Ames Research Center
Moffett Field, CA 94035.

Applications and inquiries may also be made via e-mail to

RIACS is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


End of NA Digest