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From: Walter Gander <>
Date: 26 Nov 90 14:32 +0100
Subject: Rutishauser's Notes Translated by Gautschi

This November 20 years have passed since Prof. Heinz Rutishauser
(a great pioneer in numerical analysis) died (at the age of 51,
November 11, 1970).

Birkhaeuser Boston finally printed an English version of his "Lectures
Notes on Numerical Mathematics", a book that appeared in German 1976
written by Martin Gutknecht using manuscripts of Rutishauser.

The translation was carefully done by Walter Gautschi (Purdue
University). Of course one can argue that now these "Lectures" are
only of historical interest any more. However Gautschi added to each
chapter notes that show later developments and he also includes new
references. This makes this book quite interesting. Therefore I can
recommend it to the na people.

Here is the reference:
Heinz Rutishauser: Lectures Notes on Numerical Mathematics,
Translated by Walter Gautschi, Birkhaeuser Boston, 1990.

- Walter Gander


From: Richard Franke <0083P%NAVPGS.BITNET@Forsythe.Stanford.EDU>
Date: Wed, 28 Nov 90 09:30:14 PST
Subject: Trivariate Scattered Data Interpolation

Gregory M. Nielson and Richard Franke announce the intention to
construct and perform a series of tests of methods for
interpolation/approximation of scattered data in three
independent variables. We are presently soliciting:

Methods -
We prefer algorithms implemented in C or Fortran. We will
consider algorithms that have not been implemented, but . . .

Data sets -
We will probably use only a few x-y-z-w data sets, since
evaluation of performance on such data is largely subjective (we
agree that some subjective evaluation is necessary). We also
need suggestions of x-y-z data sets at which to evaluate test

Test functions -
We need to have functions exhibiting a variety of behaviors.
Send us your favorite trivariate function.

Graphical display of trivariate functions -
We expect that the methodology will be similar (but better!)
than that used in Franke, Math. Comp. 38(1982)181-200. In the
trivariate case we expect to have much more reliance on
innovative graphical tools. Suggestions and programs for
graphical exploration of function behavior are also solicited.

We can be contacted as follows:

Prof. Gregory M. Nielson Prof. Richard Franke
Department of Computer Science Department of Mathematics
Arizona State University Naval Postgraduate School
Tempe, AZ 85827 Monterey, CA 93940
Phone: 602/965-2785 Phone: 408/646-2758
Fax: 602/965-2751 Fax: 408/646-2355
Email: Email:
Nielson at 0083p at


From: Pete Stewart <stewart@cs.UMD.EDU>
Date: Thu, 29 Nov 90 08:26:44 -0500
Subject: Maryland Technical Reports Available via FTP

I am making dvi files of my current technical reports available for
anonymous ftp on my workstation, thales. Here is a sample session:

Connected to
220 thales FTP server (Version 4.4 Tue Jan 9 12:42:17 EST 1990) ready.
Name: anonymous
331 Guest login ok, send ident as password.
230 Guest login ok, access restrictions apply.
ftp> cd pub/reports
200 CWD command okay.
ftp> get README
200 PORT command okay.
150 Opening data connection for README (,1218) (1084 bytes).
226 Transfer complete.
local: README remote: README
1115 bytes received in 0.02 seconds (54 Kbytes/s)
ftp> bye
221 Goodbye.

As you can see the reports are in the the directory /pub/reports.
The file README has further information. You will probably want to
get the files Contents and Abstracts on your first session. Once you
have the files, the responsibility for printing them out is yours. I
do not have the experise to help you with font problems. Otherwise,
please let me know of any glitches.

Happy hunting,

Pete Stewart


From: Michael T. Heath <mth@indigo.EPM.ORNL.GOV>
Date: Wed, 28 Nov 90 09:41:55 -0500
Subject: SIAG-LA Linear Algebra Prize



Nominations are hereby solicited for the 1991 SIAM/LA Linear Algebra
Prize. The SIAM/LA Linear Algebra Prize is sponsored by the SIAM
Activity Group on Linear Algebra and awarded every three years to the
author(s) of the best paper in applicable linear algebra published in
English in a peer-reviewed journal during the preceding three calendar
years. For the 1991 Prize, nominated papers must bear a journal
publication date of 1988, 1989, or 1990. The 1991 Prize will be
presented in a Prize Ceremony to take place at the Fourth SIAM
Conference on Applied Linear Algebra, which will be held in
Minneapolis, Minnesota, on September 11-14, 1991. Nominated papers
should contain significant research contributions to the field of
linear algebra that have direct or potential applications. Nominated
papers will be judged by a Prize Committee appointed by the SIAM
President and consisting of the following persons:

Michael T. Heath (Oak Ridge), Chair
Chandler Davis (Toronto)
Stanley C. Eisenstat (Yale)
Alan J. Hoffman (IBM)
Henry Wolkowicz (Waterloo)

The prize will consist of a plaque and certificate; there will be no
cash award. At least one of the awardees will be expected to attend the
Prize Ceremony and present the winning paper. The winner(s) will also
be announced in the SIAM News and the SIAG/LA Newsletter. All
nominations must be received by January 31, 1991 to be considered for
the award. Nominations should give a full bibliographic citation for
the paper and a brief statement outlining the justification for the
nomination in terms of its importance and impact. Written or e-mail
nominations of outstanding papers can be submitted to any member of the
Prize Committee but for brevity only the Committee Chairman's address
is given below:

Dr. Michael T. Heath
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
P.O. Box 2009, Bldg. 9207A
Oak Ridge, TN 37831-8083
(For FedEx or UPS use "Bear Creek Road" instead of P.O. Box)
phone: 615-574-3130 (voice), 615-574-0680 (fax)


From: Richard Brualdi <>
Date: Wed, 28 Nov 90 17:54:38 cst
Subject: IMA Postdoctroages in Industrial Mathematics

New IMA Postdoctorates In
Industrial Mathematics

Contributed by: Richard A. Brualdi

The Institute for Mathematics and Its Applications (IMA) in
Minneapolis announces 2 new one-to-two year positions in Industrial
Mathematics, effective September 1, 1991. These appointments
are in addition to the 4 IMA Postdoctorates in Industrial
Mathematics positions announced earlier.
The new positions are funded jointly by the IMA
and by Cray Research. Industrial Mathematics
Postdoctorates are designed to prepare mathematicians
for research careers involving industrial interaction.
Applicants should have received their Ph. D.'s in
Mathematics or Applied Mathematics by September 1, 1991.
Background in applied linear algebra and/or numerical
analysis is desired but no knowledge in molecular biology is
required. Postdoctorates will spend 50% effort working with
scientists from Cray Research on one of the following topics:

(1) Protein folding for drug research

(2) Searching algorithms for genetic simulation,

and 50\% effort in the regular IMA program.

The following materials must be submitted (all material
should arrive by January 15, 1991):

(1) Personal statement of scientific interests, research plans,
and reasons for wishing to participate in this program.
(This is an essential part of the appplication.)

(2) Curriculum vitae and a list of publications.

(3) Three letters of recommendation, to be sent
directly to the IMA.

All correspondence should be sent to

MINNEAPOLIS, MN 55455-0436

The University of Minnesota is an equal opportunity
educator and employer, and specifically
invites and encourages applications from women and


From: Donald W. Fausett <>
Date: Wed, 28 Nov 90 10:24:41 EST
Subject: World Nonlinear Congress

Melbourne, Florida USA
August 19-26, 1992

FIRST ANNOUNCEMENT: The Global Scientific Advisory Committee
(GSAC) is pleased to announce that the First World Congress of
Nonlinear Analysts will be held from Wednesday, August 19 through
Wednesday, August 26, 1992 at Florida Institute of Technology in
Melbourne, Florida, USA.

The interest in mathematical analysis of nonlinear phenomena has led
to increased interdependency and cooperation among scientists across
traditional disciplinary barriers, and this collaboration has proved
to be rewarding and stimulating. Also, industrial recognition of
using nonlinear mathematical models for solving problems of technology
is increasing because of the fast development of large-scale
computers. It is, therefore, clear that the attempt to understand the
nonlinear world will dominate large parts of mathematics in most areas
of science and technology in future years. Thus, there is a definite
need to have a forum, on a global basis, to forge unity in diversity
and for bringing more cooperation and collaboration into the world
community of nonlinear analysts. It is with this spirit we feel that
it is desirable to have, periodically, a world congress.

Chang, R. Conti, K.V. Frolov, J. Hale, K. Ito, W. Jager, T. Kato, M.A.
Krasnoselskii, J. Kurzweil, O. Ladyzenskaya, V. Lakshmikantham, J.L.
Lions, Li Ta-Tsien (Li Da-Qian), G.I. Marchuk, V.M. Matrosov, Yu. A.
Mitropolsky, L. Nirenberg, C. Olech, I. Prigogine, P.A. Samuelson,
A.A. Samarsky and M.P. Singh.

SCIENTIFIC PROGRAM: There will be approximately 20 invited expository
addresses covering recent developments in major areas of Nonlinear
Analysis and about 120 invited lectures divided into the following six
main sections that will have subsections:

1. Nonlinear Operators
2. Calculus of Variations and Optimization; Control Theory; and
Systems Analysis
3. Numerical and Computational Aspects; Mathematical Modelling
4. Dynamic Systems
5. Stochastic Analysis and Applications
6. Real-World Applications

There will be opportunity to present short communications, organize
informal seminars and propose special seminars. All invited lectures
will be published in the proceedings of WCNA-92. More details
concerning location, travel facilities, social events,
preregistration, accommodations, submission of abstracts, scientific
program and invited lectures will be provided in the second
announcement. If you desire to receive the second announcement,
kindly print your name and permanent address on a card and mail it to:

Professor V. Lakshmikantham
Chairman, GSAC
Florida Institute of Technology
Department of Applied Mathematics
Melbourne, Florida 32901 USA

Telephone: (407) 768-8000 ext. 8091 or 7412
FAX: (407) 984-8461


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