NA Digest Sunday, September 9, 1990 Volume 90 : Issue 32

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From: Lothar Reichel <>
Date: Thu, 6 Sep 90 15:17:58 CDT
Subject: Temporary Address Change for Lothar Reichel

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

The present semester I am visiting the Computer and Information
Technology Institute at Rice University. My address is

Lothar Reichel
Rice University
P.O. Box 1892
Houston, TX 77251-1892


Phone: (713) 527-8101 ext. 2736


From: Karl Knapp <>
Date: Mon, 3 Sep 90 09:17:20 CDT
Subject: Positions Available at Numerical Algorithms Group

The Numerical Algorithms Group, Inc (NAG) in suburban Chicago is
seeking a Computational Mathematician to join its technical staff. NAG
develops and markets the NAG Fortran Library, the world's most comprehensive
Mathematics and Statistics subroutine library. NAG also develops and
markets a number of other numerical software products: statistics
packages (GLIM & GENSTAT), the NAG Ada Library, a Graphics Library,
optimization packages, and other specialty libraries.

NAG is seeking candidates with an M.S. or Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics,
Numerical Analysis, or related field with broad interests. The successful
candidate will be responsible for developing new products, porting products
to new hardware/software environments, and supporting customers (primarily
researchers). NAG has a network of Sun workstations, though much of our
work is done on external state-of-the-art systems, typically vector and/or
parallel computers. Previous UNIX experience is a big plus.
Vector / parallel computing experience and/or CASE tools experience would
also be desirable. Starting salary: $35K - $48K. NAG Inc provides an
excellent work environment and has very good benefits: 401K plan, five weeks
of vacation, family medical and dental coverage.

Please send your resume, in confidence, to:

Numerical Algorithms Group, Inc
attn: Technical Manager
1400 Opus Place, Suite 200
Downers Grove, IL 60515-5702

phone: (708) 971-2337
FAX: (708) 971-2706


From: Victor Pereyra <>
Date: Mon, 3 Sep 90 11:34:01 PDT
Subject: Positions at Weidlinger Associates

Los Altos Engineering firm is looking for qualified individuals
to fill two positions, in areas of computational acoustic, elastic or
electromagnetic wave propagation, including ray tracing and finite element
forward and inverse simulations, Scientific Visualization and Graphic User
Minimum qualifications for these positions are: B.S. in either
applied mathematics or computer sciences with numerical analysis or
computer graphics emphasis, or relevant application fields (geophysics,
applied mechanics, electrical engineering). Experience in the FORTRAN
and C languages and UNIX operating system is required.
M.Sc. or Ph.D. in addition to the above qualifications, published
research record and/or experience in obtaining and managing government or
private industry contracts or large scale computational software projects
will be an important plus.

Please send resumes to: Weidlinger Associates
4410 El Camino Real
Suite 110
Los Altos, CA 94022.
Attention: Dr. V. Pereyra.


Date: Thu, 06 Sep 90 11:46:10 GMT
Subject: CERFACS Short Course on CFD


Computational Fluid Dynamics: Theory & Application
in Computer Codes

13-15 November 1990
Toulouse, France

co-organized by CERFACS and the UCLA Math Department

In recent years computational fluid dynamics (CFD) has
developed from a research topic into a basic component of
the design and analysis process in a wide range of
engineering disciplines. A large body of theory has been
developed upon which research as well as industrial computer
programs have been built. The course presents in a concise
way the modern CFD theory for solving the compressible
Navier Stokes equations with either very small or vanishing
viscosity, together with some current CFD applications. It
covers the basic physical and numerical foundations,
specific algorithms, turbulence modeling, and mesh
generation. How well the theory holds in practice is
demonstrated in laboratory sessions where the participants
gain practical experience by running numerical examples
themselves on workstations.

Copies of lecturers' notes, reference papers, and a
bibliography are distributed on the first day of the course.
A number of workstations will be available during the
laboratory sessions to all students who wish to run
numerical experiemnts. Executable versions of the
demonstration programs are given to all students.


Prof. B. Engquist is Professor of Mathematics at UCLA. His
principal interests are CFD, the mathematics of numerical
boundary conditions, homogenization techniques.

Prof. S. Osher is Professor of Mathematics at UCLA. His
principal interests are applied partial differential
equations, CFD, and image processing.

Prof. T. Chan is Professor of Mathematics at UCLA. His
principal interests are computational linear algebra,
parallel algorithms, and iterative methods.

Dr J. Oppelstrup is lecturer in Numerical Analysis at the
Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm. His main interests
are the mathematics of computed-assisted geometric design,
mesh generation, and CFD.

Prof. A. Rizzi is adjunct professor of CFD at the Royal
Institute of Technology, Stockholm, and Research Director at
CERFACS. His main interests are the development and use of
CFD methods to study compressible flows of high Reynolds


The course is aimed at graduate engineers, mathematicians,
or physicists who have an interest in CFD in general, and
CFD applied to aerodynamics in particular. The course will
be especially beneficial to those who have recently embarked
on a career in CFD-based industry and wish to expand their
knowledge of the subject as rapidly as possible. The course
is designed to acquaint the participant with modern grid-
generation techniques, numerical algorithms to solve the
Euler and Navier Stokes equations, and algorithms for the
fast solution of the corresponding linear systems. Because
of the nature of the laboratory sessions, enrollment is
limited to 30.


Tuesday Morning: Introduction to CFD
Tuesday Afternoon: Mesh Generation
Wednesday Morning: Mathematics of CFD
Wednesday Afternoon: High-Resolution Schemes
Thursday Morning: Classical Centered Schemes
Thursday Afternoon: Algebraic Methods for CFD Problems


Participants are advised to register before November 1.

The enrollment fee is 5,930. FF which includes lunch and all
refreshments. For full-time students the fee is reduced to
3,558 FF. A written request for this reduction, together
with verification of student status, must be submitted to
the short-course committee.


CFD Short Course Committee
42 Ave Gustave Coriolis
Tel : (33) 61 07 96 96
Fax : (33) 61 07 96 13


From: Israel Nelken <>
Date: Sat, 8 Sep 1990 12:40:46 +0500
Subject: The Eighth Parallel Circus

of the
Eighth Parallel Circus

Location: Toronto, Canada
Dates: October 26-27, 1990

Continuing the tradition that began at Yale in 1986, the Department of
Computer Science at the University of Toronto will be hosting the Eighth
Parallel Circus in Toronto on Friday and Saturday, October 26-27, 1990.

The Parallel Circus is an informal conference which emphasizes parallel
algorithms for scientific computing.

This is the first time the Circus will be held outside of the USA, and we
hope to have many attendees from Canada, the USA and other countries.
The circus is unique in that it has one and only one focus, scientific
computing on parallel machines. Another feature is that there has been
lots of informal discussion and a very healthy mix of industrial and
academic participants.


We have arranged special conference air fares with Air Canada and a block
of discount rooms at the Delta-Chelsea Inn, Toronto. We will have a
Chinese Banquet on Friday evening at the Golden Country Restaurant.

Presentations will be about 30 minutes long -- 25 minutes plus 5 minutes
for questions and discussion. Their actual lengths will depend on the
number of participants.

The circus will begin on Friday morning. Although there is no prescribed
program, we will end by early Saturday afternoon. Participants who give
a talk and leave are generally regarded as anti-social so you should plan
to attend all of the talks.

Organizers: Gene Golub, Izzy Nelken, Ken Jackson and Christina Christara.

For further information please contact:

Izzy Nelken
Department of Computer Science
University of Toronto
Toronto, Canada M5S 1A4
Phone: (416) 978-5899
Fax: (416) 978-4765


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