NA Digest Saturday, July 28, 1990 Volume 90 : Issue 26

Today's Editor: Cleve Moler

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From: Tony Chan <>
Date: Thu, 26 Jul 90 21:20:11 -0700
Subject: New book: "A History of Scientific Computing"

I'd like to call my fellow colleaques' attention to the recently published
book "A History of Scientific Computing", Stephen G. Nash (ed.),
ACM Press, History Series, 1990. It contains the proceedings of a conference
with the same title held in Princeton, NJ, in 1987 (which I attended).
The book has interesting articles by many pioneers in our field,
and should make interesting readings for professionals
and graduate students alike. Here is the list of authors:
Goldstine, Parlett, Varah, Cohen, Buneman, Birkhoff, Gear and Skeel, Peaceman,
Cooley, Dantzig, Oden, Hestenes, Young, Block, Varga, Isaacson, Rice,
Froberg, Metropolis, Todd, Wheeler, Fox, Gutknecht, Babuska and Kublanovskaya.
Certainly a who's-who list in scientific computing!
Since I don't have space to list all the titles, I leave that to your

Happy reading,
Tony Chan


From: Jorge More <>
Date: Mon, 23 Jul 90 16:15:12 CDT
Subject: Wilkinson Prize for Numerical Software

In honor of the outstanding contributions of James Hardy Wilkinson
to the field of numerical software, Argonne National Laboratory,
the National Physical Laboratory, and the Numerical Algorithms
Group announce a numerical software prize of US $ 1000.
The first prize will be awarded at the International Conference
in Industrial and Applied Mathematics (ICIAM 91), July 8-12, 1991.

Entries for the first award should be sent to the Board of Trustees,
Wilkinson Prize for Numerical software, at one of the following two addresses:

Numerical Algorithms Group Ltd Argonne National Laboratory
Wilkinson House Mathematics and Computer Science Division
Jordan Hill Road 9700 South Cass Avenue
Oxford OX2 8DR Argonne, Illinois, 60439
United Kingdom United States

The Board of Trustees of the Wilkinson Prize for Numerical Software
will make the award to the entry that best addresses all phases of
the preparation of high quality numerical software. The software
must be written in a widely available high-level programming
language, and must execute on a significant class of computers.
Each author of an entry must be under 40 years of age on the first
of January of the year of the award. Each entry must be accompanied
by a paper describing the software and its implementation. If no entry
meets the minimum standard for the award, the Board of Trustees
reserves the right not to award the prize. The Board of Trustees may
decide that the prize is to be shared by two or more entries.

The deadline for submission of entries for the first Wilkinson Prize
has been extended to November 1, 1990.


Each entrant or group of entrants must supply:

1. Software written in a widely available high-level programming language.
The software must execute on a significant class of computers.
The machines on which the software is executable must be stated.

2. A paper describing the algorithm and the software implementation.
If appropriate, the paper should give an analysis of the algorithm
and the software. Special programming features should be indicated.

3. Documentation of the software which describes its purpose and method of use.

4. Examples of use of the software, including a test program and data.

5. A one or two page summary of the main features of the algorithm and
software implementation.

Submissions must be in English.

Software can be submitted on 9-track ascii tape (1600bpi),
9-track tar tape, cartridge tar tape, or MS-DOS formatted diskettes.

The award will be made to the entrant who best addresses all phases
of the preparation of high quality numerical software. Among them:

Clarity of the paper describing the algorithm, of the software
implementation, and of the documentation of the software.

Portability, reliability, and efficiency of the software implementation.

Depth of analysis of the algorithm and the software.

Importance of application addressed by the software.

Quality of the test software.


From: John Holt <>
Date: Thu, 19 Jul 90 16:32:18 +1000
Subject: The Australian Journal of Combinatorics


The Australian Journal of Combinatorics is a new journal devoted to the
publication of research concerning all aspects of combinatorics, pure
and applied. It is intended that at least two volumes of the journal will
appear each year. Volume 1 appeared in March this year, and Volume 2 will
be out around September.

An important area which the the Editors wish to encourage is
combinatorial optimization and its applications in Operations Research.

Editor -in-Chief: Professor A.P. Street (
Managing Editor : Dr A.J. Rahilly (
Associate Editors:
Dr E.J. Billington (ejb@ ...)
Dr D.M. Donovan (dmd@ ...)
Dr J.N. Holt (jnh@ ...)
Dr S. Oates-Williams (sw@ ...)

all located at
Editorial Office of The Australian J. of Combinatorics
Department of Mathematics
The University of Queensland 4072

Submission Details:
Intending contributors should submit two copies of manuscripts to any of
the above. The journal is produced using a photo-offset process. Because
of this, it is important that manuscripts are prepared so as to occupy
a 6 inch * 9 inch (152mm * 229mm) rectangular area centred on each page.
The title page should exhibit the order: title, author(s), abstract,
followed immediately by the body of the paper.


From: SIAM Publications Department <>
Date: Tue, 24 Jul 90 10:09 EDT
Subject: SIAM Journal on Mathematical Analysis

SIAM Journal on Mathematical Analysis, 21-6
November 1990

Table of Contents

Michael Renardy
Local existence of solutions of the Dirichlet initial-boundary value
problem for incompressible hypoelastic materials

Ricardo Ricci
Traveling wave solutions of the Stefan and the ablation problems

Gabriel Nguetseng
Asymptotic analysis for a stiff variational problem arising in mechanics

J. Bebernes and A. Lacey
Finite-time blowup for a particular parabolic system

Christoph Pospiech
A Dirichlet problem exhibiting global bifurcation with symmetry breaking

Martin Krupa
Bifurcations of relative equilibria

A. Bamberger and A. S. Bonnet
Mathematical analysis of the guided modes of an optical fiber

Alan R. Bishop, Randy Flesch, M. Gregory Forest, David W.
McLaughlin, and Edward A. Overman
Correlations between chaos in a perturbed Sine-Gordon
equation and a truncated model system

David Colton and Lassi Paivarinta
Far-field patterns for electromagnetic waves in an inhomogeneous medium

Asher Ben-Artzi and Amos Ron
On the integer translates of a compactly supported function:
dual bases and linear projectors

Mohamed Sami ElBialy
Collision singularities in celestial mechanics

T. M. Dunster
Uniform asymptotic solutions of second-order linear differential equations
having a double pole with complex exponent and a coalescing turning point

A. Fitouhi and M. M. Hamza
A uniform expansion for the eigenfunction of a singular second-order
differential operator

Yang Kuang and Alan Feldstein
Monotonic and oscillatory solutions of a linear neutral
delay equation with infinite lag

A. Baider and R. C. Churchill
On monodromy groups of second-order Fuchsian equations

For additional information, please contact Vickie Kearn, Publisher, Society
for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM), 3600 University City Science
Center, Philadelphia, PA 19104-2688; telephone: (215) 382-9800; Fax: (215)
386-7999; e-mail:


From: SIAM Publications Department <>
Date: Tue, 24 Jul 90 10:09 EDT
Subject: SIAM Journal on Matrix Analysis and Applications

SIAM Journal on Matrix Analysis and Applications
October 1990 Volume 11, Number 4

Table of Contents

Roger A. Horn and Roy Mathias
An Analog of the Cauchy-Schwarz Inequality for Hadamard
Products and Unitarily Invariant Norms

G. Cybenko and M. Berry
Hyperbolic Householder Algorithms for Factoring Structured Matrices

Nicholas J. Higham
Bounding the Error in Gaussian Elimination for Tridiagonal Systems

Paul Binding
Simultaneous Diagonalisation of Several Hermitian Matrices

Dario Bini and Fabio Di Benedetto
Solving the Generalized Eigenvalue Problem for Rational Toeplitz Matrices

Yitsak M. Ram, Joab J. Blech, and Simon G. Braun
Eigenproblem Error Bounds with Application to Symmetric Dynamic
System Modification

Daniel Hershkowitz and Hans Schneider
On the Inertia of Intervals of Matrices

Jesse L. Barlow and Udaya B. Vemulapati
An Improved Method for One-Way Dissection with Singular Diagonal Blocks

W. Glunt, T.L. Hayden, S. Hong, and J. Wells
An Alternating Projection Algorithm for Computing the Nearest Euclidean
Distance Matrix

William F. Trench
Spectral Evolution of a One-Parameter Extension of a Real Symmetric
Toeplitz Matrix

Daniel Hershkowitz
Positive Semidefinite Pattern Decompositions

A. Hadjidimos and D. Noutsos
The Young-Eidson Algorithm: Applications and Extensions

Daniel Boley
Estimating the Sensitivity of the Algebraic Structure of
Pencils with Simple Eigenvalue Estimates

Christian H. Bischof, John G. Lewis, and Daniel J. Pierce
Incremental Condition Estimation for Sparse Matrices

For additional information, please contact Vickie Kearn,
Publisher, Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, 3600
University City Science Center, Philadelphia, PA 19104-2688;
215-382-9800; fax: 215-386-7999; e-mail:


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