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From: SIAM Publications Department <>
Date: Tue, 10 Jul 90 12:18 EDT
Subject: SIAM Journal on Control and Optimization

SIAM Journal on Control and Optimization
Volume 28 Number 6 November 1990


Finite-Dimensional Compensators for Infinite-dimensional
Systems Via Galerkin-type
Kazufumi Ito

The Disturbance Decoupling Problem for Implicit Linear
Discrete-Time Systems
A. Banaszuk, M. Kociecki, and K.M. Przyluski

Differential Games: A Viability Approach
Jean-Pierre Aubin

Asymptotic Stabilization of a Class of Smooth Two-dimensional
W.P. Dayawansa, C.F. Martin, and G. Knowles

A J-Spectral Factorization Approach to H Control
Michael Green, Keith Glover, David Limebeer, and John Doyle

Decomposition/Coordination Algorithms in Stochastic
J.-C. Culioli and G. Cohen

Hamilton-Jacobi Theory for Optimal Control Problems with Data
Measurable in Time
R.B. Vinter and P. Wolenski

Approximation of the Zakai Equation by the Splitting Up
A. Bensoussan, R. Glowinski, and A. Rascanu

On Adaptive Stabilization of Time-Varying Stochastic Systems
Lei Guo

Relationships Between Various Markovian Decision Problem
Gary J. Koehler

Computable Bounds for the Sensitivity of the Algebraic
Riccati Equation
P. Gahinet and A.J. Laub

Lyapunov Functions and Almost Sure Exponential Stability of
Stochastic Differential Equations
Based on Semimartingales with Spatial Parameters
Xuerong Mao

Global Stabilization of Partially Linear Composite Systems
A. Saberi, P.V. Kokotovic, and H.J. Sussmann

For additional information regarding the SIAM Journal on Control
and Optimization, please contact Vickie Kearn, Publisher, SIAM,
3600 University City Science Center, Philadelphia, PA 19104-
2688; telephone: (215) 382-9800; fax: (215) 387-7999; e-mail:


From: Alan Karp <KARP@IBM.COM>
Date: Wed, 11 Jul 90 14:01:39 PDT
Subject: IBM 1990 Supercomputing Competition


"Call for Papers" to be presented at the
IBM Large Scale Computer Analysis and Modeling Conference
Park City, Utah April 24 - 26, 1991

Sponsored by the IBM Corporation and IBM Canada Ltd.

IBM invites authors from industry, research and academia to submit
papers in competition for major cash awards. The competition is for
First, Second and Third Prizes in each of five divisions:

Physical Sciences and Mathematics
Life and Health Sciences
Social Sciences, Humanities and the Arts
Computer Sciences - Distributed and Cooperative Processing

The prizes in each of the five divisions are:

1st - $25,000, 2nd - $15,000, and 3rd - $10,000

Each paper must describe large scale analysis and modeling work
using an IBM 3090 with Vector Facility as the primary computational
system or the paper must describe new and innovative approaches to
analysis and modeling using distributed or cooperative processing in
which IBM technical workstations are linked to IBM mainframes.
Judging will be done by panels of noted non-IBM experts in each
division. IBM will join in publishing the winning and honorable
mention papers selected by the panels of judges. The PROCEEDINGS
will include all prize and honorable mention papers and abstracts of
selected additional papers. To enter the competition, authors must
submit an acceptable abstract and complete the registration
procedures. All necessary information is provided in the General
Information Brochure which can be obtained from your local IBM
Branch Office or by contacting:

IBM Competition Administrator IBM Competition Administrator
36 Mill Plain Road Suite 404 IBM Canada Ltd., Department 2/64
Danbury, CT 06811 245 Consumers Road
Voice: (203) 794-1355 North York, Ontario M2J1S2
FAX: (203) 792-7507 (416) 758-4136

Registrations must be received by October 16, 1990. Final papers
must be received by January 15, 1991. Papers will be presented at
the IBM Large Scale Analysis and Modeling Conference, Park City,
Utah, in April 1991.

The competition is open to any individual or team working or living
in the U.S.A. or Canada, excluding employees of the IBM Corporation,
IBM Canada Ltd., and IBM related companies and their families.


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