NA Digest Sunday, April 23, 1989 Volume 89 : Issue 16

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From: <FWWUBS%HGRRUG5.BITNET@Forsythe.Stanford.EDU>
Date: Mon, 17 Apr 89 14:36 B
Subject: Pascal to Fortran

I am interested in a software tool which transforms the bulk of
a PASCAL source code into FORTRAN source code. Does somebody know if
such a tool exists and where it can be obtained?



From: C. W. Gear <>
Date: Tue, 18 Apr 89 07:17:10 -0500
Subject: Illinois Alumni at SIAM in San Diego

Illinois Alumni meeting as SIAM National meeting in San Diego

A reception is being organized for University of Illinois alumni
on Thursday July 20th at the SIAM National meeting. 6pm - 7:30pm.
Room (at the Sheraton) to be announced later. Please notify
if you plan to attend and please tell fellow alumni about it.

We welcome all Illini, and would especially like to see old friends who
have shared the Digitial Computer Lab in Urbana over the years.
As many of you know, the Dept of Computer Science has finally gotten an
alumni association together, and is planning a big event for late 1990
to formally open the large new addition now under construction and to celebrate
the 40th anniversary of the founding of the forerunner of the department.

Bill Gear


From: Mogens Jallberg <mcvax!kth!sunic!dkuug!freja!>
Date: 18 Apr 89 10:27:56 GMT
Subject: Wanted: Discrete Fourier Transform Program

Does someone have a fourier transform program, they would be willing to
e-mail me. I need it for a discrete fourier transform of 1417 points, so it
would be preferrable if it could manage that.

Also it would be nice if the program could :
+ smooth the figures
+ output a fourier spectrum of all the channels involved
+ interpolate
but these request are just nice extras I would like.

Thanking you in advance

Mogens Jallberg
DIKU, U of Copenhagen, DK


From: Babette Dalton <>
Date: Tue, 18 Apr 89 11:05:17 PDT
Subject: Conference on Hyperbolic Problems

Third International Conference on
Hyperbolic Problems

First Announcement

The conference will be held at Uppsala University, Sweden,
June 11-15, 1990. The earlier two conferences in this sequence took place
in St. Etienne 1986 and in Aachen 1988. Theory, applications and
computational methods for hyperbolic partial differential equations will
be covered.

Professor Heinz-Otto Kreiss will have his 60th birthday during the
Summer 1990, and the conference will be dedicated to him.

More information regarding registration, contributed papers, etc.
will be given in a second announcement.

Bjorn Engquist Bertil Gustafsson

Department of Scientific Computing
Uppsala University
Sturegatan 4B
S-75223 Uppsala


Date: Wed, 19 Apr 89 21:20 PST
Subject: Some Challenging ODE's

A Certain Class of Problems.

While responding to a plea from two NASA scientists, who were
working on a magnetic shock problem, I discovered a class of
problems that defy conventional ODE solvers.

Here are some sample ODE problems whose right hand sides do
NOT satisfy Lipschitz condition where the solution crosses
the x-axis. However, the fact of y=0 is not sufficient to
trouble the conventional methods. Some problems are solved
correctly with computed solutions correctly traversing
through the point where y=0. Some problems are solved
correctly with computed solutions correctly stopping before
the point is reached where y=0. Other problems are solved
incorrectly by the conventional methods.

The clue about whether the solution should stop or should
continue beyond y=0 is provided by the singularities in the
solutions. Additional examples can be generated at will.

1. y" = - 0.5 - y' - (cos(x) + y')/y , x on [0, 1.5] ,
with y(0)=1 and y'(0)=-0.95.

2. y" = y' - y**(1/3) , x on [0, 3.5] , with y(0)=y'(0)=1.

3. y" = - 0.5 - y' - (cos(x) + y')/y , x on [0, -.43] ,
with y(0)=y'(0)=1.

4. y' = (x - 1)/y , x on [0, 2] , with y(0)=1.

5. y' = (2x~3 - 2x)/y , x on [0, 2] , with y(0)=1.

6. y' = - sin(x)*cos(x)/y , x on [0, 2] , with y(0)=1.

Problems #3 and #4 can be solved correctly. Problem #5 can
be solved only with the highest precision. Problems #1, #2,
and #6 cannot be solved correctly. It may be of interest to
you that in #1, the numerator (cos(x) + y') is zero at the
same point where y=0.

Since conventional methods can solve some of these problems
and not others, I am very interested to hear what happens
when you apply your favorite method to these problems.

Cheers, yf

Y. F. Chang a.k.a. YCHANG@NBS


From: Jeff Chiang <>
Date: 20 Apr 89 19:44:32 GMT
Subject: Need Grid Generation Code

We need a code for numerical generation of boundary-fitted
fields containing two vaporizing droplets of spherical spape.
Does someone know where we can get the code or information from?

Thank you in advance

Jeff Chiang@ucivmsa
University of California, Irvine


From: David West <>
Date: 21 Apr 89 16:39:54 GMT
Subject: Code to Update LDL' Matrix Factorizations

Can anyone give me pointers to the source code of the Harwell
routine MC11A (up/down-date LDL' matrix factorizations, by Fletcher and
Powell) or equivalent?

Is the Harwell library available by FTP or mailserver?

(The 'usual' case is straightforward to code from their paper, but the
case of enforced rank change is tricky.)

Thanks in advance,

-David West
COMPIS, Industrial Technology Institute, PO Box 1485,
Ann Arbor, MI 48106


From: Dennis Gannon <>
Date: Mon, 17 Apr 89 09:32:07 -0500
Subject: ICS 89 Program (long)

International Conference On Supercomputing 1989
PRELIMINARY PROGRAM - Monday, June 5, 1989

9:00 Welcoming Remarks

9:30 Invited Speaker: Jean-Marie Cadiou, ECC, Director
Information Technologies - ESPRIT

10:30 Break

Session IA. Algorithms I.

11:00 Multicoloring With Lots of Colors,
by J.M.Ortega and D.L. Harrar (NASA Langley)

11:30 A Formal Framework Handling the Descrip-
tion and Implementation of Multigrid Algorithms,
by Uwe Meyer, Guido Wirtz (Bonn)

12:00 On the Parallel Solution of Parabolic Equations,
by Stratis Gallapoulos (Illinois CSRD)
and Yousef Saad (RIACS, NASA Ames)

Session 1B. Dynamic Scheduling

11:00 Run-Time Parallelization and Scheduling of
Loops, by Joel H. Saltz and Ravi Mirchandaney

11:30 Implementing Linda for Distributed and
Parallel Processing, by Jerrold S. Leichter (Yale
and Digital Equipment) and Robert A. Whiteside (Sandia)

12:00 An Efficient Message-Passing Scheduler Based
on Guided Self Scheduling, by David C. Rudolph and
C. D. Polychronopoulos (Illinois CSRD)

12:30 Lunch Break

Session 2A. Hypercubes.

15:00 The Composite Binary Cube - A Family of
Interconnection Networks for Multiprocessors, by
Krishnan Padmanabhan (ATT Bell Laboratories)

15:30 I/O Issues for Hypercubes, by A.L. Narasimha
Reddy and Prithviraj Banerjee, (Illinois)

16:00 Invited Speaker: Robert Haber - Adjunct Professor,
National Center for Supercomputing
Applications, University of Illinois

"Interactive Visualization in Scientific Supercomputing"

17:00 Afternoon Break

Session 3A. Applications

17:30 Multiprocessing Algorithms for Global Spec-
tral Numerical Weather Protection, by Ross N.
Hoffman and Thomas Nehrkorn (Atmospheric and
Environmental Research, Inc.)

18:00 Parallel Calculations on the Wind-Driven
Oceanic Circulation Using Fourier Pseudospectral
Methods, by Zaphiris D. Christidis (IBM)

18:30 Simulations of Three-Dimensional Flows
with the Lattice Boltzmann Equation on the IBM
3090/VF, by S. Succi, F. Higuera, F. Szelenyi

19:00 Vectorized Molecular Dynamics Algorithms
for Very Large Number of Particles, by J. Moscinski,
M. Bargiel, J. Kitowski, et al.

Session 3B. Compile-time Analysis

17:30 Control Flow Optimization for Supercomputing
Scalar Processing, by Pohua P. Chang and Wen-mei
W. Hwu (Illinois)

18:00 A Global Resource-Constrained Paralleliza-
tion Technique, by Kemal Ebcioglu (IBM) and Alexandru
Nicolau, (California)

18:30 Array Distribution in SUPERB, by M. Gerndt

19:00 Compile-Time Detection of Race Conditions in
a Parallel Program, by Basanth Balasundaram and
Ken Kennedy (Rice)

ICS 89 PRELIMINARY PROGRAM - Tuesday, June 6, 1989

8:30 Invited Speaker: Frances E. Allen, Sr. Manager,
IBM T.J. Watson Research Center

"Delivering Supercomputer Performance to the User"

Talk to be presented by Ron Cytron.

Session 4A. Compilation Techniques

9:30 A Unified Semantic Approach for the Vec-
torization and Parallelization of Generalized
Reductions, by Babak Dehbonei, Pierre Jouvelot

10:00 Morning Break

10:30 Constraint Based Vectorization, by Brian D.
Koblenz and William B. Noyce, (Digital Equipment

11:00 Interference Analysis Tools for Parallelizing
Programs, by Laurie J. Hendren (Cornell)
and Alexandru Nicolau (California)

11:30 Data Dependence Analysis on Multi-Dimensional
Array References, by Zhiyuan Li and Pen-Chung Yew,
(Illinois CSRD)

Session 4B. Short Papers

Short Paper Titles and Authors to be announced soon.

12:00 Lunch Break

14:45 Invited Presentation: Maxine Brown, University of Illinois
Chicago Circle
"Visualization Theater"

15:45 Break

Session 5A. Representation of Parallelism

16:00 Interactive Conversion of Sequential to Multitasking
FORTRAN, by Kevin Smith and Bill Appelbe, (Georgia)

16:30 Alpha Du Centaur: A Prototype Environment for the
Design of Parallel Regular Algorithms, by P. Gachet, C. Mauras,
P. Quinton, Y. Saouter (Rennes)

17:00 Parallelizing Algorithms for MIMD Architectures
With Shared Memory, by Juergen Brehm (Erlangen) and
Harry F. Jordan (Colorado)

Session 5B. Vector Performance

16:00 Performance Comparisons of Cholesky Factorization
Algorithms Using Level 2 and 3 BLAS on the National
Advanced Systems AS/XL Vector Computer, by Glenn R. Luecke,
Jae H. Yun and Howard W. Jespersen (Iowa)

16:30 Block Factorization Algorithms on the IBM 3090/VF,
by Peter Mayes, Giuseppe Radicati di Brozolo (Rome)

17:00 A Comparison of Parallel Processing on CRAY X-MP
and IBM 3090 VF Multiprocessors, by F. Szelenyi and W.E. Nagel

17:30 Break

Session 6A. Algorithms II

18:00 Data Traffic Reduction Schemes for Cholesky Factorization,
by Vijay K. Naik (IBM T.J. Watson Research Center) and
Merrill Patrick (ICASE, NASA Langley)

18:30 Rectangular Spatial Decomposition Methods for Parallel
Simulated Annealing, by Dan R. Greening (UCLA) and Frederica
Darema (IBM)

19:00 Parallel Algorithms for Solution of Tridiagonal Systems
in Multicomputers, by Xian-He Sun, Hong Zhang Sun and Lionel
M. Ni, (Michigan)

Session 6B. Interconnect Performance

18:00 Very High-Speed Communication in Large MIMD
Supercomputers, by U. Bruening, W.K. Giloi and W. Schroeder

18:30 A Version Control Approach to Cache Coherence, by Hoichi
Cheong and Alexander V. Veidenbaum (Illinois CSRD)

19:00 An Asynchronous Buffering Network for Tightly Coupled
Multiprocessors, by Yvon Jegou and Andre Seznec (Rennes)

ICS 89 PRELIMINARY PROGRAM - Wednesday, June 7, 1989

8:30 Invited Speaker: Raul Mendez, Director
Institute of Supercomputing Research

"Japanese Supercomputers: Second Wave"

Session 7A. New Japanese Systems

9:30 High-Speed Control Scheme of HITACHI Supercomputer
S-820 System, by H. Wada et al, (Hitachi Corporation)

10:00 Morning Break

10:30 The Kyushu University Reconfigurable Parallel
Processor: Design of Memory and Interconnection
Architectures, by K. Murakami et al.

11:00 FEM-TORUS: Token Driven Processor Torous Array,
by K. Onaga et al.

11:30 The Specification of a New Manchester Dataflow
Machine, by Y. Inagami and J.F. Foley

12:00 The NOV-II Super Parallel Computer for Signal Processing,
by S. Ono et al.

Session 7B. Short Papers.

(Short Paper Titles and Authors to be announced soon.)

12:30 Lunch and Excursion to Palace of Knossos

ICS 89 PRELIMINARY PROGRAM - Thursday, June 8, 1989

8:30 Invited Speaker: Wolfgang K. Giloi, Director
Research Center for Innovative Computer
Systems and Technology, GMD - TUB FIRST

"European Supercomputer Development: From SUPRENUM to GENESIS"

Session 8A. Processor Design

9:30 Overview of a High-Performance Programmable Pipeline
Architecture, by F. Bodin, F. Charot and C. Wagner (Rennes)

10:0 Morning Break

10:30 Restricted Fetch and Psi Operations for Parallel Processing,
by G.S. Sohi, J.E. Smith and J.R. Goodman (Wisconsin)

11:00 Instruction Fetch Unit for Parallel Execution of Branch
Instructions, by A. Gonzalez and J.M. Llaberia (Barcelona)

11:30 Performance Benefits of Large Execution Atomic Units in
Dynamically Scheduled Machines, by Stephen W. Melvin (Berkeley)
and Yale N. Patt (Michigan)

Session 8B. Special Session on Performance Analysis

(The program for the special session will be announced at a
later time.)

12:00 Lunch

15:00 Invited Speaker: Paul Messina, Director
Concurrent Supercomputing Facilities,
California Institute of Technology

"Performance Measurement of Advanced Architecture Computers"

16:00 Break

Session 9A. Performance Analysis

16:30 Performance Prediction for Parallel Numerical Algorithms,
by K. Gallivan, A. Malony and H. Wijshoff (Illinois CSRD)
and W. Jalby (Rennes and INRIA)

17:00 Influence of the Stride on the Cache Utilization in the
IBM 3090 VF, by G. Erbacci, G. Paruolo, G. Tagliavini (Bologna)

17:30 Performance Analysis of Buffered Banyan Networks Under
Nonuniform Traffic, by Young Man Kim and Kyungsook Y. Lee,

Session 9B. Algorithms III

16:30 Semi-Iterative Methods on Distributed Memory Multiprocessor
Architectures, by A. Hadjidimos, E.N. Houstis, J.R. Rice, M.K.
Samartzis and E.A. Vavalis (Purdue)

17:00 One-to-One Mapping of Process Graphs Onto a Hypercube,
by Dr. Fikret Ercal and P. Sadayappan (Ankara)

17:30 Automatic Load Balanced Partitioning Strategies for PDE
Computations, by N.P. Chrisochoides, C.E. Houstis, E.N. Houstis,
S.K. Kortesis and J.R. Rice (Purdue)

ICS 89 PRELIMINARY PROGRAM - Friday, June 9, 1989

8:30 Invited Speaker: John Gurd, Chairman
Computer Science Department,
University of Manchester

9:30 Morning Break

Session 10A. Algorithms IV

10:00 Convergence Rate and Termination of Asynchronous Iterative
Algorithms, by Dimitri P. Bertsekas and John N. Tsitsiklis (MIT)

10:30 Acceleration of the Outer Conjugate Gradient by
Reorthogonalization for a Domain Decomposition Method for
Structural Analysis Problems, by Francois-Xavier Roux (Chatillon)

11:00 Cyclic and Random Local Organization System,
by J.C. Dunyach (CERFAC, Toulouse)

11:30 Vectorizing a Robust Inner Product Algorithm,
by Dennis Weeks, (Convex Computer Corporation)

Session 10B Language and Compilation Panel Session

(The program for the Language and Compilers Panel will be announced
at a later time.)

12:00 Lunch

Sessions 11A. and 11B Short Papers

Titles and Authors for the Short Paper sessions will be announced
at a later time.



The conference will beheld at the Capsis Beach Hotel, which is
located 22 Km. from Heraklion airport, in the most picturesque
region of Crete, at Aghia Pelaghia village.

P.O. Box 72
Tel: (081) 233395 - 7 Tlx: 262204

Recreation: A large, open air, sea water Olympic size swimming pool, a
pool for diving, a children's pool and an indoor pool. Spacious lounges,
sun terrace, TV room, extensive gardens, children's playground, sauna,
hairdressing salon, card room, game room, four restaurants, two snack
bars, Greek coffee shop and main cocktails bar. Two private sandy beaches
offering all kinds of sea sports such as: water skiing, pedal boats,
canoes, wind surfing, sailing, 4 tennis courts, minigolf, volleyball,
parachuting, bicycles and mopeds, table tennis, night club, discotheque.


The Local Arrangements Committee - through its travel agent, MANOS TRAVEL
SYSTEM S.A., has booked rooms at the CAPSIS BEACH HOTEL, Aghia Pelaghia at
special rates. Please indicate on the registration form your preference
for a room. The Local Arrangements Committee reserves the right to make
other arrangements than your choice, in the event that the allotment for
the requested room has been disposed.

All hotel accommodations will be treated on a
first-come-first-served basis and must be
received not later than April 30th, 1989. After
this date, applications will still be handled,
but cannot be guaranteed.

Rate per person in double room: DRS. 38.500
Rate per person in single room: DRS. 44.500

Above rate per person includes 5 nights accommodation on half board basis
and service taxes. Excluded are telephone, telex of cable expenses of
other special hotel services, and shall be paid by the user of these
services. To guarantee the reservation a deposit of USDOL $100.00 will
be required for every room requested. This amount will be credited in
the participant's name and deducted from the final bill.


Heraklion weather in June is usually pleasantly warm.
The average temperature is 20-25 C (60-75 F).
For this time of the year we recommend light clothes and a light wooly
overcoat for the evenings.


All foreign visitors entering into Greece must be in possession of a
passport of other travel documents endorsed and valid for Greece.
For very few foreign nationals, an entry visa to Greece is required.
For this please contact the Greek embassy or Consulate in your country.


Voltage in Greece is 220 volt/50 Hz.


Shopping hours in Heraklion are from 08:30 to 13:30 and 17:00 to 20:00 daily,
except on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays which are from 00:00 to 14:00.
The Cretan market has an old tradition
for its woven fabrics, wood carvings and embroidery.
There are on sale, authentic old pieces as well as modern work performed
with the same patient care by master craftsmen who take a deep pride in
their work.
Such articles can be bought from shops in the larger towns, also in
several of the villages, direct from the actual people who make them.
Banks open from 08:00 to 13:00 from Monday through Friday.
Many bank branches centrally situated have an exchange office open also
in the evening from 17:00 to 20:00.


Greece is two hours ahead of GMT and seven hours of USA EAST.
When it is noon in London, it is 14:00 in Athens.


A conference reception desk will be in operation at the Heraklion airport
on Sunday, June 4th, 1989 when the majority of participants are expected to
Although transfer from airport to hotel can be arranged (cost is given in
the hotel accommodation form), the participants wishing to make independent
arrangements may find the following information of use.


Olympic Airways operates busses every 50 minutes from the
airport to the air terminals in town at Plateia Eleftheriae.


Public busses run from the Central Heraklion Station (near the port) to
Aghia Pelaghia village daily at 09:00, 09:45, 14:30 and
Drive is approximately 45 minutes.

Taxi from Heraklion airport to town approx. Drs. 1.000
Taxi from Heraklion airport to Aghia Pelaghia approx. Drs. 1.700
Taxi from Heraklion town to Aghia Pelaghia approx. Drs. 1.400


The proceedings will be distributed at the conference.
All conference registrations, except student registrants, receive one
copy of the proceedings.
Additional copies may be purchased from the registration desk.


On-site registration will take place on Sunday evening, June 4th and
Monday morning, June 5th.
Registration fees include:

- Coffee breaks
- Registration reception (Monday)
- Cocktail party (Tuesday)
- Excursion (Wednesday)
- Banquet (Thursday
- Conference proceedings

Cancellations must be made in writing by May 10 to the Conference
All cancellation refunds will be made following the conference.

Heraklion, Crete - Greece
June 5 - 9, 1989

Please fill in and return, NOT LATER THAN APRIL 30, 1989 TO:

39 Panepistimiou Street
Tel + 320711, Tlx 215145, Fax + 3229908
Attn: Ms. C.A. Chrostophi

A. Please print or type in capitals (name badge information):

Title: PROF. ______ DR. ______ MR. ______ MRS. ______ MISS. _______

Name: _______________________________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________________

City: ___________________ State: _________________ Zip: _____________

Tel: ________________________ Tlx: ________________ Fax: ____________

Institution: ________________________________________________________

Accompanied by: 1. __________________________________________________

2. __________________________________________________

3. __________________________________________________


Please indicate your room choice and state total room request including
accompanying persons.

SINGLE ROOM: _______________ TOTAL ROOM request #: ______

DOUBLE ROOM: _______________ TOTAL ROOM request #: ______

TOTAL NIGHTS: _____________

ARRIVAL DATE: ____/____/____ DEPARTURE DATE: ____/____/____

ARRIVAL FLIGHT: ______________ DEPARTURE FLIGHT: ______________

The Local Arrangements Committee reserves the right to make other
arrangements than your choice, in the event that the allotment for
the requested hotel had been diposed.


Please indicate below your transfer requirements.
Cost per person from airport to hotel (max. 3 persons per car):
USDOL 6.00.

TOTAL NUMBER OF PASSENGERS: ___________ TOTAL COST: ________________

For your departure transfer arrangements, please contact the reception
desk at the Conference Venue at least two days prior to your departure

CAN BE DRAWN IN DRACHMAS ONLY (max 25.000drs per check).


HEREWITH PLEASE FIND CHECK NR: _____________________________________

FOR THE AMOUNT OF USDOL/DRS: _____________________________________

DATE: ______/______/______

SIGNATURE: _________________________________________________________


Please check applicable fees:

Advance Regular

Before May 5, 1989 After May 5, 1989

ACM/SIG member ACM/SIG member
$295 _____________ $360 _____________

Non-member Non-member
$360 _____________ $410 _____________

* Student
$80 ______________

* Student registration must be accompanied by advisor's endorsement.

Amount Enclosed: $ _________________________________________________

Name: ______________________________________________________________

Affiliation: _______________________________________________________

Mailing Address: ___________________________________________________

City: ________________________ State: _______________ Zip: _________

Country: _______________________________ E.mail ____________________

Tel: ___________________________________ Telefax: __________________

Please return conference registration form and complete payment in

P.O. Box 1122
26110 Patras, GREECE

Checks payable to IICS'89, Computer Technology Institute

Note: Eurochecks in Greek drachmas only at current rate.

For more information concerning the conference, contact the
Local Arrangements Committee.


General Co-Chairs: George Paul, IBM Research, USA

Theodore S. Papatheodorou, CTI, GREECE
E-mail: cti@grpatvx1.bitnet

Program Co-Chairs: Dennis Gannon, INDIANA, USA

Elias N. Houstis, PURDUE, USA

Program Vice-Chairmen Friedel Hossfeld, KFA, EUROPE & AFRICA
E-mail: zdv001%djukfa11.bitnet@


Yoichi Muraoka, WASEDA, JAPAN & FAR EAST
E-mail: muraoka%jpnwas00.bitnet@

Proceedings: Richard D. DeGroot, TI, USA

Local Arrangement: Angela Cotronis, CTI, GREECE

Conference Registrar: George Papaspiropoulos
Computer Technology Institute
P.O. Box 1122
Tel + 61-225073 and 273496
Telex 312515 CTI GR. Fax + 61 222088
E-mail: cti@grpatvx1.bitnet


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