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Date: Sun, 21 Aug 88 15:25:24 IST
Subject: Changes of Address for Daniel Herschkowitz

August 24th, 1988, to February 13th, 1989, I shall be on
Sabbatical in the University of Wisconsin - Madison.

My address will be:

Daniel Hershkowitz
Mathematics Department
University of Wisconsin - Madison
Madison, Wisconsin 53706

My e-mail address will be:

Independently, my home address (in Israel) has been changed.
The new address is:

111 Einstein St.
Haifa 34601

Tel: 972-4-244626


From: John Holt <munnari!!jnh@uunet.UU.NET>
Date: Wed, 24 Aug 88 11:01:53 EST
Subject: Short Term Academic Appointments in Queensland




The Mathematics Department expects to have funds for one
or more appointments in the above areas in calendar 1989. The
positions would not carry tenure, and would be for the
full year or for a six month period spanning a teaching
semester (Feb-June, July-Nov).

Applications are welcomed from junior or senior people. Salary
would be negotiated.

The positions involve teaching 2 undergraduate courses per
semester from the above areas, and contributing to the
research activities of the department.

The research interests of staff members in these areas
include the numerical solution of integral equations,
the numerical solution of inverse problems, discrete
optimization methods and their application to industrial
problem solving and numerical software development in ADA.

The department is equipped with a PYRAMID 9810 supermini
computer, Sun workstations and a range of PC equipment.

Applicants should send a brief letter of application with
their c.v. and the names of 2 referees to

Dr V.G.Hart
Head of Department
Department of Mathematics
University of Queensland
St. Lucia, Q. 4067

A clear indication of availability for the first or second
half of the year or for the whole year should be provided.

John Holt
na.holt (or jnh@axiom.uq.oz@munnari.oz)


From: Walter Gander <>
Date: 25 Aug 88 12:55 +0100
Subject: Position in Zurich

The University of Zuerich is looking for a

Professor in Applied Mathematics

Applications for this job (immediatly available) with curiculum
vitae and a list of publications are to be send till November 1 to

Dekanat der Philosophischen Fakultaet II
Universitaet Zuerich
Winterthurerstrasse 190
CH-8057 Zuerich


From: Jan Mandel <JMANDEL%CUDNVR%VAXF.COLORADO.EDU@Forsythe.Stanford.EDU>
Date: Thu, 25 Aug 88 14:37 MDT
Subject: 4th Copper Mountain Conference

*** Announcement and Call for Papers ***


Copper Mountain, Colorado
April 9-13, 1989

Organized by

University of Colorado at Denver
Center for Applied Parallel Processing (CAPP), Boulder, CO
Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM)

Sponsored by

U.S. Air Force Office of Scientific Research
Gesellschaft fuer Mathematik und Datenverarbeitung
(GMD), Bonn

Special Features

Multigrid Tutorial
Parallel Multigrid Panel Discussion

Conference Theme: Novel Parallel Methods

Chairmen: Jan Mandel & Steve McCormick, CU-Denver

Program Chairmen: Joel Dendy, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Seymour Parter, University of Wisconsin
John Ruge, CU-Denver
Klaus Stueben, GMD
Ulrich Trottenberg, GMD

Tutorial Chairman: Bill Briggs, CU-Denver

Panel Chairman: Oliver McBryan, CU-Boulder

Theme Chairman: Charbel Farhat, CU-Boulder

This conference traditionally provides a forum for interaction
among basic researchers and practitioners. To promote this, morning
and evening seminar sessions will be held and afternoons will be open
for informal workshops, discussions, and special sessions. Anyone
interested in organizing such a session should contact one of the

The conference will be held at the Copper Mountain Resort, about
75 miles west of Denver. Deluxe condominium accommodations and
adjacent meeting rooms are in the Village Square Lodge at the base of
the Copper Mountain F lift.

TUTORIAL: The first day will be devoted to introductory lectures,
based on the book "Multigrid Tutorial" by Bill Briggs, which will be
available for purchase at the conference.

PANEL DISCUSSION: Oliver McBryan will chair a group of experts to
discuss multigrid methods in parallel computations.

INVITED SPEAKERS: Arrangements are being made to feature several
distinguished lecturers representing a broad spectrum of
multigrid areas of research.

PAPERS: Please send title, short abstract, mailing address, phone
number, and e-mail address (if available) BY OCTOBER 24, 1988 to Jan
Mandel. Complete manuscripts for inclusion into preliminary
proceedings will be due February 28, 1989. Selected papers will be
refereed for published proceedings and camera-ready copies will be
due by July 1, 1989.

REGISTRATION: The conference fee ($175 for SIAM members, $195 for
non-members by March 1, $210 and $230 after) should be paid with
registration directly to Office of Conference Services, Campus Box
454, Boulder, CO 80309-0454. Conference fee includes a copy of
preliminary proceedings, a copy of final proceedings, a reception,
coffee breaks, and a banquet. Registration forms were sent out to all
on our mailing list. Please contact the chairmen for additional

LODGING should be reserved directly with the Copper Mountain Resort
by calling 1-800-458-8386, 1-800-332-3828 in Colorado. The rates are
$65 for Lodge Room (one or two queen beds) and $137 for two bedroom
condominium. Limousine and bus service is available from Stapleton
International Airport in Denver. Detailed information is available
on registration forms.


Limited funds are available for student participants. Matching
support is encouraged. Please contact Steve McCormick for further


Jan Mandel or Steve McCormick
Computational Math Group, Campus Box 170
The University of Colorado at Denver
1200 Larimer Street
Denver, CO 80204
e-mail: jmandel@cudenver.bitnet


From: Gerard Meurant <mcvax!!meurant@uunet.UU.NET>
Date: Thu, 25 Aug 88 14:23:49 -0200
Subject: Hypersonics Conference

The University of Texas,Austin, the USAFA and GAMNI/SMAI



16-20 January 1989

at the

U.S. Air Force Academy

Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

The First Joint Europe/U.S. Short Course in Hypersonics, which was held
in Paris in December 1987 (cf March SIAM News, Hypersonics experts meet)
brought together Chemists, Computer Scientits, Engineers, Experimentalists,
Mathematicians and Physicists to discuss hypersonics flows related to
aerospace applications (published proceedings will be available). Building on
this foundation, the second course will offer presentations by internationally
known hypersonic experts over a wide range of subjects. Presentations on non
equilibrium thermochemistry, rarefied gas dynamics, hypersonic boundary
layers (including transition), ground based testing, computational
fluid dynamics and flight testing should interest post-gradaute students,
designers and researchers.

The invited speakers are :

R. Barthelemy (Wright-Patterson Labs, US), J. Bertin (Univ. of Texas, Austin,
US), C. Bruno (Univ. of Milan, Italy), H. Viviand (ONERA, France),
J. Cousteix (ONERA-CERT, France), F. Dejarnette (North Carolina State Univ.,
US), D. Dwoyer (NASA-LRC, US), D. Freeman ( NASA-LRC, US), W. Goodrich
( NASA-Hq, US), H. Groenig (RWTH Aachen, FRG), G. Koppenwallner (DFVLR, FRG),
W. Kordulla (DFVLR, FRG), M. Lesieur (Univ. of Grenoble, France), C. Li
( NASA-JSC, US), M. Linde (FFA, Sweden), R. Mac Cormack (Stanford Univ.
US), J. Marvin ( NASA-ARC, US), J. Moss ( NASA-LRC, US), R. Neumann
(Wright-Patterson Labs, US), H. Neunzert (Univ. of Kaiserslautern, FRG),
C. Park ( NASA-ARC, US), J. Periaux (Dassault Industries, France),
P. Perrier (Dassault Industries, France), D. Poll (Univ. of Manchester, UK),
C. Scott ( NASA-JSC, US), K. Stetson (Wright-Patterson Labs, US),
J. Warnatz (Univ. of Heidelberg, FRG), J. Wendt (VKI, Belgium).

Featured (evening) speakers will be Professor J.L. Lions (College de France
and CNES, France) and Dr. H. Mark (Univ. of Texas System, US). There will be
also an industrial panel discussion on future hypersonic projects.

The invited speakers were selected by an organizing committee consisting of :

R. Bec (CNES, France), J. Bertin (Univ. of Texas, Austin, US), C. Dujarric
(ESA, France), R. Glowinski (Univ. of Houston, US and INRIA, France),
R. Graves (NASA, US), E. Krause (Univ. of Aachen, FRG), S. Lekoudis (ONR, US),
US), B. Monnerie (ONERA and AAAF, France), H. Oertel (DFVLR-Goettingen, FGR),
R. Pellat (CNES, France), J. Periaux (Dassault Industries and GAMNI, France),
O. Pironneau (Univ. of Paris 6 and INRIA, France), M. Smith (USAFA, US),
J. Stollery (Cranfield Institute of Technology, UK), B. Stoufflet (Dassault
Industries, France), T. Tezduyar (Univ. of Minnesota, US), J. Wendt (VKI,

This program was developed by

The University of Texas at Austin and The United States Air Force Academy
and Groupe pour l'Avancement des Methodes Numeriques de l'Ingenieur/
Societe de Mathematiques Appliquees et Industrielles, France

For more information, please contact

Prof. J.J. Bertin Dr. J. Periaux
Center of Excellence for Hypersonics GAMNI/SMAI
Univ. of Texas, Austin Centre de Mathematiques Appliquees
c/o HQ USAFA/DFAN Ecole Polytechnique
USAF Academy 91128 Palaiseau cedex
Colorado Springs, CO 80840-5701 France
tel (719) 472 40 10 tel (33) 1 46 02 50 50 ext 3789
e-mail :
or periaux@frulm63.bitnet


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