NA Digest Sunday, July 24, 1988 Volume 88 : Issue 29

Today's Editor: Cleve Moler

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From: Bob Russell <>
Date: 18 Jul 88 13:57 -0700
Subject: Bob Russell Sabbatical

I'll be on a one year sabbatical at Dept. of Maths., Imperial College,
South Kensington, London SW7, UK from August 1 (and will try to keep
my e-mail address na.brussell up-to-date). BOB Russell


From: Gene Golub <prlb2!kulcs!kulesat!golub@uunet.UU.NET> (Golub at Leuven)
Date: Tue, 19 Jul 88 10:34:24 GMT
Subject: Soviet Bibliographic Project

For some years now, there has been an ongoing project in the Soviet Union to
collect references of papers and reports in linear algebra. The project was
begun by V. Fadeeva. The fourth part of the Index covering 1985-1988 is
planned to be prepared by the end of 1989. If you have any bibliographic
references to be included in the Index (bibliographic references and copies of
publications, including technical reports and reprints of conference
proceedings), please send them to

Dr. A. Yeremin
Department of Numerical Mathematics
of the USSR Academy of Sciences
Gorki Street 11
Moscow 103905

Your efforts will be appreciated by the whole community.

Gene Golub


Date: Thu, 21 Jul 88 13:26:33 CDT
From: Warren E. Ferguson <smu!ferguson@uunet.UU.NET>
Subject: SAC-I and SAC-II sought

Does anyone know how to obtain a copy of the symbolic package SAC-I, written
by Dr. G. E. Collins in the 1960's. I contacted Ohio State (he left UW-Madison
several years ago) and found that he cannot be contacted for the next few
months. I would also be interested to know about the status of SAC-II, its
proposed successor.

Warren Ferguson


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