NA Digest Sunday, July 3, 1988 Volume 88 : Issue 26

Today's Editor: Cleve Moler

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From: Melvyn Ciment <>
Date: Mon, 27 Jun 88 14:44:49 -0400
Subject: NSF Program Director in Advanced Scientific Computing

The NSF Division of Advanced Scientific Computing manages the
five national supercomputer centers and research programs in New
Technologies and Computational Science and Engineering. The
latter research programs are currently being administered by Dr.
Richard Hirsh who intends to resume his position at the Johns
Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory on October 1, 1988.

The Division of Advanced Scientific Computing (DASC) is currently led by
Dr. Melvyn Ciment, Acting Director and Deputy Director and he
reports to Dr. William Wulf, Assistant Director, Computer
Information Sciences and Engineering Directorate.

DASC is seeking a program director to manage the two programs in
New Technologies and Computational Science & Engineering (NT/CSE). The
program currently is being directed to interface with general NSF-wide
programs in Computational Science & Engineering.

The DASC NT/CSE Programs will focus on supporting interdisciplinary
research teams addressing issues that arise in high performance
computing in scientific and engineering applications including,
but not limited to:

novel computational strategies, parallel computation, visualization &
graphics, software algorithms and tools, performance evaluation,
networking & communication systems and advanced computational technologies.

The Division of Advanced Scientific Computing is interested in identifying
suitable candidates who might serve either as a rotator or as a permanent
program director for this developing program.

Persons interested in serving in such a position must have specialization
and extensive experience in a multi-disciplinary computational science
research environment.

Please respond with your inquiries and recommendations to
Dr. Melvyn Ciment
Acting Director, Div. Advanced Scientific Computing
Room 417
1800 G Street , N.W.
Washington ,D.C. 20550

Tel. 202-357-7558
Electronic Mail Address:


From: Ian Sloan <sloan@napier.maths.unsw.oz>
Date: Thu, 30 Jun 88 09:23:24 EST
Subject: Two Positions at University of New South Wales

Two Numerical Analysis Positions at University of New South Wales

Two positions in numerical analysis at the University of New South Wales,
in sunny Sydney, are currently being advertised. (See below.)
One is a regular academic position, tenurable after a probationary period,
or tenured immediately, depending on the circumstances. The
other is a post-doc. position, in my own area.
Enqiuries about either position can be directed to me:

Ian Sloan
Head, School of Mathematics
University of New south Wales
Kensington, N.S.W.2033

Tel. (02) 697 2957

e-mail: sloan@napier.maths.unsw.oz


The University of New South Wales

Lecturer, Applied Mathematics (position 1043)

(Tenured or tenurable appointment)

Applicants should have a PhD or eqivalent qualification, and active research
interests in numerical analysis or computational mathematics. Situated within
the School of Mathematics, the Department of Applied Mathematics has active
research groups in optimization, optimal control, systems theory, numerical
analysis, computational mathematics, nonlinear dynamics, wave theory, fluid
dynamics and physical oceanography. The Department encourages interaction with
other disciplines,and research activity involving applications. In addition, the
School of Mathematics is currently building up strength in the area of
mathematical computer science. The successful applicant will be expected to
supervise graduate students in suitable areas of specialisation, and to
participate in the general teaching activities of the School.

The position will be available from February 1989, and appointment will be
either with tenure, or on the basis of a contract with provision for conversion
to tenure.

Applications close August 31

Salary: $A28694 range $A37435

Commencing salary according to qualifications and experience.

Applicants should forward two copies of their applications, including
curriculum vitae, to the Academic Staff Office, Kensington NSW2033




The appointee will be part of a team led by Professor I.H.Sloan, working on
the numerical solution of integral equations, two-point boundary problems and
p.d.e.'s, the numerical evaluation of high dimensional integrals and other
problems of numerical analysis, and supported by a long-term Australian Research
Council program grant. A PhD or equivalent qualification is required,
together with demonstrable mathematical achievement and flair, and an
enthusiasm to work on problems such as those above. The appointment will be
for a maximum of two years, or in the case of appointment at the Research Fellow
level, for a maximum of three years. Appointment at the Research Fellow level
could only be made for an applicant with considerable seniority and achievement.

Salary range: Research Associate $24535 to $28039
Research Fellow $28381 to $34624

Submit applications with the names of two referees to the General Stafff Office,
University of New South Wales, Kensington, NSW2033

Applications close August 12, 1988


From: George Parma <>
Date: Thu, 30 Jun 88 11:44:47 PDT
Subject: SVD Code in C Wanted

Does anyone out there have a code for SVD written in
C instead of FORTRAN? If so, can you mail me a copy
at (I am not on the NA
list, but am enlisting the help of someone who is).


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