NA Digest Sunday, June 19, 1988 Volume 88 : Issue 24

Today's Editor: Cleve Moler

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From: Bill Gear <>
Date: Mon, 13 Jun 88 11:18:31 CDT
Subject: LOEN II, Report from Tromso

The organizers of the Second International Conference on Vector and
Parallel Computing Issues in Applied Research and Development,
held last week in Tromso, Norway, are to be congratulated for an
excellent job, both in the program and the local arrangements.

Pat Gaffney, along with Jack Dongarra, Iaian Duff, and Sean McKee organized
the conference with the able assistance of Berit Hilt. In a meeting
filled with five days of good talks and unusual social activities it is hard
to point to one "highlight". For some it may have been the midnight
sun lecture, for others skiing down a hill at midnight in broad daylight,
or having their drink delivered by helicopter. Those older folk at the
meeting (like myself) found it hard to keep up with the social activities
because of the number of talks that we wanted to hear in the day, but it
certainly was a memorable conference.

A nice feature of the conference was a set of 6 students papers, selected
from 27 submissions. The students received scholarships to attend the
conference. The quality of the submissions was extremely good, and the
presentations by the students selected were excellent.

Congratulations to all and a sincere thank you from one of the attendees.

Bill Gear
President, SIAM

[Ed. note: And another thanks from another attendee. Terrific meeting. --Cleve]


From: Jim Pool <pool@anl-mcs.ARPA>
Date: Fri, 17 Jun 88 10:19:02 cdt
Subject: Change of Address for Jim Pool

I just finished reading a message I sent approximately six years ago
expressing my appreciation to the research community and the staff in
various Federal agencies for their support of my efforts during my
five year tenure at the Office of Energy Research of the Department of
Energy and at the Office of Naval Research. I recall the difficulty
I had preparing the address list for that message. Today, thanks to
the foresight of Gene Golub, it is much easier to communicate with the
numerical analysis community.

Yesterday, I accepted the position of Head of the Department of
Mathematics and Computer Science at Drexel University effective
September 1. During the past six years at the Numerical Algorithms
Group, I have enjoyed continued interactions with the mathematics
and computer science research community. I, however, anticipate
an increased level of interaction as we build research programs
at Drexel directed toward computational science and engineering.

I would like to thank the numerous members of the numerical analysis
community who suggested possible opportunities. During my "brief
respite", I traveled from California to Massachusetts and from Texas
to Minnesota to explore these opportunities. I would especially like to
express my appreciation to those individuals who responded to the queries
about my background from numerous organizations.

Effective approximately August 1, my address will be:

James C. T. Pool
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Drexel University
Philadelphia, PA 19104


For the immediate future, my email address will continue to be:

I am, indeed, excited about my return to a more active role in the
mathematics and computer science research community and look forward to
continued interactions with the numerical analysis community, especially
during our recruiting efforts at Drexel.


From: Ted Emigh <ncsugn!>
Date: 17 Jun 88 17:27:21 GMT
Subject: T3 Technical Word Processing Mailing List

I am starting a mailing list of persons interested in the WYSIWYG technical
word processor T3 (the 3 is superscripted, so it is pronounced T-cubed).

T3 is a word processor running on IBM/PCs and clones that is designed to make
writing mathematical papers easier. This mailing list can be used as a means
of sharing the macros you write, or of asking (and hopefully getting the
answers to) various questions about T3. Rumors are also welcome!

If you are interested in this mailing list, please send a request to be added
to the list to:

UUCP: t3-request@ncsugn.uucp
BITNET: t3-request%ncsugn@MCNC.UUCP

Ted H. Emigh, Dept. Genetics and Statistics, NCSU, Raleigh, NC
uucp: mcnc!ncsuvx!ncsugn!emigh internet:


From: Phil Smith <imsl!smith@uunet.UU.NET>
Date: Fri, 17 Jun 88 15:42:26 CDT
Subject: Job opening at IMSL

IMSL, Inc., a leader in the development and distribution of scientific,
engineering, and statistical software is searching for a senior mathematical
software designer.

The successful individual would be expected to direct IMSL's development
of numerical linear algebra software for vector and parallel computers,
such as Cray, IBM 3090 with vector facility, CDC 205, Alliant, and Convex.
Candidates should have a Ph. D. in computer science or mathematics with
a minimum of six years postdoctoral experience.

Our projects are challenging and offer excellent growth opportunities.
Salary is competitive and we provide an excellent benefit package.
For confidential consideration, send a resume and salary history to

Philip Smith
IMSL, Inc.
2500 ParkWest Tower One
2500 CityWest Blvd.
Houston, Texas 77042-3030

UUCP: ...!uunet!imsl!smith

IMSL, Inc., is an equal opportunity employer.


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