NA Digest Saturday, February 27, 1988 Volume 88 : Issue 9

Today's Editor: Cleve Moler

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From: All of Us on the NA-Net <>
Date: Monday, February 29, 1988.
Subject: Happy Birthday, Gene

Gene is one of that elite (one in 1461) who remain young more easily than
the rest of us - measuring age by the number of birthdays passed. On Monday
Gene Golub will celebrate a real birthday. We wish him many happy returns
of that occasion.
Oscar Buneman and all of NA-Net.


From: Paul Concus <>
Date: Mon, 22 Feb 88 09:16:00 PST
Subject: Workshop at Berkeley's MSRI

Workshop on
Differential Geometry, Calculus of Variations, and Computer Graphics

May 23-25, 1988

at the

Mathematical Sciences Research Institute
Berkeley, California

The Mathematical Sciences Research Institute will host
a three-day workshop on differential geometry, calculus of
variations, and computer graphics, to be held May 23-25,
1988. The organizing committee consists of Paul Concus
(chairman), Robert Finn, David Hoffman, and Alvy Ray Smith.
The workshop is intended to bring together mathematicians,
computer scientists, and physical scientists to encourage
the interaction of mathematics and computer graphics.
Emphasis will be on (i) mathematical areas, such as the
classical theory of equilibrium surfaces of prescribed mean
curvature, in which computer graphics visualization of sur-
faces can play an important role and on (ii) computer graph-
ics areas in which there arise geometric problems of sub-
stantial mathematical interest.

The mathematical sciences community is cordially
invited to attend. There are no fees or application forms.
Additional, more detailed information will be sent to per-
sons indicating a desire to come to the workshop. Limited
funding is available to provide partial support for those
wishing to participate. New and recent Ph.D.'s are
encouraged to apply. Requests for financial support should
be received by March 15, 1988 and should be accompanied by
some information (such as a vita and/or bibliography).
Shortly after March 15 there will be a mailing for prospec-
tive participants, which will include hotel information and
whatever program information is available at that time.
Address inquiries to: DGCVCG Workshop Committee, Mathemati-
cal Sciences Research Institute, 1000 Centennial Drive,
Berkeley, CA 94720. Funding for the workshop is provided by
the National Science Foundation through MSRI, with addi-
tional support provided by the Department of Energy through
Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory.


From: Arthur Wouk <wouk@BRL.ARPA>
Date: Thu, 25 Feb 88 13:21:12 EST
Organization: Army Research Office,919-549-0641
To: na@patience.Stanford.EDU
Subject: Short Term ARO Contracts

The Army Research Office will be offering a small number of of
summer contracts in the amount of $20,000 this year. These are
called SHORT TERM INNOVATIVE RESEARCH contracts and an announce-
ment should appear in the Commerce Business Daily in the next few

Mathematical Topics of interest this year are:

1: Nonlinear Methods for Modeling and Analysis of Phase Transi-
tions and Defect Structure formation

2. Statistical Models and Analysis for Spatial Processes

3. Algorithmic Approaches Based on Methods of Algebraic and Dif-
ferential Geometry for Data Fitting, Solid Modeling and Motion

4. Novel Approaches to Robust and Adaptive Control

5. Analytical/Computational Approaches to Continuum Modeling of
Composites and Other Novel Materials

6. Efficient Procedures for Semi-Parametric Statistical Pro-
cedures and Resampling Plans

7. Mathematical Development of New Constructs in Symbolic Compu-
tation Based on Methods of Nonlinear Algebra

8. Novel Approaches to Control of Discrete Event and Hybrid
Dynamical Systems

For detailed information as to how to apply either read Commerce
Business Daily or call 919-549-0641 Ext. 321 or 257, and ask to
speak to the Secretary of the Mathematical Sciences Division.


From: Cleve Moler <>
Date: Sat Feb 27 08:30:13 PST 1988
Subject:Ardent Computer Announces New Machine

Ardent Computer (we changed our name from Dana Computer) will be
officially announcing its new machine at a press conference in
San Francisco on Tuesay. We call it the Titan and classify it
as a "Graphics Supercomputer". It combines the computational
power of a small supercomputer with the high speed, interactive
graphics of a large workstation. Our 100-by-100 LINPACK Benchmark
performance is 6.4 Megaflops on one processor. The list prices
begin at $79,000.

I won't abuse my NA-Net privileges any further. If you would
like more details, please let me know. If you give me an
old-fashioned mailing address, I'll have some material sent to you.

--Cleve Moler
Ardent Computer
880 West Maude
Sunnyvale, CA 94086