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Subject: Wilkinson Meeting: Advances in Reliable Numerical Computation
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Conference Reminder


A meeting dedicated to the late James Hardy Wilkinson

8th - 10th July 1987

National Physical Laboratory
Teddington, Middlesex, UK

Conference Program

Iterative refinement and reliable computing
Ake Bjorck, Linkoping

The least squares solution of linear equations with block-angular
observation matrix
Maurice Cox, NPL

Stochastic round-off error estimates: application to the eigenvalue
Francoise Chatelin, IBM Paris

On the nearest defective matrix and related problems
James Demmel(*), Courant Institute and Bo Kagstrom, Umea

Evolution of numerical software for linear algebra, part I
Jack Dongarra, Argonne National Laboratory

Tearing large sparse systems
Iain Duff, Harwell

The influence of Jim Wilkinson on his younger colleagues
Gene Golub, Stanford

Evolution of numerical software for linear algebra, part II
Sven Hammarling, NAG

Analysis of the Choleski decomposition of a semi-definite matrix
Nick Higham, Manchester

Experiences with some software engineering practices in numerical
David Jacobs, CEGB

The block Lanczos algorithm applied to a pure imaginary Hermitian matrix
Kajal Gupta and Chuck Lawson(*), Harvey Mudd College

Why we need The floating-point arithmetic standard
Velvel Kahan, Berkeley

Linear algebraic issues in solving large-scale quadratic programs
Philip Gill, Walter Murray(*), Michael Saunders and Margaret Wright,

Rounding errors in algebraic processes - in level-index arithmetic
Frank Olver, Maryland

Some aspects of generalized QR factorizations
Chris Paige, McGill

The behaviour of Ritz values during a run of the Lanczos algorithm
Beresford Parlett, Berkeley

Balancing finite-element assembly trees
Iain Duff, Nick Gould, John Reid(*), Harwell and M Lescrenier, Namur

Software for shape preserving spline interpolation
Christian Reinsch, Munich

An iterative method for solving linear inequalities
Pete Stewart, Maryland

Computational aspects of the Kronecker canonical form
Theo Beelen and Paul Van Dooren(*), Philips Brussels

On the conditioning of parameter estimation problems
James Varah, British Columbia

(*) presenter


The opening address will be given at 14.30 on Wednesday 8th July. On
the Thursday and Friday there will be full morning and afternoon

A Sherry Reception will be held at NPL on the Wednesday evening and a
Conference Dinner at the Skyway Hotel on the Thursday.

Conference Fee

The conference fee is 120 pounds + 18 pounds VAT, per person. A reduced
fee of 70 pounds + 10.50 pounds VAT is available for full-time
postgraduate students.

The fee includes luncheon on each of the three days (cold buffet on
Wednesday), morning coffee and afternoon tea, the Sherry Reception and
the Conference Dinner.

The cost for additional people at the conference dinner is expected to be
about 25 pounds each.


Provisional accommodation has been reserved at

Skyway Hotel
Bath Road

Telephone: UK 01 759 6311, International +44 1 759 6311

Special rates available through NPL (see registration form below) are
41 pounds per night single or 24.50 pounds per night per person for
shared twin or double.

Transport to and from NPL will be provided. The Skyway also operate a
courtesy bus to and from Heathrow airport.

Registration Form

Please complete and send as soon as possible to:

Mrs. A. E. Gold
National Physical Laboratory
Middlesex TW11 0LW

Telephone: UK 01 943 6352, International +44 1 943 6352
Telex: 262344

Cheques and money orders should be made payable to the Department of
Trade and Industry and should be marked on the back '787COMP'. The NPL
VAT number is GD 255.

Please indicate if you are likely to require additional places at the
conference dinner.


Advances in Reliable Numerical Computation, 8th - 10th July 1987.

Name ___________________________________________________________

Affiliation ___________________________________________________________

Position ___________________________________________________________

Address ___________________________________________________________



Please complete either A or B:

A Enclosed is _______________________________________________________
for the full conference fee of 138 pounds.

B Declaration for postgraduate student registration (to be completed
by a senior member of the place of affiliation):

I certify that ____________________________________________________
is a full-time postgraduate student at the place of affiliation
given on this form:

Name _________________________________________________________

Position _________________________________________________________

Signature _________________________________________________________

Enclosed is _______________________________________________________
for the reduced conference fee of 80.50 pounds.


Please indicate the number of rooms required by your party:

Single Twin Double





If you wish to share with another delegate please tick either A or B:

A I have arranged to share with __________________________________

B Please arrange for me to share


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