NA Digest Sunday, May 17, 1987 Volume 87 : Issue 42

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Date: Wed, 13 May 87 14:09:22 cdt
From: dongarra@anl-mcs.ARPA (Jack Dongarra)
Subject: Argonne's class on parallel computing

Argonne National Laboratory has set up an Advanced Computing
Research Facility (ACRF) for the study of parallel computing. It
currently features an 8-processor Alliant FX/8, a 20-processor
Encore Multimax, a 24-processor Sequent Balance 21000, a
32-processor Intel iPSC hypercube machine, and a 16-processor Intel
iPSC hypercube with vector processors. Local projects utilizing
the ACRF include investigations in parallel logic programming and
parallel linear algebra and the development of portable parallel
programming methodologies.

To encourage use of the ACRF as a national user facility,
Argonne is sponsoring various classes to familiarize potential
users with the ACRF multiprocessors and with parallel programming
in general. The next class will be held on June 17 - 19 and another
July 22 - 24. The first two days will cover parallel programming
on the Alliant, Encore, Sequent, and Intel computers; the third day
will be devoted to consideration of each attendee's particular project.
Fortran will be emphasized as the primary programming language, although
C will be discussed. This will be a hands-on class; at its completion
participants will have written and run a number of programs on each
machine, and should be familiar with the ACRF environment.

Those interested in the June or July class should contact

Teri Huml
Mathematics and Computer Science Division
Argonne National Laboratory
Argonne, IL 60439-4844

(312) 972-7163

There will be no charge for this class, nor is any financial support
for attendees available.


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