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From: Roger Horn <>
Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2012 09:47:43 -0600
Subject: Second edition of Matrix Analysis

The second edition of Horn & Johnson, Matrix Analysis has just been
published by Cambridge University Press. For details, see

Roger Horn


From: Garry Tee <>
Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2012 14:48:51 +1300
Subject: Gauss on Compatibility of Dimensions

Van Snyder told that "In 1822, Fourier observed that dimensional
analysis is important. One ought not to compare or add apples and
oysters, and multiplying length by area ought to yield volume, not
velocity" [NA Digest V.12, #43].

In 1809 Carl Friedrich Gauss published his major book "Theoria Motus
Corporum Coelestium In Sectionibus Conicis Solem Ambientium". [English
translation from Latin by Charles Henry Davis, "Theory of the Motion
of the Heavenly Bodies Moving about the Sun in Conic Sections",
Little, Brown and Company, 1857. Reprinted by Dover Publications Inc;
New York, 1963].

Such an orbit is defined by 6 parameters, which are connected with the
astronomical data (consisting of measurements of angles and of time)
by highly nonlinear equations. Gauss used N observations, where N is
much larger than 6. From initial estimates of the 6 parameters he
linearized the N equations, to get an overdetermined system of N
linear equations in 6 unknowns. Gauss invented the method of least
squares which he used to compute the most probable estimate of the
solution of the N linearized equations, and that process was iterated
until the 6 parameters had effectively converged.

He explained that if the N nonlinear equations have unequal
accuracies, then they should be scaled so that the scaled equations
have equal numerical estimates of their accuracy. "In this way it is
not even necessary that the functions V, V', V'', etc. relate to
homogeneous quantities, but they may represent heterogeneous
quantities also, (for example, seconds of arc and time), provided only
that the ratio of the errors, which might have been committed with
equal facility in each, can be estimated" (pages 260 & 261).

Thus, Gauss in 1809 warned his readers they they should not naively
try to add squares of heterogeneous quantities, such as angle and

Garry J. Tee,
Dept of Mathematics, University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand


From: Tobias Neckel <>
Date: Fri, 26 Oct 2012 09:27:39 +0200
Subject: Call for 4th BGCE Student Paper Prize

Let us direct your attention to the 4th BGCE Student Paper Prize to be
awarded at the 2013 SIAM CS&E Conference, February 25 -- March 1,
2013, in Boston, Massachusetts, for outstanding student work in the
field of Computational Science and Engineering.

Founder of the prize is the Bavarian Graduate School of Computational
Engineering (BGCE, ). The prize winner will be
invited to spend one week (air fare and lodging expenses covered) in
Bavaria, Germany, visiting BGCE sites in Erlangen and Muenchen and
getting in contact with BGCE's educational and research program. The
main objective is to promote excellent students in CS&E and to foster
international exchange at an early career stage. Eligible for the
prize will be undergraduate and graduate students prior to receiving
their PhD (at date of submission).

Candidates are required to summarize their work in a short paper of at
most 4 pages. The prize finalists will be asked to present their work
at SIAM CS&E 2012 with a talk to be given in a special "CS&E Student
Prize Minisymposium" (on February 25, 2013). The papers and talks will
be evaluated by an international prize committee. Excluded from the
competition are only students from our own universities, FAU and TUM.
Deadline for submissions is December 16, 2012. Submissions should be
sent in pdf format via email to

Since we are interested in a broad and high-level competition, as we
had it in 2007, 2009, and 2011, we ask you to encourage suitable
candidates in your group or department to submit a paper and to
support their participation in SIAM CS&E 2013.

Please see for details.


From: Emil Zagar <>
Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2012 03:54:04 -0400
Subject: Geometry:Theory and Applications, Slovenia, Jun 2013

Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
in collaboration with

Institute of Mathematics, Physics and Mechanics, Ljubljana, Slovenia,
Faculty of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Information Technologies,
University of Primorska
Institute Andrej Marusic, University of Primorska
is organizing

International Conference on Geometry: Theory and Applications, to be
held in Ljubljana, Slovenia, from June 24th to June 28th 2013.

All relevant information can be found on

This is a continuation of previous conferences held in Vorau (Austria)
2007 and 2011, and in Plzen (Czech Republic) 2009.

Invited speakers:
Carlotta Giannelli (JKU Linz, Austria),
Jiri Kosinka (Rainbow research group, Cambridge, United Kingdom),
Josef Schicho (RICAM, Linz, Austria),
Tamas Varady (GML, Budapest, Hungary)

Inquiries about the conference should be addressed by e-mail to


From: Joseph Traub <>
Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2012 11:50:10 -0400
Subject: Symposium, Joseph Traub's 80th Birthday, USA, Nov 2012

Symposium for Joseph Traub’s 80th Birthday Celebration
Columbia University, New York City
November 9, 2012

All talks will be in Davis Auditorium

More Information (schedule, directions, abstracts, bio sketches):

- Zvi Galil, Welcoming remarks
- Jeannette Wing, Computational Thinking
- Henryk Wozniakowski, Joseph F. Traub and Information-Based
- Ian Sloan, High Dimensional Integration --- From Information-Based
Complexity to Uncertainty Quantification
- Ralph Gomory, Mathematics and Trade
- Richard Karp, How Can We Explain the Success of Heuristic
- David Lee, Memory Efficient Routing Table Design and Fast IP Lookup
for High- End Core Routers
- Anargyros Papageorgiou, Quantum Algorithms and Complexity
- H. T. Kung, Compressive Computing
- David Shaw, Anton: A Special-Purpose Machine That Achieves a
Hundred-Fold Speedup in Biomolecular Simulations


From: "AndréR.Brodtkorb" <>
Date: Sun, 28 Oct 2012 17:43:04 +0100
Subject: Winter School, Reproducible Science, Norway, Jan 2013

Winter School on Reproducible Science and Modern Scientific Software
January 20th-25th 2013.
Dr. Holms Hotel, Geilo, Norway.

It is a pleasure to announce that the 13th Geilo Winter School will
take place at Dr. Holms Hotel in the week January 20-25, 2013.

The Winter School will give an introduction to reproducible science
and modern techniques for scientific software development. A major
problem with the computational science community today is that many
published results are impossible to reproduce. This problem has
recently received a lot of attention, and the aim of the winter school
is that participants will be able to apply the learned techniques to
make their own research reproducible. Topics that will be covered
include reproducible research, verification and validation, software
testing, and continuous integration.

This years winter school will be given by four domain experts. Rasmus
E. Benestad is a Senior Scientist at the Norwegian Meteorological
Institute and author of several scientific books, André R. Brodtkorb
is a researcher at SINTEF, Johan S. Seland is the leader of the
Heterogeneous Computing research group at SINTEF, and Fernando Perez
is a researcher at U.C. Berkeley and the creator and lead developer of

Participants are encouraged to present their own research in a poster.



From: JING LI <>
Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2012 12:57:37 -0400
Subject: Deadline Extended, Kent State Conf, USA, Apr 2013

The registration deadline is extended to January 15, 2013, for the
conference to be held at Kent State University, Kent, Ohio, USA, on
April 19- 20, 2013.

There are still a number of travel supports available for attending
this conference. The travel support application deadline is Decembber
15, 2012.

For those who plan to organize special sessions in this conference,
please send such information including the session title and tentative
speakers to


From: Andrew Wathen <>
Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2012 12:34:10 +0100
Subject: Preconditioning 2013, UK, Jun 2013

Pre-registration is now open for the International Conference
on Preconditioning Techniques for Scientific and Industrial
Applications (Preconditioning 2013) which will take place in
St Anne's College, Oxford from Wednesday 19th June to Friday
21st June 2013.

Submissions for contributed talks and minisymposia are now
open with a deadline of 4th January 2013.

All details, including how to pre-register and make submissions,
can be found on the conference website at


From: "Esmond G. Ng" <>
Date: Sun, 28 Oct 2012 04:13:55 -0700
Subject: 40 Years of Nested Dissection, Canada, Jul 2013

Workshop Celebrating 40 Years of Nested Dissection

Location: University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Canada
Date: July 22-23, 2013

Nested dissection was first described by Alan George in a 1973 paper
in the SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis. The original algorithm
aimed at reducing fill in the Cholesky factorization of a sparse
symmetric positive definite matrix associated with a discretization of
a square domain, and was shown to be optimal in terms of nonzero and
operation counts, in the asymptotical sense. Many researchers have
generalized the nested dissection algorithm to more general sparse
matrices, both symmetric and nonsymmetric. Generalized nested
dissection uses a graph that represents the sparsity structure of the
matrix; this connection has motivated an enormous body of work in the
theory and practice of graph partitioning. Nested dissection and its
generalizations have been important in sparse matrix computation, from
theory to algorithms to software, implemented on serial and parallel
computers, from desktops to today's largest HPC machines.
Furthermore, nested dissection and its generalizations have also found
their way into other scientific applications, such as analysis of
social networks and data mining.

The year 2013 marks the 40th year since the publication of the
original nested dissection algorithm. A workshop will be organized at
the University of Waterloo on July 22-23, 2013 (with the possibility
of extending to July 24, 2013) to celebrate this occasion.

This workshop will review the successes of the past, as well as
looking forward to the future. The workshop will feature both invited
talks and contributed talks. Further information will be available


From: "Treinen, Raymond F" <>
Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2012 14:59:40 +0000
Subject: Tenure Track Position, Comp/Applied Math, Texas State Univ

The Department of Mathematics at Texas State University is seeking to
hire beginning Fall 2013 a tenure-track Assistant Professor, in the
area of Applied Mathematics. Requirements for this position are: a
doctorate in Mathematics; a strong and sustained research record or
potential in computational aspects of Numerical Analysis or
Optimization; evidence of, or potential for, excellence in teaching; a
strong preparation in mathematics; and an ability to contribute to
departmental missions. Preference will be given to applicants with
high potential for research collaboration with current faculty. The
successful candidate will be expected to sustain a strong commitment
to high-quality research in their identified area of
specialization. This candidate must also be dedicated to the teaching
and mentoring of students at the graduate and undergraduate levels and
must be willing to participate in the development of new courses. The
salary will be commensurate with qualifications.

Texas State University-San Marcos will not discriminate against any
person in employment or exclude any person from participating in or
receiving the benefits of any of its activities or programs on any
basis prohibited by law, including race, color, age, national origin,
religion, sex, disability, veterans’ status, or on the basis of sexual

Texas State University-San Marcos is a tobacco-free campus. Smoking
and the use of any tobacco product will not be allowed anywhere on
Texas State property or in university owned or leased vehicles.

Texas State University-San Marcos is a member of The Texas State
University System.

To apply, please send or arrange to have sent: a completed AMS
Application Cover Sheet, clearly marking your primary and secondary
research area using the standard Mathematics Subject Classification
code; a cover letter; a vita; undergraduate and graduate transcripts
from your entire college career (of which unofficial ones are
acceptable for initial screening); a summary statement of research
interests and publications; a statement of teaching philosophy; and at
least 3 letters of recommendation, at least one of which addresses
teaching potential. The mailing address is:

Faculty Hiring in Applied Mathematics,
Texas State University
Department of Mathematics
601 University Drive
San Marcos, TX 78666.

To ensure full consideration, all materials should arrive by December
10th, 2012. However, we shall continue to accept applications until
the position is filled. Further information, including details of
other positions available, can be found at


From: Julia Olkin <>
Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2012 08:48:21 -0700
Subject: Tenure Track Position, California State Univ, East Bay

Tenure-track position available in the Math and Computer Science
Department at California State University, East Bay, in Hayward, CA.

POSITION (OAA Position 13-14 MCS-APPLIED-TT) The Department invites
applications for a tenure-track appointment as Assistant Professor in
applied mathematics starting Fall 2013 teaching Applied Math courses
at B.S./M.S. levels.

Applicants must have a Ph.D. in mathematics by September, 2013.
Teaching includes day and evening courses, majors and service courses,
with a typical teaching responsibility of three classes/Quarter. The
candidates must exhibit the potential for excellent teaching and
research and for leadership in curriculum development. They must also
demonstrate the ability to teach, advise and mentor students from
diverse educational and cultural backgrounds. Other responsibilities
include service to the University, the profession, and the community.

Please submit, at **, a letter of application, which
addresses the qualifications noted in the position announcement, a
complete and current vita, graduate transcripts, copies of major
publications, and three letters of recommendation. You may also
include statements of teaching philosophy, research plans, and
information about your teaching experiences.

Completed applications should be submitted to
Alternatively, materials may be mailed to

Mathematics Search Committee
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
California State University, East Bay
Hayward, CA 94542-3092
Telephone: (510) 885-3414
Fax: (510) 885-4190

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Review of applications will begin December 1,

CSUEB, situated in the hills overlooking San Francisco Bay, is an EOE,
committed to “educational excellence for a diverse society”.

Full details available:


From: Rosie Renaut <>
Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2012 11:43:09 -0700
Subject: Tenure Track and Postdoc Positions, Arizona State Univ

The School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences at Arizona State
University has a number of vacancies to be filled for Fall 2013. These
include several postdoctoral / visiting professor positions and tenure
track positions in applied or computational mathematics and in
statistics. Information on all positions is posted at


From: Cami Reece <>
Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2012 19:09:18 -0400
Subject: Tenure Track Position, Applied Math, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo


California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo is seeking a
full-time, academic year position beginning Fall 2013. For details,
qualifications and application instructions (online faculty
application required), visit

Review Begin Date: December 7, 2012.



From: Zhi Lin <>
Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2012 20:54:36 -0400
Subject: Faculty Positions, Zhejiang Univ, China

The Department of Mathematics at Zhejiang University, one of the top
universities in China, engages in outstanding research in both pure
and applied areas, and anticipates a significant growth in the next
few years. In particular, the Department will have a number of
available positions in all areas of mathematics. The ranks are open
and the starting date for each position may be flexible. Excellence is
essential in both research and teaching, and it is expected that any
successful candidate at the junior level has some experience beyond
the Ph.D.

The salary will be competitive and housing assistance or subsidiaries
will be provided.

All applications must be submit the following materials to Dr. Huojun
Ruan at
1.AMS Standard Cover Sheet;
2.Cover Letter;
3.Curriculum Vitae;
4.Research Statement;
5.Teaching Statement;
6.Publication List;
At least 3 Letters of Recommendation (Sent by Writers).

The screening of applications will begin on December 15, 2012.
Applications will be evaluated continuously.


From: Kint Tabiliran <>
Date: Fri, 26 Oct 2012 09:16:02 -0400
Subject: Faculty Positions, Applied Operations Research, Cornell

Faculty Positions in Applied Operations Research

Cornell is a community of scholars, known for intellectual rigor and
engaged in deep and broad research, teaching tomorrow’s thought
leaders to think otherwise, care for others, and create and
disseminate knowledge with a public purpose.

Cornell University's School of Operations Research and Information
Engineering (ORIE) seeks to fill one or more tenured/tenure-track
faculty positions in Applied Operations Research on the Ithaca
campus. Applicants with research interests in supply chain/logistics,
information engineering/ technology, energy/sustainability, OR and
healthcare, or statistics are of primary interest.

Requisite is a strong interest in the broad mission of the School, an
ability and willingness to teach at all levels of the program, strong
potential for leadership in research and education, and a PhD in
Operations Research, Mathematics, Statistics, or a related field by
the start of the appointment. Salary will be appropriate to
qualifications and engineering school norms.

Cornell ORIE is a diverse group of high-quality researchers and
educators interested in probability, optimization, statistics,
simulation, and a wide array of applications such as manufacturing,
supply chains, scheduling, transportation systems, health care,
financial engineering, service systems and network science. We value
mathematical and technical depth and innovation, and experience with
applications and practice. Ideal candidates will have correspondingly
broad training and interests. Please apply online at with a cover letter, CV,
statements of teaching and research interests, sample publications,
list of references and, for junior applicants, a doctoral
transcript. Applications will be reviewed beginning December 1, 2012
and will be accepted until these positions are filled.

ORIE and the College of Engineering at Cornell embrace diversity and
seek candidates who can contribute to a welcoming climate for students
of all races and genders. Cornell University seeks to meet the needs
of dual career couples, has a Dual Career program, and is a member of
the Upstate New York Higher Education Recruitment Consortium to assist
with dual career searches. Visit to see
positions available in higher education in the upstate New York area.
Cornell University is an equal opportunity, affirmative action
educator and employer. We strongly encourage qualified women and
minority candidates to apply.

Find us online at or

Diversity and inclusion have been and continue to be a part of our
heritage. Cornell University is a recognized EEO/AA employer and

Job Requirements

Requisite is a strong interest in the broad mission of the School, an
ability and willingness to teach at all levels of the program, strong
potential for leadership in research and education, and a PhD in
Operations Research, Mathematics, Statistics, or a related field by
the start of the appointment.


From: Nick Trefethen <>
Date: Sat, 27 Oct 2012 07:53:21 -0400
Subject: Faculty, Position, Numerical Optimization, Oxford

A permanent faculty position is available in the Numerical Analysis
Group at Oxford in the area of Numerical Optimization. This post
is based in the Numerical Analysis Group in Oxford's Mathematical
Institute and includes a tutorial fellowship in Balliol College,
founded in 1263 (Balliol is also my college). The title is
Oxford's standard one of University Lecturer, but candidates at
all levels of seniority are encouraged to apply, and if a senior
candidate is appointed there may be a possibility of the title of
Professor. For details see
The deadline for applications is 7 December 2012, and interviews
of shortlisted candidates will probably be held January 9. If you
have questions, please contact me at


From: BjrnFredrikNielsen <>
Date: Fri, 26 Oct 2012 09:03:59 +0000
Subject: Associate Professor, Norwegian Univ of Life Sciences

Associate Professor in computational science,
Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Norway

A permanent position as associate professor in computational science
is available from 1 May 2013 at the Department of Mathematical
Sciences and Technology (IMT) at Norwegian University of Life Sciences
(UMB). With some 60 faculty and nearly 1000 students in science,
engineering and teacher training, IMT is the largest department at

The position is part of the basic science section of IMT with research
groups in computational biology, image analysis and spectroscopy, and
energy physics. Informatics research in our department is focused on
computational biology and pattern recognition. We are looking for an
eager and inspiring researcher and educator in informatics, with a
focus on applications in computational science. See for further information.


From: Jason Roberts <>
Date: Sun, 28 Oct 2012 11:39:28 +0000
Subject: Senior Lecturer Position: Univ of Chester

The Department of Mathematics is seeking to appoint a Senior Lecturer
to teach at all levels within the undergraduate and postgraduate
Mathematics curricula and to undertake research.

This post offers an excellent opportunity to contribute to all aspects
of the work of our friendly and successful department.

You must possess a PhD in Mathematics. Experience of teaching
University Mathematics, and successful publication of research results
will be an advantage.

Candidates may download further details and an application form from
our website at send an A4 SAE to HRM
Services, University of Chester, Parkgate Road, Chester CH1 4BJ
quoting reference number HRMS/12057.

Closing date: Thursday 8th November 2012 at 12 noon.


From: "Johan Hoffman" <>
Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2012 18:26:13 +0200
Subject: Postdoc Position, Royal Institute of Technology KTH

The Computational Technology Laboratory at the department for High
Performance Computing and Visualization at the Royal Institute of
Technology KTH, now opens a postdoctoral position in the area of
scientific computing.

CTL research is focused on computational mathematical modeling with
differential equations, and the development, analysis and
implementation of general, reliable and efficient methods for the
computer simulation of complex systems of high scientific and
industrial importance. The core technology is adaptive finite element
methods for turbulent fluid flow and multiphysics, implemented in the
open source software project FEniCS
( Uncertainty quantification, data
assimilation and inverse problems are also areas of high
interest. Current application projects include aerodynamics and
aeroacoustics of vehicles and airplanes, ocean and atmosphere
modeling, and biomedical modeling of the human heart and the human
voice. The goal of the candidate is to add new expertise to the group,
and to work in one or more projects.

For more information on CTL:

Candidates should have (or soon receive) a Ph.D. in an area related to
the research focus of CTL (applied mathematics, computer science,
numerical analysis, scientific computing, or similar), and demonstrate
exceptional research accomplishments (or promise). Solid knowledge and
experience of numerical methods for the solution of partial
differential equations is a requirement, as well as good programming

Application deadline: November 18, 2012

For further information about the application see:


From: Eric de Sturler <>
Date: Fri, 26 Oct 2012 17:28:06 -0400
Subject: Postdoc Positions, CFD-related CS&E, Virginia Tech

Postdoctoral Positions in CFD-related Computational Science and
Engineering at Virginia Tech

We are seeking two post-doctoral research associates for joint
appointments between the Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace
Engineering, and Mathematics Departments to work in the area of
advanced algorithms and methods in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)
on novel emerging massively parallel computer architectures such as
co-processing on General Purpose Graphic Processing Units
(GPGPUs). The candidates should have well-rounded hands-on experience
with Navier-Stokes CFD code development in complex geometries using
body-fitted structured or unstructured grids, parallel programming
experience with MPI, OpenMP, CUDA, OpenCL or OpenACC, and experience
with the linear/non- linear solution of these systems on various
computer architectures for optimal performance. Experience with
conducting large-scale CFD computations on 100s- 1000s of processing
cores is desirable. The selected candidates will work in an
interdisciplinary team from the above departments as well as the
Computer Science Department to advance the state-of-the-art in CFD for
complex applications leveraging the emerging developments in new
computer architectures, parallel programming languages, and
linear/non-linear solution techniques.

The candidate should have a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace
Engineering, or Applied Mathematics with expertise in CFD and
Computational Science and Engineering. Candidates with Ph.D.s in
related fields with the right experience will also be considered.

For more information contact one of the following:
- Prof. Chris Roy, Department of Aerospace and Ocean Engineering,, (540)231-0080.
- Prof. Eric de Sturler, Department of Mathematics,,
- Prof. Danesh Tafti, Department of Mechanical Engineering,,

To apply, please e-mail complete curriculum vitae and the names and
addresses of two references to

About Virginia Tech:
Virginia Tech established in 1872 as a land-grant college is a
comprehensive research university with approximately $300 million per
year in research expenditures, and 30,000 students with approximately
8,000 students enrolled in the College of Engineering and more than
4,000 students enrolled in the College of Science.

The Mechanical Engineering Department, which includes a Nuclear
Engineering Program, offers B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees in ME and
will soon offer M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Nuclear Engineering. The
Department has 59 full-time faculty members, and a current enrollment
of over 1100 undergraduate and 275 graduate students. The Department
includes several research centers and its faculty members are engaged
in diverse multidisciplinary research activities with expenditures
exceeding $17 million annually.

The Department of Aerospace and Ocean Engineering offers a unique
blend of two disciplines that takes advantage of commonality in the
analysis and design of aerospace and ocean vehicles. Undergraduate and
graduate degrees are offered in both disciplines, with more than 500
undergraduate students and more than 100 graduate students
enrolled. The Department has 19 full-time faculty members who are
actively engaged in our broad research program, which has annual
expenditures of more than $6.5 million, and all teach at the
undergraduate and graduate levels.

The Department of Mathematics has a strong group of
computationally-oriented, interdisciplinary faculty covering a wide
range of topics. The department offers B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees
in Mathematics. The department has about 400 undergraduate students
and about 70 graduate students. The department has 37 full-time
faculty members engaged in a wide range of applied and pure
mathematics research. The mathematics department has annual research
awards of around $2 million.

Virginia Tech has a strong commitment to the principle of diversity
and, in that spirit, seeks a broad spectrum of candidates including
women, minorities, and people with disabilities. The University is the
recipient of a National Science Foundation ADVANCE Institutional
Transformation Award to increase the participation of women in
academic science and engineering careers. Virginia Tech is an Equal
Opportunity/Affirmative Action Institution.


From: Tammy Kolda <>
Date: Fri, 26 Oct 2012 17:38:42 -0400
Subject: Postdoc Positions, Graph Analysis or Compressed Sensing, Sandia/CA

Job Title: Postdoc, Graph Analysis or Compressed Sensing

Job ID: 641951

Summary: We currently have two openings for postdoctoral researchers
in the following areas: (1) massive-scale graph analysis using
MapReduce and (2) compressed sensing applied to problems of data
compromise and robustness. The successful applicant will be expected
to conduct innovative research, to develop open-source software, to
present his or her findings at leading conferences and workshops, and
to publish his or her results in leading journals. This postdoctoral
position is for motivated and enthusiastic individuals with a
background in computer science, mathematics, statistics, engineering,
or related areas.

Required: (1) Advanced degree (Ph.D. or equivalent) in computer
science, mathematics, statistics, engineering, or a related area, with
a strong record of academic performance; (2) ability to work in a
collaborative research environment; (3) evidence of relevant research
expertise in the form of technical publications, presentations,
software, and/or knowledge of applications; (4) software development
competence in Java, C++, or a related language; (5) proficiency in
solving problems, prioritizing work, and making decisions; (6)
excellent written and oral communication skills.

Desired: (1) Expertise in one or more of the following areas: graph
and network analysis, compressed sensing, linear algebra, parallel
algorithm design, applied statistics, numerical optimization,
computational combinatorics, cyber defense, power systems, image and
network surveillance; (2) software engineering proficiency, especially
Hadoop MapReduce and/or high-performance computing experience; (3)
experience with standard research tools such as LaTeX, MATLAB,
PowerPoint; (4) a background in solving practical problems in science
and engineering that involve encounters with real-world data; and (5)
evidence of professional service to the community, such as engagement
in student service activities or seminar/workshop organization.

Supervisor: Tamara G. Kolda,

For more information, see


From: "Jonathan Hu" <>
Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2012 15:35:44 -0700
Subject: Postdoc Positions, Sandia National Labs

Sandia National Laboratories' Scalable Algorithms Department seeks
multiple postdoctoral researchers to conduct innovative research in
the areas of:

1. High performance numerical linear algebra, including parallel
iterative solvers and/or multilevel preconditioners, algorithms for
multicore and heterogeneous architectures, and development of
object-oriented scientific software libraries.

2. Enabling solver technology within computationally challenging
advanced simulations such as UQ via stochastic PDEs, data-driven
inverse problems, PDE-based optimization, and sophisticated
multi-physics systems.

3. Application-driven analysis and development of core solution
methodologies within areas such as frequency domain linear elasticity,
semiconductor device modeling, porous media flow, or ice sheet

4. Combinatorial scientific computing algorithmic research and
software development, including dynamic partitioning for heterogeneous
architectures, data layout and ordering for NUMA architectures, and
graph- and hypergraph-based algorithms.

For details and to apply, see either
or job posting 641929 at

Erik Boman (
Karen Devine (
Jonathan Hu (
Ray Tuminaro (


From: Anna-Ulla Gardiner <>
Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2012 14:12:05 +0100
Subject: Contents, Nonlinearity, 25(11)

Volume 25, Issue 11, November 2012

Individual articles are free for 30 days following their publication
on the web. This issue is available at: URL:

Pages: 2993-3234


Representation formula for stochastic Schr\"odinger evolution
equations and applications, Anne de Bouard and Reika Fukuizumi

Search on the brink of chaos, Yu Baryshnikov and V Zharnitsky

Polynomial growth of the volume of balls for zero-entropy geodesic
systems, Cl\'emence Labrousse

On the supercritically diffusive magnetogeostrophic equations, Susan
Friedlander, Walter Rusin and Vlad Vicol

A characterization of quasi-rational polygons, Nicolas Bedaride

Well-posedness for the compressible Navier--Stokes--Lam\'e system with
a free interface, Igor Kukavica and Amjad Tuffaha

Spectrum of the elimination of loops and multiple arrows in coupled
cell networks, A P S Dias and C S Moreira

Evolution of synchrony under combination of coupled cell networks, M A
D Aguiar and H Ruan

Special ergodic theorems and dynamical large deviations, Victor
Kleptsyn, Dmitry Ryzhov and Stanislav Minkov

Composition conditions for classes of analytic functions, Alexander

Global solutions for the 2D NS--CH model for a two-phase flow of
viscous, incompressible fluids with mixed partial viscosity and
mobility, Chongsheng Cao and Ciprian G Gal

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