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From: Bruce Bailey <>
Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2012 17:50:14 -0400
Subject: New Book, Physics and Partial Differential Equations, Volume I

Announcing the August 13, 2012, publication by SIAM of:

Physics and Partial Differential Equations, Volume I
by Tatsien Li and Tiehu Qin, Translated by Yachun Li

x + 249 pages / Softcover / ISBN 978-1-611972-26-9 /
List Price $79.00 / SIAM Member Price $55.30 / Order Code OT126

Now available in English for the first time, Physics and Partial
Differential Equations, Volume I bridges physics and applied
mathematics in a manner that is easily accessible to readers with an
undergraduate-level background in these disciplines.

Readers who are more familiar with mathematics than physics will
discover the connection between various physical and mechanical
disciplines and their related mathematical models, which are described
by partial differential equations (PDEs). The authors establish the
fundamental equations for fields such as electrodynamics; fluid
dynamics, magnetohydrodynamics, and reacting fluid dynamics; elastic,
thermoelastic, and viscoelastic mechanics; the kinetic theory of
gases; special relativity; and quantum mechanics.

Readers who are more familiar with physics than mathematics will
benefit from in-depth explanations of how PDEs work as effective
mathematical tools to more clearly express and present the basic
concepts of physics. The book describes the mathematical structures
and features of these PDEs, including the types and basic
characteristics of the equations and some commonly used approaches to
solving PDEs.

To order, or for more information about this and all SIAM books,
please visit


From: Lena Scholz <>
Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2012 05:47:22 -0400
Subject: Registration Ext, Challenge Workshop MSO-Tools, Germany, Sep 2012

Challenge Workshop MSO-Tools 2012
"Modeling, Simulation and Optimisation Tools"
24.-26. Sep. 2012, TU Berlin, Berlin, Germany

The registration is extended to August 31. Please use the registration
form to
register until August 31.

Furthermore, the preliminary program is online:

Please note that the workshop has been moved to 24.-26. September.

The goal of this workshop is to highlight the state-of-the-art and to
identify the challenges in modeling, simulation and optimization (MSO)
Tools, to bring together developers and users of MSO tools in academia
and industry. Special emphasis will be given to multiphysics
applications in multibody systems, electrical circuits, bioprocess
engineering, chemical reactions, thermodynamics and fluid dynamics.

Invited Speakers: Tobias Achterberg (IBM, Germany); Johan Åkesson
(Modelon, Sweden); Torsten Blochwitz (ITI, Dresden, Germany); Olivier
Brüls (University of Liège, Belgium); Markus Clemens (Bergische
Universität Wuppertal, Germany); Stefan Koerkel (IWR der Universität
Heidelberg, Germany); Pieter J. Mosterman (McGill University,
Montréal, Canada and MathWorks, USA); Michael Schäfer (TU Darmstadt,
Germany); Klaus Wolf (Fraunhofer-Institut SCAI, Sankt Augustin,


From: Jan-Philipp Weiss <>
Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2012 16:08:46 -0400
Subject: Facing the Multicore-Challenge III, Germany, Sep 2012

"Facing the Multicore-Challenge III"
Conference for Young Scientists, September 19-21, 2012
University of Applied Sciences (HfT), Stuttgart, Germany


The conference focuses on topics of multicore, manycore and
accelerator technologies and the impact on computational science,
day-to-day work and for large-scale applications. The goal is to
address and discuss current issues including mathematical modeling,
design of parallel algorithms, aspects of microprocessor architecture,
parallel programming languages, numerical simulation, compilers,
hardware-aware computing, heterogeneous platforms, emerging
architectures, tools, performance tuning, and requirements for
large-scale applications. The conference places emphasis on the
support and the advancement of young scientists in an
interdisciplinary environment.

You are cordially invited to submit a poster or an abstract for a
short talk (10 mins) (Deadline: August 24, 2012).

Best-Paper Awards, Best-Presentation Award, Best-Poster Award and
travel support for young scientists are kindly granted by the German
Gauss Alliance.

Invited Speakers: Bernd Winkelstraeter, Fujitsu; Torsten Hoefler, ETH
Zuerich/NCSA; Richard Barrett, Sandia National Labs; Mondrian Nuessle,

For further information please have a look at the conference website


From: Nick Trefethen <>
Date: Sun, 19 Aug 2012 09:20:35 -0400
Subject: Final Call, Chebfun and Beyond, Oxford U., UK, Sep 2012

This is a final call for participants at the Chebfun and Beyond
workshop to be held at Oxford University September 17-19; we ask
attendees to register online at by Tuesday,
August 28. The program will be finalized in early September. A list
of currently registered participants can be found at the web site, and
these are the invited speakers:

Folkmar Bornemann, TU Munich
Toby Driscoll, U. of Delaware
Leslie Greengard, New York U.
Nick Hale, U. of Oxford
Nick Higham, U. of Manchester
Daan Huybrechs, KU Leuven
Cleve Moler, MathWorks Inc.
Nick Trefethen, U. of Oxford

Contributed talks are solicited on all topics related to the theory
and practice of numerical computation with functions, especially in 1D
and 2D.


From: Kirsten Wilden <>
Date: Tue, 14 Aug 2012 10:33:33 -0400
Subject: SIAM, Applications of Dynamical Systems, USA, May 2013

SIAM Conference on Applications of Dynamical Systems (DS13)

Organizing Committee Co-chairs:
Charles Doering, University of Michigan, USA;
George Haller, ETH Zürich, Switzerland

Location: Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort, Snowbird, Utah, USA

Dates: May 19 – 23, 2013

Invited Speakers:
Lora Billings, Montclair State University, USA Adrian Constantin, King's
College London, United Kingdom Jeff Hasty, University of California, San
Diego, USA Paul Johnson, Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA Katharina
Krischer, Technische Universität München, Germany Mark Levi, Pennsylvania
State University, USA Alexander Lipton, Bank of America Merrill Lynch and
Imperial College London, United Kingdom Jean-Luc Thiffeault, University of
Wisconsin, USA Eric Vanden-Eijnden, Courant Institute of Mathematical
Sciences, New York University, USA

The Call for Presentations for this conference is available at:

Twitter hashtag: #SIAMDS13

October 22, 2012: Minisymposium proposals
November 19, 2012: Abstract submissions due
November 5, 2012: SIAM Student Travel Award and Post-doc/Early Career Travel
Award Applications

For additional information, contact the SIAM Conference Department


From: "Fathalla A. Rihan" <>
Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2012 07:27:00 -0400
Subject: CFP, Special Issue, Intl Journal of Differential Eq

Call for papers:

International Journal of Differential Equations, a journal of Hindawi
Publishing Corporation, is devoting a special issue on "Delay
Differential Equations in Biosciences"

For details, visit the following link:


From: George Avalos <>
Date: Fri, 17 Aug 2012 09:14:48 -0400
Subject: Tenure Track Position, Sci Comp/Comp Math, UNL

One tenure-track Assistant Professor position in Scientific
Computing/Computational Mathematics in the Department of Mathematics,
University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

More details and application instructions can be found at:


From: Bernard Geurts <>
Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2012 03:45:35 -0400
Subject: PhD and Postdoc Position, Modeling and Simulation of Aerosols

At the University of Twente a PhD and a PD position are available in
the group Multiscale Modeling and Simulation (MMS) of the Department
of Applied Mathematics. MMS is member of the Center for Interface
Research (CIR), a collaborative research center with scientists from
the Universities of Delft, Eindhoven and Twente.

In this research project we plan to investigate the generation of
aerosol from heated biomass. An accurate computational model will be
developed and applied to understand, predict and optimize the
multi-phase aerosol dynamics. The simulation tools developed in this
project may be applied in the development of an innovative range of
products that may have the potential to reduce the risk of smoking
related diseases. Operating under more controlled conditions and at
lower temperatures may reduce the formation of harmful and potentially
harmful smoke constituents that may be associated with smoking related
disease. This ambition gives an extra dimension to this project in
which innovative modeling and simulation technologies will be
developed to address the complex multi- species fluid dynamics of
aerosol. In particular, the project will investigate the underlying
mechanisms of the aerosol generation, evolution and transport by
integrating first principles from physics, chemistry and
biology. These results will be essential to calibration and
improvement of engineering models for product development.

The PhD & PD positions will be based full-time at the University of
Twente in Enschede, the Netherlands, under the direct supervision of
Prof. Bernard Geurts (University of Twente & Eindhoven University of
Technology) in collaboration with Dr. Arkadiusz Kuczaj (Philip Morris
International R&D, Neuchatel, Switzerland).

You may apply at . Deadline September 24,
2012. There you may find further information regarding enumeration and
desired profile. Starting date by arrangement in the period: September
- December 2012.


From: Christian Klingenberg <>
Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2012 09:41:06 -0400
Subject: PhD Position, Wuerzburg Univ, Germany

PhD Position, Würzburg University, Germany

A 3 year PhD position is available from Nov. 2012 on at the Dept. of
Mathematics of Würzburg University in the field of nonlinear partial
differential equations. A Diplom or Masters in applied mathematics is
required. The topic is either in the area of Prof. Manfred Dobrowolski
(finite elements, elliptic PDEs) or Prof. Christian Klingenberg
(finite volume methods, hyperbolic PDEs, astrophysical applications).

Please also see

For inquiries and applications please contact In the application please include
CV, list of publications, names and contact information for 3
references, and a brief statement of research interests. We will
accept applications until the position is filled.


From: Philip Knight <>
Date: Fri, 17 Aug 2012 16:20:54 +0100
Subject: PhD Studentship Position, Univ of Strathclyde

Applications are invited for a PhD studentship at the University of
Strathclyde in Glasgow on "Preconditioning Via Hierarchical
Clustering", funded by the Centre for Numerical Algorithms and
Intelligent Software (

The project, supervised by Dr Philip Knight and Professor Iain Duff,
will be based in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, but it
is envisaged that some time will be spent at the CERFACS research
facility in Toulouse.

The successful candidate will have an undergraduate or postgraduate
degree in mathematics or a similar numerate discipline. Experience of
programming in C++, FORTRAN or similar would be an advantage.

To be eligible for funding (full tuition fees and an annual stipend)
one must be a UK or EU student, resident in the UK for the last 3

For more details see or
contact Phil Knight ( by September 14th.


From: <>
Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2012 15:22:53 +0700
Subject: Contents, SibJNM, 15(3)

CONTENTS, Siberian Journal of Numerical Mathematics
Volume 15, No. 3, 2012

For information to contributors and about subscriptions

Andreev A.B., Racheva M.R., Lower bounds for eigenvalues and
postprocessing by an integral type nonconforming FEM (in Russian),

Voevodin A.F., The method of conjugate operators for solving boundary
value problems for ordinary second order differential equations (in
Russian), pp.251-260

Gasenko V.G., Demidov G.V., Il'in V.P., Shmakov I.A., Modeling of wave
processes in a vapor-liquid medium (in Russian), pp.261-270

Laevsky Yu.M., Kandryukova T.A., On approximation of discontinuous
solutions to the Buckley--Leverett equation (in Russian), pp.271-280

Okuonghae R.I., Ikhile M.N.O., On the construction of high order
$A(\alpha)$-stable hybrid linear multistep methods for stiff IVPs in
ODEs (in Russian), pp.281-292

Ostapenko V.V., On compact approximations of divergent differential
equations (in Russian), pp.293-306

Perevarukha A.U., The cyclic and unstable chaotic dynamics in models
of two populations of sturgeon fish (in Russian), pp.307-320

Savchenko A.O., Savchenko O.Ya., Calculation of charges screening an
external coaxial electric field on the surface of a conducting axial
symmetric body (in Russian), pp.321-327

Svetov I.E., Reconstruction of solenoidal part of a three-dimensional
vector field by its ray transforms along straight lines, parallel to
the coordinate planes (in Russian), pp.329-344


From: Oleg Burdakov <>
Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2012 04:06:12 -0400
Subject: Contents, Optimization Methods and Software, 27(6)

Table of Contents
Optimization Methods and Software (OMS),
Volume 27, Number 6 (November, 2012)

Michael Hinze and Morten Vierling
The semi-smooth Newton method for variationally discretized
control constrained elliptic optimal control problems;
implementation, convergence and globalization

Zhe Sun, Lei Wu and Jinping Zeng
A damped semismooth Newton-iterative method for
solving mixed linear complementarity problems

Dong-Hui Li, Qiong Li and Hongru Xu
An almost smooth equation reformulation to the nonlinear
complementarity problem and Newton's method

D. Di Lorenzo, G. Liuzzi, F. Rinaldi, F. Schoen and M. Sciandrone
A concave optimization-based approach for sparse portfolio selection

Ernesto G. Birgin, Damian Fernandez and J.M. Martinez
On the boundedness of penalty parameters in an augmented
Lagrangian method with constrained subproblems

Yongqiao Wang
Robust $\nu$-support vector machine based on worst-case
conditional value-at-risk minimization

Ping Zhong
Training robust support vector regression with smooth
non-convex loss function

C.J. Price, M. Reale and B.L. Robertson
A cover partitioning method for bound constrained
global optimization

Terence Bayen and Didier Henrion
Semidefinite programming for optimizing convex bodies
under width constraints

Morten Larsen
Branch and bound solution of the multidimensional assignment
problem formulation of data association

Zaiwen Wen, Wotao Yin, Hongchao Zhang and Donald Goldfarb
On the convergence of an active-set method for l1 minimization

Forthcoming papers and complete table of contents for the journal OMS:

Instructions for Authors and Online sample copy:


From: Martin Berzins <>
Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2012 16:04:32 -0600 (MDT)
Subject: Contents, Applied Numerical Mathematics, 62(10)

Applied Numerical Mathematics Volume 62, Issue 10, Pages 1257-1604,
October 2012

Selected Papers from NUMDIFF-11
Edited by J.G. Verwer, M. Arnold, W. Hundsdorfer and R. Weiner

1. Preface Pages 1257-1258 Jan Verwer, Willem Hundsdorfer, Martin
Arnold, Rudiger Weiner

2. Higher order event capturing time-stepping schemes for nonsmooth
multibody systems with unilateral constraints and impacts Pages
1259-1275 Vincent Acary

3. Surprising computations Pages 1276-1288 Uri M. Ascher

4. Positivity preserving discretization of time dependent
semiconductor drift-diffusion equations Pages 1289-1301 Markus Brunk,
Anne Kvaeno

5. Regularizing properties of difference schemes for singular
integral-differential equations Pages 1302-1311 E.V. Chistyakova

6. Two-step diagonally-implicit collocation based methods for Volterra
Integral Equations Pages 1312-1324 Dajana Conte, Raffaele DyyAmbrosio,
Beatrice Paternoster

7. Two-step modified collocation methods with structured coefficient
matrices Pages 1325-1334 Raffaele DyyAmbrosio, Beatrice Paternoster

8. Exponential peer methods Pages 1335-1348 Rüdiger Weiner, Tamer

9. An efficient family of stronglyA-stable Runge-Kutta collocation
methods for stiff systems and DAEs. Part II: Convergence results Pages
1349-1360 S. Gonzalez-Pinto, D. Hernandez-Abreu, J.I. Montijano

10. Search for highly stable two-step Runge-Kutta methods Pages
1361-1379 R. DyyAmbrosio, G. Izzo, Z. Jackiewicz

11. Linearly implicit peer methods for the compressible Euler
equations Pages 1380-1392 Stefan Jebens, Oswald Knoth, Rudiger Weiner

12. Presentation and comparison of selected algorithms for dynamic
contact based on the Newmark scheme Pages 1393-1410 Rolf Krause,
Mirjam Walloth

13. Numerical aspects in the dynamic simulation of geometrically exact
rods. Pages 1411-1427 Holger Lang, Martin Arnold

14. A second-order positivity preserving scheme for semilinear
parabolic problems Pages 1428-1435 Eskil Hansen, Felix Kramer,
Alexander Ostermann

15. Error analysis of splitting methods for inhomogeneous evolution
equations Pages 1436-1446 Alexander Ostermann, Katharina Schratz

16. A variable time-step-size code for advection-diffusion-reaction
PDEs Pages 1447-1462 S. Gonzalez-Pinto, S. Perez-Rodríguez

17. Variable step-size fractional step Runge-Kutta methods for
time-dependent partial differential equations Pages 1463-1476
L. Portero, A. Arraras, J.C. Jorge

18. Polynomial chaos for boundary value problems of dynamical systems
Pages 1477-1490 Roland Pulch

19. Stabilized overlapping modular time integration of coupled
differential-algebraic equations Pages 1491-1502 Tom Schierz, Martin

20. Convergence of continuous approximations for discontinuous ODEs
Pages 1503-1514 H. Schiller, M. Arnold

21. Spatial simulation of pushbelt CVTs with time-stepping schemes
Pages 1515-1530 Thorsten Schindler, Heinz Ulbrich, Friedrich Pfeiffer,
Arie van der Velde, Arjen Brandsma

22. Numerical solution of multiscale problems in atmospheric modeling
Pages 1531-1543 Martin Schlegel, Oswald Knoth, Martin Arnold, Ralf

23. On algebraic stability of general linear methods and peer methods
Pages 1544-1553 B.A. Schmitt

24. On the numerical solution of a convection-diffusion equation for
particle orientation dynamics on geodesic grids Pages 1554-1566
Evgeniy Zharovsky, Amin Moosaie, Anne Le Duc, Michael Manhart, Bernd

26. Peer methods for the one-dimensional shallow-water equations with
CWENO space discretization Pages 1567-1578 Gerd Steinebach, Rüdiger

27. Quasistatic approximations for stiff second order differential
equations Pages 1579-1590 Steffen Weber, Martin Arnold, Michael

28. Variable-stepsize doubly quasi-consistent parallel explicit peer
methods with global error control Pages 1591-1603 R. Weiner,
G.Yu. Kulikov, H. Podhaisky


From: Maya Neytcheva <>
Date: Fri, 17 Aug 2012 17:18:37 +0200
Subject: Contents, Numerical Linear Algebra with Applications, 19(2)

Numerical Linear Algebra with Applications
Vol 19, Issue 2, 2012
Special Issue: Multigrid methods

Editorial: Multigrid methods
J.E. Dendy Jr. (pages 175--177)

Relaxation-corrected bootstrap algebraic multigrid (rBAMG),
M. Brezina, C. Ketelsen, T. Manteuffel, S. McCormick, M. Park and
J. Ruge (pages 178--193)

Nonsymmetric Black Box multigrid with coarsening by three, Irad Yavneh
and Marion Weinzierl (pages 194--209)

Krylov-accelerated algebraic multigrid for semi-definite and
nonsymmetric systems in computational fluid dynamics, Maximilian Emans
(pages 210--231)

Analyzing the wave number dependency of the convergence rate of a
multigrid preconditioned Krylov method for the Helmholtz equation with
an absorbing layer, B. Reps and W. Vanroose (pages 232--252)

Improving the arithmetic intensity of multigrid with the help of
polynomial smoothers, P. Ghysels, P. K?osiewicz and W. Vanroose (pages

Experimental analysis of a Fast Adaptive Composite-based grid
expansion scheme for open boundary problems, Daniel Ritter and Ulrich
Rüde (pages 268--278)

An algebraic multilevel method for anisotropic elliptic equations
based on subgraph matching, James Brannick, Yao Chen and Ludmil
Zikatanov (pages 279--295)

Smoothed aggregation solvers for anisotropic diffusion, Jacob
B. Schroder (pages 296--312)

Multigrid methods for two-player zero-sum stochastic games, Marianne
Akian and Sylvie Detournay (pages 313--342)

Parallel adaptive mesh refinement for first-order system least
squares, M. Brezina, J. Garcia, T. Manteuffel, S. McCormick, J. Ruge
and L. Tang (pages 343--366)

Algebraic multigrid for discontinuous Galerkin discretizations of
heterogeneous elliptic problems, Peter Bastian, Markus Blatt and
Robert Scheichl (pages 367--388)

Robust and adaptive multigrid methods: comparing structured and
algebraic approaches, S.P. MacLachlan, J.D. Moulton and T.P. Chartier
(pages 389--413)

Element agglomeration coarse Raviart--Thomas spaces with improved
approximation properties, I.V. Lashuk and P.S. Vassilevski (pages

Block preconditioners for finite element discretization of
incompressible flow with thermal convection, Victoria E. Howle and
Robert C. Kirby (pages 427--440)


From: Maya Neytcheva <>
Date: Fri, 17 Aug 2012 17:06:39 +0200
Subject: Contents, Numerical Linear Algebra with Applications, 19(1)

Numerical Linear Algebra with Applications
Vol 19, Issue 1, 2012
Special Issue: Structured Matrices and Tensors

Editorial: Structured matrices and tensors, Ng Michael, Raymond Chan,
Xiaojun Chen, Liqun Qi, Franklin Luk, Michael Ng and Eugene
Tyrtyshnikov (pages 1--2)

Generalized circulant Strang-type preconditioners, Silvia Noschese and
Lothar Reichel

An efficient algorithm for clustered integer least squares problems
(pages 19--30), Joohwan Chun and Jaehyun Park (pages 3--17)

Spectral analysis and preconditioning techniques for radial basis
function collocation matrices, R. Cavoretto, A. De Rossi, M. Donatelli
and S. Serra-Capizzano (pages 31--52)

Preconditioning for partial differential equation constrained
optimization with control constraints, Martin Stoll and Andy Wathen
(pages 53--71)

On adaptively accelerated Arnoldi method for computing PageRank,
Jun-Feng Yin, Guo-Jian Yin and Michael Ng (pages 73--85)

Fast exponential time integration scheme for option pricing with
jumps, Spike T. Lee, Xin Liu and Hai-Wei Sun (pages 87--101)

Fast truncation of mode ranks for bilinear tensor operations,
D. V. Savostyanov, E. E. Tyrtyshnikov and N. L. Zamarashkin (pages

Semidefinite relaxation approximation for multivariate bi-quadratic
optimization with quadratic constraints, Chen Ling, Xinzhen Zhang and
Liqun Qi (pages 113--131)

Use of tensor formats in elliptic eigenvalue problems, Wolfgang
Hackbusch, Boris N. Khoromskij, Stefan Sauter and
EugeneE. Tyrtyshnikov (pages 133--151)

Coupled segmentation and denoising/deblurring models for hyperspectral
material identification, Fang Li, Michael K. Ng and Robert J. Plemmons
(pages 153--173)


From: JCM <>
Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2012 00:28:43 +0800 (HKT)
Subject: Contents, Journal of Computational Mathematics, 30(1)

Journal of Computational Mathematics (JCM)
Free downlable-----Volume 30, Number 1, 2012

Mingkang Ni and Limeng Wu, Step-Like Contrast Structure of Singularly
Perturbed Optimal Control Problem, J. Comp. Math., 30 (2012),
pp. 2-13.

Sergey Dolgov, Boris N. Khoromskij, Ivan Oseledets and Eugene E.
Tyrtyshnikov, Low-rank Tensor Structure of Solutions to Elliptic
Problems with Jumping Coefficients, J. Comp. Math., 30 (2012),
pp. 14-23.

Liping Zhang, Liqun Qi and Yi Xu, Linear Convergence of the LZI
Algorithm for Weakly Positive Tensors, J. Comp. Math., 30 (2012),
pp. 24-33.

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