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From: Walter Gander <>
Date: Fri, 2 Mar 2012 07:29:08 -0500
Subject: Workshop in Memory of Gene Golub, HKBU, Feb 2012

On February 29, 2012, the Institute for Computational Mathematics
(ICM) at the Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) celebrated the
80th(20th!) birthday of the late Gene Golub with a workshop on matrix
computations. Before his untimely death in November 2007, Gene agreed
to take up a three-year appointment as Distinguished Professor at
HKBU, and the University set up the ICM in anticipation of Gene's
assumption of duty in January 2008.

The one-day workshop was attended by about forty people, including
many young scholars and research students. Included in the program of
the workshop were thirteen 30-minute talks, two delicious meals and a
lot of warm memories. The different countries of origins of the
speakers: Canada, China, New Zealand, Russia, Singapore, Switzerland
and the USA, reflected only a fragment of the rich contact network
that Gene cultivated and which he enjoyed all his life.

The scientific topics included many of Gene’s favorite
subjects,including high performance computing, preconditioning, a
multi-lingual history of the finite element method, GMINRES, Krylov
schemes, the QRZ factorization, symmetric skew-symmetric splitting,
eigenvalue problemsand constrained least squares methods. The morning
session started and ended with personal reminiscences of Gene by Frank
Luk and Tony Chan, respectively. Raymond Chan concluded the workshop
by remarking that we must carry the torch to continue Gene's legacy.

Gene would have loved this workshop with its friendly and unassuming
atmosphere. The two wonderful meals (a Chinese lunch and an Asian
dinner buffet) reminded everybody of the banquets at the Chinese
restaurants near Stanford. Over dinner, Gene’s life was celebrated
again in conversations. As we all know, people and Chinese food were
among Gene's most favorite things in life!


From: "Thomas P. Wihler" <>
Date: Thu, 1 Mar 2012 14:52:53 +0000
Subject: Swiss Numerics Colloquium, Switzerland, Apr 2012

This year's Swiss Numerics Colloquium will take place on April 13,
2012 at the University of Bern, Switzerland. The conference aims at
bringing together researchers both from the academic and industrial
sectors in Switzerland which are active in the fields of

* scientific computing
* numerical analysis
* high-performance computing
* visualization
* numerical analysis in engineering
* computational chemistry, biology, etc.

We are excited to welcome two distinguished plenary speakers: Prof.
Alexandre Ern (CERMICS) and Prof. Valeria Simoncini (Bologna).

Further information can be found on the website:

We kindly ask participants to *register for the conference by April 5,
2012 *(even if they are not planning on presenting a talk or a
poster). There is no registration fee.


From: "Montaz Ali" <>
Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2012 16:52:11 +0200
Subject: 36th Annual SANUM Conference, South Africa, Apr 2012

36th Annual SANUM Conference
2nd – 4th April 2012

The 2012 SANUM Conference will have the honour of having plenary
seminars given by the following speakers:
Prof. John C. Butcher, University of Auckland
Prof. John Sader, University of Melbourne
Prof. André Weideman, University of Stellenbosch
Prof. Michael Sears, University of the Witwatersrand

Please note that registration closes on the 29th of February
2012. Registration fees, accommodation costs, excursions etc. will be
available on the website:


From: Estelle Bouzat <>
Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2012 10:57:36 -0500
Subject: Applied and Numerical Optimal Control, France, Apr 2012

As part of the ITN SADCO project programme, we are organising a
meeting on "Applied and Numerical Optimal Control", to be held on the
23-27th April 2012 at ENSTA ParisTech (Paris).

Registration is open until 15th March, and a list of confirmed
speakers can be found on the conference website:

On behalf of the organising committee, we would be glad if you would
consider attending the event, and would appreciate if you could
circulate this announcement to colleagues who you think may be


From: "DICTAP2012" <>
Date: Fri, 2 Mar 2012 04:01:11 -0600
Subject: IEEE DICTAP2012, Thailand, May 2012

The Second International Conference on Digital Information and
Communication Technology and its Applications (DICTAP2012)
University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce(UTCC), Bangkok Thailand
May 16-18, 2012;

The proposed conference on the above theme will be held at University
of the Thai Chamber of Commerce(UTCC), Bangkok, Thailand during the
period of May 16-18, 2012. The DICTAP2012 aims to enable researchers
build connections between different digital applications.

The conference welcomes papers on the following (but not limited to)
research topics:1) Communication Basic and Infrastructure:
Telecommunications; Communication protocols; Algorithms, Architecture,
and Infrastructures; Transmission Techniques; Communication Systems
2) Networks Basic and Management: Network Systems and Devices; Wireless
Networks, Ad-Hoc and Sensor Networks; Network Modeling and Simulation;
Network Management Techniques; Networks Security, Encryption and
Cryptography; 3) Multimedia Application: Management and Diffusion of
Multimedia Applications; Multimedia Data Base; Information Retrieval;
Digital Rights Management; 4) Image, Video, Signal and Information
Processing: Compression and Coding; Analysis and Processing; Computer
Graphics; Data mining; Soft Computing; Web based applications

Researchers are encouraged to submit their work electronically. All
papers will be fully refereed by a minimum of two specialized
referees. Before final acceptance, all referees comments must be

Submission Date : Mar. 10, 2012
Registration : Apr. 14, 2012
Conference dates : May 16-18, 2012


From: Michael Heroux <>
Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2012 16:45:45 -0500
Subject: European Trilinos User Group meeting, Switzerland, Jun 2012

On behalf of the organizing group, and the host institution, École
Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), I would like to announce
the first European Trilinos User Group meeting.

The meeting will be held at EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland, June 4-6,
2012. Details and registration are available at the following link:


Peter Arbenz, ETHZ
Simone Deparis, EPFL
Gilles Fourestey, CSCS
Michael Gee, TUM
Mike Heroux, SANDIA


From: Jaime Lloret Mauri<>
Date: Wed, 29 Feb 2012 01:15:13 +0100
Subject: Ext Subm Deadline, Med-Hoc-Net, Cyprus, Jun 2012

11th Annual Mediterranean Ad Hoc Networking Workshop
Ayia Napa, Cyprus, 19 - 22 June 2012

- Paper submission deadline: EXTENDED: MARCH 12, 2012
- Notification of acceptance: April 16, 2012
- Camera ready version*: May 1, 2012

The papers solicited cover a variety of topics related to ad hoc,
wireless, sensor, mesh, delay tolerant, and opportunistic networks,
including but not limited to: Routing algorithms and protocols; MAC
protocols, scheduling, power control, and resource allocation;
Transport layer protocols for multi-hop networks; Middleware for ad
hoc networks; Application driven architectures and protocols; Sensor
network applications and protocols; Vehicular networks; Cognitive
radio networks; Integration of ad hoc networks with wireless access
networks; Internet access systems to Ad Hoc Networks; Internet
services over Ad Hoc Networks; Ad Hoc Network deployments using
Internet protocol; Implementations, testbeds, and prototypes;
Technology related issues (IEEE 802.11, Bluetooth, ZigBee, IEEE
802.16, etc.); Self-organization and network (re)configuration;
Optimization models and algorithms; Resource and service discovery;
Energy-efficient networking; Exploitation of social and mobility
patterns for opportunistic networking; Mobile social networks;
Security and privacy; Positioning and localization; Participatory and
urban sensing; Underwater wireless networks; Green networking

Papers must be submitted electronically, in PDF format, on-line via the
EDAS system (


From: Winnifried Wollner <>
Date: Thu, 1 Mar 2012 08:18:19 -0500
Subject: Adaptivity and Model Reduction, Germany, Jul 2012

Workshop and Summerschool on Adaptivity and Model Order Reduction
July 23 -- 27, 2012, Hamburg, Germany

The workshop brings together researchers working actively in the field
of PDE constrained optimization utilizing reduced order modeling
techniques and scientists so far mainly involved in the development of
model order reduction techniques for complex physical systems. Special
focus is put on exchange of ideas between these research areas, and to
enhance knowledge in model reduction techniques combined with PDE
constrained optimization in the applications.

The preceding summerschool will teach young scientists the fundamentals
in model reduction and adaptivity to build fruitful bridges between the
two disciplines.

Summerschool: July 23 -- 24
Speakers:Hoppe, Ronald W.; Noack, Bernd; Rozza, Gianluigi;
Veeser, Andreas

Workshop: July 25 -- 27

Location: Guest house of the University of Hamburg, (Germany)

Conference Fee: None, sponsored by ESF

Registration: Deadline March 31, 2012

Limited support is available upon application.


From: Dirk Pflueger <>
Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2012 14:37:57 +0100
Subject: Sparse Grids and Applications, Germany, Jul 2012

The Workshop on Sparse Grids and Applications (SGA'12)
will be held at the Institute for Advanced Study of the
Technische Universitaet Muenchen
in July 2-6 2012.

Sparse grids have gained increasing interest in recent years for the
numerical treatment of high-dimensional problems. Where classical
numerical discretization schemes fail in more than three or four
dimensions, sparse grids allow to overcome the curse of dimensionality
to some extent - extending the number of dimensions that can be dealt

The aim is to bring together researchers and practitioners using
sparse grids and their variants. Both theoretical and practical
aspects are highly welcome. Topics of sparse grids and their
applications range from stochastic partial differential equations to
data mining, from efficient data structures to parallelizations, from
error bounds to high-dimensional applications, from wavelets to
refinement, and much more.

Registration deadline: April 2, 2012

Please visit the workshop's website for more details:
If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us via


From: Carsten Carstensen <>
Date: Sun, 26 Feb 2012 11:07:07 +0100
Subject: CMAM-5, Germany, Jul 2012

Computational Methods in Applied Mathematics CMAM-5
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Germany
July 30 - August 3, 2012

Invited Speakers: Susanne C. Brenner; Alexandre Ern; Ivan Gavrilyuk;
Max Gunzburger; Norbert Heuer; Ulrich Langer; Piotr Matus Amiya
K. Pani; Eun-Jae Park; Andreas Prohl; BD Daya Reddy; Eitan Tadmor;
Petr Vabishchevich

Registration and the conference schedule are now posted at

Basic topics: Modern numerical methods for discretization of
differential and integral equations; Applications of numerical methods
for solving problems of mathematical physics and engineering problems;
Parallel algorithms for solving systems of algebraic equations;
Optimal complexity of adaptive algorithms

The Conference will be under the aegis of the journal “Computational
Methods in Applied Mathematics” ( and ) and focus on various aspects of mathematical
modeling and numerical methods for approximate solution of problems
arising in science and engineering. Its scope coincides with the scope
of the journal: numerical methods for initial and boundary value
problems for differential and integral equations appearing in applied
mathematics and mathematical physics.

It aims, in particular, at fostering cooperation between researchers
working in the area of theoretical numerical analysis and applications
to modeling, simulation, and scientific computing. Another goal of the
CMAM meetings is to improve existing contacts and to establish new
ones between scientists from the West and the East. This is the fifth
conference following earlier ones in Minsk in 2003, Trakai in 2005,
Minsk in 2007, and Bedlewo in 2010.


From: "Gil Gomez, Amparo" <>
Date: Sun, 26 Feb 2012 11:00:44 +0000
Subject: Num Software: Design, Analysis & Verif, Spain, Jul 2012

The workshop "Numerical Software: Design, Analysis and Verification"
will take place in Santander (Spain) from Wednesday, July 4 until
Friday, July 6 2012.

Conference website:

This workshop, organized by A. Gil, J. Segura and N.M. Temme, aims to
review and discuss recent advances and research trends in the design,
analysis and verification of numerical software for a variety of
mathematical problems.

The workshop is organized in close association with the 2012 meeting
of the IFIP working group on numerical software
(, that will be held in Santander (2-3

The program consists of invited and contributed talks. Selected
contributions (invited speakers and special session organizers) will
be invited for a special issue of the journal "Science of Computer

Submission Deadlines:
Extended to March 15, 2012: Contributed session proposals
April 1, 2012: Abstracts for contributed talks and posters


From: Jose Castillo <>
Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2012 11:21:04 -0800
Subject: CLAM 2012, Argentina, Aug 2012

IV LatinoAmerica and Caribean Mathematics Congress.

I would like to invite you to participate in the numerical analysis
session in the CLAM 2012 to be held in Cordoba, Argentina August 6-10


From: Martin Skutella <>
Date: Sun, 26 Feb 2012 23:25:46 +0100
Subject: Deadline ext, ISMP 2012, Germany, Aug 2012

2012. ISMP is the world congress of mathematical optimization and is
held every three years on behalf of the Mathematical Optimization

Presentations on all theoretical, computational and practical aspects
of mathematical programming in one of the program clusters are welcome
(see ). Invited
and contributed presentations will be organized in parallel sessions,
each session consisting of three talks. Interested session organizers
are invited to contact the cluster chairs of the cluster that fits
their particular topic.

The deadline for submitting invited sessions has been extended to
March 31, 2012. The deadline for submitting titles and abstracts of
presentations is April 15, 2012. There is a one talk per speaker
policy at ISMP, i.e., no participant will be able to register more
than one presentation. Abstract submission and registration can be
done online, via the conference webpage at

Nikhil Bansal; Richard G. Baraniuk; Dimitris Bertsimas; Xiaojun Chen;
Michael P. Friedlander; Jorge Nocedal; Teemu Pennanen; Amin Saberi;
Claudia Sagastizabal; Katya Scheinberg; Christof Schütte; Rekha
R. Thomas; Robin Thomas; Rakesh V. Vohra; Robert Weismantel;

March 31, 2012: deadline for submitting invited sessions
April 15, 2012: abstract submission deadline
June 15, 2012: early registration deadline
August 19, 2012: opening ceremony at Konzerthaus am Gendarmenmarkt


From: Thomas Wick <>
Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2012 18:41:00 +0100 (CET)
Subject: deal.II Workshop, Germany, Aug 2012

Discovering new horizons with deal.II: Workshop about the Finite
Element Library deal.II, Heidelberg, Germany, August 2012

Deal.II is a widely used and flexible open source Finite Element
library featuring hp-methods, various finite element spaces,
multigrid, support for massively parallel computations, and more.

The Aim and Scope of this workshop is to present applications and
tools using deal.II, teach new and advanced features inside the
library, and to discuss future directions of the library itself. New
users of the deal.II library are warmly welcome to joint the workshop.

It will take place August 6-10, 2012 at the Heidelberg University,

Conference website including registration information:

Deadline of registration: June 30, 2012

To learn more about deal.II, please visit:

If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact Bärbel

Timo Heister (Texas A&M University)
Baerbel Janssen (University of Bern)
Matthias Maier (Heidelberg University)
Thomas Wick (Heidelberg University)


From: Beatrice PATERNOSTER <>
Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2012 19:05:56 +0100
Subject: Symposium honouring Prof. Liviu Ixaru, Greece, Sep 2012

This year Prof. Liviu Ixaru will celebrate his 70th birthday, and we
are organizing a symposium dedicated to him, within the international
conference ICNAAM 2012 (honoring Gerhard Wanner's 70th birthday) to be
held in Kos, September 19-25, 2012, organized by Theodore Simos (full
details on the conference can be found at

The title of the minisymposium is:
Numerical methods and computational procedures for special problems in
physics and chemistry

The symposium is intended to be a forum on issues of direct practical
interest. Contributions on optimization techniques for special
problems, including exponential fitting and its applications on
oscillatory functions (solving ODEs, quadrature, interpolation etc.)
or numerical methods for the Schrodinger equation and the
Sturm-Liouville problem, will be highly appreciated but the list of
potential topics is not at all restricted to these.

See symposium n. 66 in
for details.


From: Gregor Tanner <>
Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2012 06:12:18 -0500
Subject: InnoWave 2012, UK, Sep 2012

We would like to invite you to take part in the conference

Innovations in Wave Modelling - InnoWave2012

to be held at the University of Nottingham, 3-7 September 2012.

The conference is organised jointly by the School of Mathematical
Sciences, University of Nottingham and inuTech GmbH, Nuremberg.

Experts from academia and industry will discuss theory and
applications of state of the art modelling tools for complex wave
dynamics. Applications are in structural mechanics, acoustics and
electrical engineering as well as in physics and mathematics. The
conference aims to attract contributions (contributed talks or
posters) from participants with a background in structural vibrations
and machine dynamics; high frequency acoustics; electromagnetic wave
engineering; numerical analysis for wave equations; small wave length
asymptotics; wave chaos and random matrix theory; mesoscopic physics,

We are looking forward meeting you in Nottingham,

Your sincerely
Gregor Tanner (UoN) & Frank Vogel (inuTech)


From: "Kirsten Wilden" <>
Date: Wed, 29 Feb 2012 08:42:39 -0500
Subject: Deadline ext: SIAM Mathematics for Industry, USA, Oct 2012

SIAM Conference on Mathematics for Industry: Challenges and Frontiers

Organizing Committee Co-chairs:
Thomas Grandine, The Boeing Company, USA
Thomas Peters, University of Connecticut, USA

Location: The Curtis, A Doubletree by Hilton, Denver, Colorado, USA
Dates: October 2-4, 2012

The Call for Presentations for this conference is available at:

Twitter hashtag: #SIAMMI12

April 2, 2012: Minisymposium proposals
April 2, 2012: Abstracts for contributed and minisymposium speakers
March 19, 2012: SIAM Student Travel Award and Post-doc/Early Career
Travel Award Applications
September 4, 2012: Disconnect time is 4:00 PM EDT

See for proceedings
deadline information



From: Wei Kang <>
Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2012 17:55:45 -0500
Subject: Postdoc Position, Naval Postgraduate School

A postdoctoral position for a research project of Naval Postgraduate
School (NPS) on computational mathematics with applications to the
estimation and prediction of dynamic systems. The successful applicant
must be a U.S. citizen with a Ph.D. degree or equivalent in one of
the areas: numerical linear algebra, numerical solutions of PDEs, and
computational optimization. Strong computer programming skills in
Fortran and C are required. Experiences on data assimilation,
numerical model for weather prediction, or parallel computation are a
strong plus. This project of fundamental research involves numerous
topics in data assimilation, including inverse problem, sensor
optimization, error analysis, and computational algorithms. The salary
is competitive.

The appointment for the position can start immediately with the
possibility of renewal in October. Or alternatively, the candidate can
apply for the NRC fellowship designated for the same
project. Qualified applicants should submit their resume
electronically to:
Prof. Wei Kang
Department of Applied Mathematics
Naval Postgraduate School
Monterey, CA 93943

NPS is an Equal Opportunity Employer.


From: Joke Blom <>
Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2012 17:45:15 +0100 (CET)
Subject: Postdoc Position, 2.5 yr, CWI, Amsterdam

Postdoctoral position at CWI, Amsterdam (NL), to work within the
European project BioPreDyn ( on system
identification and uncertainty quantification.

Duration: until September 30, 2014

Desired background: numerical / applied mathematics and/or statistics
with affinity to biology.

For detailed information, see

Joke Blom


From: Ernesto Esteves Prudencio <>
Date: Sun, 26 Feb 2012 00:38:40 -0500
Subject: Postdoc Positions, Uncertainty Quantification, ICES, UT Austin

A number of postdoc positions involving (1) uncertainty quantification
and stochastic algorithms, (2) numerical optimization (constrained,
integer programming), (3) numerical analysis (FEM, Newton's method,
preconditioners), (4) software engineering (C++, FORTRAN, object
oriented design, version control, Linux), (5) high performance
computing (MPI), and (6) multiphysics modeling (various models,
e.g. for fluids, chemical reactions, turbulence), are available at The
Institute for Computational Engineering and Sciences (ICES), at The
University of Texas at Austin. ICES ( provides a
worldwide unique environment for truly interdisciplinary research.

There is opportunity for theoretical work, but the emphasis is on
practical research, using (and improving) mathematical algorithms,
parallel computing and complex software libraries to tackle very
challenging scientific and engineering problems, many of them in
collaboration with US National Laboratories and other academic
institutes, under the sponsor of various US agencies, such as DOE, NSF
and AFOSR. US Citizenship is not required.

We are looking for candidates who have a strong mathematical
background (any combination of (1), (2), and (3), but preferably (1)),
demonstrated expertise on (4), and familiarity with (5). Background on
(6) is desirable, but not mandatory. We are also looking for
candidates who are self-driven, have clear thinking, have good writing
skills, communicate themselves well, know how to breakdown complex
problems into smaller ones, and enjoy interacting with
multidisciplinary teams of mathematicians, engineers and computer

Some positions are available immediately, while others will become
available throughout the year. Please email your application,
including a CV, to either Dr. Ernesto E. Prudencio
(, or Prof. Omar Ghattas
(, or Prof. Robert Moser
(, with the e-mail subject title "UQ
opportunities at ICES"


From: Valeria Simoncini <>
Date: Wed, 29 Feb 2012 15:29:00 +0000
Subject: Postdoc Position, Math Dept. UniBo, Italy

The Department of MATEMATICA of the University of Bologna is offering
3 (three) PostDoc research fellowships within the research project:
each, with an evaluation for the extension to a second year.
Applicants must be already in possession of a doctoral degree in
Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, Engineering or related
research fields, or be officially admitted to the final defense of the
PhD dissertation . Application deadline is March 23, 2012. A short
description in English can be found at

The full announcement (in Italian) can be found at

For further information:
Mirko Degli Esposti
Head of the Math Dept.
Universita' di Bologna
Piazza di Porta San Donato 5


From: "Laghrouche, Omar" <>
Date: Wed, 29 Feb 2012 10:23:42 -0000
Subject: PhD Position, Heriot-Watt Univ, Scotland

PhD advert, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland

Applications are invited for a PhD studentship funded by the UK
Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council on
"Multi-Wavelength Sized finite Elements for Three Dimensional Elastic
Wave Problems". This work involves close collaboration with a
Postdoctoral Research Assistant.

Candidates should have a good degree in engineering, physics,
mathematics, or a related discipline. Background in wave phenomena,
numerical analysis and computer programming are desirable.

Location: Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland.

For more details click on the link below:


From: Steven Lind <>
Date: Wed, 29 Feb 2012 08:56:16 -0500
Subject: PhD Position, CFD, Manchester Metropolitan

A fully-funded 3 year PhD studentship is available to UK/EU students
for research into non-Newtonian flows using Incompressible Smoothed
Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH). SPH is a numerical method that uses
particles to model highly deforming free-surface fluid flows. This PhD
project will use an incompressible version of SPH (developed with
collaborators at the University of Manchester), and will extend it to
model a number of important environmental and industrial non-Newtonian
fluid flows. The candidate should have a strong mathematical and
programming background (at least an upper second class honours degree,
or equivalent, in engineering, mathematics, physics, or a related
subject). Knowledge of Fortran and parallel programming is desirable.
The application deadline is Monday 2nd April 2012. For more
information on the project and the application process, interested
candidates are asked to contact Dr Steven Lind (


From: Sally Harvey <>
Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2012 10:34:01 -0500
Subject: Contents and Free Issue, Statistical Analysis and Data Mining

Statistical Analysis and Data Mining - FREE Sample Issue
Volume 5, Issue 1

Special issue on the best papers of SDM'11
Chris Clifton and Takashi Washio

Research Articles:

Non-negative residual matrix factorization: problem definition, fast
solutions, and applications, Hanghang Tong and Ching-Yung Lin

On supervised mining of dynamic content-based networks,
Charu C. Aggarwal and Nan Li

Significant motifs in time series, Nuno C. Castro and Paulo
J. Azevedo

Composite distance metric integration by leveraging multiple experts'
inputs and its application in patient similarity assessment,

Sequential minimal optimization in convex clustering repetitions,
Rikiya Takahashi


Making room for the modeler in data mining, Robert A. Stine

End of NA Digest