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From: Jack Dongarra <>
Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2012 09:19:33 -0500
Subject: Computational Science & Eng Graduate Programs Survey

Follow up to the Computational Science & Engineering Graduate Programs

We would like to thank those who have taken the time to complete the
CS&E Graduate Programs survey. We have a draft report, which
summarizes the results from the survey of CS&E programs, which can be
found here:

If you have not taken the survey you can do so by going to: There are 46 questions and you can see
the complete list of question at

Thanks again,
Jack Dongarra (University of Tennessee)
Linda Petzold (University of California, Santa Barbara)
Vladimir Voevodin (Moscow State University)


From: Miguel Anjos <>
Date: Sat, 14 Jan 2012 16:02:36 -0500
Subject: New Book, Semidefinite, Conic and Polynomial Optimization

We are pleased to announce the publication by Springer of the Handbook
on Semidefinite, Conic and Polynomial Optimization (2012)

Semidefinite and conic optimization is a major and thriving research
area within the optimization community. Although semidefinite
optimization has been studied (under different names) since at least
the 1940s, its importance grew immensely during the 1990s after
polynomial-time interior-point methods for linear optimization were
extended to solve semidefinite optimization problems.

Since the beginning of the 21st century, not only has research into
semidefinite and conic optimization continued unabated, but also a
fruitful interaction has developed with algebraic geometry through the
close connections between semidefinite matrices and polynomial
optimization. This has brought about important new results and led to
an even higher level of research activity.

This Handbook on Semidefinite, Conic and Polynomial Optimization
provides the reader with a snapshot of the state-of-the-art in the
growing and mutually enriching areas of semidefinite optimization,
conic optimization, and polynomial optimization. It contains a
compendium of the recent research activity that has taken place in
these thrilling areas, and will appeal to doctoral students, young
graduates, and experienced researchers alike.

Miguel F. Anjos

Jean B. Lasserre


From: Markus Blatt <>
Date: Tue, 10 Jan 2012 14:23:35 -0500
Subject: DUNE spring course, Germany, Mar 2012

The Distributed and Unified Numerics Environment (DUNE) is a software
framework for the numerical solution of partial differential equations
with grid-based methods. Using generic programming techniques it
strives for both high flexibility (efficiency of the programmer) and
high performance (efficiency of the program). DUNE provides, among
other things, a large variety of local mesh refinement techniques, a
scalable parallel programming model, an ample collection of finite
element methods and efficient linear solvers.

This one week course will provide an introduction to the most
important DUNE modules. At the end the attendees will have a solid
knowledge of the simulation workflow from mesh generation and
implementation of finite element and finite volume methods to
visualization of the results. Successful participation requires
knowledge of object-oriented programming using C++ including generic
programming with templates. A solid background on numerical methods
for the solution of PDEs is expected.

Registration deadline: Sunday February 26 2012
Dates: March 19 2012 - March 23 2012

Course venue: Interdisciplinary Center for Scientific Computing
University of Heidelberg, Im Neuenheimer Feld 350/368
69120 Heidelberg, Germany

Fee: The fee for this course is 200 EUR including course material,
coffee and lunch breaks as well as course dinner on Wednesday.

For registration and further information see


From: Ronald Kriemann <>
Date: Mon, 16 Jan 2012 08:42:18 -0500
Subject: Hierarchical Matrices, Germany, Mar 2012

Announcement Winter School "Hierarchical Matrices"

Organizers: Wolfgang Hackbusch, Lars Grasedyck, Steffen Boerm
Time: March 12th to March 15th, 2012
Location: Max Planck Inst for Mathematics in the Sciences, Leipzig
Deadline: February 29th, 2012 (20 seats available)

Hierarchical matrices can be a useful tool for the treatment of
integral operators as well as the solution of linear systems arising
in the discretisation of elliptic partial differential equations.
Moreover, the representation of matrices in the hierarchical matrix
format is suitable for the efficient solution of matrix equations.
The aim of this winterschool is to teach the necessary theoretical
foundations of hierarchical matrices, but most of all the efficient
implementation of the algorithms. The practical realisation on the
computer will be the topic of exercise courses in the afternoon. The
participants will use the HLib library in order to assemble and solve
BEM and FEM systems. Lecture notes are available.

Lecture Notes (older):


From: "Kirsten Wilden" <>
Date: Tue, 10 Jan 2012 10:35:49 -0500
Subject: SIAM UQ12, USA, Apr 2012

Conference Name:
SIAM Conference on Uncertainty Quantification (UQ12)

Raleigh Marriott City Center Hotel, Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

Dates: April 2-5, 2012

Due to the healthy response to the call for papers, the conference has
been extended by one day. The conference dates are now Monday, April 2
- Thursday, April 5, 2012.

Invited Speakers: Mark Berliner; Derek Bingham; Omar Knio; George
Papanicolaou; Christoph Schwab; Karen Willcox

Registration and the conference schedule are now posted at

March 5, 2012: Disconnect time is 4:00 PM EST


Twitter hashtag: #SIAMUQ12

For additional information, contact the SIAM Conference Department at


From: Erhel <>
Date: Mon, 9 Jan 2012 08:32:11 -0500
Subject: DD21: Domain Decomposition, France, Jun 2012

DD21: 21th International Conference on Domain Decomposition Methods
25-29 June 2012
INRIA Rennes-Bretagne Atlantique, Rennes, France

Co-organized by Inria Rennes, University of Rennes and LMNO,
University of Caen.

The call for mini-symposia and for contributed papers is launched and
registration is open.

Conference deadlines:
15 February, 2012: Mini-Symposium proposal closes
1 March, 2012: Notification of acceptance of Mini-Symposium proposal
8 March, 2012: Contributed abstract submission closes
15 March, 2012: Notification of acceptance of contributed abstracts
Deadline for the submission of mini-symposium abstracts
21 May, 2012: Pre-registration deadline

Highlighted topics: domain decomposition methods (various types, such
as FETI, SCHUR, SCHWARZ), coarse grid correction, hybrid methods,
decomposition in time and space, multigrid methods, multiscale
methods, high performance computing, etc


From: Jaime Lloret Mauri<>
Date: Fri, 13 Jan 2012 16:51:44 +0100
Subject: MED-HOC-NET 2012, Cyprus, Jun 2012

11th Annual Mediterranean Ad Hoc Networking Workshop
Ayia Napa, Cyprus, 19 - 22 June 2012

MED-HOC-NET 2012, as its previous 10 predecessors focuses on
communication networking research, especially on new issues in
Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks, which include Application Scenarios,
Data-centric Operation, Autonomous Organization, Optimization and
Control, Operation under Intermittent Connectivity, and Service
Creation and Support. The scope of the workshop also includes new and
exciting challenges in wireless mesh networks, sensor networks,
vehicular networks, delay tolerant and opportunistic networks, and the
opportunities provided or stemming from the social networks paradigm.

Conference date and place: Ayia Napa, Cyprus, 19-22 June 2012
Paper submission deadline: March 5, 2012
Notification of acceptance: April 16, 2012
Camera ready version: May 1, 2012

Papers must be submitted electronically, in PDF format, on-line via
the EDAS system (


From: Jim Sochacki <>
Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2012 15:34:46 -0500
Subject: AIMS Dynamical Systems, USA, Jul 2012

The Power Series Method group at James Madison University has been
invited to do a special session on polynomial methods for ODES at the
July 1-5 2012 AIMS conference. The session is titled

Polynomial Methods for Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems

We are looking for speakers in these areas for the 2012 AIMS
Conference on Dynamical Systems. Talks are 30 minutes long with a 5
minute discussion afterwards.

You can find out information about the conference at

You can look at the work of the JMU group at

Our session is Special Session 39. If you are interested in presenting
at this session, please send an abstract to


From: "Jennifer E Fasy" <>
Date: Tue, 10 Jan 2012 14:23:56 -0500
Subject: Deadline extension, SIAM AN12, USA, Jul 2012

Conference Name: SIAM Annual Meeting 2012
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
Dates: July 9-13, 2012


The minisymposium deadline has been extended to January 23, 2012.

January 30, 2012: Abstracts for contributed and minisymposium speakers

Visit to submit.

Twitter hashtag: #SIAMAN12

For more information about the conference, visit or contact SIAM Conference
Department at


From: "Jennifer E Fasy" <>
Date: Tue, 10 Jan 2012 14:31:58 -0500
Subject: Deadline extension: SIAM FM12, USA, Jul 2012

Conference Name: SIAM Conference on Financial Mathematics &

Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Dates: July 9-11, 2012


The minisymposium deadline has been extended to January 23, 2012.

Visit to submit.

Twitter hashtag: #SIAMFM12

For more information about the conference, visit or contact SIAM Conference
Department at


From: Jie shen <>
Date: Tue, 10 Jan 2012 06:43:53 -0500
Subject: Math Modeling, Analysis and Computation, China, Jul 2012

International Conference at Xiamen University, China

We are organizing an International Conference on Mathematical
Modeling, Analysis and Computation (ICM2AC) at Xiamen University in
Xiamen, China, during July 21-25, 2012. This conference is aimed at
bringing together leading researchers in computational and applied
mathematics to discuss recent advances on modeling, analysis and
computation of emerging and challenging problems with applications.
You may find updated information about the conference at:

In addition to invited talks, we are also seeking proposals for
mini-symposiums on a focused subject related to the conference themes.
Each mini-symposium can have up to three sessions with four speakers
in each session. Prospective mini-symposium organizers are asked to
submit a proposal consisting of a title, a description (not to exceed
100 words), and a list of speakers and titles of their
presentations. The deadline for mini-symposium proposal is Feb. 28,
2012. Notification of acceptance will be made before Mar. 31, 2012.

A limited number of contributed talks/posters are also available. The
deadline for submission of abstracts for contributed talks/posters is
Apr. 30, 2012.

All submissions should be sent to

The deadline for registration is June 30, 2012.


From: Martin Skutella <>
Date: Fri, 13 Jan 2012 12:10:28 -0500
Subject: ISMP 2012, Germany, Aug 2012


The organizers of ISMP 2012 have the great pleasure of inviting you to
Berlin, Germany, August 19-24, 2012. ISMP is the world congress of
mathematical optimization and is held every three years on behalf of
the Mathematical Optimization Society.

Presentations on all theoretical, computational and practical aspects
of mathematical programming in one of the program clusters are welcome
(see ). Invited and
contributed presentations will be organized in parallel sessions, each
session consisting of three talks. Interested session organizers are
invited to contact the cluster chairs for their particular topic.

The deadline for submitting invited sessions is March 1, 2012. The
deadline for submitting titles and abstracts of presentations is April
15, 2012. There is a one talk per speaker policy at ISMP, i.e., no
participant will be able to register more than one
presentation. Abstract submission and registration can be done online,
via the conference web page at

March 1, 2012: deadline for submitting invited sessions
April 15, 2012: abstract submission deadline
June 15, 2012: early registration deadline
August 19, 2012: opening ceremony at Konzerthaus am Gendarmenmarkt


From: Michael Dracopoulos <>
Date: Mon, 16 Jan 2012 06:33:36 -0500
Subject: M^3ST 2012 Conference, Greece, Aug 2012

3rd Int. Conf. on Modern Mathematical Methods in Science and
26--28 August 2012, Kalamata, Greece

The Department of Mathematics, University of Athens


TOPICS: Differential Equations and Mathematical Models, Numerical
Analysis, Applications of Mathematics in Finance, Stochastic analysis,
Modelling, Optimization, Control theory, Image and Signal Processing,
Mathematics of Computation

INVITED SPEAKERS: Jose Arrieta (Universidad Complutense de Madrid,
Spain), Giorgio Fusco (University of L`Aquila - Italy), Gerhard
Kristensson (Lund University, Sweden), Charalambos Makridakis
(University of Crete, Greece), Rainer Picard (University of Dresden,
Germany), Athanasios Tzavaras (University of Crete, Greece), Glenn
Vinnicombe (University of Cambridge, U.K.)

For further details please visit the conference webpage.


From: Pamela Bye <>
Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2012 04:46:53 -0500
Subject: 3rd IMA Numerical Linear Algebra, UK, Sep 2012

The IMA and the University of Birmingham are pleased to announce the
3rd IMA Conference on Numerical Linear Algebra and Optimisation.

The success of modern codes for large-scale optimisation is heavily
dependent on the use of effective tools of numerical linear
algebra. On the other hand, many problems in numerical linear algebra
lead to linear, nonlinear or semidefinite optimisation problems. The
purpose of the conference is to bring together researchers from both
communities and to find and communicate points and topics of common

Conference topics include any subject that could be of interest to
both communities, such as:
- Direct and iterative methods for large sparse linear systems.
- Eigenvalue computation and optimisation.
- Large-scale nonlinear and semidefinite programming.
- Effect of round-off errors, stopping criteria, iterative procedures.
- Optimisation issues for matrix polynomials.
- Fast matrix computations.
- Compressed/sparse sensing.

Mini-symposium proposals: 30 March 2012
Abstract submission: 30 April 2012
Notification of acceptance of abstracts: 30 May 2012
Conference: 10 – 12 September 2012

If you would like to register your interest in this conference and
join the mailing list, please email


From: Brigitte Forster <>
Date: Mon, 16 Jan 2012 09:46:01 -0500
Subject: Harmonic Analysis & Fractional Oper, Germany, Sep 2012

Summer School on New Trends and Directions in Harmonic Analysis,
Fractional Operator Theory, and Image Analysis

Inzell, Germany, September 17 - 21, 2012.

Invited Plenary Speakers:
Prof. Dr. Paul L. Butzer (RWTH Aachen)
Prof. Dr. Ole Christensen (DTU, Lyngby, Denmark)
Prof. Dr. Akira Hirabayashi (Yamaguchi University, Ube, Japan)
Prof. Dr. Stefan Samko (Universidade do Algarve, Portugal)
Prof. Dr. Gerhard Schmeißer (Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg)
Prof. Dr. Rudolf Stens (RWTH Aachen)
Prof. Dr. Ahmed Zayed (DePaul University, Chicago, IL, U.S.A.)

The program will consist of ten 90-minute survey talks given by the
seven plenary speakers. The invited lectures will take place in the
mornings. The afternoons are reserved for 18 25-minute talks. These
talks are also intended for young researchers who will be particularly
encouraged to participate and present their work. In addition, a
poster session is planned.

More information about the Summer School can be found at

Contact Information:
Brigitte Forster-Heinlein ( or
Peter Massopust (


From: Fathalla A Rihan <>
Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2012 10:10:21 -0500
Subject: Efficient Num Tech for DDEs, Biosciences, Greece, Sep 2012

I am pleased to inform you that I will be organizing a symposium
entitled “Efficient Numerical Techniques for Delay Differential
Equations in Dynamic Diseases” within the International Conference of
Numerical Analysis and Applied Mathematics 2012 (ICNAAM 2012), to be
held in Kos, Greece, 19- 25/09/2012 . On
behalf of the organizing committee of ICNAAM 2012, I cordially invite
you to participate in this symposium by a paper presentation. If you
are interested, please send me the extended abstract(s) via email (For important dates, please visit

We are proud to announce that the Proceedings of ICNAAM 2012 will be
published in the very famous AIP (American Institute of Physics)
Conference Proceedings (see The
Proceedings of ICNAAM have been abstracted/indexed in: ISI
Proceedings, Zentrablatt fur Mathematik, MathSciNet, Scopus, INSPEC,
Scirus, Google Scholar etc. Selected papers of ICNAAM 2012 will be
published in appropriate journals.


From: Ralf Hiptmair <>
Date: Fri, 6 Jan 2012 07:20:59 -0500
Subject: Sci Comp Electrical Engineering, Switzerland, Sep 2012

Scientific Computing in Electrical Engineering
September 11 - 14, 2012, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Aim: The aim of the SCEE 2012 conference is to bring together
scientists from academia and industry and have intensive discussions
on the modelling and numerical simulation of electronic circuits,
devices and electromagnetic fields. SCEE 2012 is mainly directed
towards applied mathematicians and electrical engineers.

1. Computational Electromagnetics
2. Circuit and Device Modelling & Simulation
3. Coupled Problems
4. Mathematical and Computational Methods
5. Model Order Reduction

Important dates:
Deadline regular registration June 1, 2012
Late registration (higher fee) from June 2, 2012
Deadline of abstract submission (talks and posters) April 1, 2012
Notification of acceptance of talks and posters May 15, 2012


From: Jaime Lloret Mauri<>
Date: Tue, 10 Jan 2012 04:09:34 +0100
Subject: IEEE WiMob 2012, Spain, Oct 2012

IEEE WiMob 2012: The 8th IEEE International Conference on Wireless and
Mobile Computing, Networking and Communications
8 - 10 October 2012, Barcelona, Spain

The IEEE WiMob conference is an international forum for the exchange
of experience and knowledge among researchers and developers concerned
with wireless and mobile technology. For seven years, the
International IEEE WiMob conference has provided unique opportunities
for researchers to interact, share new results, show live
demonstrations, and discuss emerging directions in Wireless
Communications, Mobile Networking and Ubiquitous Computing.

Paper Submission Deadline: May 16, 2012
Notification of Acceptance: July 1, 2012
Camera Ready Papers Due: July 20, 2012


From: CESAMES <>
Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2012 16:57:45 -0500
Subject: CSDM 2012, France, Dec 2012

(CSD&M 2012)
December 12-14, 2012 – Cité Internationale Univ, Paris (France)
Call for Papers section:

The management of large-scale complex industrial systems has a
considerable strategic importance for an important number of
enterprises (most notably in Europe and North America). This spawned
the relatively new academic field of "system architecture &
engineering", producing a body of research that allows engineers to
manage the increasing complexity of the technical systems they
design. By its very nature, this field is at the interface between
industry and academia, and requires its practitioners to be well
versed in industrial application-related as well as theoretical
knowledge. The ambition of the CSDM conference is to be the meeting
point for the industrial and academic environments working in the
design and management of complex industrial systems.

Optional abstract pre-submission deadline : April 6, 2012
Submission deadline : April 20, 2012
Acceptance notice for industrial contribution: June 15, 2012
Acceptance notice for academic contribution: June 29, 2012


From: David Silvester <>
Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2012 18:23:06 -0500
Subject: Manycore Software Developer Position, UK

KTP Associate (with NAG Ltd)
School of Mathematics
University of Manchester, UK.
Reference: E&PS-00511

Applications are invited for the above post to start on 1 March 2012,
or as soon as possible thereafter. Funding for this work comes from a
Knowledge Transfer Partnership between the University of Manchester
and NAG Ltd. The post is fixed term for eighteen months. The
appointee will be responsible for developing, tuning and integrating
key components of the Parallel Linear Algebra for Scalable Multicore
Architectures (PLASMA) library to support NAG products.

Starting Salary will be 29,099 pounds per annum.
Informal enquiries to
Professor David Silvester, Head of the Applied Mathematics Group,
(e-mail:, tel: +44 (0)161 306 3656).
Further particulars can be downloaded from


From: Roland Herzog <>
Date: Tue, 10 Jan 2012 22:12:57 +0100
Subject: Full Professorship, Numerical Math, TU Chemnitz

The Department of Mathematics at Chemnitz University of Technology
invites applications for a full (W3) and permanent professorship in
"Numerical Mathematics". The position can be filled immediately.

The successful candidate will have an excellent research record in a
current area of numerical mathematics and will be expected to teach
effectively a broad range of topics in numerical mathematics at all
curricular levels, both for mathematics as well as engineering

Applicants should have experience in attracting third-party funding.
It is expected that they are prepared to cooperate with researchers
within the Department of Mathematics and to conduct interdisciplinary
research projects with other departments.

The conditions for appointment include a university degree,
pedagogical aptitude, a doctorate degree and additional academic
qualification (§ 58 SaechsHG). Physically disabled applicants receive
favorable consideration when equally qualified.

Chemnitz University of Technology is committed to increase the share
of women in research and teaching positions and therefore explicitly
encourages female candidates to apply. Applications with the usual
documents in written form (including CV, academic record, teaching
experience and teaching evaluations, list of publications, and copies
of academic degrees and relevant certificates) should be sent by
January 25, 2012 to the Vice Dean of the Department of Mathematics,
Prof. Dr. Peter Stollmann, Chemnitz University of Technology, D-09107
Chemnitz, Germany.

For further information about the department, please consult our
The German version of this announcement is available at


From: Stefan Kunis <>
Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2012 09:29:46 -0500
Subject: Faculty Position, Applied Analysis, Univ Osnabrueck, Germany

The Institute of Mathematics at the University of Osnabrueck invites
applications for a

Professorship of Applied Analysis (Salary Scale according to W3)

to take up appointment on 1st October 2012. The successful applicant
will be expected to represent this field in both research and
teaching. The department is seeking an internationally renowned
person, whose research interests belong to the fields of applied
harmonic analysis, approximation theory, inverse problems, or analysis
and numerics of partial differential equations. Cooperation with the
existing research groups of the mathematics department is expected as
well as experience in application-oriented and externally funded
research projects.

For further information see

Please send your application (preferably in electronic version as
PDF-file) to the Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics/ Computer Science
of the University of Osnabrück, 49069 Osnabrück,, by 9th February 2012.


From: "Santorico, Stephanie" <>
Date: Tue, 10 Jan 2012 11:54:37 -0700
Subject: MS/PhD Assistants, Applied Math, Univ Colorado Denver

The Mathematical and Statistical Sciences Department at the University
of Colorado Denver is actively recruiting students for its M.S. and
Ph.D. programs. We would like to ask for your help in recommending
our program to students. UC Denver is an urban university located in
the heart of downtown Denver. We anticipate a number of open graduate
assistantships this year and are eager to identify promising students
interested in pursuing a M.S. or Ph.D. in applied mathematics. Our
program features:

* Vibrant research groups in Computational Biology, Computational
Mathematics, Finite Geometry, Graph Theory, Mathematics Education,
Operations Research, Probability, and Statistics.
* High faculty-to-student ratios, enabling students to develop close
working relationships with their advisors.
* Opportunities for collaborations with local industry and national
laboratories through our Math Clinic Program, our Statistical
Consulting Workshop and Statistical Consulting Service.
* Financial support for Ph.D. students (over 75% of our Ph.D. students
receive financial support).
* Centers for Computational Mathematics and Computational Biology,
which provide opportunities for students to explore
multidisciplinary research collaborations.

Needless to say, there is the additional attraction of living at the
foot of the Rocky Mountains! Further information on our program is
available at, on the University of Colorado
at and on Denver at

Please feel free to forward this email and/or flyer to those that
might be interested. Students should feel free to contact me directly,
by email or phone, to talk about further opportunities.


From: "Jose E. Castillo" <>
Date: Tue, 10 Jan 2012 10:09:20 -0800
Subject: Ph.D. Studies, Computational Science, San Diego

University is looking for qualified applicants for its
interdisciplinary Ph.D. program ( joint with Claremont Graduate
University) in Computational Science.

We have financial support in the form of Teaching, Graduate and
Research Assistantships and Fellowships. Areas of interest include
Nonlinear Dynamics, Biomathematics, Soft Condensed Matter Physics,
Relativistic Astrophysics, General Relativity, Material Sciences,
Geophysics, Nuclear Physics and Physical Oceanography.

Please take a look here for details about the program including
application process. We started taking Applications Oct 1.

End of NA Digest