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From: FranoisPELLEGRINI <>
Date: Thu, 01 Sep 2011 02:47:07 +0200
Subject: Scotch 5.1.12 is out!

We announce the release, as libre/free software, of revision 5.1.12 of
the SCOTCH and PT-SCOTCH software package and library for sequential
and parallel graph partitioning, sequential and parallel graph
clustering, sequential mesh/hypergraph partitioning and static
mapping, and sequential and parallel sparse matrix block ordering.

Important new features
- The clustering capabilities of Scotch and PT-Scotch are now
available from the command line programs. Strategy string building
routines are also available in the libScotch library for clustering.
- Some internal graph handling routines have been exposed in the
interface, such as for graph coarsening. This may allow people
working with unstructured meshes to implement multi-level mesh
computations directly by taking advantage of the distributed graph
coarsening and data exchange (halo) routines provided by libScotch.
- Load balance enforcement has been improved much for parallel graph

Sequential graph repartitioning and remapping will be available in the
next 5.2 release. Parallel static mapping and parallel direct k-way
graph partitioning will be available in release 5.3.

Scotch can be freely downloaded, under the terms of the CeCILL-C
license. To ease the development, diffusion, and circulation of
information regarding the SCOTCH project, most of its resources are
now hosted on the InriaGforge platform provided by INRIA. Please refer
to the SCOTCH web page at :
for more information. People interested in the SCOTCH project are
welcome to subscribe to the "scotch-announces" mailing list at :


From: Oren Livne <>
Date: Mon, 29 Aug 2011 07:34:36 -0400
Subject: LAMG: Fast Graph Laplacian Linear Solver

Dear All,

Achi Brandt and I have recently developed a linear-scaling linear
solver for the graph Laplacian called Lean Algebraic Multigrid
(LAMG). I just published Release 1.0.0 of an open-source MATLAB

Download (Google Code Project):
User Mailing list:
My email:

ArXiV papers describing the LAMG algorithm:
* Short version:
* Long version:

We would be grateful to get your feedback on the algorithm, software
and its usage. Please kindly circulate this information among your
colleagues. Thank you for your consideration.

Oren Livne


From: "J. M. Littleton" <>
Date: Fri, 2 Sep 2011 13:40:26 -0400
Subject: Suggestions for the John von Neumann Lecture

The John von Neumann Lecture - Invitation for suggestions

The John von Neumann Lecture is one of SIAM's most prestigious prizes
as well as an important lecture at the SIAM Annual Meeting. It is
awarded annually for outstanding and distinguished contributions to
the field of applied mathematical sciences and for the effective
communication of these ideas to the community.

The 2012 John von Neumann Lecturer will receive a certificate and a
monetary award of $5,000 and will present a survey lecture at the 2012
SIAM Annual Meeting, to be held July 9-13, 2012, in Minneapolis,

The selection committee welcomes your suggestions of individuals for
this prize and will receive them THROUGH OCTOBER 15, 2011. You may
submit your suggestions on the web form found at Inquiries
should be addressed to Calls for nominations for
SIAM prizes can be found at


From: "J. M. Littleton" <>
Date: Fri, 2 Sep 2011 15:46:30 -0400
Subject: SIAG/Discrete Math Denes Konig Prize

CALL FOR NOMINATIONS - Denes Konig Prize - due October 15

The SIAM Activity Group on Discrete Mathematics (SIAG/DM) Denes Konig
Prize will be awarded to a junior researcher or junior researchers for
outstanding research in an area of discrete mathematics, based on a
publication by the candidate(s) in a peer-reviewed journal published
in the three calendar years prior to the year of the award. For the
2012 award, the eligibility period is January 1, 2009 through December
31, 2011.

The prize will be awarded at the SIAM Conference on Discrete
Mathematics (DM12), to be held June 18-21, 2012, at Dalhousie
University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

The monetary award is $1,000, which will be shared if there are
multiple recipients. At least one of the awardees is expected to
attend the award ceremony and to present the paper at the conference.
Travel funds will be available to reimburse one awardee for travel
expenses incurred in attending.

Nominations should be addressed to Professor Karen Collins, Chair,
Denes Konig Prize Committee and sent by OCTOBER 15, 2011, to
J. M. Littleton at Inquiries should be addressed
to Complete calls for nominations can be found at


From: "Gladwell, Ian" <>
Date: Mon, 5 Sep 2011 18:02:20 +0000
Subject: New Book, Intro to Sci Computing using MATLAB

The textbook "Introduction to Scientific Computing using MATLAB" has
recently been made available on lulu. It is at sophomore/junior level
and designed for a one semester course. The topics covered include an
introduction to MATLAB, computing with floating point numbers, linear
algebra, curve fitting, differentiation and integration, root finding
and optimization. The prerequisite is univariate calculus. Versions of
the textbook have been used in the classroom by the authors and others
for over fifteen years and essentially this final version for over
five years.

The book is available from at $16.00
for a print copy and $8.49 for the PDF electronic version.

Ian Gladwell, James G. Nagy, Warren E. Ferguson, Jr.


From: Markus Hegland <>
Date: Mon, 29 Aug 2011 10:04:32 -0400
Subject: Chemical Master Equation, Munich, Sep 2011

Workshop on the Numerical Solution of the Chemical Master Equation in
Molecular Biology at the Technical University of Munich

TUM Institute for Advanced Study
12. September 2011

10:00 AM - 18:00 PM
Konferenzraum 1. OG

Organisors: Markus Hegland, TUM-IAS and ANU and
Per L=F6tstedt, Uppsala University

Speakers so far:
Jochen Garcke, Matheon and Technische Universit=E4t Berlin
Markus Hegland, TUM-IAS and The Australian National University
Tobias Jahnke, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Per L=F6tstedt, Uppsala University
Wilhelm Huisinga, University of Potsdam
Susanna R=F6blitz, Zuse-Institut Berlin
Verena Wolf, Saarland University

We will discuss novel numerical approaches which potentially can deal
with the curse of dimensionality among other things. Please contact
the organisors or Per.Loetstedt
( if you would be interested to attend.


From: Mark Ainsworth <>
Date: Fri, 2 Sep 2011 05:30:28 -0400
Subject: High Perf Sci Comp at the Exascale, London, Oct 2011

LMS/NAIS One-Day Meeting

High Performance Scientific Computing at the Exascale
Tuesday 11 October, 10.30-16.30
De Morgan House, 57-58 Russell Square, London, WC1B 4HS.

Confirmed invited speakers:

Marc Snir (Illinois), "Exascale Computing: The Last Rehearsal Before
the Post-Moore Era"

Ulrich Ruede (Erlangen), "Towards Exascale Computing: Multilevel
Methods and Flow Solvers for Millions of Cores"

Oubay Hassan (Swansea), "Towards Fully Parallel Aerospace Simulations
on Unstructured Meshes"

Paul Kelly (Imperial College), "Software Abstractions for many-core
software engineering"

Full abstracts and timetable for the day can be found at:

Research students from both the Computer Science and Mathematics
communities are especially welcome to participate and can register
free of charge. Further details are available from Elizabeth Fisher at
the Society ( The meeting is funded in part
by NAIS (


From: Nicole Erle <>
Date: Fri, 2 Sep 2011 12:49:34 -0400
Subject: SIAM PD11 Registration/Program, USA, Nov 2011

Subject: SIAM Conference on Analysis of Partial Differential Equations
(PD11) Registration and Program Now Available!

Conference Name: SIAM Conference on Analysis of Partial Differential
Equations (PD11)

Location: San Diego Marriott Mission Valley, San Diego, CA, USA
Dates: November 14-17, 2011

Invited Speakers:
Peter Constantin, The University of Chicago, USA
Camillo De Lellis, Universit=E4t Z=FCrich, Switzerland
Lawrence C. Evans, University of California, Berkeley, USA
Celine Grandmont, INRIA, France
Martin Hairer, University of Warwick, United Kingdom
Chun Liu, Pennsylvania State University, USA
Cl=E9ment Mouhot, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom
Jalal Shatah, Courant Institute, New York University, USA

Registration is Now Available!

Pre-Registration Deadline: October 17, 2011 Disconnect time: 4:00 PM EDT
Hotel Reservation Deadline: October 14, 2011

Registration and the preliminary program for this conference are
available at: .

For additional information, contact the SIAM Conference Department at


From: Jaime Lloret Mauri<>
Date: Wed, 31 Aug 2011 00:51:22 +0200
Subject: Extension: ICDS 2012, Spain, Jan 2012

Please consider to contribute to and/or forward to the appropriate
groups the following opportunity to submit and publish original
scientific results in ICDS 2012.

The submission deadline is extended to September 16, 2011.

In addition, authors of selected papers will be invited to submit
extended article versions to one of the IARIA Journals:

ICDS 2012: The Sixth International Conference on Digital Society
January 30 - February 4, 2012 - Valencia, Spain

General page:
Call for Papers:
Submission page:

Sponsored by IARIA,


From: Jaime Lloret Mauri<>
Date: Wed, 31 Aug 2011 21:38:22 +0200
Subject: Extension: eKNOW 2012, Spain, Jan 2012

Please consider to contribute to and/or forward to the appropriate
groups the following opportunity to submit and publish original
scientific results in eKNOW 2012.

The submission deadline is extended to September 16, 2011.

In addition, authors of selected papers will be invited to submit
extended article versions to one of the IARIA Journals:

eKNOW 2012: The Fourth International Conference on Information, Process,
and Knowledge Management
January 30 - February 4, 2012 - Valencia, Spain

General page:
Call for Papers:
Submission page:

Sponsored by IARIA,


From: Pedro Latorre Carmona <>
Date: Thu, 1 Sep 2011 05:02:13 -0400
Subject: Last Call, ICPRAM 2012, Portugal, Feb 2012

My name is Pedro Latorre Carmona, program co-chair of the 2012
"International Conference on Pattern Recognition Applications and
Methods" (ICPRAM 2012)

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you that the "regular
papers" submission deadline for this conference has been extended to
September 8, 2011.

2012 International Conference on Pattern Recognition Applications and
Methods (ICPRAM2012)
February 6-8, 2012, Vilamoura, Algarve, Portugal

ICPRAM (1st International Conference on Pattern Recognition
Applications and Methods - has an open call
for papers, whose deadline is set for September 8, 2011. We hope you
can participate in this conference by submitting a paper reflecting
your current research in any of the following tracks:
- Theory and Methods
- Applications

Contributions describing applications of Pattern Recognition
techniques to real-world problems, interdisciplinary research,
experimental and/or theoretical studies yielding new insights that
advance Pattern Recognition methods are especially encouraged.

Regular Paper Submission: September 8, 2011
Authors Notification (regular papers): October 17, 2011
Final Regular Paper Submission and Registration: October 31, 2011


From: Pamela Bye <>
Date: Wed, 31 Aug 2011 06:42:55 -0400
Subject: IMA Influence and Conflict, UK, Apr 2012

23-25 April 2012, Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, UK

Recent years have seen an explosion of interest in the application of
influence as a tool for achieving objectives or maintaining
outcomes. One reason for this is that actions alone seldom achieve
intended effects - there is a need to change 'hearts and minds' if
developments are to sustain any lasting impact. This conference will
provide a forum for the exploration of the synergy between soft and
hard power in conflict situations. As is appropriate for an
IMA-supported event the emphasis will be upon the contribution that
explicitly analytical approaches can make to this theme. Specifically
it is expected that the relevance of mathematics and mathematical
logic will be demonstrated in abstracts accepted for the conference.

Papers will be accepted for the conference based on a 200 word
abstract. Abstracts should be submitted by 30 November 2011 either
online at or by email to For further information on this conference,
please visit the conference website:

Or contact: Lizzi Lake, Conference Officer, IMA
E-mail:, Tel: +44 1702 354020


From: Pavel Solin <>
Date: Wed, 31 Aug 2011 08:56:43 -0700
Subject: ESCO 2012, Czech Republic, Jun 2012

25 - 29 June 2012, Pilsen, Czech Republic

We are pleased to announce European Seminar on Computing (ESCO 2012),
the 3rd event in a successful series of interdisciplineary meetings
dedicated to modern methods and practices of scientific computing.

Main thematic areas for 2012 include: Multiphysics coupled problems,
Higher-order computational methods, Computing with Python, GPU
computing, and Cloud computing.

Theoretical results as well as applications are welcome. Application
areas include, but are not limited to: Computational electromagnetics,
Civil engineering, Nuclear engineering, Mechanical engineering,
Computational fluid dynamics, Computational geophysics, Geomechanics
and rock mechanics, Computational hydrology, Subsurface modeling,
Biomechanics, Computational chemistry, Climate and weather modeling,
Wave propagation, Acoustics, Stochastic differential equations, and
Uncertainty quantification.

Minisymposia proposals are welcome. A minisymposium should consist of
at least four lectures related to the same topic. Current list of
minisymposia can be found on the conference web page.

Invited keynote speakers include: John Butcher (Massey University, New
Zealand), Michael Gee (TU Muenchen, Germany), Michael Heroux (Sandia
National Laboratory, USA), Lois Curfman McInnes (Argonne National
Laboratory, USA), Stan Posey (NVIDIA, USA)


From: SAMSI Comp Ad <>
Date: Mon, 5 Sep 2011 12:42:05 -0400
Subject: SAMSI Comp Advertising Program, USA, Aug 2012

SAMSI Program on Computational Advertising:
6-17 August 2012, Research Triangle Park, NC, USA
In cooperation with the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics

Organizers: Deepak Agarwal (Yahoo!) and Diane Lambert (Google)
Local Organizer: David Banks (Duke University)
SAMSI Liaison: Ilse Ipsen (NC State University)

This 2-week program will cover mathematical issues (including web
search; massive, high-speed linear programming; better agent-based
models for auction dynamics; and the computational finance behind
dynamic management of the sales portfolio), as well as statistical
issues (including modeling and forecasting of trends among users;
prediction methodology for recommender systems; and modeling revenue
For more information, please contact:


From: Joerg Willems <>
Date: Wed, 31 Aug 2011 10:36:00 -0400
Subject: RICAM Special Semester, Linz, Austria, Oct 2011

The Johann Radon Institute for Computational and Applied Mathematics
(RICAM) will be hosting the workshop on "Simulation of flow in porous
media and applications in waste management and CO2 sequestration".
This is the first workshop in the "Special Semester on Multiscale
Simulation & Analysis in Energy and the Environment".

Workshop Organizers: P. Bastian, J. Kraus, R. Scheichl, M. Wheeler

Abstract: Subsurface flow problems are inherently multiscale in space
and time due to the large variability of material properties and the
coupling of many different physical processes, such as advection,
diffusion, reaction and phase exchange, as well as coupling to surface
flow models. Moreover, parameters of the models are difficult to
access and often uncertain. The workshop will bring together key
numerical mathematicians whose interest is in the analysis and
computation of multiscale subsurface flow and practitioners whose
interest is in the application of these core problems in energy and
the environment, such as deep geological disposal of radioactive waste
or carbon capture and storage. The workshop also includes a special
session on "Fuel cell modeling".

Confirmed invited speakers: J. Becker (ITWM Kaiserslautern),
A. Bourgeat (Lyon), H. Dahle (Bergen), M. Discacciati (EPFL Lausanne),
Y. Efendiev (Texas A&M), J. Erhel (INRIA Rennes), A. Ern (Paris),
J. Fuhrmann (WIAS Berlin), L. Halpern (Paris), R. Kornhuber (Berlin),
A. Michel (IFP Paris), A. Mikelic (Lyon), J. Nordbotten (Bergen),
M. Vohralik (Paris), M. Wheeler (UT Austin), B. Wohlmuth (Munich),
I. Yotov (Pittsburgh).

Registration fee (including the conference dinner): =8050
Please feel free to contact the organizers:


From: Yongcheng Zhou <>
Date: Wed, 31 Aug 2011 19:04:01 -0400
Subject: Yates Chair Professor, Math, Colorado State Univ

The Department of Mathematics at Colorado State University invites
applications for the Albert C. Yates Chair in Mathematics. This
position is an endowed chair, with a six-year term, that was created
through a gift from the Bohemian Foundation, and will include an
appointment as a regular faculty member in the Department of
Mathematics at the Full or Associate Professor level. The terms of the
endowment require the appointee to have excellent teaching skills, a
commitment to applied research, a record of community service and a
practical approach to mathematics. The full job description may be
viewed at
Research interests of current faculty may be found at

Complete applications include the submission of an AMS cover sheet, a
complete curriculum vitae, a statement of interest in the Yates Chair
position, including evidence of leadership and a summary of plans for
future scholarly, instructional and other professional activities, as
well as a list of at least four names of references, with contact
information, to

Other correspondence should be sent to the Search Chair,

Applications completed by November 11, 2011 are guaranteed full
consideration. Complete applications of the semi-finalist candidates
will be available to department faculty for review.

Colorado State University is an EO/EA/AA employer. Colorado State
University conducts background checks on the final candidates.


From: Yongcheng Zhou <>
Date: Wed, 31 Aug 2011 15:50:37 -0400
Subject: Asst Professor, Appl/Comp Math, Colorado State Univ

The Department of Mathematics at Colorado State University invites
applications for a tenure-track Assistant Professor in the area of
Applied and Computational Mathematics, broadly construed, including in
particular applied analysis. Candidates whose research has strong
connections to applications and/or computation and potential for
collaboration with existing members of the Department or across campus
are encouraged to apply. The job responsibilities include teaching at
the university level. The full job description may be viewed at

Complete applications include the submission of an AMS cover sheet, a
complete curriculum vitae, a statement of interest in the
Applied/Computational position specifically, including a summary of
plans for future scholarly activities, a teaching statement, and at
least three letters of recommendation to

Other correspondence should be sent to the Search Chair,

Applications completed by October 30, 2011 are guaranteed full
consideration. Complete applications of the semi-finalist candidates
will be available to department faculty for review.

Colorado State University is an EO/EA/AA employer. Colorado State
University conducts background checks on the final candidates.


From: Jennifer Scott <>
Date: Thu, 1 Sep 2011 04:49:22 -0400
Subject: NA Position, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory

The Numerical Analysis Group of the STFC Rutherford Appleton
Laboratory ( is one of the UK's
leading numerical analysis groups. The main interests of the Group
lie in the solution of large-scale linear and nonlinear equations,
large-scale eigenvalue problems and optimisation problems. We are
looking for a talented and highly motivated individual to join the

The role will involve conducting independent scientific research in an
area of numerical analysis that is closely related to the existing
research interests of the Group. In addition, the post holder will be
required to contribute to developing, supporting and maintaining the
Group's internationally renowned software libraries HSL and GALAHAD.

This is an excellent opportunity for an enthusiastic PhD with a
strong research background in numerical analysis and computational
mathematics. In addition, applicants should have considerable
experience of programming (with expertise in Fortran strongly
preferred). Knowledge of UNIX-based systems and experience of modern
computer architectures would be an advantage.

Candidates should possess excellent communication skills in both
spoken and written English and must be able to work effectively both
on their own and as part of a small team.

Salary is in the range =A326,610 to =A337,534 per annum, dependent on
skills and experience. An excellent index-linked pension scheme and
generous leave allowance are also offered. The post is based at the
Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, which is situated 15 miles south of
the city of Oxford.

Applications are handed by the RCUK Shared Services Centre; too apply
please visit our job board at . The
reference number for the post which you will need is IRC27291.

Closing date for applications: 7 October 2011.

Informal enquiries may be addressed to


From: Gitta Kutyniok <>
Date: Mon, 29 Aug 2011 11:50:41 -0400
Subject: 3 PhD and Postdoc Positions, TU Berlin

Three PhD or Post-Doc positions are available in the Research Group on
Applied Harmonic Analysis (Prof. Gitta Kutyniok) at the Institute of
Mathematics, Technical University Berlin, Germany. These positions are
for maximally 5 years with salary 13 TV-L (Entgeltgruppe Berliner

Reference number: WM-230 (to be filled from 01.10.2011/ closing date
for applications 15.09.2011)

Working field: Cooperation in research and teaching; e. g.; teaching
of recitation sessions in German and organizations for seminars, in
particular in the area of analysis (for instance, functional analysis,
Fourier analysis, or analytic methods in signal- and image processing)
Requirements: a master or diploma degree in mathematics with
outstanding grades or a doctoral degree; fundamental knowledge in the
area of applied analysis and good programming skills; additional
knowledge in applied harmonic analysis, e. g. wavelet theory.

Please send your written application with the reference number and the
usual documents to the Pr=E4sident der Technischen Universit=E4t Berlin,
Fakult=E4t II, Inst. f=FCr Mathematik, Frau Grentzer, Sekr. MA 4-1, Stra=DF=
des 17. Juni 136, 10623 Berlin.

To ensure equal opportunity between men and women, applications from
women with the respective qualifications are explicitly
desired. Possibility for part-time employment. Handicapped applicants
with equal qualifications are preferred.

Please send only copies and not originals of documents, as they will
not be returned by mail.

The vacancy is also available in the internet at


From: Vasseur <>
Date: Wed, 31 Aug 2011 03:48:54 -0400
Subject: PhD Position, CERFACS, Toulouse

We have an immediate opening for a PhD student position at the
Parallel Algorithms group of CERFACS in Toulouse, France.

The main research focus will be on the solution of coupled systems of
partial differential equations arising in reservoir
modelling. Efficient and accurate modelling is notably required when
designing the next generation of reservoirs for oil
prospection. Solution methods based on algebraic multigrid methods
will be investigated in this PhD thesis.

This project is carried out in collaboration with the Reservoir
Department of Total, Pau and concrete applications will be provided by
our research partner.

A degree in mathematics or computer science is required. This project
has a significant numerical analysis and programming part. Hence
preference will be given to candidates with a good knowledge of
numerical linear algebra, numerical analysis and computational methods
for partial differential equations.

Applications including academic curriculum as well as contact
information of two references should be submitted to Serge Gratton
( and Xavier Vasseur (
before September 30th 2011.


From: Axel Ruhe <>
Date: Mon, 05 Sep 2011 14:35:49 +0200
Subject: Contents, BIT, 51(3)

Volume 51 No. 3 September 2011

A. RUHE / Introduction to the contents of issue 51:3 481

L. BANJAI and C. LUBICH / An error analysis of Runge=96Kutta convolution
quadrature 483

S. BORODACHOV and T. SOROKINA / An optimal multivariate spline method
of recovery of twice differentiable functions 497

C. B=D6CKMANN and A. KAMMANEE / Broyden method for inverse non-symmetric
Sturm-Liouville problems 513

K. DEBRABANT and A. KV=C6RN=D8 / B-series analysis of iterated Taylor
methods 529

L. DIECI, C. ELIA and E. VAN VLECK / Detecting exponential dichotomy
on the real line: SVD and QR algorithms 555

E. EMMRICH / Time discretisation of monotone nonlinear evolution
problems by the discontinuous Galerkin method 581

H. FENG, X. ZHANG and J. LI / Numerical solution of a certain
hypersingular integral equation of the first kind 609

S. FRANZ / SDFEM with non-standard higher-order finite elements for a
convection-diffusion problem with characteristic boundary layers 631

T. JOHNSON and W. TUCKER / On a computer-aided approach to the
computation of Abelian integrals 653

E. KLANN, R. RAMLAU and L. REICHEL / Wavelet-based multilevel methods
for linear ill-posed problems 669

D. NOUTSOS and P. VASSALOS / Band plus algebra preconditioners for
two-level Toeplitz systems 695

J. POPOVIC and O. RUNBORG / Analysis of a fast method for solving the
high frequency Helmholtz equation in one dimension 721

S. REMOGNA / Quasi-interpolation operators based on the trivariate
seven-direction C2 quartic box spline 757

End of NA Digest