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From: Greg Reid <>
Date: Tue, 20 Jul 2010 10:29:45 -0400
Subject: Geometric & numeric tools for Diff. Eqns., BIRS, Banff, Canada,
Aug 2010

BIRS 2 day Workshop
``New geometric and numeric tools for the analysis of differential
Banff International Research Station (BIRS), August 13 - 15, 2010, Banff,
Canada. See the links at the end of this email for details.

If you wish to attend or have students/postdocs who want to attend,
please send email to Greg Reid ( There is funding to cover
meals and
accommodation for participants, but not travel. If there is still
space/funding available, then an official BIRS invitation will be promptly
emailed to you. Space/funding is limited so you are encouraged to apply
as soon
as possible.

Sincerely and looking forward to a great workshop;

Greg Reid, Elizabeth Mansfield, Andrew Sommese, Jukka Tuomela

For additional information please see the web sites below or email
questions to
Greg Reid.

Talks and Abstracts:
Workshop Page and Participants:


From: Marcel MONGEAU <>
Date: Fri, 16 Jul 2010 09:45:25 +0200
Subject: Jean-Baptiste Hiriart-Urruty's 60th birthday, France, Oct 2010

Conference on the occasion of Jean-Baptiste Hiriart-Urruty's 60th birthday

JBHU 2010 : Analyse Variationnelle, Optimisation et Applications
Bayonne (South-West France), October 25-27 2010.

Talks are by invitation only but the conference is open
to all persons wishing to attend: please register on the
web at
as soon as possible, and before September 20, 2010.

Fees: None
No parallel sessions are planned.
Most talks are likely to be in French with English slides.

Confirmed Invited Speakers:
* Jean Aymes Inspecteur pedagogique regional honoraire
* Ma´tine Bergounioux Universite d'Orleans
* Joseph Frederic Bonnans INRIA-Saclay
* Francis Clarke Universite Lyon I et IUF
* Rafael Correa Universite du Chili, Santiago
* Jean-Paul Delahaye Universite des Sciences et Technologies de Lille
* Moritz Diehl Universite catholique de Leuven, Belgique
* Thierry Druot Airbus, Toulouse
* Richard Epenoy CNES, Toulouse
* Jean-Bernard Lasserre LAAS-CNRS, Toulouse
* Marco Antonio Lopez Universidad de Alicante
* Yves Lucet University of British Columbia - Okanagan
* Roger Mansuy Lycee Louis le Grand, Paris
* Boris Mordukhovich Wayne State University, USA
* Sylvain Mouret Total, Paris
* Dominikus Noll Universite Paul Sabatier, Toulouse
* Claudia Sagastizabal (CEPEL) Research Center for Electric Energy,
* Stephen Simons University of California, Santa Barbara
* Alexander Strekalovski Irkutsk Scientific Center, Russie
* Michel Volle Universite d'Avignon
* Enrique Zuazua Basque Center for Applied Mathematics, Bilbao

For Further Information:

We are looking forward to seeing you in Bayonne.

Marcel Mongeau and Michel Thera


From: Thiab Taha <>
Date: Mon, 19 Jul 2010 14:07:56 -0400
Subject: IMACS Conf on Nonlinear Waves, Georgia, Apr 2011

the University of Georgia, Athens, GA, USA, April 04-07, 2011.
The conference will focus on computational and theoretical
aspects of nonlinear wave phenomena. Interdisciplinary aspects of
the subject will be emphasized, as well as interaction between
computation, theory and applications.
The conference is sponsored by UGA and IMACS.
Honorary CHAIR: R. Vichnevetsky(USA),( Honorary President of IMACS),
T. Taha(USA)(General Chair and Conference Coordinator)
G. Biondini(USA),(Co-Chair)
J. Bona(USA),(Co-Chair).

Keynote Speakers(so far): Mark Ablowitz (USA) and George

For the latest information and AWARDS for students:

Contact: Professor Thiab R. Taha
Computer Science Department
University of Georgia
Athens, GA 30602-7404 USA
Tel: 706 542 3477
Fax: 706 542 2966


From: Michael Overton <>
Date: Thu, 15 Jul 2010 11:49:58 -0400
Subject: Householder Symposium XVIII, Tahoe City, California, June 2011

Householder Symposium XVIII on Numerical Linear Algebra will be held on
June 12-17, 2011, at the Granlibakken Conference Center & Lodge in Tahoe
City, California, on the northwest shore of Lake Tahoe. This meeting is
the eighteenth in a series, previously called the Gatlinburg Symposia. The
series of conferences is named after its founder Alston S. Householder,
one of the pioneers in numerical linear algebra. The meeting is very
informal, with the intermingling of young and established researchers a
priority. Participants are expected to attend the entire meeting. The
fourteenth Householder Award for the best thesis in numerical linear
algebra since January 1, 2008 will be presented.

Attendance at the meeting is by invitation only. Applications are
solicited from researchers in numerical linear algebra, matrix theory,
and related areas such as optimization, differential equations, signal
processing, and control. Each attendee is given the opportunity to
present a talk. Some talks will be plenary lectures, while others will
be shorter presentations arranged in parallel sessions. To apply for
an invitation to attend the meeting, please go to:

For full consideration, conference applications must be received by
October 31, 2010. Invitations will be sent in January 2011.

It is expected that partial support will be available for some students,
early career participants, and participants from countries with limited


From: "Robin, Yuvon" <>
Date: Fri, 16 Jul 2010 11:41:59 -0500
Subject: Faculty position in MSEC at Texas State University-San Macros

College of Science
Department of Materials Science, Engineering, and Commercialization Program

Position: Rank based on qualifications
Job Posting #: 2011-14
Review Date: Open until filled
Appointment Date: September 1, 2011

Responsibilities: Texas State University-San Marcos is aggressively
developing a new interdisciplinary Materials Science, Engineering, and
Commercialization Program based on collaborations among the
Departments of Biology, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Engineering
Technology, The Ingram School of Engineering, and Physics. We invite
applications for an open position to be immediately filled by an
outstanding candidate with active and internationally recognized
interdisciplinary research efforts in advanced materials for emerging
technologies in biomaterials, biosensing, new epitaxial materials,
nanocomposites and polymers, and energy harvesting. Other areas will
be considered as well. Rank, tenure status and home department are
negotiable based on qualifications. The successful applicant will
establish a vigorous externally funded research program, supervise
graduate students, collaborate with other faculty, and be committed to
teaching at the undergraduate and graduate levels. We have received a
State of Texas Emerging Technology Fund Research Superiority
Acquisition Award that provides a highly competitive salary and
start-up package. In accordance with the guidelines of this award,
preference will be given to candidates from outside the State of Texas
whose research efforts have a high likelihood of supporting technology
transfer and commercialization. Qualifications Required:
* Earned doctoral degree in physical, biological, engineering or
biomedical science.
* Possess a distinguished record of intellectual and academic
* Strong record of funded research.
* Strong record of scholastic achievement.
* Successful applicant will receive the appropriate rank and title
based on university and department established standards.
* Corporate, industrial or commercialization.

Application Procedures: Review will begin immediately and continue
until position is filled. To ensure full consideration, submit the
following as soon as possible: Faculty application
and accompanying materials which include, a letter of intent; vita;
statements of the proposed research program, a potential
commercialization strategy, and your teaching philosophy; and list of
five references to:


From: "Prof. Hintermueller" <>
Date: Mon, 19 Jul 2010 06:03:45 -0400
Subject: W3(Full)-MATHEON-Professorship Algorithmic Optimization

The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences II, Department of
at the Humboldt-University of Berlin is seeking candidates for a

W3(Full)-MATHEON-Professorship Algorithmic Optimization

to begin April 1, 2011.

The successful candidate has an internationally outstanding research
record in
mathematical optimization theory, ideally with applications to problems with
partial differential equations, and especially in the development of
solution algorithms for large scale problems as well as critical aspects of
their computer-supported realization including software development and
automatic differentiation. The integration into a possible research
group in a
common area of Applied Analysis, Numerics and Optimization as well as the
cooperation with computer science and other natural sciences departments in
Berlin-Adlershof is expected.

Further, the successful candidate should have expertise in one of the
application areas of the DFG-Research Center MATHEON, and she / he should be
interested in cooperation with engineering and natural sciences as well as

Please send your written application and the usual documents (including a
curriculum vitae and a description of research plans) quoting the reference
number PR/010/10, to the Humboldt-Universitaet zu Berlin,
Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftliche Fakultaet II, Head of the Department of
Mathematics, Prof. A. Griewank, PhD, Unter den Linden 6, 10099 Berlin.
Deadline for applications: August 26, 2010.

Further relevant information is available under


From: Panayot Vassilevski <>
Date: Mon, 19 Jul 2010 21:32:04 -0400
Subject: Post-doc position in coarse (upscaled) discretizations and

The Center for Applied Scientific Computing at the Lawrence
Livermore National Laboratory has an opening for a postdoctoral
researcher in the area of constructing coarse (upscaled) finite
element discretization schemes based on algebraic multigrid. The main
focus will be in the construction of discretization spaces/schemes
utilizing constrained energy minimization. A second related research
topic is
the construction of multiscale preconditioners by algebraic multigrid means
for simulation of high-contrast channelized media that can be effectively
reused in uncertainty quantification of flow prediction.

For more details and to apply, please see Job # 009204 at


From: "X. Sherry Li" <>
Date: Tue, 20 Jul 2010 12:52:07 -0400
Subject: Postdoc position at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory


The Future Technology Group in the High Performance Computing
Research Department ( at Lawrence Berkeley
National Laboratory ( has an immediate opening
for a postdoctoral fellow to work on the development of parallel
numerical linear algebra algorithms and their application to a variety
of scientific areas of interest to the Department of Energy and
Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. The candidate will participate in
research activities in developing novel communication avoiding,
linear scaling algorithms in numerical linear algebra that are
suitable for future extreme scale computer architectures.
Specific emphasis is on large, sparse linear systems using both
direct and iterative methods. The research direction is to develop
new algorithms that perform less communication than conventional ones,
and that use novel data compression techniques such as low-rank
approximations to reduce the amount of communication and data movement.
Computer science innovation is also needed to make programming these
more complicated algorithms easier on the more complicated and
heterogeneous architectures.

The complete job description and the application form can be viewed
at our jobs website:

The High Performance Computing Research Department at Lawrence Berkeley
National Laboratory conducts research and development in mathematical
modeling, algorithm design, software implementation, and system
architectures. We collaborate closely with scientists, in fields ranging
from materials sciences to climate modeling to astrophysics, to solve
computational and data management problems. We also create visualizations
to help scientists gain new physical insights and make the data
more comprehensible.


From: roman <>
Date: Tue, 20 Jul 2010 12:45:02 -0400
Subject: PhD position funded by INRIA-TOTAL

Subject: PhD position on large scale parallel linear solvers for petroelum

In the framework of the strategic action called "Depth Imaging Partnership
(DIP)" between INRIA and TOTAL a PhD position is open at INRIA in the
project (joint INRIA-CERFACS lab on High Performance Computing).
The objective of the PhD is the design and implementation of a parallel
direct/iterative linear solver on massivelly multicore platform for the
numerical simulation of wave propagations in the frequency domain.

Requirements: a Master degree in computational science and advanced
knowledge in
high performance computing would be highly appreciated.

Deadline for the applications: August 31st 2010.
The starting date is estimated for October 1st 2010 or as soon as
but not later than January 1st 2011.

Application material to be sent to and to
1. A detailled CV, describing yourself, your research interests,
achievements etc.
2. The scanned images of the Master's degree certificat as well as the
academic transcripts.
3. Two email contacys for letters of recommendation (one of them from
Master thesis advisor).

More details can be found at


From: Chi-Wang Shu <>
Date: Tue, 20 Jul 2010 00:53:27 -0400
Subject: Contents, Journal of Scientific Computing 44(3) 2010

Journal of Scientific Computing

Volume 44, Number 3, September 2010

Optimal Penalty Parameters for Symmetric
Discontinuous Galerkin Discretisations of the
Time-Harmonic Maxwell Equations
D. Sarmany, F. Izsak and J. J. W. van der Vegt,

Composite Laguerre-Legendre Spectral Method
for Fourth-Order Exterior Problems
Ben-Yu Guo and Tian-Jun Wang, pp.255-285.

Radial Basis Function Interpolation on Irregular
Domain through Conformal Transplantation
Alfa R. H. Heryudono and Tobin A. Driscoll,

The Superconvergent Cluster Recovery Method,
Yunqing Huang and Nianyu Yi, pp.301-322.

A Study of Curved Boundary Representations for
2D High Order Euler Solvers
Haiyang Gao, Z. J. Wang and Yen Liu, pp.323-336.

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