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From: Joseph Traub <>
Date: Tue, 20 Apr 2010 09:23:03 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Boleslaw Kacewicz Wins 2010 Prize for Information-Based Complexity

Boleslaw Kacewicz Wins the 2010 Information-Based Complexity Prize

The recipient of the 2010 IBC Prize is Boleslaw Kacewicz, Department of
Mathematics, AGH University of Science and Technology, Cracow, Poland. The
prize consists of $3000 and a plaque. The award will be presented at the
2010 9'th International Conference on Monte Carlo and Quasi-Monte Carlo
Methods in Scientific Computing, Warsaw, Poland, in August 2010.

This annual prize is given for outstanding contributions to


From: PRIEUR <>
Date: Wed, 21 Apr 2010 04:45:44 -0400
Subject: Call for 2010 European PhD Award on Embedded and Networked Control

The EECI-ICO PhD Award is given annually in recognition of the best
PhD thesis in Europe in the field of Embedded and Networked
Control. Former recipients can be found on the webpage

The aim of the award is to encourage high-quality work amongst young
researchers in their first research period. The prize consists of a
certificate and a cash award. The domain of research of candidates
should be included in the large multidisciplinary area of the control
of hybrid, nonlinear, embedded or networked systems.

For more information consult the web-pages :


The deadline for application is June 15, 2010. To be eligible for the
award, the thesis must have been defended in Europe between June 16,
2009 and June 15, 2010.

To apply, please consult the award webpage:

Best regards,

Christophe Prieur and Antoine Chaillet


From: "Robert A. van de Geijn" <>
Date: Tue, 20 Apr 2010 12:21:10 -0500
Subject: Conference in Honor of G.W. Stewart, Austin, Jul 2010

CALL FOR PICTURES AND POSTERS: Conference in Honor of G.W.
Stewart, Austin, Jul 2010

Numerical Linear Algebra: Perturbation, Performance, and Portability
-- A conference in honor of G.W. (Pete) Stewart

DATE: July 19-20, 2010
LOCATION: The University of Texas at Austin

The conference will focus on the state of numerical linear algebra by
examining past and present accomplishments as well as opportunities
for future research. The catalyst for the meeting is the recent
retirement and upcoming 70th birthday of Prof. G.W. (Pete) Stewart.
Format of the conference consists of eighteen 30 min. invited talks
interlaced with discussion periods, a poster session, and a panel
discussion on the future of numerical linear algebra.

The deadline for application for funds by graduate and postdoctoral
researchers who are presenting posters is May 5, 2010.

Thanks to generous support from various entities,acknowledged on the
conference wiki, there will be no conference fee for this event.

contributions of pictures and anecdotes related to Pete Stewart for
the conference wiki. Please contact Robert van de Geijn
( for instructions on how to upload materials.

Invited Speakers: Zhaojun Bai, Paolo Bientinesi, David Bindel,
Angelika Bunse-Gerstner, Eric de Sturler, Nick Higham, Ilse Ipsen,
W. Kahan, Tammy Kolda, Che-Rung (Roger) Lee, Volker Mehrmann, Cleve
Moler, Dianne O'Leary, Haesun Park, Beresford Parlett, Pau'l Pauca,
Michael Stewart, Paul Van Dooren, Charlie Van Loan

The program schedule and registration details are available at

Robert van de Geijn
Misha Kilmer
for the organizing committee


From: "Yiannis G. Saridakis" <>
Date: Tue, 20 Apr 2010 01:45:14 -0400
Subject: Numerical Analysis (NumAn2010), Chania-Crete, Greece, Sep 2010



Invited Speakers:

We are organizing a conference in Numerical Analysis entitled "Conference in
Numerical Analysis (NumAn 2010) - Recent Approaches to Numerical Analysis:
Theory, Methods and Applications". The conference will take place in Chania,
Greece, Wednesday 15, to Saturday 18, September 2010.

We invite interested researchers to submit one-page abstracts, for
POSTER presentations, on topics pertaining to the themes of the
conference by
SATURDAY, MAY 15, 2010. Abstracts must be in LaTeX following the sample file
sample.tex and must be e-mailed to


From: "Yu.S. Semerich" <>
Date: Wed, 21 Apr 2010 08:05:57 +0400
Subject: Modelling natural and social problems, Penza, Russia, Oct 2010

Dear colleagues,
call for participation
The Fifth International Conference on Analytical and numerical methods
for modelling natural and social problems, Penza, Russia, October 22-25,

General topics:
Computational methods on various aspects of Neural, Parallel, and
Scientific Computing such as Computational Methods of Nonlinear Systems,
Algorithm Design, Hardware/Software Engineering, Computer Modeling,
Networking Dynamics, Computer Vision, Imaging Cognition, but are not
limited to:
Integral and differential equations;
Approximation theory;
Mathematical modeling in economics, ecology, demography and social science;
Mathematical modeling in physics and technologies;
Mathematical modeling in nanotechnologies and nanobiology;
Information technologies in education.

Important dates:
- Submission of titles of the papers: May 15, 2010
- Submission of abstract: September 20, 2010

Authors of contributed and invited papers are requested to submit,
before September 20, 2010, an article not exceeding 4 pages of their
research presentation. Please type each article double space Times New
Roman 14 in typed area 210*297mm with the fields such as 20mm from
above, the right and the left, 25mm from below. All figures and tables
are supposed to be no less than 60*60mm and no more than 110*170mm using
*jpg or *bmp format. We ask you to not exceed two tables per
presentation. We ask you to send each presentation as a separated file.
If your file exceeds 50 Kb, please archive them using ZIP, ARJ or RAR.

Second announcement will be sent by August 1, 2010, with the forthcoming
information about the conference.

For more information about this conference send an email to


From: "Kirsten Wilden" <>
Date: Wed, 21 Apr 2010 14:22:26 -0400
Subject: ACM-SIAM Discrete Algorithms (SODA11), San Francisco, Jan 2011

ACM-SIAM Symposium on Discrete Algorithms (SODA11)
January 23-25, 2011
Holiday Inn San Francisco Golden Gateway, San Francisco, California, USA

This symposium focuses on research topics related to efficient algorithms
and data structures for discrete problems. In addition to the design of
methods and structures, the scope also includes their use, performance
analysis, and the mathematical problems related to their development or
limitations. Performance analyses may be analytical or experimental and may
address worst-case or expected-case performance. Studies can be theoretical
or based on data sets that have arisen in practice and may address
methodological issues involved in performance analysis.

The Call for Presentations for this symposium is available at:

Submission Deadlines:
July 2, 2010, 4:59 PM Eastern Daylight Time - Paper Registration
July 7, 2010, 4:59 PM Eastern Daylight Time - Final Submission Deadline

For additional information, contact the SIAM Conferences Department at


From: MagdalenaThne <>
Date: Wed, 21 Apr 2010 18:23:36 +0200
Subject: Professor Position for Continuous Optimization, TU Dortmund

An Assistant Professorship (W2 Professur) for Continuous Optimization
is announced at

TU Dortmund, Faculty for Mathematics (Germany).

Applications should be sent until May, 6th, 2010 to:

Dekan der Fakultät für Mathematik
Technische Universität Dortmund
44221 Dortmund

For more details please see:


From: "Wojcik, Monika" <>
Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2010 16:22:11 +0200
Subject: PhD/Postdoc position of Scientist Computational Disease Biologist


YOU are highly motivated and always committed to deliver the best
quality. You encourage collaboration and enjoy working in a team. You
are passionate individual who likes creative and international work


The successful candidate will join the Computational Science &
Bioinformatics (CS&B) team of Philip Morris Products S.A. in
Neuchâtel, Switzerland and will play a major role in the analysis of
large scale data sets from various post-genomic technologies and their
applications in biomarker discovery. Using newly developed software
tools the candidate will interrogate systems biology datasets to
discover biological networks differentiating normal and diseased
states. His/Her scientific background and ability to critically review
biological facts will be essential to developing a coherent synthesis
of the biology being modeled.

Specifically, you will:

* Be responsible for mapping disease progression onto biological
* pathways Provide analysis of large scale array-based data
* (genomics, transcriptomics, protemics) to support the
* Computational Disease Biology team Apply advanced technologies in
* the area of network biology and pathway mining Have a strong
* interest in collaborating with experimental biologists and
* computational scientists to interrogate systems biology datasets
* to discover biological networks differentiating normal and
* diseased states Have scientific writing and critical review
* skills essential for the production of concise, detailed project
* reports which represent a coherent synthesis of the biology of
* the experimental system


* PhD in bioinformatics, computational biology, biological sciences
* or a related field Previous experience in disease pathways and
* network biology as well as experience in inflammation and cancer
* biology Broad expertise in computational biology with particular
* strength in -omics data analysis Demonstrated ability to manage
* and interpret large biological data sets. Fluency in English is
* a must


You will be part of the PMI Research & Development Department, whose
primary mission is to research and develop new products which may have
the potential to reduce the risks of tobacco related diseases.

You will benefit from our dynamic team of professionals, working in a
multicultural environment.

We offer an excellent salary and benefits package as well as
relocation allowance (where appropriate).

If you match our profile and you are interested in joining our dynamic
team of professionals, please reply online by the end of April 2010.

A valid Swiss work permit or Swiss or EU citizenship is required for
this position.

Monika Wojcik
Contract of Services
HR Shared Service Center Europe

PMI Service Center Europe Sp. z o.o.
al. Jana Paw³a II 196, 31-982 Kraków
tel. +48 (12) 381 5947


From: Wei Cai <>
Date: Mon, 19 Apr 2010 15:40:04 -0400
Subject: Postdoctoral Position at the UNC Charlotte

University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Department of Mathematics & Statistics

Application is sought for a postdoctoral
position with experience in scientific computation
in the area of electromagnetics with application in
biological systems such as ion-channels.
Please e-mail application to
Or send the application to Prof. Wei Cai,
Department of Mathematics & Statistics, University of
North Carolina at Charlotte, Charlotte, NC 28223.


From: Ken McKinnon <>
Date: Wed, 21 Apr 2010 13:58:21 +0100 (BST)
Subject: Post Doc in Edinburgh on Blackout Prevention

Postdoctoral Research Associate
School of Mathematics
Edinburgh University

Salary Scale: £29,853 - £35,646
Closing date 17th May 2010

Applications are invited for a 2.5-year post-doctoral position in the
area of
modelling and optimization of electricity transmission networks. The
will be based at the Edinburgh Research Group on Optimization at the
School of
Mathematics, Edinburgh University. The successful candidate is expected to
start in September 2010 or shortly afterwards. The position is funded by the
EPSRC project : "Preventing Wide-Area Blackouts Through Adaptive
Islanding of
Transmission Networks".

The project will involve studying electricity transmission networks, using
graph-based techniques to model them, and applying optimization-based
techniques to find the partitioning (islanding) of networks which minimizes
their exposure to blackouts.

Successful applicant will have completed a PhD in Optimization, Electrical
Engineering, or a related field of computational mathematics or engineering,
and will demonstrate outstanding research potential. An ideal candidate will
have a documented expertise in optimization techniques, in modelling of
electricity transmission networks and will demonstrate good programming
skills. Prior experience in development of high performance computing
would be an advantage.

For further details and how to apply please follow the link

Informal enquiries can be made by contacting Professor Ken McKinnon, phone:
+44 131 650 5042, e-mail:

The University of Edinburgh is a charitable body, registered in
Scotland, with registration number SC005336.


From: prof Sabine Van Huffel <>
Date: Wed, 21 Apr 2010 03:16:05 -0400
Subject: Job opening at K.U.Leuven, ESAT, SCD, SISTA, group BIOMED

jobopening at K.U.Leuven, ESAT, SCD, SISTA, group BIOMED:

Employer Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium.
Location Group of Sciences and Technology, Department of Electrical
Engineering, Division ESAT-SCD, SISTA-BIOMED, Katholieke
Universiteit Leuven, Belgium
Posted March 15, 2010
Expires Open until filled
Position title Postdoctoral Researcher
Postdoctoral Research Position in
Signal processing for massive parallel single-molecule detection
Project Description
SISTA-BIOMED is delighted to offer a postdoctoral fellowship on signal
processing for an electronic biosensor chip. The work will be performed in
close collaboration with the R&D project “Biosensor Prototyping” of NXP
NXP is developing an electronic biosensor technology based on CMOS chips
with ten thousands to millions of nano-electrodes that serve as nano-
capacitors. Probe molecules, immobilized on the nano-electrodes’ surfaces,
capture specific target molecules from a fluid to be analyzed. The tiny
capacitance changes caused by the single-molecule binding events are
measured with on-chip electronic circuits. The sensor chips produce data
streams containing large amounts of information about the fluid to be
The aim of the project is to analyze the data streams and to develop
algorithms to extract information relevant for building diagnostic test
applications. This includes statistical signal analyses, noise reduction
non-linear filtering, data modeling, information theoretical methods, and
coupling to meta-data.
The close proximity of the NXP R&D group in Leuven provides ample
opportunity for frequent interactions to discuss ideas and methods, and to
run tests with real-time sensor data.
Eligibility requirements
Candidates are expected to have good mathematical skills and to have a
background in signal processing, modelling, optimization and statistics.
Master and PhD degrees in either one of the following disciplines:
biomedical or electrical engineering, mathematics, statistics, physics and
bioengineering are welcomed. Familiarity with computer programming
(e.g., MATLAB, C/C++) is desirable. A strong interest in application-
oriented work; multi- and interdisciplinary approach, interpersonal team
aptitude and strong English written and communication skills are

Salary and Conditions
The salary will be assigned according to the Belgian university salary
system. The Postdoctoral appointment is for the duration of two years and
can be extended if needed.
To apply, please send a resume/CV and a covering letter to
Professor Sabine Van Huffel (


From: Per Christian Hansen <>
Date: Fri, 23 Apr 2010 03:02:43 -0400
Subject: PhD Position in Scientific GPU Computing

The PhD project focuses on computational methods for dynamical
based on interior-point methods and convex optimization. The computational
bottleneck in these optimization algorithms is often the matrix
and we aim to develop GPU-based high-performance algorithms that
overcome this
bottleneck. One of our test problems is distribution and control of
power via a "smart power-grid" through the use of model predictive
control; but
our developments will also produce advances in other areas of constrained

The research will be carried out in an interdisciplinary environment in
collaboration with one other PhD and one post doc within the research
and with guidance of the project’s research team. Candidates must have a
degree in computational science and engineering, applied mathematics, or
equivalent academic qualifications. Preference will be given to
candidates who
can document programming skills in high-performance or multi-core
computing. A background in convex optimization algorithms and/or matrix
computations is preferable.

See the full post at:

For further information contact:

Per Christian Hansen
DTU Informatics
Technical University of Denmark


From: Marcin Paprzycki <>
Date: Sat, 24 Apr 2010 19:09:09 -0400
Subject: Contents, SCPE 11(1), March 2010

SCPE issue 11(1), March 2010

A. Special Issue: Selected Papers from workshops ACSys2009 and IDC'2009

Introduction to the special issue
Viorel Negru, Adina Magda Florea and Costin B&#259;dic&#259;

Algorithmic Solutions for Several Offline Constrained Resource
Processing and
Data Transfer Multicriteria Optimization Problems
Mugurel Ionu&#355; Andreica and Nicolae &#354;&#259;pu&#351;

Sensors Data-Stream Processing Middleware based on Multi-Agent Model
Ovidiu Aritoni and Viorel Negru

Context-Aware Emergent Behaviour in a MAS for Information Exchange
Andrei Olaru, Cristian Gratie and Adina Magda Florea

Efficient Broadcasting in MANETs by Selective Forwarding
Doina Bein, Ajoy K. Datta and Balaji ashok Sathyanarayanan

Exploring Carrier Agents in Swarm-Array Computing
Blesson Varghese and Gerard McKee

Group-based interactions for multiuser applications
Carmen Morgado, José C. Cunha, Nuno Correia and Jorge Custódio

B. Special Issue: Selected paper of Grid&SEA 2008 (continuation from
last issue)

Parallel Quasirandom Applications on Heterogeneous Grid
Aneta Karaivanova, Emanouil Atanassov, Todor Gurov, Sofiya Ivanovska and
Mariya Durchova

C. Research Paper
OSyRIS: a Nature Inspired Workflow Engine for Service Oriented Environments
Marc Eduard Frîncu and Dana Petcu


From: "Gladwell, Ian" <>
Date: Wed, 21 Apr 2010 07:39:01 -0500
Subject: Contents, ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software (TOMS)
37(2) 2010

ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software (TOMS) Volume 37, Issue 2
(April 2010)

For more information, including abstracts and access to full text, see the
ACM Digital Library at

Table of Contents

EFCOSS: An interactive environment facilitating optimal experimental design
Arno Rasch, H. Martin Bücker
Article No.: 13 (37 pages)

Efficient controls for finitely convergent sequential algorithms
Wei Chen, Gabor T. Herman
Article No.: 14 (23 pages)

Stepsize selection for ordinary differential equations
Fred T. Krogh
Article No.: 15 (11 pages)

Efficient and formally proven reduction of large integers by small moduli
Luc Rutten, Marko Van Eekelen
Article No.: 16 (21 pages)

A fast and robust mixed-precision solver for the solution of sparse
symmetric linear systems
J. D. Hogg, J. A. Scott
Article No.: 17 (24 pages)

Rectangular full packed format for cholesky's algorithm: factorization,
solution, and inversion
Fred G. Gustavson, Jerzy Wa¶niewski, Jack J. Dongarra, Julien Langou
Article No.: 18 (21 pages)

Scaling and pivoting in an out-of-core sparse direct solver
Jennifer A. Scott
Article No.: 19 (23 pages)

DOLFIN: Automated finite element computing
Anders Logg, Garth N. Wells
Article No.: 20 (28 pages)

PRIMME: preconditioned iterative multimethod eigensolver-methods and
Andreas Stathopoulos, James R. McCombs
Article No.: 21 (30 pages)

Algorithm 902: GPOPS, A MATLAB software for solving multiple-phase optimal
control problems using the gauss pseudospectral method
Anil V. Rao, David A. Benson, Christopher Darby, Michael A. Patterson,
Camila Francolin, Ilyssa Sanders, Geoffrey T. Huntington
Article No.: 22 (39 pages)

Algorithm 903: FRB--Fortran routines for the exact computation of free
rigid body motions
Elena Celledoni, Antonella Zanna
Article No.: 23 (24 pages)

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