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From: Chen Long <>
Date: Sun, 29 Oct 2006 21:58:14 -0500
Subject: Software: a MATLAB package of adaptive finite element methods

AFEM@matlab is a MATLAB package of adaptive finite element methods
(AFEMs) for stationary and evolution partial differential equations
in two spatial dimensions. It contains robust, efficient, and easy-
following codes for the main building blocks of AFEMs. This will
benefit not only the education of the methods but also future
research and algorithmic development.

Our package can be useful for education, communication, and research.
More precisely, it will (1) speed up program development; (2)
facilitate comparisons of ideas and results; (3) improve academic
publications. We summarize and emphasis the main features of our
package as the following:
• It includes newest development of AFEMs.
• It is concise and easy to follow.
• It can be easily modified for other problems and languages

Details and download links can be found at

This package is developed with Chen-Song Zhang at Univesity of Maryland.


Long Chen

University of Maryland, College Park


From: "Prof. Rolf Jeltsch" <>
Date: Sun, 05 Nov 2006 10:23:51 +0100
Subject: Call for Papers: ICIAM07, Zurich 16-20 July 2007

CALL for Contributed Papers
Deadline: 12 November 2006

The ICIAM07 Congress (International Congress on Industrial and Applied
Mathematics) will be held in Zurich, 16-20 July 2007

The deadline for your contribution is

12 November 2006

Please submit your contribution on the web:

If you have any problems with the abstract handling system
write to

You will be notified on acceptance by 11 December 2006.
The deadline for the early bird registration is 15 January 2007.
The fee for the early bird is CHF 390

Rolf Jeltsch
Congress Director ICIAM07


From: "Weideman, JAC, Prof <>" <>
Date: Thu, 2 Nov 2006 12:10:53 +0200
Subject: South African Symp. on Numerical and Applied Mathematics, Apr 2007

The 31st South African Symposium on Numerical and Applied Mathematics
(SANUM 2007) will be held at the University of Stellenbosch on
2 to 4 April, 2007.

Stellenbosch is an historic town set amid mountains in the winelands
near Cape Town.

Invitations to present plenary talks accepted at the time of writing:

Armin Iske (University of Hamburg)
Tom Manteuffel (University of Colorado, Boulder)
Paul Milewski (University of Wisconsin, Madison)
Daya Reddy (University of Cape Town)

More details are available on the conference web page:


From: Cathy Lee <>
Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2006 12:38:28 -0700
Subject: 13th Copper Mtn Conference on Multigrid Method, Mar 2007

Thirteenth Copper Mountain Conference on Multigrid Methods
March 18-March 23, 2007
Copper Mountain, Colorado, USA

Front Range Scientific Computations, Inc.
The Center for Applied Scientific Computing, Lawrence Livermore Nat'l Lab
Los Alamos National Laboratory
The Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
General scalable multigrid and multilevel techniques, algebraic & structured.
Parallel implementation of multigrid. Applications of these methods.
Every effort will be made to encourage contributions from anyone whose
interest lies in these important and rapidly evolving fields.
STUDENT PAPER COMPETITION. Subject to support by NSF, travel and lodging
assistance will be awarded to students and new PHDs judged to have submitted
the best research papers.
MULTIGRID TUTORIAL. We will offer an updated tutorial on basic multigrid
and advanced multilevel techniques, including algebraic multigrid (AMG),
nonlinear problems, variable mesh spacings, variable coefficient operators,
and other common complicating situations.
Student Papers Jan. 8, 2007
Author Abstracts Jan 29, 2007
Early Registration Feb 15, 2007
Guaranteed Lodging Feb 15, 2007
Please access our web site at
or contact
Cathy Lee
1390 Claremont Drive
Boulder, CO 80305 USA


From: Endre Suli <>
Date: Sun, 5 Nov 2006 11:43:14 +0000 (GMT)
Subject: Leslie Fox Prize Meeting, Oxford, 22 June 2007


The Thirteenth Leslie Fox Prize meeting will take place on

Friday, June 22nd 2007
at the Oxford University Computing Laboratory.

Entries for the Thirteenth Leslie Fox Prize competition should now be
submitted. Any person who is less than 31 years old on January 1st 2007
and has not already won a first prize is eligible. Each entry should
consist of a paper, describing some of the candidate's research, that
is suitable for a 40-minute lecture at a numerical analysis symposium.
Whether or not the work has been published or accepted for publication
is irrelevant, but no person may submit more than one paper. Candidates
from previous competitions are encouraged to enter.

The entries will be considered by the Adjudicating Committee:

Endre Suli (University of Oxford, Chairman),
Andrew Stuart (University of Warwick),
Nick Higham (University of Manchester).

Particular attention will be given to the originality and quality of each
paper, and to the suitability of the material for a 40-minute talk to a
general audience of numerical analysts. Papers will be selected by the
Committee by mid-April 2007, for presentation at the Leslie Fox Prize
meeting. Only the papers that are presented at the symposium will be
eligible for awards but, subject to this restriction, the Adjudicating
Committee may award any number of first and second prizes.

- Entries should be received, by the Chairman, by the deadline of

>>>> 31 January 2007 <<<<

either electronically as a PostScript or a pdf file or as three
hard copies by regular mail.

- Each candidate should include a statement of her/his year of birth
and should indicate that she/he would be available to present her/his
paper at the symposium.

- A joint paper may be submitted by an individual candidate provided that
it is accompanied by a statement from the co-authors agreeing to the
submission and detailing the contribution of the candidate to the paper.

- Travel funds are not generally available to assist candidates who attend
the symposium.

- The receipt of all entries will be acknowledged.

Any question on this notice should be addressed to a member of the
Adjudicating Committee.

Professor Endre Suli,
University of Oxford,
Computing Laboratory,
Wolfson Building,
Parks Road,
Oxford OX1 3QD,
United Kingdom



From: "Michael Jeremy Todd" <>
Date: Fri, 3 Nov 2006 14:00:26 -0500 (EST)
Subject: FoCM'08 Conference, Jun 2008

First Announcement
Foundations of Computational Mathematics Conference
Hong Kong, June 2008

The next Foundations of Computational Mathematics conference will take
place at the City University of Hong Kong in Hong Kong, China, on 16-26
June 2008.

The conference, organised by the Society for Foundations of Computational
Mathematics, is the sixth in a sequence that commenced with the Park City,
Rio de Janeiro, Oxford, Minneapolis and Santander FoCM meetings.

The conference will follow a well-tested format: plenary invited lectures
in the mornings and theme-centred parallel workshops in the afternoons.

The FoCM conferences are designed to bring together workers in
computational mathematics and theoreticians in mathematics and in computer
science. While presenting plenary talks by foremost world authorities and
maintaining the highest technical level in the workshops, the emphasis
will be on multidisciplinary interaction across subjects and disciplines,
in an informal and friendly atmosphere. We hope that it will be an
to meet colleagues from different subject areas and identify the
wide-ranging (and often surprising) common denominator of our research.

The preliminary website of the conference is at, where a list of the
workshops and their organizers can be found. More information about FoCM
and details of previous FoCM conferences can also be obtained there.

Mike Todd


From: Peter R Turner <>
Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2006 12:16:11 -0500
Subject: CFP: Undergraduate Projects in CSE at CSE07, Feb 07

Undergraduate Projects in Computational Science and Engineering

SIAM CSE07, Costa Mesa, CA, February 19 – 23, 2007

As part of the activities at the SIAM Conference on Computational Science and
Engineering 2007,, it is again planned to
have a session devoted to undergraduate research projects in Computational
Science and Engineering.

This builds on successful sessions at SIAM Annual Meetings in Philadelphia,
Montreal, Portland, and Orlando. The hope is that event this will become a
regular feature of SIAM’s student activities at future CSE meetings.

SIAM has a fund available to help with students’ costs in attending
meetings. Details are at SIAM’s web site:

Interested students are invited to submit the following by e-mail in plain
text format:

Name(s) of student(s), with affiliation
Name(s) of Advisor(s), with affiliation, and a
Brief abstract

to the organizers:

Peter Turner,
Angela Shiflet,
Ignatios Vakalis,

Deadline for submission: As soon as possible. Details must be finalized in
November to be published in the program.

The number of presentation slots is limited, so early submission is


From: EinarRnquist <>
Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2006 10:30:01 +0100
Subject: Winter school on Monte Carlo methods at Geilo, Norway, Jan/Feb 2007

The first Norwegian winter school in eScience will be organized during
the week January 28 to February 2 (2007) at Dr. Holms Hotel, Geilo,
Through the winter schools (four planned in the period 2007-2010)
the goal is to develop a supplementary forum for dissemination of
modern theory and methods in mathematics, statistics and computer

Although the schools will be primarily aimed at graduate, doctoral, and
postdoctoral students, it is also open for advanced undergraduate
and senior researchers. All the lectures will be given in English.

For more information, including registration, please see:

The topic of the first winter school is Monte Carlo methods.
The registration deadline is December 1, 2006.


From: "C. T. Kelley" <>
Date: Thu, 02 Nov 2006 09:43:44 -0500
Subject: Special issue of Pacific Journal of Optimization

Call for Papers: Special Issue of the Pacific Journal of Optimization (PJO)
(The official journal of the Pacific Optimization Research Activity
Group (POP))

Deadline for submissions: July 15, 2007.
Expected publication date: early 2008.

The Pacific Journal of Optimization (PJO) will publish a special issue
in the area of Dynamic Methods for Optimization and
Variational Inequalities, an area which has seen an increase in interest
and activity in recent years. This new area integrates
traditional optimization techniques, dynamical system theory, and
continuation methods. This field has many challenging open problems
and applications. The special issue is an opportunity for the researchers
in this area to share their work with the entire community.

Manuscripts submitted to this Special Issue will undergo the standard
PJO reviewing process. They should be submitted electronically to one
of the following guest editors:

Prof. C. T. Kelley
Department of Mathematics
North Carolina State University, Box 8205
Raleigh, N. C. 27695-8205, USA

Prof. L.-Z. Liao
Department of Mathematics
Hong Kong Baptist University
Kowloon Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong

For any questions, please contact Prof. L.-Z. Liao


From: Arnd Scheel <>
Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2006 11:07:43 -0600
Subject: IMA Membership Opportunities 2007-2008

The Institute for Mathematics and its Applications (IMA) at the
University of Minnesota announces membership opportunities in
connection with its 2007-2008 thematic program on

Mathematics of Molecular and Cellular Biology

Individuals may apply for four classes of membership at the IMA in
connection with the 2007-2008 thematic program:

* IMA Postdoctoral Memberships
* IMA Industrial Postdoctoral Memberships
* IMA General Memberships
* IMA New Directions Visiting Professorships

IMA POSTDOCTORAL FELLOWSHIPS provide an excellent opportunity for
mathematical scientists near the beginning of their career who have a
background in and/or an interest in learning about mathematical
aspects of molecular and cellular biology. IMA postdoctoral
fellowships run one to two years, at the option of the holder,
starting September 1, 2007. In the second year of the appointment
there are a variety of options to enhance career development,
including participation in the 2008-2009 academic year program on
Mathematics and Chemistry, teaching, and working on an industrial
project. Postdoctoral fellows receive a salary of $50,000 annually,
and a travel allowance. Documentation of completion of all
requirements for a doctoral degree in mathematics or a related area is
required by the start of the appointment and within the last three
years. (deadline January 5, 2007)

mathematicians for research careers in industry or involving
industrial interaction. IMA industrial postdoctoral fellowships run
two years starting September 1, 2007. They are funded jointly by the
IMA and an industrial sponsor, and holders devote 50% effort to their
own research and the IMA program and 50% effort working with
industrial scientists. Industrial postdoctoral fellows receive a
salary of $50,000 annually, and a travel allowance. Documentation of
completion of all requirements for a doctoral degree in mathematics or
a related area is required by the start of the appointment and within
the last three years. (deadline January 5, 2007)

IMA GENERAL MEMBERSHIPS provide an opportunity for mathematicians and
scientists employed elsewhere to spend a period of one month to one
year in residence at the IMA, and to participate in the 2007-2008
thematic program. The residency should fall in the period September
2007 through June 2008 (in special cases extending into the summer
months). Logistic support such as office space, computer facilities,
and secretarial support will be provided, and local expenses may be
provided. Preference will be given to supplementary support for
persons with sabbatical leaves, fellowships, or other stipends. The
research interests of General Members must relate to the thematic
program and a doctoral degree is normally expected. Applications may
be submitted at any time until the end of the thematic program, and
will be considered as long as funds remain available. (applications
considered immediately and until funds are exhausted)

opportunity for established mathematicians -- typically mid-career
faculty at US universities -- to branch into new directions and
increase the impact of their research by spending the 2007-2008
academic year immersed in the thematic program at the IMA. Visiting
Professors will enjoy an excellent research environment and
stimulating scientific program connecting molecular and cellular
biology with a broad range of mathematical fields. New Directions
Visiting Professors are expected to be resident and active
participants in the program but are not assigned formal duties. The
New Directions program will supply 50% of academic year salary up to
$50,000 maximum. Applications must include a letter from the
applicant's department chair indicating that the home institution will
provide a minimum of 50% of academic year salary and all health and
other relevant fringe benefits. (deadline January 5, 2007)

All IMA members are provided with an excellent and extremely
stimulating research environment and connection with a large community
of first class researchers. The IMA is a national institute whose
mission is to increase the impact of mathematics by fostering research
of a truly interdisciplinary nature, linking mathematics of the
highest caliber and important scientific and technological problems
from other disciplines and industry. Allied with this mission, the IMA
also aims to expand and strengthen the talent base engaged in
mathematical research applied to or relevant to such problems. It was
founded in 1982 and receives its primary funding from the National
Science Foundation.

Application forms and instructions are available at . More information on the IMA is available at, and information on the 2007-2008 thematic program is
at . Questions may be directed to for postdoctoral fellowships and general
membership applications or to for New Directions

The University of Minnesota is an equal opportunity educator and employer.


From: Roger Ghanem <>
Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2006 08:47:10 -0800
Subject: Faculty Position in Computational Science and Engineering at USC

Tenure-track Faculty Position in Computational Science and Engineering

The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering of the USC Viterbi
School of Engineering seeks outstanding faculty candidates in the area of
computational science and engineering including multi-scale, multi-field,
nano-mechanics, sustainability and innovative material design. The
department has significant strengths in air pollution, applied mechanics,
computational stochastic mechanics, earthquake engineering, structural
control and health monitoring. The successful candidate is expected to
develop a first rate research program and to participate in the educational
mission of the department. Successful candidates are expected to draw on
the department's strengths and the cross-disciplinary initiatives of the USC
Viterbi School of Engineering. USC's supercomputer has been ranked the
nation's second most powerful computer system in an academic setting.

The USC Viterbi School of Engineering (VSoE) is among the top 10
Engineering Schools (US News & World Report). VSoE counts 170
faculty members including 26 members of the National Academy of
Engineering, 7 Presidential Early Career Awards, and 45 Early Career
Awards. VSoE research expenditures reach $150 million annually.
VSoE is home to the Information Sciences Institute (ISI), two National
Science Foundation-funded Engineering Research Centers, the USC
Stevens Institute for Technology Commercialization, and the Department
of Homeland Security’s first center of excellence (CREATE).

Applications must include a letter clearly indicating the area of specialization,
a detailed curriculum vitae, a one-page statement on current and future research
directions, and names of at least four professional references.

Please send applications to

Dr. Jean-Pierre Bardet, Chair
Civil and Environmental Engineering
University of Southern California
Los Angeles CA, 90089-2531

USC is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer and encourages
applications from women and members of underrepresented groups.


From: "Fred J. Hickernell" <>
Date: Sun, 29 Oct 2006 22:04:39 -0600
Subject: Positions at Illinois Institute of Technology

Department of Applied Mathematics,
Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, IL

The Department of Applied Mathematics at IIT invites applications for
one tenure-track faculty position, beginning in August 2007. The
preferred rank is assistant professor. Candidates with exceptional
research and funding records may be considered for a senior appointment.

The successful candidate must have earned a PhD degree, demonstrated
the potential for outstanding research and be dedicated to excellent
teaching. The preferred specializations are computational
mathematics and stochastics. We are keenly interested in candidates
with broad interests who will collaborate with other colleagues in
applied mathematics and related disciplines.

The Department of Applied Mathematics currently consists of 13
tenured/tenure-track faculty. Our mission is: i) to undertake top-
rate research in applied analysis, computational mathematics,
discrete applied mathematics, and stochastics, and ii) to provide
quality education at the BS through PhD levels to both our applied
mathematics students and those in other disciplines who need applied
mathematics. Our departmental and institutional culture promotes
mutually beneficial collaborations, such as the Masters of
Mathematical Finance we offer in partnership with the Stuart Business

With a very diverse student body of over 6,000, IIT is a private,
Ph.D.-granting university with programs in engineering, science,
psychology, architecture, business, design and law. IIT is located
in the heart of the vibrant city of Chicago. Further information
about IIT and the Department of Applied Mathematics can be found at

To apply please submit a cover letter, a curriculum vitae, succinct
teaching and research statements, and at least four confidential
reference letters (one addressing teaching effectiveness) to:

Fred J. Hickernell, Chair
Department of Applied Mathematics
Illinois Institute of Technology
Room 208, Building E1
10 W. 32nd Street
Chicago, IL 60616
Phone: (312) 567-8983
FAX: (312) 567-3135

Applications will be reviewed beginning November 15, 2006. We
especially encourage applications from women and under-represented
groups. IIT is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity employer.


From: Kelly Black <>
Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2006 16:38:06 -0500
Subject: Temporary Position at Union College

Union College Mathematics Department

At least one 3-year visiting position starting September 2007. All
fields considered. Institutional expectations and support are balanced
between teaching and research; candidates should demonstrate excellence
in both areas. The teaching load is two courses per trimester. Please
submit applications online at or send a vita, research
statement, teaching statement, and three letters of reference to the
Search Committee Chair, or Union College
Department of Mathematics, Schenectady, NY 12308. The statement on
teaching should contain a summary of recent teaching evaluations and at
least one reference letter should address teaching qualifications. To
guarantee consideration, files must be complete by December 15, 2006.

Located in the capital district of New York State, Union is a highly
selective liberal arts college with engineering. Union offers an
exceptional benefits package that includes medical, dental, and vision
insurance, life and disability coverage, a generous retirement plan and
tuition remission. Additional information about Union can be found at

Union College is an equal opportunity employer and strongly committed to
student and workforce diversity


From: "Hans G. Feichtinger" <>
Date: Sat, 4 Nov 2006 20:30:30 +0100
Subject: Postdoctoral position at the University of Vienna, Austria

A postdoctoral position is available in the Faculty of Mathematics within,
the Numerical and Applied Harmonic Analysis project. The project is carried
out within the Numerical Harmonic Analysis Group
(NuHAG) at the University of Vienna, Austria, under the direction of
Professor Hans G. Feichtinger.

The successful candidate will do research in the area of fast numerical
algorithms for signal processing, including analysis of smooth signals of
variable bandwidth, channel equalization and channel estimation in wireless
communication. The candidate will primarily be responsible for the
development of efficient and reliable numerical algorithms, including their
implementation, thorough testing and code validation.

The position requires a solid background in numerical analysis, and some
experience in signal processing. Excellent programming skills are
absolutely mandatory.

The initial contract is for two years with a possibility of renewal,
starting on July 1, 2007 or later. The position carries no teaching load.
A Ph.D. in mathematics or electrical engineering is required.
Working languages are either English or German. We offer a competitive
salary and excellent benefits. The deadline for application is February 28,
2007. Further details can be found at


From: Katya Scheinberg <>
Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2006 13:36:56 -0500
Subject: 2007-2008 IBM Herman Goldstine Memorial Postdoctoral Fellowship

2007-2008 IBM Herman Goldstine Memorial Postdoctoral Fellowship

The Mathematical Sciences Department of the IBM Thomas J. Watson Research
Center invites applications for its 2007-2008 Herman Goldstine Memorial
Postdoctoral Fellowship for research in mathematical and computer
Areas of active research in the department include: algorithms,
coding theory, cryptography, data mining, dynamical systems and
differential equations, high-performance computation, numerical analysis,
optimization, probability theory, scientific computing, statistical
supply-chain and operations management, and queueing networks.
Fellows interact closely with department members but are free pursue their
own research.

Candidates must have a Ph.D. after September 2002 or should receive one
before the second half of 2007. One fellowship will be awarded with
between $95,000 and $115,000 (depending on area and experience).

Applications must be received before December 25, 2006.
Complete details and the application procedure are available at

IBM is proud to be an equal-opportunity employer committed to work-place


From: Xing Cai <>
Date: Thu, 02 Nov 2006 18:46:01 +0100
Subject: Research Assistant Position at Simula Research Laboratory

The Department of Scientific Computing at the Simula
Research Laboratory, Norway (,
invites outstanding candidates to apply for a one-year
research assistant position. The working tasks of the
research assistant will be to assist key researchers
at Simula in programming and preparing scientific publications.

Requirements of a prospective candidate include:
- Recently finished Master degree (during the last three years).
- Skillful in programming (C/C++ and/or Python).
- Good knowledge about numerical methods for solving PDEs.
- Fluent in English (both spoken and written).

The Department of Scientific Computing at Simula offers
an excellent working environment for this position.
It can also be mentioned that good performance at the
work gives very good prospect for continuation with
a three-year PhD study at Simula.

It is expected that the successful applicant will start
working at Simula no later than summer 2007. The salary
for the research assistant is NOK 300,000 a year (before tax).

Prospective applicants should send their application,
CV (including a list of publications), and recommendation
letters to Dr. Xing Cai ( Questions regarding
the position should also be put forward to the above
email address.


From: Communications in Math Sciences <>
Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2006 13:24:27 -0600
Subject: Contents, Comm. Math. Sci. Vol 4 No 4, 2006

Communications in Mathematical Sciences (CMS) Vol 4, No.4, 2006
December 2006

abstracts can be found in
full articles will be available at

* Renaud Marty
On a splitting scheme for the nonlinear Schrodinger equation
in a random medium

* Dror Givon, Ioannis G. Kevrekidis and Raz Kupferman
Strong convergence of projective integration schemes for singularly
perturbed stochastic differential systems

* M.B.A. Mansour
Existence of traveling wave solutions in a hyperbolic-elliptic system
of equations

* B. Ducomet and A. Zlotnik
On stability of the Crank-Nicolson scheme with approximate transparent
boundary conditions

* Peter Constantin and Gautam Iyer
Stochastic Lagrangian transport and generalized relative entropies

* Marzia Bisi and Giampiero Spiga
Diatomic gas diffusing in a background medium: kinetic approach and
reaction-diffusion equations

* Virgil U. Pierce and Fei-Ran Tian
Self-similar solutions of the non-strictly hyperbolic Whitham equations

* Yanping Cao, Evelyn M. Lunasin, and Edriss S. Titi
Global well-posedness of the three-dimensional viscous and inviscid
simplified Bardina turbulence models equations


Date: Fri, 03 Nov 2006 09:13:32 -0800
Subject: Contents, International Journal of Mathematics and Computer Science

International Journal of Mathematics and Computer Science

Contents of Vol. 1, No. 3, 2006

Mohammad Khatim Hasan, Mohamed Othman, Zulkifly Abbas, Jumat Sulaiman, Jalil Md.
Desa, New Algorithms for Time-domain Maxwell Equations, pp. 271-288

Gilbert Anouk Ikorong Nemron, A Curious Strong Resemblance between
the Difficult Part of the Berge Conjecture and the Hadwiger
Conjecture, pp.289-295

S. Islam, C. Y. Zhou, Inverse Solutions for Incompressible Couple
Stress MHD aligned Fluid Flows, pp. 297-314

Luigi Accardi, Andreas Boukas, The Emergence of the Virasoro and
Algebras through the Renormalized Higher Powers of Quantum White
Noise, pp. 315-341

M. S. Gockenbach, B. Jadamba, A. A. Khan, Numerical Estimation of
Discontinuous Coefficients by the Method of Equation Error, pp. 343-359

Allaoua Guerziz, Abdelhamid Laouar, Passage of a Long Wave over a
Vertical Barrier: Calculation of the Local Disturbances by a complex
Variable Method, pp. 361-367

Shujaat Ali Shah, Some Iterative Methods for Solving Nonlinear
Equations, pp. 369-376

Ebrahim A. Youness, Tarek Emam, Characterization of Efficient Solutions
for Multi-Objective Optimization Problems Involving Semi Strongly and
Generalized Semi Strongly E-Convexity, pp. 377-390


From: Joseph Traub <>
Date: Sun, 29 Oct 2006 14:04:46 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Contents, Journal of Complexity


Special Issue:
Computability and Complexity in Analysis
Kyoto, Japan, August 2005

J.Creutzig and D. Nuyens Share the 2006 IBC Young Researcher Award

Vasco Brattka, Peter Hertling, Ker-I Ko, Hideki Tsuiki


Ideals in constructive Banach algebra theory
Douglas Bridges, Robin Havea, Peter Schuster

Randomness and universal machines
Santiago Figueira, Frank Stephan, Guohua Wu

A sequentially computable function that is not effectively continuous
at any point
Peter Hertling

Representing probability measures using probabilistic processes
Matthias Schröder, Alex Simpson

Generalized functions with pseudobounded support in constructive
Satoru Yoshida

On the complexity of finding circumscribed rectangles for a
two-dimensional domain
Fuxiang Yu, Arthur Chou, Ker-I Ko

A hierarchy of Turing degrees for divergence bounded computable real
Xizhong Zheng, Robert Rettinger

Effectively open real functions
Martin Ziegler


Random Anticupping
George Barmpalias

Towards computability of elliptic boundary value problems in
variational formulation
Vasco Brattka, Atsushi Yoshikawa

Pre-apartness structures on spaces of functions
Douglas Bridges, Luminita Vita

Effective continuities on effective topological spaces
Shinji Iizuka

The basic feasible functionals in computable analysis
Branimir Lambov

Computing Schrödinger propagators on type-2 Turing machines
Klaus Weihrauch, Ning Zhong

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