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From: Oliver Ruebenkoenig <>
Date: Mon, 9 Jan 2006 14:24:16 +0100 (CET)
Subject: Announcing new open source software, IMTEK Mathematica Supplement

The IMTEK Mathematica Supplement, or IMS for short is an open source
Mathematica add-on and provides a wealth of packages and tutorials from a
variety of application areas, but with a strong focus on Finite Element
Computations. The IMS is a continuous project at the Chair for
Microsystem Simulation, Department for Microsystem Engineering (IMTEK),
University of Freiburg, Germany. The IMS user group is supported through
a mailing list, which can be accessed at the IMS web site:

Basically, the IMS has three main foci:
1) To provide useful Mathematica computation, visualisation and simulation
packages and their documentation
2) To provide easy to use, hands-on tutorials
3) To extend the capability to import and export CAD data formats with
interface packages.

It is important that IMS follows good design principles. The
interoperability of commands has received great attention during the
design process. Two core data structures extend the Mathematica
complement: the imsNexus and the imsSystem.

imsNexus is a Graph like data structure which is used to represent
computational meshes, circuit net lists or other connectivity based
domains. A variety of differential operators may be applied to these
objects (elements) and global equations systems can be built from them. Such
equation systems are represented by the imsSystem data structure.

An imsSystem - no matter whether it is built from within IMS or is read in
from an external source - can then be model order reduced or time

With about 50 numerical packages, 10 interface packages and about 10
tutorials, the IMS extends Mathematica in the areas of Computational
Geometry, Data Structures, (Partial) Differential Equation Systems and a
large set of Utilities. Several Lectures, Tips and Application Examples
are also provided.

We hope to have you excited about the contents of IMS. Have a look, it is
only a download away:

You IMS team,
Oliver Ruebenkoenig, Jan Lienemann, Christian Moosmann, Zhenyu Liu,
Evgenii Rudnyi and Jan G. Korvink


From: "Petter Kolm" <>
Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2006 09:23:23 -0500
Subject: New Book, Financial Modeling of the Equity Market

Frank J. Fabozzi, Sergio M. Focardi, Petter N. Kolm: Financial Modeling of
the Equity Market - From CAPM to Cointegration
651 pages, Hardcover, ISBN 0-471-69900-4, John Wiley, January 2006

Financial Modeling of the Equity Market is a comprehensive, up-to-date guide
to the modeling of equity portfolios. The book is intended for
mathematicians, quantitative analysts, practitioners, and students of
finance. Without sacrificing mathematical rigor, it presents arguments in a
concise and clear style with a wealth of real-world examples and practical

This book describes the major approaches to single-period return analysis,
including modeling, estimation, and optimization issues. It covers both
static and dynamic factor analysis, regime shifts, long-run modeling, and
cointegration. Estimation techniques, including dimensionality reduction,
Bayesian estimates, the Black-Litterman model, and random coefficient
models, are also covered in depth. Important advances in transaction cost
measurement and modeling, robust optimization, and recent developments in
optimization with higher moments are also discussed.

For further details and table of contents, please refer to,descCd-authorInfo.html


From: Axel Ruhe <>
Date: Mon, 09 Jan 2006 10:50:31 +0100
Subject: Conference in Stockholm to the memory of Germund Dahlquist

Mini Conference in Numerical Analysis
In Honor of Professor Germund Dahlquist
February 10, 2006

Invited Speakers
Åke Björck, Professor em. in Numerical Analysis, Linköping University
Björn Engquist, Professor in Numerical Analysis, KTH and The
University of Texas at Austin
Gene H. Golub, Professor in Computer Science, Stanford University
Svante Littmark, CEO Comsol Inc., Dr. H.C at KTH
Jesper Oppelstrup, Professor in Numerical Analysis, KTH
Gustaf Söderlind, Professor in Numerical Anlysis, Lund University

The conference is open to all, free of charge. If you wish to attend,
please register by sending an email to

The conference will take place February 10th 1 pm to 5 pm in the
lecture hall F2 at the main Campus of KTH. The address is
Lindstedtsvägen 26, Stockholm.

A program with more detailed information will be available soon and
found on the web:

The conference is arranged by the School of Computer Science and
Communication (former Nada) at KTH on the initiative of Ingrid

Ingrid Melinder


From: Ivan Markovsky <>
Date: Fri, 13 Jan 2006 12:41:30 +0100
Subject: Second call for submissions, Workshop on Total Least Squares

The 4th International Workshop on Total Least Squares and
Errors-in-Variables modeling will take place August 21-23, 2006, in the
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium. This interdisciplinary
workshop, chaired by Prof. Dr. Ir. Sabine Van Huffel and Dr. Ivan
Markovsky, is a continuation of three previous workshops which were held
in Leuven, August 1991, 1996, and 2001. Previous workshops brought
together participants from 20 different countries working in diverse
scientific disciplines: numerical analysis, statistics, signal
processing, systems and control, modal analysis, econometrics, computer
vision, and astronomy. Topics of interest for the workshop are:

1. Basic concepts and analysis in errors-in-variables modeling
2. Total least squares algorithms
3. Structured total least squares problems
4. Nonlinear errors-in-variables models and statistical estimators
5. Errors-in-variables modeling with bounded uncertainties
6. Orthogonal curve fitting
7. Errors-in-variables estimation in system identification
8. Errors-in-variables estimation in signal processing
9. Errors-in-variables applications in other fields

For more details (including abstracts of invited lectures), see

Authors of accepted contributions will be asked to prepare a version for
publication in the conference proceedings to be published as special
issues of numerical linear algebra and applied statistics journals.



From: Wilfried Gansterer <>
Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2006 14:25:29 +0100
Subject: Conference on Scientific Computing in Vienna, Feb 9-11, 2006

COSCOMP 2006 - Conference on Scientific Computing in Vienna
(February 9-11, 2006,

Important Dates:

Hotel reservations: until January 17, 2006
E-mail registration: until January 26, 2006
Participation in COSCOMP 2006 is free of charge.
Registration required by e-mail to
Conference: February 9-11, 2006

Tentative list of speakers:
* Achi Brandt (The Weizmann Institute of Science)
* Peter Deuflhard (Free University and Zuse Institute, Berlin)
* Jack Dongarra (University of Tennessee and Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
* Björn Engquist (KTH Stockholm)
* David Keyes (Columbia University)
* Ulrich Langer (University of Linz)
* Markus Püschel (Carnegie Mellon University)
* Graham Richards (University of Oxford)
* Christian Ringhofer (Arizona State University)
* Horst Simon (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
* Axel Voigt (Center for Advanced European Studies and Research, Bonn)
* Peter Zoller (Universität Innsbruck)

For further details please see


Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2006 09:26:23 +0100
Subject: ILAS 2006 Amsterdam: Second Announcement and Call for Papers

On July 18-21 2006 the 13-th ILAS conference will take place
in Amsterdam at the Vrije Universiteit.

This conference of the International Linear Algebra Society
has a significant Numerical Linear Algebra component. See

This website includes online forms for:

* (deadline Feb 12) Application for Financial Support
* (deadline Apr 01) Registration, Submission Title/Abstract

A modest amount of funding is available for PhD students and
people with limited financial resources only.

The proceedings will appear as a volume of Linear Algebra and
its Applications, edited by Harm Bart, Jan Brandts, Andre Ran
and Paul VanDooren.


From: Andreas Frommer <>
Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2006 10:04:07 +0100
Subject: 2nd CFP Joint GAMM-SIAM Conference on Applied Linear Algebra

Subject: 2nd CFP Joint GAMM-SIAM Conference on Applied Linear Algebra

This is a reminder that submission of contributed papers
(20 minutes including discussion) is still open until January 31st.

The joint GAMM-SIAM conference on Applied Linear Algebra will be held
at the University of Duesseldorf, Germany, from July 24 to July 27,
2006. It continues the SIAM conference series on the same subject.
12 plenary talks and 22 minisymposia are confirmed. Further information,
registration and submission of talks at

Local organizers: Marlis Hochbruck (Duesseldorf), Andreas Frommer
(Wuppertal), Bruno Lang (Wuppertal)


From: Knut Andreas Lie <>
Date: Tue, 10 Jan 2006 15:39:00 +0100
Subject: Winter school : Automation of comptations / Turbulent flow simulation

6th Winter School, Geilo, Norway, March 5-10, 2006:

Johan Hoffman, NADA, Royal Institute of Technology KTH, Stockholm
Anders Logg, Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago

The first part of the winter school gives an introduction to the mathematics
behind the FEniCS project ( The vision of FEniCS is
to set a new standard computational mathematics with respect to generality,
efficiency, and simplicity concerning mathematical methodology,
implementation, and application. The basic ingredients are:

* automation of discretization of differential/integral equations,
* automation of discrete solution,
* automation of error control,
* automation of modeling,
* automation of optimization

In the second part, Hoffman will introduce a nonstandard approach to
turbulence modelling based upon adaptivity and discretization by stabilized
Galerkin finite element methods.

Deadline for registration is JANUARY 20 2006. Please use the
registration form available at

ORGANIZERS: A. Tveito, B.F. Nielsen, and K.-A. Lie


From: "Bronis R. de Supinski" <>
Date: Mon, 09 Jan 2006 10:09:30 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Announcing IWOMP 2006 in Reims, France


IWOMP 2006 will take place June 12-15, 2006 in Reims, FRANCE. The workshop will
be a great opportunity for learning more about OpenMP, for practical experience
and interaction between OpenMP users and developers. In keeping with the
objectives and format of the previous workshops, IWOMP 2006 will feature two
distinct parts. The first part, which will take place in the Pommery Castle, will
consist of presentations of technical papers and panels. The second part, which
will take place at Reims University, will provide attendees the opportunity to
learn OpenMP through a tutorial that will include several real-life case studies
or to improve the performance of their applications through a hands-on laboratory
experience. Please visit the IWOMP web site,, for details.


From: "Stefano De Marchi" <>
Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2006 22:04:15 +0100 (CET)
Subject: Workshop announcement: DWCAA06, Canazei (Italy)


A workshop dedicated to Walter Gautschi for his 50 years of
professional activity will be held in

Alba di Canazei (Trento), Italy, on September 8-12, 2006

DWCAA06 aims to provide a forum for researchers to present and
discuss ideas, theories, and applications. The scope of the workshop
is to bring together people working in approximation and in particular
we intend to cover the following topics
* Approximation by Multivariate Polynomials (Interpolation,
Orthogonal Polynomials, ...)
* Approximation by Radial Basis Functions and other Meshfree Methods
* Cubature Methods
* Computational Tools
* Applications to Scientific Computing
* Applications to Numerical Modelling in Engineering and Finance

List of confirmed plenary speakers:
Bojanov B. (Sofia, BG), Bos L. (Calgary, CA), Bozzini M. (Milan, IT),
Brezinski C. (Lille, FR), Buhmann M. (Giessen, DE), Fasshauer G.
(Chicago, IL), Iske A. (Hamburg, DE), Levesley J. (Leicester, UK),
Montefusco L. (Bologna, IT), Sauer T. (Giessen, DE), Schaback R.
(Goettingen, DE), Sloan I. (Sydney, AU), Wendland H. (Dresden, DE),
Xu Y. (Eugene, OR)

Call for participation:
Since the meeting is limited to at most 80 participants, people
interested to participate to this workshop are invited to send
as soon as possible an email, with subject "Pre-registration", to providing the following information:
name, affiliation, e-mail address and the interest to contribute as
"Participation only", "Contributed talk", "Poster presentation".
In the two latter cases, please send also, if available, a tentative
title of the presentation.

For additional information, see the Workshop web page

Conference web page:

Conference e-mail:


From: "Steven L. Lee" <>
Date: Fri, 13 Jan 2006 16:10:05 -0800
Subject: Bay Area Scientific Computing Day 2006

Seventh Bay Area Scientific Computing Day (BASCD)

Date: Saturday, March 4 2006
Location: Hilton Garden Inn, 2801 Constitution Drive, Livermore CA
Sponsor: Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

The Seventh Bay Area Scientific Computing Day will be sponsored by
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, and held at the Hilton Garden
Inn in Livermore, CA on Saturday March 4, 2006.
The website for event information is:

If you plan to attend, we would be grateful if you would visit the
site and fill out a short pre-registration form. Pre-registration is
helpful for our planning purposes.

Please refer to the website for how to contribute a 25-minute talk, or
poster presentation.

The Bay Area Scientific Computing Day (BASCD) is an informal gathering
to encourage the interaction and collaboration of researchers in the
field of computational science and engineering from the San Francisco
Bay Area. This event provides an opportunity for new and early-career
researchers to present their work to the local community, and for the
Bay Area scientific computing community at large to exchange views on
today's computational challenges.

Steven Lee (


From: Abul Fahimuddin <>
Date: Tue, 10 Jan 2006 09:28:19 +0100
Subject: The ECCOMAS School on Advanced Computational Methods for Fluid-Structure

An ECCOMAS-school is being organised by Hermann Matthies and Roger Ohayon
at the Center for Advanced Studies of Ibiza, Spain on Advanced Computational
Methods for Fluid-Structure Interaction Problems in the period of 3-7 May 2006.

The covered topics are :
- Review of mathematical formulations and general methodology (e.g. Eulerian,
Lagrangian, ALE, ...)
- Finite Volume/finite element discretisations
- Meshfree methods and Lattice-Boltzmann methods
- Coupling of partitioned analyses, strong coupling and mesh coupling
- X-FEM for Fluid-Structure interfaces
- Hydro-elasticity and problems with free surfaces
- Code-coupling middleware and computational environments

The course will be taught by :
D. Boffi, Universitā di Pavia : Stability and Geometric Conservation Laws
C. Farhat, Stanford University : Formulation and General Methodology
L. Gastaldi, Universitā di Brescia : Immersed Boundary Methods
S. Idelsohn, CIMCI : Lagrangian Particle Methods
M. Krafczyk, TU Braunschweig : Lattice-Boltzmann Methods
A. Kölke, TU Braunschweig : X-FEM for FSI Interfaces
R. Löhner, George Mason University : FEM Formulation and Applications
H. Matthies, TU Braunschweig : Strong Coupling Algorithms
R. Niekamp, TU Braunschweig : Software Component Architecture
R. Ohayon, CNAM : Vibrations and Potential Flow
E. Oņate, UPC : Finite Element and Particle Methods
M. Peric, CD-adapco : Finite Volume Methods and Free Surface Flows
A. Quarteroni, EPFL : Hemodynamics

For further information, please visit :

A limited number of grants covering 50% of the fees are available for students.

Abul K.M. Fahimuddin


From: "Garratt, Tony" <>
Date: Tue, 10 Jan 2006 13:36:17 -0000
Subject: Mathematical Software Engineer Position, AspenTech Inc, Boston, Mass., USA.

The role involves the research, development and maintainence of Aspen Open
Solvers (AOS), AspenTech's corporate component for the development and
deployment of mathematical software for engineering and supply chain
products, including Aspen Plus, Aspen Custom Modeler, Apollo Controller and
Aspen OSE. AOS is a set of C++ and .net interfaces for deploying linear,
non-linear equation and non-linear programming solvers, and is to be
extended to differential-algebraic equations and mixed integer programming.

We are looking for a talented software engineer with very strong
mathematical skills to work as part of a small team on AOS. The role
involves design and development of new capabilities for AOS and working with
development teams that use AOS in their products. Development is on Windows
using mostly C++ with some FORTRAN and .NET.
It is important that the candidate has a solid mathematical background,
ideally with experience in developing and supporting industrial strength
mathematical codes. The role involves working across a broad range of solver
technologies, including sparse linear solvers, non-linear algebraic solvers,
nonlinear programming, differential-algebraic solvers, control design and
parameter estimation, so extensive knowledge of one or more of these areas
is required and the candidate will be expected to broaden their skill base
to cover all areas.
As part of the role, the candidate will learn about the modeling
technologies and products used by AspenTech and its clients and will be
expected to support existing AOS solvers and work with product teams to
resolve solution engine problems.
Initial training may require some travel to the UK.
There may occasionally be the opportunity to work on external

* Experience of developing numerical solvers for industrial software
* Strong mathematical and numerical computation skills.
* Experience in developing OOD technical software using C++
* Knowledge of FORTRAN or .NET beneficial.
* Knowledge of solution technologies for equation based simulation would be
a distinct advantage.

MS/Phd in mathmatics or engineering.

Dr. Tony J. Garratt
Senior Technologist
AspenTech Ltd, HQ Executive Offices, Trinity House, Cambridge Business Park,
Cowley Road, Cambridge. CB4 0WZ. UK.
phone:+44 1223 393580


From: O Bokhove <>
Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2006 11:02:40 +0100
Subject: PhD position at the University of Twente, Enschede,The Netherlands

Ph.D. position on
"Hamiltonian-based numerical methods for forced-dissipative climate
with Drs. Onno Bokhove (Applied Mathematics, University of Twente) and
Jason Frank (Center for Mathematics and Computer Science, Amsterdam).

The Ph.D. position will be held in the Numerical Analysis and Computational
Mechanics (NACM) group at the University of Twente, Enschede,
The Netherlands see

Kind regards, Onno Bokhove.


From: Marco Picasso <>
Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2006 17:14:10 +0100
Subject: PhD position at EPFL, Chair of Numerical Analysis and Simulation

A PhD student position is available from April 1, 2006 at the Chair of
Numerical Analysis and Simulation (, Ecole
Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, Switzerland.

The successful candidate should have a Master's degree in Theoretical
Physics or Mathematics and possibly experience in programming and
scientific computing.

He or she will work in the field of mathematical modeling and numerical
analysis of partial differential equations. The subject pertains to
MagnetHydroDynamics (MHD) for Aluminum production in the frameset of an
industrial project with the Alcan-Pechiney company.

Teaching duties include 4 hours per week. We offer a net salary of
approximately 40 000 swiss francs per year.

Please send a letter of motivation, a full c.v. including grades along
with references to or


Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2006 12:42:47 +0100 (CET)
Subject: Contents, Comput. Methods Funct. Theory


(Abstracts online available at

A New Approach to Support Point Theory for the Class S, Pages 1-17
S. M. Zemyan

Overdeterminated Boundary Value Problems, Quadrature Domains and Applications, Pages 19-48
D. Khavinson, A. Solynin, D. Vassilev

Solutions of <I>f''+A(z)f=0</I> in the Unit Disc Having Blaschke Sequences as the Zeros, Pages 49-63
J. Heittokangas

Two New Criteria for Normal Families, Pages 65-76
E. F. Clifford

Remarks on Complex Difference Equations, Pages 77-88
I. Laine, J. Rieppo, H. Silvennoinen

On the Solution of Discrete Vekua Equations, Pages 89-110
K. G&uuml;rlebeck, A. Hommel

Cauchy Integral Decomposition of Multi-Vector Valued Functions on Hypersurfaces, Pages 111-134
R. A. Blaya, J. B. Reyes, R. Delanghe, F. Sommen

Maximin Polynomials and Inverse Balayage, Pages 135-141
M. G&ouml;tz

Bohr's Radius for Polynomials in One Complex Variable, Pages 143-151
Z. Guadarrama

Exceptional Sets for Certain Differential Polynomials of Entire Functions, Pages 153-158
G. F. Kendall

On Schwarz's Lemma in Multiply Connected Domains, Pages 159-184
G. Schmieder

Zero Distributions for Polynomials Orthogonal with Weights over Certain Planar Regions, Pages 185-221
E. Mi&ntilde;a-D&iacute;az, E. B. Saff, N. S. Stylianopoulos

Covering Properties of Most Entire Functions on Stein Manifolds, Pages 223-235
P. M. Gauthier, M. R. Pouryayevali

A Modification of the Roper-Suffridge Extension Operator, Pages 237-251
J. R., Jr. Muir

Integer Points of Meromorphic Functions, Pages 253-262
J. K. Langley

On Keogh's Length Estimate for Bounded Starlike Functions, Pages 263-274
E. Crane, D. Markose

The Analytic Fixed Point Function in the Disk, Pages 275-299
D. Mejia, Ch. Pommerenke

On Sparse Sets with the Green Function of the Highest Smoothness, Pages 301-322
V. V. Andrievskii

Estimates for Conformal Metric Ratios, Pages 323-345
D. A. Herron, W. Ma, D. Minda

Remez-Type Inequalities in Terms of Linear Measure, Pages 347-363
V. V. Andrievskii, S. Ruscheweyh

Construction of a Universal Laurent Series, Pages 365-372
D. Mayenberger, V. Vlachou

Landen-Type Inequality for Bessel Functions, Pages 373-379
A. Baricz

Bloch-Sobolev Spaces and Analytic Composition Operators, Pages 381-393
M. Kotilainen, V. Latvala, J. Xiao

On Modified Biquaternionic Analysis in C^3, Pages 395-408
S.-L. Eriksson, J. Hirvonen

J/orgensen Groups of Parabolic Type I (Finite Case), Pages 409-430
C. Li, M. Oichi, H. Sato

Generalized Lipschitz Functions, Pages 431-444
J. Mashreghi

On the Solution of the Dirichlet Problem with Rational Holomorphic Boundary Data, Pages 445-457
P. Ebenfelt, M. Viscardi

Intersections and Unions of Weighted Bergman Spaces, Pages 459-469
R. Korhonen, J. R"atty"a

Numerical Calculation of Conformal Mapping to a Disk Minus Finitely Many Horocycles, Pages 471-488
R. M. Porter

Certain Characterizations of Caratheodory Domains, Pages 489-503
O. Dovgoshey


From: Hershkowitz Daniel <>
Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2006 08:00:25 +0200 (IST)
Subject: Contents, ELA

Volume 12 of ELA - ELECTRONIC Journal of LINEAR ALGEBRA is now complete.
Here is its table of contents.

ELA Volume 12 (2004/2005) - Special volume with papers presented at the
2004 Workshop on Nonnegative Matrices, Maynooth

1. Abraham Berman and Thomas J. Laffey, Preface, pp. 1.

2. Naomi Shaked-Monderer, A note on the CP-rank of matrices generated by
Soules matrices, pp. 2-5.

3. Richard A. Brualdi and Suk-Geun Hwang, A Bruhat order for the class of
(0,1)-matrices with row sum vector R and column sum vector S, pp. 6-16.

4. Shmuel Friedland, Daniel Hershkowitz and Siegfried M. Rump, Positive
entries of stable matrices, pp. 17-24.

5. Stephen J. Kirkland, Girth and subdominant eigenvalues for stochastic
matrices, pp. 25-41.

6. Oliver Mason and Robert Shorten, The geometry of convex cones
associated with the Lyapunov inequality and the common Lyapunov function
problem, pp. 42-63.

7. Dusan M. Stipanovic, Sriram Shankaran and Claire J. Tomlin, Multi-agent
avoidance control using an M-matrix property, pp. 64-72.

8. Thomas J. Laffey, Perturbing non-real eigenvalues of nonnegative real
matrices, pp. 73-76.

End of NA Digest