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From: Alan J. Laub <>
Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2005 11:11:55 -0800
Subject: New Book, Matrix Analysis for Scientists and Engineers

Matrix Analysis for Scientists and Engineers
Alan J. Laub

Matrix Analysis for Scientists and Engineers provides a blend of
undergraduate- and graduate-level topics in matrix theory and linear
algebra that relieves instructors of the burden of reviewing such
material in subsequent courses that depend heavily on the language of
matrices. Consequently, the text provides an often-needed bridge
between undergraduate-level matrix theory and linear algebra and the
level of matrix analysis required for graduate-level study and
research. The text is sufficiently compact that the material can be
taught comfortably in a one-quarter or one-semester course.

Throughout the book, the author emphasizes the concept of matrix
factorization to provide a foundation for a later course in numerical
linear algebra. The author addresses connections to differential and
difference equations as well as to linear system theory and
encourages instructors to augment these examples with other
applications of their own choosing.

Because the tools of matrix analysis are applied on a daily basis to
problems in biology, chemistry, computer science, econometrics,
engineering, mathematics, physics, statistics, and a wide variety of
other fields, the text can serve a rather diverse audience. The book
is primarily intended to be used as a text for senior undergraduate
or beginning graduate students in engineering, the sciences,
mathematics, computer science, or computational science who wish to
be familiar with enough matrix analysis and linear algebra that they
can effectively use the tools and ideas of these fundamental subjects
in a variety of applications. However, individual engineers or
scientists who need a concise reference or a text for self-study will
also find this book useful.

Prerequisites for using this text are knowledge of calculus and some
previous exposure to matrices and linear algebra, including, for
example, a basic knowledge of determinants, singularity of matrices,
eigenvalues and eigenvectors, and positive definite matrices. There
are exercises at the end of each chapter.

Preface; Chapter 1: Introduction and Review; Chapter 2: Vector
Spaces; Chapter 3: Linear Transformations; Chapter 4: Introduction to
the Moore-Penrose Pseudoinverse; Chapter 5: Introduction to the
Singular Value Decomposition; Chapter 6: Linear Equations; Chapter 7:
Projections, Inner Product Spaces, and Norms; Chapter 8: Linear Least
Squares Problems; Chapter 9: Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors; Chapter
10: Canonical Forms; Chapter 11 Linear Differential and Difference
Equations; Chapter 12: Generalized Eigenvalue Problems; Chapter 13:
Kronecker Products; Bibliography; Index.

2004 / xiv + 157 pages / Softcover / ISBN 0-89871-576-8
List Price $36.00 / SIAM Member Price $25.20 / Order Code OT91

To order, go to
or contact


From: Tony Humphries <>
Date: Sat, 22 Jan 2005 11:18:07 -0500
Subject: Montreal Scientific Computing Days

The 2nd Montreal Scientific Computing Days
February 26 - 27, 2005
Centre de recherches mathématiques,
Montréal, Canada

The objective of this workshop is to encourage scientific exchange within the
scientific computing community in Québec and further afield. The program
includes two short courses offered by international experts, as well as
contributed sessions in the form of a twenty-minute presentation or a poster.
Students and post-doctoral researchers are especially encouraged to participate.
Some financial support is available for out-of-town participants.

Short Courses

Jan S. Hesthaven, Brown University
Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for Solving Time-Dependent
PDEs: Theoretical Essentials and Practical Aspects

Jay Gopalakrishnan, University of Florida
Multigrid Methods and Applications to Electromagnetics

There is no registration fee; however, registration is necessary.

The deadline for abstract submissions and financial aid requests is
February 11, 2005.

See for further details.


From: Brahim Amaziane <>
Date: Sun, 16 Jan 2005 12:12:12 +0100
Subject: Conference in Morocco on Modeling in Natural Resources

MAMERN'05 Second Announcement and Call for Papers
International Conference on Approximation Methods
and Numerical Modeling in Environment and Natural Resources
Organized by University Mohammed I - Oujda, Morocco
University of Granada, Spain
& University of Pau and CNRS, France

May 9-11, Oujda, Morocco

Main Topics:
- Approximation Methods
- Numerical Modeling of Flow in Porous Media
- Mathematical Analysis of Models in Porous Media
- Applications of Approximation and Modeling to Environment Sciences and
Natural Resources


From: Luis Castro <>
Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2005 19:11:04 -0000
Subject: Conference in Portugal on Operator Theory

Conference OTFUSA2005:
Conference on Operator Theory, Function Spaces and Applications
Dedicated to the 60th birthday of Professor F.-O. Speck
Aveiro, Portugal, 7-9 July 2005

The main topics of OTFUSA2005 include:

1.. Convolution type operators and related classes of singular operators,
Bessel potential and pseudo-differential operators, factorisation theory,
operator relations and normalisation problems;

2.. The theory of function spaces and distributions around Lebesgue, Lorentz,
Sobolev, Besov and Triebel-Lizorkin spaces, embeddings, interpolation,
traces and extensions, representation formulas, oscillation;

3.. Applications to mathematical physics, wave diffraction and scattering
theory, elliptic boundary value problems, mixed problems in canonical
domains, localisation, interface problems, boundary integral methods,
boundary-domain methods, explicit solutions, regularity, singularities,
fractal analysis and asymptotic behaviour.

Please find all the details at the conference homepage


From: Lieven De Lathauwer <>
Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2005 15:06:17 +0100
Subject: Workshop in Marseille on Tensor Decompositions and Applications

CIRM, Luminy, Marseille, France

August 29 - September 2, 2005

Organized in cooperation with
the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM)
and the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS)

Preregistration deadline: May 8, 2005


This workshop is devoted to the study of tensor decompositions. Though
higher-order tensor (also known as multidimensional, multi-way, or n-way
array) decompositions have been around for many years, the door is now
opening on greater mathematical understanding and new applications. This
topic has been the domain of researchers in psychometrics and
chemometrics since the seventies, resulting in, e.g., new methods for
factor analysis. More recently, tensors have found their way to signal
processing via the use of high-order statistics, joint matrix techniques
and applications in telecommunications. Other applications include
complexity theory, (blind) system identification, biomedical
engineering, numerical analysis, and data mining, among others.

The workshop will bring together researchers investigating tensor
decompositions and specialists in scientific computing, linear algebra,
algebraic geometry, and applications. The workshop will feature a series
of invited talks by leading experts, contributed presentations on
specific problems, and group discussions. Tutorials will be provided for
researchers who are new in the field. The goal of the workshop is
further to deepen the theoretical understanding of multilinear algebra,
develop reliable numerical algorithms and tackle new applications.

Specific issues to be addressed include:

* Large-scale problems
* Topological properties of tensor spaces
* Exact or approximate tensor decompositions
* Mathematical properties of tensor decompositions
* Computing using tensor decompositions
* Harmonic analysis
* Independent component analysis
* Applications in wireless communications
* Diagnostics in data analysis


Lieven De Lathauwer, ETIS, UMR 8051, France
Pierre Comon, I3S, UMR 6070, France

Steering Committee:

Rasmus Bro, Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, Denmark
Bart L.R. De Moor, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium
Gene H. Golub, Stanford University, USA
Richard A. Harshman, University of Western Ontario, Canada
Tamara G. Kolda, Sandia National Laboratories, USA
Pieter M. Kroonenberg, Leiden University, The Netherlands
James G. Nagy, Emory University, USA
Nicholas D. Sidiropoulos, Technical University of Crete, Greece
Jos M.F. Ten Berge, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, The Netherlands
Joos Vandewalle, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium
Sabine Van Huffel, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium
Charles F. Van Loan, Cornell University, USA

SIAM Representative:

Lieven De Lathauwer, ETIS, UMR 8051, France


From: Kirsten Wilden <>
Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2005 09:38:33 -0500
Subject: SIAM Conference in New Orleans on Control and Its Applications

Conference Name: Sixth SIAM Conference on Control and Its Applications,
being held jointly with the 2005 SIAM Annual Meeting

Location: Hilton New Orleans Riverside Hotel, New Orleans, Louisiana

Dates: July 11-14, 2005

Invited Plenary Speakers
Marie Csete, Emory University
Mrdjan Jankovic, Ford Research and Advanced Engineering
(Joint Plenary Speaker with the 2005 SIAM Annual Meeting)
Naomi Leonard, Princeton University
William Levine, University of Maryland, College Park
William McEneaney, University of California, San Diego
Igor Mezic, University of California, Santa Barbara
Thaleia Zariphopoulou, University of Texas, Austin

Invited Topical Speaker
Matthias Heinkenschloss, Rice University
(Joint Topical Speaker with the 2005 SIAM Annual Meeting)

The Call for Presentations for this conference is available at:

*New Deadlines!*
Minisymposium proposals: February 1, 2005

Abstracts for all contributed and minisymposium presentations: February 1, 2005

For additional information, contact the SIAM Conferences Department at


From: Mei Chen <>
Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2005 18:04:42 -0500
Subject: SIAM-SEAS Meeting in Charleston

The 2005 SIAM-SEAS Annual Meeting will be held on March 25-26 (Fri. and
Sat.), 2005 at the Citadel and the College of Charleston, Charleston, SC.

Conference web site:

Invited Speakers
1. Martin Golubitsky, University of Houston, Coupled Systems: Theory and
2. Chris Jones, University of North Carolina, Ocean modeling.
3. Tim Kelley, North Carolina State University, Optimal Design of Groundwater
Remediation Systems with Sampling Methods.
4. James Nagy, Emory University, Removal of Non-Uniform Motion Blurs:
Algorithms and Implementations.

Short Courses (Friday morning):
1. Introduction to Financial Mathematics and Volatility Modeling by
Jean-Pierre Fouque, North Carolina State University.
2. Optimal Control Applied to Population Models by Suzanne Lenhart,
University of Tennessee.

Mini-symposia (Contact the session organizer(s) for submitting a paper.):
1. Solitons and Integrability organized by Alex Kasman ( and
Stephane Lafortune (, College of Charleston.
2. Linear Algebra and Signal Processing organized by James Nagy
(, Emory University.
3. Population Dynamics and Epidemiology organized by Kbenesh Blayneh
(, Florida A&M University , and Gary Harrison
(, College of Charleston.
4. Mathematics and Music organized by Martin (Jones, College
of Charleston.
5. Dynamic modeling of biological systems organized by Eberhard O. Voit
(, Georgia Tech. and Emory University.
6. Discontinuous Galerkin Methods organized by Susanne Brenner
( and Fengyan Li (, University of South
7. Information Retrieval organized by Amy Langville
(, North Carolina State University and College of
Charleston and Carl Meyer (, North Carolina State University.
8. Thin Liquid Films organized by Michael Shearer ( and
Rachel Levy (, North Carolina State University
9. Inverse Problems in Electromagnetics and Biology organized by H.T. Banks
( and Nathan Gibson (, North
Carolina State University.

Contributed Papers and Student Papers Sessions
Further research, expository and educational papers in areas of applied and
industrial mathematics are solicited for the program. Student paper awards
are established for both graduate and undergraduate student papers. Please
send titles and abstracts to Dr. Annalisa Calini by email at
by February 21, 2005. There will also be a SIAM Regional Student Chapters
Special Session organized by Susanne C. Brenner (
and Li-yeng Sung (, University of South Carolina.

Math Jeopardy Contest
Jeopardy Contest for undergraduate students will be organized by Dinesh
Sarvate of College of Charleston. To register a team, contact Dinesh Sarvate
at Participation is limited to the first 12 teams which
register for the contest, and the deadline for registration is Monday
February 21, 2005.

Annalisa Calini ( and Brenton LeMesurier
( of College of Charleston, and Mei Chen
( of The Citadel.


From: Gianluigi Rozza <>
Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2005 16:08:12 +0100 (MET)
Subject: Faculty Positions at EPFL Lausanne

Faculty Positions in Mathematics
at Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)

Over the next few years EPFL intends to make numerous faculty appointments of
exceptional individuals across the range of mathematics.
We seek mathematical scientists with outstanding accomplishments in any domain
of pure and applied mathematics, including statistics.
Preference will be given at the assistant and associate professor levels, but
top senior candidates will also be considered.

Successful candidates will establish and lead vigorous independent research
programs, interact with existing projects, and be committed to excellence in
Significant start-up resources and research infrastructure will be available.

Applications should be made through by March 31st.
Candidates will be required to submit curriculum vitae, concise statement of
research and teaching interests, and the names and addresses (including email)
of five referees as a single PDF file (at most 20 sides of A4, plus list of
publications). A printed version of this file should be sent to:

Professor Alfio Quarteroni
Mathematics Search Committee
Station 8
CH-1015 Lausanne, Switzerland

For additional information, please consult:

EPFL is an equal opportunity employer.


From: John W. Barrett <>
Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2005 07:04:22 -0000
Subject: Lectureship and PhD Studentship at Imperial College, London

Imperial College, London is advertising

(i) a Lectureship in Numerical Analysis (Closing date 30 April 2005).

(ii) a PhD Studentship in Numerical Analysis (Closing date 11 February 2005).

For details see


From: Ed Saff <>
Date: Sun, 16 Jan 2005 00:29:46 -0600 (CST)
Subject: Contents, Constructive Approximation

Constructive Approximation
Vol. 21 No. 2 2005
Table of Contents

"Digital Sums and Divide-and-Conquer Recurrences: Fourier Expansions and
Absolute Convergence"
P.J. Grabner and H.K. Hwang
Pages 149-179

"An Extension of an Inequality of Duffin and Schaeffer"
G. Nikolov
Pages 181-191

"Uncertainty Principles for Sturm-Liouville Operators"
Zh.-K. Li and L.-M. Liu
Pages 193-205

"A Characterization of Best phi-Approximants with Applications to
Multidimensional Isotonic Approximation"
F.D. Mazzone and H.H. Cuenya
Pages 207-223

"On a Uniform Treatment of Darboux's Method"
R. Wong and Y.-Q. Zhao
Pages 225-255

"Greedy-Type Approximation in Banach Spaces and Applications"
V.N. Temlyakov
Pages 257-292

Constructive Approximation
An International Journal for Approximations and Expansions
Published by Springer


From: Thomas Hogan <>
Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2005 16:29:51 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Contents, Journal of Approximation Theory

Table of Contents: J. Approx. Theory, Volume 131, Number 2, December 2004

Online at

Tam\'{a}s Erd\'{e}lyi
The uniform closure of non-dense rational spaces on the unit interval

Thomas Hangelbroek, G\"{u}nther N\"{u}rnberger, Christian R\"{o}ssl,
Hans-Peter Seidel, and Frank Zeilfelder
Dimension of C1-splines on type-6 tetrahedral partitions

Zhu Laiyi
On the degree of convergence of lemniscates in finite connected domains

F. E. Levis and H. H. Cuenya
Best constant approximants in Lorentz spaces

Alfredo Dea\~{n}o, Amparo Gil, and Javier Segura
New inequalities from classical Sturm theorems

Semyon B. Yakubovich
On the least values of $L_p$-norms for the Kontorovich-Lebedev transform
and its convolution

H. N. Mhaskar
Polynomial operators and local smoothness classes on the unit interval

F. Dai and Z. Ditzian
Combinations of multivariate averages

Harry Gingold
Approximation of unbounded functions via compactification

Author index for Volume 131

Table of Contents: J. Approx. Theory, Volume 132, Number 1, January 2005

Online at

Brigitte Forster
Direct approximation theorems for Dirichlet series in the norm of
uniform convergence

G. Costakis and V. Vlachou
Identical approximative sequence for various notions of universality

Rafa{\l} Pierzcha{\l}a
UPC condition in polynomially bounded o-minimal structures

M. Altun and A. Goncharov
A local version of the Paw{\l}ucki-Ple\'{s}niak extension operator

A. L. Lukashov and F. Peherstorfer
Zeros of polynomials orthogonal on two arcs of the unit circle

\c{S}tefan O. Toh\v{a}neanu
Smooth planar $r$-splines of degree $2r$

Chen Guanggui and Fang Gensun
Linear widths of a multivariate function space equipped with a
Gaussian measure

Olga Holtz and Amos Ron
Approximation orders of shift-invariant subspaces of $W^s_2(\BR^d)$

Song Heng Chan
A short proof of Ramanujan's famous $_1\psi_1$ summation formula


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