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From: Sara Triller <>
Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2001 16:17:51 -0400
Subject: Seeking Ciarlet Text

Dear NA-Digest members,

SIAM is seeking one or two clean copies of _The Finite Element Method
for Elliptic Problems_ by Philippe G. Ciarlet (North-Holland, 1980,
paperback edition). We will be unable to return these books
themselves, as they will be used as printer's tearsheets; however, we
will give a complimentary copy of the new SIAM Classics series edition
of this book to the person whose copy we use.

If you have a completely unmarked copy that you can send us, please
contact me at by Monday, November 5, 2001.

Many thanks,
Sara J. Triller
Developmental Editor, SIAM


From: Joe Traub <>
Date: Sun, 21 Oct 2001 10:41:33 -0600 (MDT)
Subject: Prize for Achievement in Information-based Complexity


This annual prize is for outstanding achievement in Information-Based
Complexity. It consists of $3000 and a plaque. The award ceremony
will be held during the Foundations of Computational Mathematics
(FoCM) Conference in Minneapolis August 5-14, 2002.

The prize committee will consist of Erich Novak, Sergei
Pereverzev, Joseph F. Traub, Grzegorz W. Wasilkowski and Henryk
Wozniakowski. Anyone other than a current member of the prize committee
is eligible. The members of the prize committee would appreciate
nominations for the prize. However, a person does not have to be
nominated to win the award.

The deadline for the award is March 31, 2002. The achievement can be
based on work done in a single year, a number of years or over a lifetime.
It can be published in any journal, number of journals, or monographs.


From: Mladen Rogina <>
Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2001 11:57:22 +0200
Subject: Proceedings of Conference on Applied Mathematics and Computation

Proceedings (CD also available) of the 1st Conference on Applied Mathematics
and Computation, Dubrovnik, Croatia 13-18 September 1999., held under the
auspices of Dept. of Mathematics, University of Zagreb, are available at
very reasonable prices. Abstract book is freely available at in .dvi and PostScript format.
Prof. Mladen Rogina
fax: 385-1-4680335
Dept. of Mathematics, University of Zagreb
Bijenicka 30
PP 335
10002 Zagreb
Croatia, Europe


From: Marcin Paprzycki <>
Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2001 17:08:13 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: Report on the 3rd Conference Large-scale Scientific Computations

The 3rd International Conference on Large-scale Scientific Computations
was held in the picturesque Black Sea surroundings of Sozopol in Bulgaria
on 6-10 June 2001. The event, which continued a tradition, was organized
by the Central Laboratory for Parallel Processing (BAS) and Division of
Numerical Analysis and Statistics (Rousse University) in cooperation with
SIAM Activity Group on Supercomputing.

The plenary and invited talks, given by outstanding experts such as O.
Axelsson, V. Getov, S. Heinrich, I. Marek, A. Sameh and Z. Zlatev, covered
several important and topical fields of applied mathematics and computer
science. Special sessions, related to the mentioned areas, were organized
on the following subjects:

Robust preconditioning algorithms
* Monte Carlo methods
* Advanced programming environments for scientific computations
* Large-scale computations in air pollution modelling
* Large-scale computations for mechanical engineering problems
* Numerical methods for incompressible flows

The conference was attended by around 80 participants from more than 15
countries. The overall scientific level of the talks was very high, and
they induced fruitful discussions. The selected reviewed papers of the
conference will appear in the special volume of Lecture Notes in Computer
Science, Springer.

On the informal level, the atmosphere of the conference was particularly
friendly, which was supported by two excellent parties offered by the
organizers and outstanding facilities to spend the free time on the
neighbouring beach with fantastic sand and crystal-clear water.

The participants are grateful to the organizers, especially to Svetozar
Margenov, Silvia Grozdanova and Plamen Yalamov for their tiresome and
excellent work, and are looking forward to the next conference in 2003 at
the same place.

Istvan Farago and Janos Karatson


From: Springer <>
Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2001 11:43:20 +0200
Subject: 2002 Mathematics Calendar

New Publication:

A special mathematics calender called MathInsight 2002 has been published.
It offers spectacular visual presentations of mathematics. Mathematicians
from different fields and experts together went to the limit to give you the
ideal add-on for your office. This calendar is a must for all
mathematicians, visualization specialists and computational scientists.

H.-C. Hege, Konrad Zuse Zentrum f=FCr Informationstechnik, Berlin, Germany
K.Polthier, Technische Universit=E4t Berlin, Germany
M.Rumpf, Universit=E4t Bonn, Germany

2001. Calendar with 14 pp. 14 figs, in color, A2 size
ISBN 3-540-67472-1
DM 49,90, =F6S 365 (net price subject to local VAT)



From: Maurizio Falcone <>
Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2001 18:09:55 +0200 (MET DST)
Subject: New Book, Numerical Methods for Viscosity Solutions and Applications


edited by Maurizio Falcone (Universita' di Roma "La Sapienza", Italy)
& Charalampos Makridakis (University of Crete, Greece)

The volume contains twelve papers dealing with the approximation of
first and second order problems which arise in many fields of
application including optimal control, image processing, geometrical
optics and front propagation. Some contributions deal with new
algorithms and technical issues related to their implementation. Other
contributions are more theoretical, dealing with the convergence of
approximation schemes. Many test problems have been examined to
evaluate the performances of the algorithms. The volume can attract
readers involved in the numerical approximation of differential models
in the above-mentioned fields of applications, engineers, graduate
students as well as researchers in numerical analysis.

Further informations can be obtained at the WEB page


From: Nick Higham <>
Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2001 08:42:33 +0100 (BST)
Subject: Householder Award XI, Second Announcement

HOUSEHOLDER AWARD XI - Second Announcement

Nominations are solicited for the Alston S. Householder Award XI
(2002). The award will be presented to the author of the best
dissertation in numerical algebra submitted by the recipient of a
PhD earned between January 1, 1999, and December 31, 2001.

The term numerical algebra is intended to describe those parts of
mathematical research that have both algebraic aspects and numerical
content or implications. Thus, for example, the term covers linear
algebra that has numerical applications and the algebraic aspects of
ordinary differential, partial differential, integral, and nonlinear
equations. To qualify, the dissertation must have been submitted to
fulfill requirements for a degree at the level of a United States
Ph.D. Candidates from countries in which a formal dissertation is not
normally written at that level may submit an equivalent piece of work.

The Householder Award, given every three years, was established at the
1969 Gatlinburg Symposium (now renamed the Householder Symposium) to
recognize the outstanding contributions of Alston S. Householder,
1904--1993, to numerical analysis and linear algebra.

Entries will be assessed by an international committee consisting of
James Demmel (University of California, Berkeley), Ludwig Elsner
(University of Bielefeld), Volker Mehrmann (TU Berlin), Charles Van Loan
(Cornell University) and Olof Widlund (Courant Institute, New York

The candidate's sponsor (the supervisor of the candidate's research)
should submit five copies of the dissertation (or qualifying work),
together with an appraisal by the sponsor and at least one additional
letter of recommendation supporting the nomination, by February 15, 2002, to

Professor Ludwig Elsner
Fakultaet fuer Mathematik
Universitaet Bielefeld
Postfach 10 01 31
33501 Bielefeld
email: elsner@Mathematik.Uni-Bielefeld.DE

The award will be presented at the Householder Symposium XV, to be
held June 17-21, 2002 at the Peebles Hotel Hydro, Scotland
Candidates on the short list will receive invitations to the meeting.

Previous Householder Award winners were F. Robert (Grenoble) in 1971,
Ole Hald (New York University) in 1974, Daniel D. Warner (University
of California, San Diego) in 1977, E. Marques de S{\'a} (Coimbra) and
Paul Van Dooren (K. U. Leuven) in 1981 (shared), Ralph Byers (Cornell
University) and James M. Demmel (University of California, Berkeley)
in 1984 (shared), Nicholas J. Higham (University of Manchester) in
1987, Alan Edelman (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and Maria
Beth Ong (University of Washington) in 1990 (shared), Hong-Guo Xu
(Fudan University) and Barry Smith (New York University) in 1993
(shared), Ming Gu (Yale University) in 1996, and J\"org Liesen (Bielefeld)
in 1999.


From: Nick Higham <>
Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2001 08:40:57 +0100 (BST)
Subject: Householder Symposium XV, Final Announcement


The Householder Symposium on Numerical Linear Algebra will be
held June 17-21, 2002 at the Peebles Hotel Hydro, Scotland,
about 22 miles southwest of Edinburgh.
This meeting is the fifteenth in a series, previously called the
Gatlinburg Symposia.
The name honors Alston S. Householder, one of the pioneers in
numerical linear algebra and organizer of the first four meetings.
The meeting has traditionally been held in an isolated location and is
very informal in style. Each attendee is given the opportunity to
present a talk, but a talk is not mandatory. The format of the
meeting includes scheduled presentations during the day and more
informal evening sessions that are organized electronically shortly
before the meeting. Spirited discussion is encouraged.

At the meeting, the eleventh Householder prize will be awarded for the
best thesis in numerical algebra written since 1 January 1999.

We hope that the meeting will be attended by recent entrants into
numerical linear algebra as well as more experienced researchers. We
encourage attendance by core numerical linear algebra researchers,
matrix theoreticians, and people in applications such as optimization,
signal processing, control, etc.

The Program Committee welcomes your contribution. The meeting
facility holds only 125 people, however, so attendance may need to be

For full consideration, the committee must receive your abstract by
11 December 2001. Information concerning the application process may be
found at the URL listed above. Please use the format provided at the
Website. The committee expects to complete the list of attendees and
scheduled presentations by 1 February 2002.
Note that the Web site now contains details of accommodation rates,
which reflect sponsorship received from the Engineering and Physical
Sciences Research Council (EPSRC). A limited additional amount of
financial support is available to those attending.

After reading the files in the Website, if you have any questions
about local arrangements, please contact
Philip Knight (,
Alison Ramage (, or
Andy Wathen (
Other questions can be directed to

The Program Committee consists of

Angelika Bunse-Gerstner (Bremen)
Tony Chan (Los Angeles)
Chandler Davis (Toronto)
Nick Higham (Manchester, Chair)
Dianne O'Leary (Maryland)
Michael Overton (Courant Institute)
Pete Stewart (Maryland)
Henk van der Vorst (Utrecht)
Paul Van Dooren (Louvain-la-Neuve)
Charles Van Loan (Cornell)


From: SIAM <>
Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2001 12:27:35 -0400
Subject: SIAM 50th Anniversary and Annual Meeting

Conference Name: 2002 SIAM 50th Anniversary and Annual Meeting
Location: Philadelphia Marriott Hotel, Philadelphia, PA
Dates: July 8-12, 2002

Call for Papers

To submit go to:

Submission Deadlines:
MiniSymposium Proposals - 01/16/02
Abstracts in Lecture or Poster format - 02/13/02

For additional information, contact SIAM Conference Department at


From: Song Wang <>
Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2001 11:22:09 +0800
Subject: Conference in Perth on Boundary and Interior Layers


BAIL 2002
An International Conference on Boundary and Interior Layers -
Computational and Asymptotic Methods

8th to 12 July, 2002
The University of Western Australia, Perth

Submissions of papers on computational and analytical methods for
boundary and interior layers, and singular perturbation problems
are invited.

Detailed information on the conference proceedings, paper submission,
registration, travel etc is available at


Conf. paper submission (6 A4 pages. Abstracts not required): 30th Jan.
Notification of acceptance/Referees comments: 30th March 2002.
Revised, camera-read paper submission: 30th April 2002.
Early bird registration: 10th May 2002.
Welcome reception: 7th July 2002.
Conference starts: 8th July 2002.
Submission of papers for a special issue of J Comp Appl Math: 31st Aug.

International Steering Committee:
I Boglaev, Palmerston North
T Cebeci, Long Beach
J Cousteix, Toulouse
P M Gresho, Livermore
B Y Guo, Shanghai
P W Hemker, Amsterdam
R B Kellogg, Columbia
J Mauss, Toulouse
J J H Miller, Dublin (Chair)
R E O'Malley Jr, Seattle
O Pironneau, Paris
H G Roos, Dresden
R D Russell, Vancouver
Z C Shi, Beijing
G I Shishkin, Ekaterinburg
S Wang, Perth
P Wesseling, Delft
F G Zhuang, Beijing

Local Organizing Committee:
N. Fowkes, Univ of Western Australia
D. Hill, Univ of Western Australia
L.S. Jennings, Univ of Western Australia (Co-Chair)
G. Keady, Univ of Western Australia
A. Mees, Univ of Western Australia
P.-F. Siew, Curtin University of Technology
S. Wang, Univ of Western Australia (Chair)
Y.H. Wu, Curtin Univ. of Technology


From: S. Sundar" <>
Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2001 09:31:20 +0530
Subject: Symposium in Madras on Mathematical Methods and Applications

National Symposium On
(22nd December 2001)

The Department Of Mathematics, Indian Institute Of Technology Madras
on 22.12.2001 in connection with the Ramanujan Day celebration.
In addition to invited lectures, it is proposed to have paper presentation
sessions as well.
The papers may be in any area of Mathematics.

IIT Madras

The abstract submitted for presentation should
have a maximum of 300 words typed in A4 size paper.
Please give key words and classification.

Registration is required for all the delegates. Registration fee is
The draft is to be drawn in the favour of
" National Symposium on Mathematical Methods and Applications "
payable at IIT, Madras.

Arrangements can be made for stay of outstation delegates in the institute
campus on request.

Secretary,NSMMA 2001
Department of Mathematics
Indian Institute of Technology Madras
Chennai 600 036, India
Fax : +91-44-235 0509
E-mail :
Phone : +91-44-445 8487 (O)
+91-44-445 9487 (R)


From: Roger Knobel <>
Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2001 23:30:37 -0500
Subject: Conference in Texas on Using Spectral Data to Solve Inverse Problems

Using Spectral Data to Solve Inverse Problems
December 14-18, 2001
The University of Texas - Pan American
Edinburg, Texas USA

Professor Joyce McLaughlin, Ford Foundation Professor of Mathematics
at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, will provide 10 one-hour lectures
on "Using Spectral Data to Solve Inverse Problems."

These lectures will be a self-contained and comprehensive exposition on
the use of natural frequencies and selected mode shape measurements to
determine material properties of objects. These lectures will not only
present the newest methods for solving these problems, but also give both
mathematical and experimental insight into how the data depends on the
material properties to be recovered. Emphasis will be on two-dimensional
problems, with a brief introduction and insight given for one-dimensional

Five additional invited speakers will provide supplemental lectures
addressing related inverse problems in mathematics, science, and engineering.

Conference information can be found at

Roger Knobel
Department of Mathematics
The University of Texas - Pan American
Edinburg, TX 78539-2999
Phone: (956) 381-3452
Fax: (956) 384-5091


From: Des Higham <>
Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2001 11:06:58 +0100 (BST)
Subject: Meeting at Strathclyde on Numerical Methods and Stochastic Simulation

Half-Day Meeting on Numerical Methods and Stochastic Simulation
Friday 7th December, 2001

Department of Mathematics
University of Strathclyde

Supported by The London Mathematical Society

Grant Lythe, University of Leeds
Evelyn Buckwar, Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin
Xuerong Mao, University of Strathclyde
Des Higham, University of Strathclyde

There is no registration fee.
If you plan to attend, or would like further details, please contact
Prof. D. J. Higham, email:
Prof X. Mao, email:

Campus map:

Up to date program:


From: Rosie Renaut <>
Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2001 15:56:57 +0200
Subject: Workshop at ICCS on Medical Imaging

Workshop on Medical Imaging
to be held in conjunction with the
ICCS 2002 Conference on Computational Science
April 21 -- 24, 2002
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The purpose of this special session is to bring together researchers in
any aspects of computational medical imaging, to include algorithm
development and analysis for image reconstruction, segmentation, image
normalization, registration and morphometry. It is hoped to draw
participants who are interested in both development and applications,
from areas of expertise including mathematicians, computational
mathematicians, numerical analysts, statisticians and application
specialists. It is hoped that this workshop will provide the opportunity
to present a review of modern numerical techniques in medical imaging,
and encourage discussion and interchange of ideas.

A limited number of contributed, either 20 or 30 minutes, talks will be
selected for this session. Extended abstracts no more than two pages
should be sent to me before November 16, 2001.

Summary, Important Dates and Notes:

November 16, 2001 -- Extended abstracts
November 30, 2001 -- Acceptance for the presentation
December 14, 2001 -- Paper Submission (full papers, see above)
January 4, 2002 -- Camera Ready Papers and Pre-registration

The Extended Abstracts and the papers of this Workshop should be
sent to me

The payments, registration, hotel reservation and other conference
matters should be managed according to the ICCS2002 roles.

The organizer of the Workshop:
Rosemary Renaut, Professor, Zentrum Mathematik,
Arcistrasse 21, TU Muenchen, D 80290.
Telephone 49-89 289 22033
Fax 49-89 289-28234
Email or


From: Rosie Renaut <>
Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2001 16:15:25 +0200
Subject: Workshop at ICCS on Education in Computational Sciences

Workshop on Education in Computational Sciences
to be held in conjunction with the
ICCS 2002 Conference on Computational Science
April 21 -- 24, 2002
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The purpose of this special session is to bring together educators from
all institutes of higher education, or potential employers, with
experience or interest in the development of the computational sciences
curriculum. Topics of interest for the workshop include papers which
address issues that include curriculum design at all levels, from
undergraduate to postgraduate, professional degree programs, student
recruitment and expectation, and employment opportunties. It is
intended to provide an opportunity for discussion and exchange of ideas,
and to hear about particular strategies for success with a new
curriculum, funding and equipment , and
possibly to hear of various pitfalls others have already encountered.

A limited number of contributed, either 20 or 30 minutes. talks will
be selected for this session. Extended abstracts no more than two pages
should be sent to me before November 16, 2001.

Summary, Important Dates and Notes:

November 16, 2001 -- Extended abstracts
November 30, 2001 -- Acceptance for the presentation
December 14, 2001 -- Paper Submission (full papers, see above)
January 4, 2002 -- Camera Ready Papers and Pre-registration

The Extended Abstracts and the papers of this Workshop should be
sent to me

The payments, registration, hotel reservation and other conference
matters should be managed according to the ICCS2002 roles.

The organizer of the Workshop:
Rosemary Renaut, Professor, Zentrum Mathematik,
Arcistrasse 21, TU Muenchen, D 80290.
Telephone 49-89 289 22033
Fax 49-89 289-28234
Email or


From: Martin Buecker <>
Date: Sat, 27 Oct 2001 13:41:41 +0200
Subject: Workshop at ICCS on Automatic Differentiation

Workshop on
Automatic Differentiation and Applications
in conjunction with the
2002 International Conference on
Computational Science
Amsterdam, The Netherlands, April 21-24, 2002

Authors are invited to submit original and unpublished
papers in all areas of automatic differentiation with
an emphasis on successful applications.

Accepted papers will be published in ICCS 2002 Proceedings
in the Springer Verlag Lecture Notes in Computer Science
(LNCS) series.

Important Dates:

Draft Full Papers: December 7, 2001
Notification of Acceptance: December 17, 2001
Registration: December 21, 2001
Camera-Ready Papers: January 15, 2002
ICCS Conference: April 21-24, 2002

For detailed information, please visit the workshop
website at

C. Bischof and M. Buecker
Aachen University of Technology


From: E. Gallopoulos <>
Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2001 23:10:01 +0300
Subject: Symposium in Japan on High Performance Computing

The 4th International Symposium on High Performance Computing

Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute
Kansai Research Establishment
May 15-17, 2002
Kansai Science City, JAPAN

The objective of the fourth International Symposium on High
Performance Computing (ISHPC-IV) is to exchange the latest research
results in software, hardware and applications for high performance
computing. The symposium will bring together
researchers, developers and advanced users from academia,
business and industry to share information and explore novel ideas.

ISHPC-IV focuses on software, architecture and applications for
parallel and distributed high performance computing. Specific topics
include, but are not limited to, the following:

Software: parallelizing compilers, data partitioning and scheduling,
operating systems, programming languages, parallel and
distributed programming environments, performance
prediction and analysis, feedback-oriented compiling,

Architecture: instruction level parallelism, multi-threaded
architectures, massively parallel systems,
processor-in-memory architectures, scalable shared
memory multiprocessor systems, interconnection networks,
memory management,parallel I/O, computer networks,
multimedia distributed systems

Applications: parallel and distributed algorithms, database systems,
artificial intelligence application studies, artificial
life application studies, high performance scientific
computing, neural computing

General Chair Masaaki Shimasaki (Kyoto U)
Organizing Chair Takashi Arisawa (JAERI-KRE)
Program Chair Hans Zima ((U of Vienna))
Program Co-Chairs
Architecture: Mateo Valero (UPC)
Software: William Gropp (Argonne)
Applications: Yoshitoshi Kunieda (Wakayama U)
Treasury and Publication Chair: Kazuki Joe (Nara Women's U)
Local Arrangement Chair: Hayaru Shouno (Nara Women's U)

All submissions must be received by December 1, 2001. Submit a
postscript file by E-mail to

To encourage student participation, ISHPC-IV plans to fund travel
grants for five to ten foreign graduate student authors. For details,

Paper submission deadline Dec. 1, 2001
Author notification Jan. 5, 2002
Camera-ready version and author-registration Feb. 1, 2002

For general information on the symposium, please contact Prof. Kazuki
Joe of Nara Women's University ( or visit the
ISHPC home page at


From: Brigitte Toro <>
Date: Sun, 28 Oct 2001 16:12:25 +0000
Subject: Short Course in Barcelona on Hyperbolic Conservation Laws

Short Course on:

With applications to compressible flow and environmental problems

Place: BARCELONA, Spain, Avenida Palace Hotel
Date: Monday 25th to Thursday 28th March 2002
Lecturer: Professor E F Toro, OBE
Organisers: Numeritek Limited UK

DETAILS about who will benefit from the course, cost and course contents
can be found on

THE LECTURER is an international authority in his field and author
of more than 140 research publications, including the textbooks
"Riemann Solvers and Numerical Methods for Fluid Dynamics" and
"Shock-Capturing Methods for Free-Surface Shallow Flows"
See Amazon Customer Reviews:

FURTHER DETAILS on the course will be mailed on request. Please send
enquiries to:

We look forward to hearing from you.

Course Organiser
Numeritek Limited


From: Harbir Lamba <>
Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2001 11:43:38 -0400
Subject: Faculty Positions at George Mason University

The Department of Mathematical Sciences invites applications for
two tenure-track positions, preferably at the assistant professor
level, to start in the Fall of 2002. Faculty teach at both the
undergraduate and graduate levels, maintain active research programs,
and pursue external funding opportunities. Faculty may also teach
and supervise Ph.D. students in the interdisciplinary School for
Computational Sciences. Preference will be given to candidates whose
research complements that of current faculty. At least one position
will be in computational and applied mathematics.

Arrange for a vita, statements of teaching and research interests and
at least three letters of reference to be sent to Search Committee,
Department of Mathematical Sciences, George Mason University, MS 3F2,
4400 University Drive, Fairfax, VA 22030-4444 (email:
For full consideration apply before December 15, 2001; late applications
will be accepted until the positions are filled. George Mason University
is an AA/EEO employer. Women and minorities are encouraged to apply.


From: Bryan Shader <>
Date: Fri, 26 Oct 2001 17:09:44 -0600
Subject: Faculty Positions at University of Wyoming

The Department of Mathematics at the University of Wyoming invites
applications and nominations for the position of Department Head. The
appointment will be at the rank of Professor, and will be effective August
1, 2002. Minimum qualifications are: an earned doctorate with a strong
record of research in mathematics and exemplary teaching that would warrant
tenure at UW. Preference will be given to individuals with research
interests close to those represented in the Department, and with an
established record of leadership. Undergraduate advising and outreach
teaching may be required.

UW is a Carnegie classified extensive, doctoral research university with
approximately 11,000 students. The Department offers the B.S., M.S., and
Ph.D. degrees in mathematics and a Master's of Science degree in Teaching.
For additional details, visit the Department's web page at

Review of completed applications will begin on January 15, 2002. Nominations
and informal inquiries are encouraged; e-mail should be directed to Applicants should submit a letter explaining their
interest in the position, a separate statement that describes their approach
to the responsibilities of a Department Head, a vita, and arrange for four
letters of reference to be sent to: Head Search Committee, Department of
Mathematics, University of Wyoming, Laramie, WY 82071-3036. UW is an AA/EEO
employer. This is a revision of the ad that appeared in the November


From: William Layton <>
Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2001 07:45:49 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Faculty Position at the University of Pittsburgh

University of Pittsburgh Mathematics Department

The Mathematics Department of the University of Pittsburgh invites
applications for a tenure-track position to begin in the Fall Term 2002,
subject to budgetary approval. The position would be in
Scientific Computing and Numerical Analysis and its applications. The
appointment is at the Assistant Professor level. We seek excellence in
teaching and research; applicants should demonstrate substantial research
accomplishment and dedication to teaching. The University of
Pittsburgh is an Affirmative Action, Equal Opportunity Employer. Women and
members of minority groups under-represented in academia are especially
encouraged to apply. Send a vita, three letters of recommendation, a
research statement and evidence of teaching accomplishments by December
14, 2001 to: Search Committee in Scientific Computing and applications,
Department of Mathematics, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh,
PA 15260.


From: Michael Wagner <>
Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2001 08:27:29 -0400
Subject: Faculty Positions at Old Dominion University

Dear colleagues,

In addition to a department chair (see NA Digest Sunday, October 23,
2001 Volume 01 : Issue 35), Old Dominion University is also seeking
candidates for junior positions in applied mathematics and statistics.

Best regards,

-- Michael Wagner


Applications are invited for two or more tenure-track faculty positions
in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Old Dominion
University. It is anticipated that at least one of the successful
candidates will be from an area of statistics or probability, including
applied statistics, computational statistics, or biostatistics.

Successful candidates will have a Ph.D. in mathematics, statistics, or a
related field, strong demonstrated or potential ability to build a
sponsored research program, excellent pedagogical skills, and a desire
to teach at both undergraduate and graduate levels. Effective
communication skills are required. Candidates should be interested in
contributing to a strong interdisciplinary atmosphere within the College
of Sciences. It is anticipated that all appointments will be made at the
Assistant Professor level; however, outstanding candidates of higher
rank will be considered as resources permit.

Old Dominion University is a Carnegie Doctoral/Research Extensive
institution with 19,000 students and over 600 full-time faculty. The
Department of Mathematics and Statistics is one of seven degree-granting
units in the College of Sciences and currently has 25 full-time faculty.
The department offers B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees. Current
departmental research foci include: biostatistics, generalized linear
models, mathematical statistics, multivariate analysis, acoustics,
approximation and optimization, elasticity and fracture mechanics,
theoretical and computational fluid dynamics, mathematical biology,
nonlinear waves, numerical analysis, radiation transport, reaction-diffusion
systems, and soliton theory.

A Center for Computational Science, in which the department plays a
prominent role, has recently been established, with funding from the
DOE, NSF, and NASA. Excellent collaborative research and educational
opportunities are available at the NASA-Langley Research Center,
ThomasJefferson National Accelerator Facility, Eastern Virginia Medical
School, and the Virginia Modeling, Analysis and Simulation Center.
Further information regarding the department and these positions may be
obtained at

Interested individuals should forward a letter of interest and a copy of
their curriculum vitae, including a teaching philosophy and a research
prospectus and the names and contact information for three or more
professional references to: Search Committee, Department of Mathematics
& Statistics, Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA 23529-0077. Review of
applications will begin on 7 January 2002 and will continue until the
positions are filled. Old Dominion University is an equal opportunity,
affirmative action institution and requires compliance with the
Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986.


From: David Watkins <>
Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2001 10:55:19 -0700
Subject: Faculty Position at Washington State University

Tenure track assistant professor position available beginning Fall
2002. Preferred research areas are areas of applied and computational
mathematics compatible with those represented in the department:
partial differential equations, scientific computing, modeling and
simulation, optimization, numerical analysis, control theory, applied
probability, biological modeling and discrete mathematics. We require
the following: PhD in mathematics or a closely related field,
specializing in any of the above-mentioned areas; evidence of quality
teaching at the undergraduate level; strong potential for quality
graduate instruction as well as dissertation direction; record of or
potential for high quality research publications; and the ability to
attract external funding. Send letter of application with a statement
of current and planned research; a statement of teaching philosophy;
current vitae and arrange for three letters of reference to be sent
to: Chair, Search Committee/Applied Math, Department of Mathematics,
PO Box 643113, Washington State University, Pullman WA 99164-3113.
Screening begins January 2, 2002 and will continue until position is
filled. For additional information, see WSU is an EO/AA educator and
employer. Protected group members are encouraged to apply.


From: Fran Moshiri <>
Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2001 14:28:08 -0500
Subject: Postdoctoral Position at Rice University

Rice University
Department of Computational & Applied Mathematics

The Department of Computational & Applied Mathematics (CAAM)
at Rice University seeks a postdoctoral research associate for one
year under the direction of Professor Petr Kloucek. The position is
partially supported by the Los Alamos Computer Science Institute,

DUTIES: Conduct independent and interdisciplinary research in
computational space plasma physics. Develop and implement methods
for the coupling of large-scale MHD algorithms with kinetic models.
Work in close collaboration with members of the Rice space plasma
physics group, Los Alamos National Laboratory, and other institutions.

TERM: One year commencing February 1, 2002 with possible renewal.

SALARY: Competitive

QUALIFICATIONS: Applicant must have demonstrated interest and
expertise in numerical methods for partial differential equations and
computational mathematics. Applicant should have some exposure
to computational fluid dynamics, Maxwell equations, and numerical
methods for electromagnetism. Proficiency in the theory of partial
differential equations and scientific programming in Fortran 77/95
and/or C/C++ is expected. Preference will be given to candidates with
demonstrated competence in computational physics, and parallel
computation. Ph.D. or equivalent is required. Applicant's record of
publication and/or possible awards related to computational mathematics
will be considered. Please arrange to have three letters of recommendation
sent to the following address.


Professor Petr Kloucek
Department of Computational & Applied Mathematics, MS-134
Rice University
6100 Main Street
Houston, Texas 77005-1892




From: Frederic Nataf <>
Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2001 14:03:25 +0200
Subject: Postdoctoral Position at Institut Francais du Petrole

IFP (Institut Francais du Petrole)
Domain decomposition methods for multiphase flow in porous media

Domain decomposition methods are used for complex models of
multiphase flow in porous media (sedimentary basin cut by faults
along which displacements can occur, petroleum reservoir with a fine
description of the well bore). The computational domain is then
decomposed into subdomains in which the partial differential
equations are solved locally, continuity between subdomains being
imposed iteratively.

The set of partial differential equations considered is a mixed
hyperbolic - parabolic system and is discretized by a fully implicit
time scheme. The objective of the post-doctoral work is to improve
interface conditions for the domain decomposition method implemented
at IFP for the system of partial differential equations:
study from a theoretical point of view the existing interface conditions
propose and implement new interface conditions between subdomains
in order to achieve
higher convergence rates.

The successful candidate will be located at IFP in Rueil Malmaison,
a pleasant suburb 10 miles from Paris Notre Dame. The activity of the
Institut Francais du Petrole is threefold : research and development,
education and training, and information. It is designed to serve the
oil, gas and automotive industries. It is unique in Europe and covers
all the sectors from exploration and production, refining and
petrochemicals, to the end use of petroleum products in the internal
combustion engine.

The salary will be of 15000FF/month. The duration is 12-18 months.

This is a joint work between IFP and the Centre de Mathematiques
Appliquees de l'Ecole
Polytechnique located in Palaiseau.

For further information, please contact one of the two following
persons, preferably by

Frederic Nataf, CMAP, Ecole Polytechnique, 91128 Palaiseau cedex, FRANCE
Phone: (33) 1 69 33 45 63
Fax: (33) 1 69 33 30 11


Isabelle Faille, IFP, RA10, 92852 Rueil Malmaison cedex, FRANCE
Phone: (33) 1 47 52 73 06
Fax: (33) 1 47 52 70 22


From: Bruce Boghosian <>
Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2001 14:43:04 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Postdoctoral Position at Tufts University

The Department of Mathematics at Tufts University expects to have an
opening for a postdoctoral associate to conduct research in the area of
quantum computation, quantum lattice-gas automata, and quantum algorithm
design, beginning in January of 2002. The position is renewable
annually, for a period not to exceed three years. Applicants should
send their curriculum vitae and the names of three references to
Professor Bruce Boghosian, Department of Mathematics, Tufts University,
Medford, Massachusetts 02155. Review of applications will begin on
November 15, and continue until the position is filled.


From: Gary Couples <>
Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2001 14:35:15 +0100
Subject: Research Position at Heriot-Watt University

The Dept of Petroleum Engineering at Heriot-Watt University (Edinburgh,
Scotland) is seeking to hire a research assistant to modify and develop
finite-element fluid-flow simulation software, with an immediate start. At
this time, we can offer a six-month contract. Further work in this general
area will be initiated, with multi-year funding from Industry, in the first
quarter of 2002, and there is the possibility that the short-term contract
noted above can be extended, if mutually agreeable. The work on offer at
this time involves developing and enhancing finite element code (currently
in FORTRAN) derived from a hydrogeological ancestry. The immediate needs are
concerned with changing from a structured to an unstructured mesh, and with
improving the transient aspects of the code. Future developments (beyond the
initial six months) will include multi-phase fluids, and extension to three
dimensions. The software described here is part of a continuing effort to
couple fluid flow, geomechanics, and seismic methods to improve our
understanding and management of petroleum reservoirs.

The post can be filled at post-graduate or post-doctoral level. It may be
possible for a post-graduate to earn a PhD (if the post is extended, as
noted above, and if a suitable research topic is identified). Salary will be
determined from national scales, depending on qualifications, age, and

Interested candidates should send a CV, a statement of their availability
(including visa status, if relevant), and salary requirements, preferably by
email, with FINITE ELEMENTS in the subject line, to:

Dr Gary D. Couples
Dept of Petroleum Engineering
Heriot-Watt University
Edinburgh EH14 4AS Scotland
Fax: +44 (0)131 451 3127


From: Marcin Paprzycki <>
Date: Sat, 20 Oct 2001 23:17:24 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: Contents, Parallel and Distributed Computing Practices

Volume 2, No 3

Editorial: Will SIMD Make a Comeback?
S. Reddaway


Load Balancing for Unstructured Mesh Applications
Y. F. Hu and R. J. Bake


Three Parallel Programming Paradigms: Comparisons on an Archetypal PDE
M. Ehtesham Hayder, C. S. Ierotheou and D. E. Keyes

The Group Approach in Cooperative Work and in Load Balancing
H. Guyennet and J.C. Lapayre

Experiences with Distributed Computation of Twin Primes Distributions
P. Fry, J. Nesheiwat, and B. Szymanski

Multicast in Large WDM Networks
W. Liang and H. Shen

A Language Approach to Computing on Heterogenous Networks
D. Arapov, A. Kalinov, A. Lastovetsky, and I. Ledovskih

Frequency-Adaptive Join for Shared Nothing Machines
M. Bamha and G. Hains


The Design and Implementation of Video Servers in Video-on-Demand Systems
Joseph Kee-Ying Ng and Shuhua Xiong


From: Joe Traub <>
Date: Sun, 21 Oct 2001 10:47:16 -0600 (MDT)
Subject: Contents, Journal of Complexity



2002 Prize for Achievement in Information-Based Complexity

Guest Editors' Preface
Fred J. Hickernell and Henryk Wozniakowski


Jian An and Art Owen

Wrap-Around L2-discrepancy of Random Sampling, Latin Hypercube and Uniform
Kai Tai Fang and Chang-Xing Ma

The Price of Pessimism for Multidimensional Quadrature
Fred J. Hickernell and Henryk Wozniakowski

Tractability of Multivariate Integration for Periodic Functions
Fred J. Hickernell and Henryk Wozniakowski

The Microstructure of (t,m,s)-Nets
Harald Niederreiter and Gottlieb Pirsic

Tractability of Multivariate Integration for Weighted Korobov Classes
Ian H. Sloan and Henry Wozniakowski

Complexity of Weighted Approximation over Rd
Grzegorz Wasilkowski and Henryk Wozniakowski


Variations on (0,s)-Sequences
Henri Faure

Semiparametric Approximation Methods in Multivariate Model Selection
Jiti Gao, Rodney Wolff and Vo Anh

Pricing Algorithms of Multivariate Path Dependent Options
Yue Kuen Kwok, Hoi Ying Wong and Ka Wo Lau

Quasi-random Simulation of Linear Kinetic Equations
Christian Lecot and Abdoul Koudiraty

Estimates for Piecewise Quadric Approximation of Implicitly Defined
Aidi Li

Calculation of the Quality Parameter of Digital Nets and Application to
their Construction
Gottlieb Pirsic and Wolfgang Ch. Schmid

The Exact Exponent of Sparse Grid Quadratures in the Weighted Case
Leszek Plaskota and Grzegorz W. Wasilkowski

An Algorithm to Compute Bounds for the Star Discrepancy
Eric Thiemard

Integration and Approximation Based on Scramble Sampling in Arbitrary
Rong-Xian Yue and Fred J. Hickernell

Numerical Integration of Harmonic Functions with Restricted Data Sampling
Zongmin Wu and Y.C. Hon


End of NA Digest