Visual Numerics, Inc. has developed leading edge data analysis and visualization solutions for technical and scientific communities worldwide since 1970. Visual Numerics’ products include the industry-standard IMSL™ Numerical Libraries, written in C, Java™ and Fortran, as well as the PV-WAVE® Family of visualization tools. In addition, Visual Numerics' Consulting Services combine technical expertise, decades of hands-on experience and a combination of powerful products to create the highest quality solutions possible for your visual data analysis needs. Visual Numerics partners with its customers to provide world-class visual data analysis solutions and consulting services that are unparalleled in the industry.

Mathematical and Statistical Functionality for Your Applications
The IMSL libraries are a comprehensive set of mathematical and statistical functions that programmers can embed into their software applications. IMSL provides high-performance computing software and expertise needed to develop and execute sophisticated numerical analysis applications.

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The IMSLTM C Numerical Library (CNL)
CNL is written in C for C/C++ programmers and based on the world's most widely used IMSL Fortran subroutines, taking full advantage of the language features of C. CNL 5.0 includes a comprehensive collection of the most widely used IMSL numerical algorithms. CNL offers proven and accurate mathematical, statistical, and financial algorithms. It is thread safe and features well-organized and extensive documentation. Diagnostic error messages are clear and informative. IMSL CNL has been designed to take advantage of symmetric multiprocessor (SMP) systems.

JMSLTM: IMSL technology for Java Programmers
JMSL is a collection of mathematical, statistical, financial, and charting classes, written in 100% Java, that provides the ability to develop network-centric, cost-effective applications. Based on the time-tested, accurate & reliable IMSL library of algorithms, JMSL is ideal for Java programmers who need to develop applications that require reliable mathematical, statistical, and financial functionality, with the added benefit of 2D charting.

Many Java developers now find that they need mathematical or statistical functionality that lies beyond the functionality available in the standard Java language. Since 1997, Visual Numerics has been developing and refining numerical computation technology for Java. Common areas of functionality that developers value within JMSL includes matrix manipulations, linear algebra, optimization, FFT's, interpolation, differential equations, correlation, regression, time series analysis, financial functions, charting, and much more.

The IMSLTM Fortran Library
The IMSL Fortran Library integrates the world-renowned IMSL F90 library and parallel processing features with the IMSL FORTRAN 77 mathematics and statistics library into a single, cohesive package. The IMSL Fortran Library version 5.0 includes new powerful and flexible interface modules that allow for the use of advanced Fortran syntax and optional arguments throughout, while still providing full backward compatibility. These interface modules simplify and speed coding while improving quality by reducing the likelihood of mistakes. They also facilitate development of simpler Fortran applications while providing full depth and control for experienced programmers.