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Japanese Involvement with Unix

The Japanese supercomputers originally grew out of the mainframe families. The corresponding operating systems did the same, and since the Japanese domestic operating systems were all inspired by IBM's MVS, these mainframe systems also invaded the supercomputers. With the latest series of high-end computers the Japanese manufacturers have announced a serious stake in Unix. Fujitsu has had a version of UTS (UTS/M), which it obtained from Amdahl in 1985, available on its mainframes since 1986 (native since 1987). With the announcement of the VP-2000 series Fujitsu has offered a consolidated Unix offering for both environments, 'UXP/M', which is based on System V, release 4 and being shipped since 1992. NEC also announced its version of Unix, Super-UX, for its supercomputers, and started shipping in the first half of 1991. Hitachi announced its new system, Hi-UX, with the introduction of the S-3800 and S-3600 systems and they have now started shipping. Japanese Cray systems are almost exclusively running Unicos which is considered the most mature Unix-based supercomputer operating system.
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