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Electronics Manufacturers

The complexity of modern electronics equipment (including computers!) have brought supercomputers to all the large Japanese electronics manufacturers. The long list of in-house supercomputers in use by NEC, Fujitsu and Hitachi will not be discussed in detail, but it is relevant to focus a bit on the other corporations that have taken supercomputers in use for circuit simulation, CAD/CAM and many other applications. It is worth noting the large diversity of computer vendors inside the electronics sector, although Cray seems once again to have a leading edge The variety is either due to a larger availability of adequate simulation packages from all the vendors or a correspondingly higher degree of in-house developed software making the choice of a given hardware platform less critical. Toshiba is employing a four-processor Cray Y-MP8, Mitsubishi Electric uses a three-processor Y-MP4 in addition to the aforementioned acquisitions of a Cray T3D/64 and an Intel XP/S5. Sharp and SONY have both acquired a Fujitsu VP-2200 for their product development and research whereas Sanyo Electric uses a uniprocessor SX-3. Nippon Denso (Electric Equipment) has settled for a two-processor Cray Y-MP version, whereas Matsushita Electric possesses a fully equipped Y-MP/4E. NTT is still using the Cray-2 acquired in 1988. It is being used in high-speed communications tests based on HIPPI and FDDI with a 2.4 Gigabit per second optical link.
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