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The Mannheim Supercomputer Statistics 1986-1992

authorby Hans-Werner Meuer


Every year since 1986 the author published statistics on the supercomputer market at the Mannheim Supercomputer Seminar [3]. The statistics were primarily based on system counts of the major vector computer manufacturers. All the data used in these statistics from 1986-1992 had been given to us mainly by the manufacturers who provided us with information on their systems installed in the different continents/countries. While this data could be checked in Europe, and also in the US without difficulties, at least as far as the non-classified installations were concerned, we had no real chance to check this data in Japan. So we compared the data given by e.g. Hitachi for Hitachi, NEC, Fujitsu with the ones given by NEC for NEC, Hitachi, Fujitsu, etc. and builduing an appropriate average. Of course, the Japanese manufacturers were allowed to name not only their top end models but also their entry level sytems since we also had some Cray 1's in our statistics for a long time.

In this paper an overview on these statistics with respect to manufacturers and continents with special emphasis on the situation in Germany is given.
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