HPL_rand random number generator.


#include "hpl.h"

double HPL_rand();


HPL_rand generates the next number in the random sequence. This function ensures that this number lies in the interval (-0.5, 0.5]. The static array irand contains the information (2 integers) required to generate the next number in the sequence X(n). This number is computed as X(n) = (2^32 * irand[1] + irand[0]) / d - 0.5, where the constant d is the largest 64 bit positive integer. The array irand is then updated for the generation of the next number X(n+1) in the random sequence as follows X(n+1) = a * X(n) + c. The constants a and c should have been preliminarily stored in the arrays ias and ics as 2 pairs of integers. The initialization of ias, ics and irand is performed by the function HPL_setran.

See Also

HPL_ladd, HPL_lmul, HPL_setran, HPL_xjumpm, HPL_jumpit.