HPL_pdmxswp swaps and broacast the pivot row.


#include "hpl.h"

void HPL_pdmxswp( HPL_T_panel * PANEL, const int M, const int II, const int JJ, double * WORK );


HPL_pdmxswp swaps and broadcasts the absolute value max row using bi-directional exchange. The buffer is partially set by HPL_dlocmax. Bi-directional exchange is used to perform the swap::broadcast operations at once for one column in the panel. This results in a lower number of slightly larger messages than usual. On P processes and assuming bi-directional links, the running time of this function can be approximated by log_2( P ) * ( lat + ( 2 * N0 + 4 ) / bdwth ) where lat and bdwth are the latency and bandwidth of the network for double precision real elements. Communication only occurs in one process column. Mono-directional links will cause the communication cost to double.


PANEL   (local input/output)          HPL_T_panel *
        On entry,  PANEL  points to the data structure containing the
        panel information.
M       (local input)                 const int
        On entry,  M specifies the local number of rows of the matrix
        column on which this function operates.
II      (local input)                 const int
        On entry, II  specifies the row offset where the column to be
        operated on starts with respect to the panel.
JJ      (local input)                 const int
        On entry, JJ  specifies the column offset where the column to
        be operated on starts with respect to the panel.
WORK    (local workspace)             double *
        On entry, WORK  is a workarray of size at least 2 * (4+2*N0).
        It  is assumed that  HPL_dlocmax  was called  prior  to  this
        routine to  initialize  the first four entries of this array.
        On exit, the  N0  length max row is stored in WORK[4:4+N0-1];
        Note that this is also the  JJth  row  (or column) of L1. The
        remaining part is used as a temporary array.

See Also

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