HPL_indxg2l Map a global index into a local one.


#include "hpl.h"

int HPL_indxg2l( const int IG, const int INB, const int NB, const int SRCPROC, const int NPROCS );


HPL_indxg2l computes the local index of a matrix entry pointed to by the global index IG. This local returned index is the same in all processes.


IG      (input)                       const int
        On entry, IG specifies the global index of the matrix  entry.
        IG must be at least zero.
INB     (input)                       const int
        On entry,  INB  specifies  the size of the first block of the
        global matrix. INB must be at least one.
NB      (input)                       const int
        On entry,  NB specifies the blocking factor used to partition
        and distribute the matrix. NB must be larger than one.
SRCPROC (input)                       const int
        On entry, if SRCPROC = -1, the data  is not  distributed  but
        replicated,  in  which  case  this  routine returns IG in all
        processes. Otherwise, the value of SRCPROC is ignored.
NPROCS  (input)                       const int
        On entry,  NPROCS  specifies the total number of process rows
        or columns over which the matrix is distributed.  NPROCS must
        be at least one.

See Also

HPL_indxg2lp, HPL_indxg2p, HPL_indxl2g, HPL_numroc, HPL_numrocI.