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It's out.  There are more architectural defaults (almost all the ones I plan
on supporting, actually).  The big deal is this release contains the
Athlon kernel I sent timings on earlier, so Athlon user's ought to scarf it
ASAP.  As usual, get yours at:

This is very close to the stable release.  Sorry for the lack of lead time,
but I am no longer taking kernel submissions for the stable release.  If you
are in the middle of some kernel work, it is not wasted, it will just have to
come out in the 3.5.1 release.  If the kernel is earthshaking, we can probably
introduce it into the stable on the first error-fix release (after appropriate
testing, of course) . . .

For those of you with CVS access, don't use in on the main branch until the
stable is out, at which point the stable will get an error-fixing branch.

What I am hoping to do now is make sure config and the install do the right
thing on an AthlonMP (where the fact that you have both SSE and 3DNow! needs
eyeballing), and scope the AltiVec under gcc, if I get access.  Then, it's
testing, testing, testing . . .