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Re: 3.3.10


>1) extract problems -- warnings about many lines being too long, and

This is normal, they are warning only, not error . . .

>   with a fresh cvs snapshot this morning:
>make[1]: *** No rule to make target `/scratch/camm/cvs/AtlasBase/TexDoc/atlas_contrib.ps', needed by `atlas_contrib.ps'.  Stop.
>make[1]: Leaving directory `/scratch/camm/cvs/ATLAS/doc'
>make: *** [ATLAS/doc] Error 2

Thanks for the error report.  Looks like I introduced an error in the extractor
a while back.  I've just commited a fix, hopefully it should work now . . .

>2) small patch to cblas tester submitted via sourceforge.

You should have gotten mail from sourceforge about this . . .

>4) I notice the case dsc files are not in our own little section of
>   the AtlasBase cvs tree.  How should we provide these to you?  

For now, just send in the line in the descriptor file, and I'll apply it . . .

>   the p4 timing issue we discussed previously still exists, then I
>   think we need to add a line hardcoding values for n,m,k for the SSE
>   dgemm I provided.  

I can't remember this discussion at the moment, what p4 timing issue are we
talking about?

>Also, have several s and d level1 kernels I'd like to upload.
One option is to CVS add them into your kernel directory, and then send
me the descriptor file lines for me to try, I guess . . .