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3.3.10 is out.  There are a bunch of bug fixes.  If you are using a developer
release on an IA64, you need to go to 3.3.10, as I found an error in the
complex GEMM that is present in the old code.  Frankly, anyone using a
non-x86 dev release would be well advised to upgrade.

By the way, if you do a sanity test on the IA64, it'll show failures in a
level 1 routine.  This appears to be a g77 error: it happens using F77 BLAS,
and goes away if you compile the tester with no optimization . . .

There are now arch defaults for most archs, with the exception of no UltraSparc.
I have applied a patch from Goto that should speed up Linux/ev6.  If anyone
ever builds the ev5/6 blas without using Goto's stuff, that speed is a lot
higher now as well.

If all goes well, I should freeze the kernel submission sometime next week,
so if you've got something, getting it in quick is the right idea . . .