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Re: new ATLAS homepage

Hi Clint!  Sorry to be so late in responding.  Needless to say, you
can count me in on helping where I can with future atlas work.  My
time tends to become available in bursts, however.  One rather serious
issue, IMHO, is that no one apparently understands the guts of atlas
(i.e. outside of kernels) except you :-).  Might be worth a short
document if you get the time, like your contributors HOWTO.  Also, on
the design philosophy/theory -- I'm afraid I result to simple brute
force trial and error when I write anything for atlas!

In any case, I've subscribed to sorceforge, but haven't received my
reply yet.

Take care,

R Clint Whaley <rwhaley@cs.utk.edu> writes:

> Guys,
> We are starting to get a handle on SourceForge now, and it clearly has some
> absolutely great tools for this kind of project.  I am moving the ATLAS
> homepage from netlib to SourceForge.  The tarfiles will still be available
> on netlib, but all the support and so on will be from sourceforge.
> The new homepage is:
>    http://math-atlas.sourceforge.net/
> If you go there and click on "lists" in the toolbar, you'll find you can
> subscribe to several mailing lists.  math-atlas-devel is the new atlas-comm,
> and math-atlas-results is a new list specifically for timing
> results.  I have seeded it with the timing results posted to atlas-comm.
> I will try to subscribe atlas-comm to math-atlas-devel, so that atlas-comm
> gets messages posted from now on, but I'd recommend signing up to
> math-atlas-devel, and then unsubscribing from atlas-comm (contributer howto
> tells how).
> The site is still not complete, but it definitely functional.  Besides the
> mail lists, the "list" link also discusses some tracker info you may be
> interested in, including support and wish-list trackers.  The use of
> tracker to do support is what really convinced me to make the move; I think
> it it **much** better than what we have now.
> Give it a scope and let me know what you think,
> Clint

Camm Maguire			     			camm@enhanced.com
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