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ATLAS v3.3.2


I've posted ATLAS developer release 3.3.2 on the website.  There have been
several changes of note:
  (1) I have changed the index files for user-contributed GEMM kernels
      so they now have an ID parameter (see updated atlas_contrib for details)
  (2) Updated web & doc/ atlas_contrib to include changed GEMM index and
      ability to tune Level 1
  (3) Added OS X support to configure
  (4) Added AltiVec support to ATLAS, speeding up all precisions, all levels
  (5) Fixed bugs in Level 1 tuning

Note that the alpha defaults are out of date, since we now have faster
ev6 & ev56 kernels, but this doesn't matter unless you are not using GOTO's
stuff for some reason . . .

The UltraSparc defaults are also out of date.  I could not find a way to
do prefetch using Sun's cc compiler, so I need to redo defaults with gcc
only.  If I ever get around to doing this, it should speed up the
Level 1 and 2 enormously.