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Re: regarding incrementing matrix B in ATL_mmJIK.c....


>in ATL_mmJIK.c, function mmJIK2, line 78-89, it says:                      

This is a very complex routine, that can be called a bunch of ways.  My guess
is you are asking questions about one path of execution, where the B += incB
handles another.  Notice it is incrementing B, not pB, which is what you 
discuss in your further analysis.  B is moved to the next column panel to
be copied, whereas pB moves back in forth in the allocated space (except
sometimes it doesn't, because B is copied completely up front, etc).

I'm not sure why you are looking at this routine (almost no time is spent
in it), but if you want to understand it, it will take quite a bit of
analysis, and I doubt I have the time to explain it all, so the best method
is some print outs, a reading of ATLAS/doc/atlas_over.ps (which gives a
simplified version of some of the algorithms implemented in this routine),
and plenty of sweat on the old forehead . . .