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Re: Pb in Posix threads support


Sorry for the delay, I have been away from my mail . . .

>I try to compile ATLAS 3.3.1 or ATLAS 3.3.0 on an SMP LINUX machine (2
>PIII CPUs) with the option
> enable Posix threads support.
>an error accured during compilation. I think it is because the file
>atlas_pthreads.h in include/Linux_PIIISSE1_2
>contains the following line
>#include "atlas_misc.h"
>#include "atlas_lvl3.h"
>#include "atlas_pthreads.h"

Ooops.  This is definitely an error.  If caught before the install, it can
be fixed by changing lines 33-34 of ATLAS/makes/Make.bin from:
        cd $(TOPdir)/src/auxil/$(ARCH) ; $(MAKE) ptlib
        rm $(INCdir)/atlas_pthreads.h ; cd $(TOPdir)/src/auxil/$(ARCH) ; $(MAKE) ptlib

Your manual fix should be sufficient, but if you want to be sure to have
the new .h, you can generate it yourself by removing the erroneous file
from your include directory, and then issue "make findNT" in your 
ATLAS/tune/sysinfo/<arch> directory.