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RE: error in atlas_prefetch.h

Thanks!! That got rid of one problem and now there is another. Again, the
environment is

1.333 MHz Athlon Thunderbird, Red Hat Linux 7.1 with added software GCC 3.0
(released) and GNU binutils 2.11 (released), Atlas 3.3.1.

I ran this with 3DNow2 turned on and using the architecture defaults for
Athlon / Linux. The errors seem to be of the missing file variety. BTW, I
run the new GCC and binutils from "/usr/local"; I had to specify that
manually when I did "make config" as well as changing search paths and other
environment variables to get that version of GCC to be used. I will be
running this again tonight with the default compilers to see if the problem
goes away.
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> Subject: error in atlas_prefetch.h
> Guys,
> I'll be out of e-mail contact for a week or two.  In the meantime, a user
> has pointed out the last developer release had a bug in
>    ATLAS/include/atlas_prefetch.h:
> Under the 3DNow options, change
>    prefetchtw
> to
>   prefetchw
> Cheers,
> Clint