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Testing ATLAS with user contributed code.

Hi Clint,

I am trying to benchmark ATLAS using my generated kernel and cleanups for
a varying number of blocksizes. I would like to build ATLAS with a
blocksize ranging from e.g. 2 to 100 and to test each blocksize on
problems from size 100 to 1000.

So, the questions:

1: Is it at all possible to force ATLAS to use my code for a blocksize of
say 2, or will it choose its own generated code with a more sane

2: How do I run the tests for varying problem sizes? It is a standard test
that I am thinking of, I have just forgotten how to call it.

3: How do I do this with the least amount of overhead since I have to
search for kernels, build ATLAS and run tests some 50 times for each