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Re: New Athlon Member

On Tue, 22 May 2001, R Clint Whaley wrote:

> >Gnu Compiler Collection (GCC) version 3. The most recent download I have is
> >the 20010514 snapshot, and the Athlon build fails in GEMV, although the rest
> I guess you've made sure it's not the error discussed here:
>    http://www.netlib.org/atlas/errata.html#ATHLONdef

I did that -- in either case I'm pretty sure that "make install" completes
(7+ hours) with the default 2.96.81 compilers and aborts (1.75 hours) with the
pre-release GCC. That is, the only change is the compilers. I'll be running this
again when I get home tonight. The *compiles* appear to have been successful
but there appear to have been numerical errors at run time. I'll post the
details tonight.

Should I be doing this with a more recent developer snapshot of Atlas? I'm
using the 3.2.1 tarball at the moment. I'll probably download gcc 20010521 as
soon as it's available (in theory, that's yesterday :-). I'm in no particular
hurry to get this system stable -- I have another system (Windows 2000 400 MHz
Celeron) that is plenty fast to do what I need to do musically in the near term,
so it's no big deal to wipe the hard drive and start something over. I
volunteered to test GCC 3.0 on the stuff that I'm using (Athlon, Atlas, FFTW,
sfront, octave and R).

> Hmm.  This is hard to answer without seeing why config didn't pick it up.
> Config certainly looks in /usr/lib.  My guess is that the library is
> incomplete in some way (vendors often leave out routines they don't use),
> and so it won't pass config's link test.  During install, did you get
> "Link failed /usr/lib/libblas.a rejected" or not?

I don't remember -- I'll look through the log files when I get home.
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